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What Not To Wear
TLC’s What Not To Wear

TLC’s is quickly becoming a major home for original and exciting reality television and now it’s mega hit makeover show “What Not To Wear” is looking for women from all walks of life to feature in it’s upcoming 11th season. This is the chance for you or someone you know to have a complete fashion transformation. If you know anyone who has a shocking wardrobe (in a bad way) the producers and casting directors of What Not To Wear want to hear from you.

What Not To Wear is hosted by the supremely talented Stacey London and Clinton Kelly. Each week the dynamic fashion duo surprise one fantastically challenged woman who is in dire need for a complete makeover. The What Not To Wear crew takes the women chosen from “eek” to “chic” with their amazing imagination and expert fashion instincts. If you or someone you know has fallen out of touch with today’s look or maybe has never possessed a fashion sense whatsoever this is the program that can change their lives.If you would like to nominate someone that needs some fashion help or if you have any questions Casting calls will be happening soon. You can send an email here wntwcasting@gmail.com and be sure to leave a comment for us and keep checking back for all of the exciting WNTW updates.

Fashion has the power to shape, inform and define each of us. If you or someone you know is the definition of disaster TLC is ready to help. Enter your submission today and never again will you need to be told What Not To Wear.

391 thoughts on “What Not to Wear – TLC

  1. I have a nomination. This girl is completely caught up in her kids since her recent separation. There was so much that happened but he belittled her and now she just wears whatever. She use to be hot! And she use to care. She wears sweats and pajamas all the time. She loves your show and watches for tips but just can't do it on her own. She's had alot of let downs battled uterine cancer and won and is about to undergo major surgery. It would mean the world to her I know she would agree to go to new York for a week and learn she is still beautiful, and stop covering up her broken heart and let her smiles come back out. You won't meet anyone as unique as she.

  2. Hi my name is Kathrynne. I am from Marshall Mn and I am nominating my mom. Her name is Jen and she is in her 40s. Shes a daycare provider so alot of her clothes are old from her 20s and have paint or holes. she always wears yoga pants. her "fancy" clothes are a tingtop a caridgan, and jeans. She sometimes doesnt shower for days. her hair is very curly so she always leaves it in a bun. she always wears tennis shoes. my mom is such an amazing person and takes care of anyone but herself. Please helpmy mother

  3. I just saw your show this AM and you had a woman with the most beautiful long hair and you cut it off! Usually, you do good things. This time, I just don't believe you did. It was long beautiful, curls on the ends and more. I've never written to a tv show but I felt strongly about what you did. At least, her hair will grow back because she is young. Stacy (sp?) would you cut off your long hair? It is beautiful. If I had it, I would not.

  4. My daughter definitely needs a makeover. She’s an engineer in Colorado & is beautiful. She’s stuck on comfortable clothes which consist of yoga pants & mismatched shirts. She has incredible potential & would be an ideal candidate for your show. She’s an extremely hard worker & even watches your show but she definitely needs a little help in the wardrobe department & it doesn’t come well when I tell her since I’m her mom! Please help Stacy & Clinton!

  5. Help! This retired 64 year old nurse needs help. I have loss over 100lb my clothes are falling off which I am selling off I am tired of wearing "granny pants" and looking very old I am on my way to be a great looking grandma with your help. Even my underwear are nasty granny wear. PLEASE HELP!
    Thanks, Chris

  6. Dear Stacey and Clinton,
    I am a 27 year old single mother who is in college. I do not have a job but i am looking. When i get interviews I do not have anything that is remotely professional looking. I always stay home and do not like going out. My clothes consist of two pairs of jeans, lots of tshirts, pants that are comfy and shirts i know do not even flatter me! I always have a hard time pucking things to wear because of my size. Please help me!!!!!

  7. Hi my name is chelsie and I am 19 and I want change in my life. I don't know what I dress like I am a single mother. My son is almost 1 and I don't want to look like I am a depression freak even though I am because I have been through alot. I feel if y'all helped me change me I will be more happier and excepting of my self please help me.

  8. First of all I love y'all show. Now the problem is I'm 65 and have always had a problem putting clothes together so all these years it's been jeans t-shirt and Tennis Shoes. Always wanted someone to put my name in there to get a makeover so overdue. Again love your show keep it going

  9. Hi Stacy and Clinton. I have always loved your show. I hope to see your show come back on the air. I am currently watching an episode now. This year ( I know it's almost the end of the year 😉) I am turning 30. I know that my style is still stuck in my teen years. I am really struggling with how to get out of it. I want to look my age, and feel as fashionable as you guys are. You both are so beautiful. I love how you help women feel beautiful and to feel more comfortable with themselves.
    I hope again to see your show and that you will think of me for and audition. I realize this is different from what you normally do with surprising people. But to see you come and surprise me would be a dream come true.
    Thank you so much

  10. I recently watched one of your shows where the gal was 5'10" and conscientious of her height. I am 6'3". The definite problem is finding things long enough without breaking the bank. I pretty much buy whatever is on the clearance rack and hope it will go with something in my closet. I work with kids all day, but I am still expected to dress professionally. That is sometimes very difficult. I would love your expertise.

  11. Hi Stacy & Clinton!
    What Not to Wear has been my absolute favorite TV show for over 10 years. I think I've watched nearly every episode. I really hope the show makes a come back, because I have a nomination that's in NEED of your help!! My sister, Brandy. She's such a beautiful person inside and out, but she's lost her way in the fashion sense. She deserves a wardrobe she can confidently wear, with style of course! Her fun personality would light up the show, and most likely make Stacy and Clinton laugh til they cried.. She's hilarious. I love my sister, I could take her shopping myself, but I have a feeling she wouldn't listen to me or my advice! I need help, please.

    Thanks for the many years of entertainment. It actually inspired my career in the beauty industry. Please consider my nomination!

  12. I am. 52 year old woman. My husband and children say I am a crossover from the 60s and the 80s. I have gained weight because I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and the meds I take for it make you gain weight. I am studying to be a pastor and I want to look hip but with style. I have been a fan of the show since the beginning and I need some expert fashion advice. I use to keep up with at least hair and makeup tips and my 2 best friends when we go shopping say I pick out old lady clothes because I try to go more stylish. My mom bless her is passed but she would always be the one that picked out my clothes and all her friends and mine think she was a fashionista. I want to change and carry on her style and class but just don’t know how. Please Help!!

  13. Hi I'm Marissa Miller I'm 13 and I'm nominating my mother. She cares so much for everyone else that sometimes, well most of the time actually she forgets to care for herself. Also she has trouble hiding her back brace, and she can't wear heels because of her back, and she thinks that there's no point in dressing up because she never gose anywhere & never dose anything. Also I might add that she works as a lab technician for Zane State Colledge. So she has her Zane state shirts to work. She basically mainly only dresses up for weddings, funerals, & funerals. Also we live on a farm out in the middle of the middle of nowhere Ohio. I'm aspiring to be a fashion designer and I love your show.

  14. I really enjoy the show and would appreciate seeing some older women having makeovers.
    I am 55 and have been a waitress for 30+ years. Recently my husband became very ill and is unable to drive. I drive him back and forth to work every day and stay at the office in case he needs me. His company has been kind enough to give me a part time position. For years I wore a uniform every day and never worried about what I would be wearing. Every day I feel self conscious about my lack of clothing choices and no ability to create a style.
    Also due to the many years of being on my feet all day I have varicose veins and bad knees. This makes heels and the no stockings look impossible for me. I would love it if you could address these issues on the show, I’m sure I am not the only person who faces these problems. Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

  15. my mom is a single mother of 3 and for or entire lives she has always placed us before herself like every mother should. However because of the drastic career change and unhealthy habits she has lost a ton of weight and while she likes that she has been shrinking in size there is a obvious discomfort with her appearance. I can look at her and tell that she is not happy with the way that she looks and its shows in how she dresses and carries herself. I love my mom and i admire her strength especially with knowing all that she has been through, she is a survivor and a fighter she has always been able to find the smallest amount of light in the darkest place. She has made it threw domestic violence and an abusive relationship/marriage as well as growing up with a abusive mother. Yet and still she made it a point to be everything she never had and could ever want and dream of for her children. She raised me to be a confident hard working woman, I only wish that I could see her become confident within herself. While she may think that the way you dress does not affect that i need her to see for herself how amazing it feels as well as how amazing she truly is. I love my mom but now is the time for her to begin to love herself.

  16. Hi! My name is Judi. I am 53 years old and the best thing in my closet is over sized tee shirts and jeans.
    I have spent most of my life caring for a disabled husband and 4 children, getting them what they want and need, I have never really took time for myself.
    Well the kids are leaving the nest and I would love to do something for myself but I have absolutely have no idea what to do…. I dont even wear make-up, because I dont know how. Anyway I would love to be considered for a makeover. Thank You

  17. Hi my name is Gisselle. I go to the store every other day, I buy so much clothes and not matter what I buy I like it on the store and I hated it when I get home. I watch your show every morning. I wish that I have that taste to buy clothes. I really need your help I feel really empty. I’m 40 years old, but I don’t feel good about how I dress. I don’t know what looks good on me and what is appropriate for my age.

  18. Hi. My name is Shandale and I've been told that I dress like a grandma at times. I've also been told that I dress like a child. It's hard for me to find clothes that fit my petite body. There's no happy medium. I mainly shop in the children's section. My everyday work attire consist of leggings and a long shirt. Please help😭

  19. Hi. My name is Madonna and I would LOVE to nominate my daughter, Haylea. As she is 18 years of age, I feel her style in clothing is.. not her. She has gotten extremely lazy to her appeal. Everyone she comes in contact with tells her she is beautiful, and she is. She never struggles to make friends. But she struggles a lot with social anxiety and I feel if she had the professional help to hopefully bring life into her again.

  20. My mom is an extraordinary woman who who literally take the shirt off her back to help someone she's a hard worker who don't do much for herself especially in the clothing area. Her ideal of dressing on everyday basis is a men's white v neck t shirt and a pair of men's boxers for real I think she would feel better about herself if you could dress her up in style so she can see the beauty that she really is please I beg u please nominate my mom to appear on your show she needs desperate help

  21. Hi stacy and clinton im a mothet of 2 who id in dire need of a new wardrobe. I wear sweat pants most of the time and flats, simetimes i throw my hair in a pony tail and go.

  22. Hi name is Carolyne. Id like to nominate myself. I have no fashion sense whatsoever. Do you guys pay for ticket or come to me or what?

  23. I would like to nominate myself. I am an Army veteran, with a husband and a toddler. I have always just worn a t shirt and jeans with sneakers or boots. I always put my hair in a pony tail or a bun. I have always been clueless to fashion and have started to notice this. I have no idea where to even start to fix this.

  24. I would like to nominate my sister Retta Salerno. Retta was diagnosed with Lupus and Crohns 10 years ago and was put on steroids. Due to the medication she gained 150 pounds. She now has lost more than 100 pounds and doesn’t really know how to dress her new body. In addition she is still wearing her old clothes from when she was heavier. She deserves to have a makeover so she can feel better about herself because she has become so self conscious due to her physical changes. I would love to have this for her. She has just earned her PhD in education and will be entering the professional world again but doesn’t have the clothes to do so. Please help my sister.

  25. Yes, I would like to have a makeover I'm 31 years old have three kids and I work at Walmart so I don't really get to get out with my husband and get to give myself a time by myself or do anything for myself cause I am always thinking or my kids and husband first and me second.

  26. My mom was diagnosed with cancer. Looking at my mom's pictures in her younger days she was (and still is in my eyes) a beautiful lady. She dressed great. But after having me and my brother she gave it all away to make sure we had everything we needed to grow up into fine men. (she did a great job) When she had money she bought clothes for us and never herself. We always came first. Now she is sick and even though we are there to help her over some of the toughest battles we are not able to rebuild her self esteem. She hasn't bought clothes in so long I think she doesn't know how. She says that as long as she is comfortable it doesn't matter. I did however see her in a cute little white sweater and ask if she finally bought herself something and she just nodded in her bald headed smiley way. I found out she saw it in the dumpster and washed it. She sold her car to pay for medical bills, she doesn't care about material things. I just want her to feel better with a make-over and not from a dumpster. She has no idea I found this out. She is a great mom and we have no idea how long she has, and as she puts it ( I have as long as God had planned).

  27. Hello my name is Lynette and I would really like to nominate a teacher and my boss Elizabeth. She is An inspiring kind smart wonderful women with a wardrobe that says otherwise. Elizabeth sews most of her own clothes wich consist of miss piggy mini skirts and Disney tops. Oh and did I mention she is a high school teacher 😬🙈 elizabeth is so kind and I only can help but to wonder how beautiful she would look with alittle help. I feel she deserves to look as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. She has two daughters 5 and 3 and a husband. Please help. I'd love to take some photos and videos for you. I think she is a great candidate and could really benefit from your expertise. Sincerely Lynette

  28. Hi my name is Summer and from what everybody tells me I'm in need of a makeover I'm in desperate need if you could help please let me know thank you very much

  29. Hi my name is Summer and I am in desperate need of a change and my family would agree I am in desperate need of help

    1. Dear Stacey, Clinton, & the "What Not To Wear" team,

      I am a 33 year old young woman in dire need of a make over. My life is pretty much at a stand still. I love your show and I know what it could do for me. I have been through hell and back in the last five years. And needless to say, my fashion has suffered as a result. You can almost always find me in workout gear. I need this makeover to "find myself" again both inside and out and to give myself a fighting chance at attaining the future I desire. I desperately need your help! I cant do it without you…please, please help!

      Sent from my iPhone

  30. Hi my name is Summer and I am in desperate need of a makeover I watch your show every day and I hope that you can help me please please let me know I'm in a desperate need of help

  31. dear Stacy and Clinton my mom watches all of the shows and loves them. But her problem is she doesn't have anything nice to wear. She only wears leggings and tee shirts. Also when she dresses up she try's to dress like me and wears stuff that too young for her. And her hair is crunchy because she died it so much. She really needs help. Please help her and give her a makeover.

  32. Hi Stacy and Clinton my name Susan I have a time finding things that I think looks good on me. I don't really know how to put things together that would look good on me. In 69 and worked for years , my mother was sick for a long time and I was the only one that could take care of her and did until she passed away, just didn't have time for myself and put on weight , I wear a lot of tee shirts and shorts or jean's. Know we have my husbands mother every other month , so I just don't have time for myself. Want to look good and feel good about myself. Please Stacy and Clinton help me !!! God bless yall for what you do . Thank y'all for reading this .

  33. I am a stay at home mother of 3. I have worn basically the same clothes since high school, in fact I am wearing a pair of jeans I wore in high school right now. I haven't ever known what works for me and now that I have a mom body, I don't even know where to start. All my shirts are teeshirts or plaid button-ups and I practically live out of my maternity jeans, even though my youngest is 7 months old. I only have one pair of jeans that aren't maternity or holey, and, honestly, they don't even fit. I'd like to wear skirts and dresses but I look so frumpy in them, I don't. I am an odd shape and I can't seem to find clothes in store that are pretty and fit. I also look horrible in any make-up I've tried to wear. Please help, if you can!
    Thanks for your time,
    Amber Howard

  34. I was just online looking for someone to help me with a make over. After my 2nd child I've gained alot of weight. I never did know how to dress when i was smaller i wore spandex. Now all i wear is jogging pants and a tshirt, or leggings. I can say im a hot mess I need help putting thing together.

  35. My best friend can dress nice but she dresses like a boy all the time , and I feel at 21 for herself no one taught her to really be feminine she loves getting down in a Mudd pit but she needs a fashion update , her clothes are all to big or to small , she has a total of 5 shirts 3 pairs of pants 8 pairs of socks and nothing to really dress up in at all, Hilary and clinton can you help ??

  36. Hi Stacy and Clinton, I am 12 years old and my mom does not know what to wear. Her name is Heather Hunter, and she is 34.She walks around in torn in the crouch jeans and old tank tops. Also, she dyes her hair bright red and the wrong shade of makeup. So please please please help!!!

  37. First I would like to thank y'all for having a show that is very uplifting and inspiring, Stacey and Clinton I can't tell you how many times I have seen your show and every time it gives me hope. So today I'm nominating myself to be on your show because let's just say I've never had a fashionable way of dressing. I suffer from ptsd so I'm happy most days when I can complete a task that many people can do almost instantly. I have 5 beautiful amazing children so taking time to find something to wear is almost impossible, I have 4 boys and 1 daughter and one of my boys has autism so it almost feels like I have more than 5 kids. I love being a mom more than anything in this world, I just feel guilty every time I wanna try and take time out the day to try and find something to wear but then I look at myself and think why even try I don't know what to wear that fits me I honestly just give up after 5 mins I just throw on a big t-shirt with some tights because I just don't think I look right with anything I try and put on because as soon as I look in the mirror I'm thinking entirely negative so I avoid looking in the mirror as much as possible. I feel getting expert advise would be a whole lot better because society makes us think one way….you know like being small is the only way you look good, I'm not a small framed woman I just want to appreciate my body more because I was able to give birth to five healthy children, I just don't know where to start. I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this, Sincerely a woman in need of help Jennifer S.

  38. Hi my names rachel mudd im 23 years old. I need help terribly. I know nothing about fashion. All i wear is jeans and tshirts. My firends always tells me to change my fshion well i cant because i have no idea how to match or anything to that matter. I want to feel confident and have a different look. Please help me.

  39. Hi Stacy and Clinton my name is Priscella I have struggled with my self-esteem most of my life I and fixing to turn 44 and would love to nominate my self for ur show I never really dress up. I always wear t-shirt and shorts I can never find jeans that look good on me so I wear pajama pants alot also. Please Stacy and Clinton help me over come my struggles.

  40. Dear Stacy and Clinton I am a 15 year old in 10 th grade named Kirstin I fell like everyone looks at me because I don't have anything good about myself anymore I look so bad that it has gotten so bad that I just get out of my room to eat or go to thebathrooom if u could please help me please do

  41. Hello my name is Martha and I would like to nominate my mother why because she works so hard and never has time for her self she has been wearing the same clothes for years or uses my dads clothes there babby she recently lost wieght and I know she wants and needs a change this opportunity would be great

  42. Hi! I hate to nominate myself, but just saw an episode where a young lady did and you made such a huge difference in her life, so I am hopeful. I can't say I have changed people's lives like some of your participants, etc., but I do truly try to do what I can. I am a single mom of a wonderful 15 year old son. I suffer from a disability you "can't see", so I don't work and don't have money to dress nice, nor do I need to. I didn't marry until later in in life and then ended up in an abusive relationship. This for some reason caused me to loose tons of self esteem, which I seemed to have plenty of earlier in life.

    My style is "as comfortable as I can get" to be honest. I am EXTREMELY heavy chested and too heavy for my height. I seem to be short wasted and have a very difficult time working that in with the big boobs issue. I could use your help learning how to make pieces work together more than you can imagine and would be so incredibly grateful for your help with hair ideas also, which I always seems to be changing.

    I know there are people who probably would be better TV, but I swear I would try hard to learn and be a good student! Thanks so much for your consideration and God bless!

  43. I feel invisible 90% of the time. Black is my go-to. I do try to add color here and there but, always revert to black. I hate the way I/my legs look in skirts so, I never wear them. I have broad shoulders and a long torso. I tend to stay away from any tops that are too tapered, not a belt person (or I just don't wear them correctly). I need a makeover. Stacy and Clinton, Help!

  44. Hey Stacey & Clinton! I would like to dominate my mom. The reason why is because shes such a hard working lady . She wakes up every morning at 6 am gets ready for work takes my younger brother to school , and goes to work under the hot sun . Gets home around 5:30 she goes outside to water her plants , and then starts to cook and goes to bed. That's been her routine of life ever since I was a baby. She'll do whatever it takes to make sure we have a roof over our head and food on the table . Okay about the way she dresses of boy is she a mess lol. She only wears sweats , leggings, and she mix matches all the time. And her shoes are these ugly old lady sandals and my old tennis shoes 😐I'm too sensitive to tell her she looks horrible when she asks me and when she does sometimes I'm honest and tell her no it doesn't go together but she refuses to take it off and says it's not only about looks . She's such a beautiful souled person and one of the strongest person I know . We recently lost my 21 year old brother 10 months ago because of brain cancer.& She was such a mess , between us that was her favorite kid out of us all. She only had a week to mourn from his death which wasn't enough. Everyday she lights up a candle for him , and wishes him goodnight. I think she deserves to be just as beautiful inside and out . Shes always laughing and her laugh is a loud historical laugh. She's so beautiful in my eyes , I just wish she could see it. She thinks she's old but she's only 44 years old. I'd really appreciate it if you guys could help, thank you.

  45. Stacey and Clinton, I need help! My mom is 45 and has raised my brother and I by herself, I'm now 23 and he is 19. My mom's confidence seems like it has completely disappeared. She wears her scrubs, really big t-shirts, some from when I was about 7, and leggings. That's literally it. She never dresses up, and when she does it's rare, she's got a bf and at this point in her life I feel like she needs some help, I love her but these "lounge clothes" she wears 24/7 have got to go! She's completely forgotten about herself! PLEASE HELP!!

  46. Hi.
    I have absolutely no idea how to feel posting this. I am "nominating" myself. Everyone around me tells me that I look "great" and asks me why I have what is in my closet. my response is hard for even me to think about. I have a hard time wearing anything that I consider "tight". My life is spent in scrub bottoms. I'm pretty sure that would be considered "fitted" for everyone else. Even though I have now spent 6 years in recovery for Anorexia, the clothes issues with my body is still foreign to me. I need a little help.

  47. Hello. I would love to see my sister on what not to wear. She loves watching the show but never has time for herself. She is 36 years old and a mother of 2 (11 and 15). She has always taken care of all of us brothers and sisters from birth (we are a family of 7). Since my mom was always sick she took on the roll of mom even after my mom died. Shes always putting everyone before her wether family or not. She is always putting herself down when it comesbto getting dolled up. She wears minimal make up and is most of the time in a baggy t-shirt and sweats with sneakers and her hair in a bunn. When she goes out she mainly wears black or grey shirts with jeans and some flats or casual boots or something like that. I feel like she is one of the most loving and giving persons in the world and she deserves to take a break from her hectic life and put herself first for once in her life. She greatly deserves to be papmpered. If there are any chances please consider her.
    A typical day for her is get up at 5am and make lunch for her hisband, then get up at 7am again to get ready for work and to take the kids to school, then work, then pick up kids go home make dinner clean her house take daughter to violin practice help kids with homework and take care of anything that comes up in between. Shes lucky if she even eats! She needs this!!

  48. My mom where's my cloths I'm fifteen years old and 160 pounds she is 120 pounds and does not have cloths that fit her or knows how to put them together in appropriate was please please help my mom she resently lost about 65 pounds and she needs help

  49. Hello beautiful people, I'm 58 yrs (soon to be 59). I have been through 2 marriages where I put them 1st. I got divorced 16 yrs ago, saying I was going to take a short brake before dating again!! Well, here I am 16 yrs later and I would like to start dating. Here's the problem….I don't act my age, I'm very young at heart and usually even date younger men. So I tend to dress more younger. Well 16 yrs ago was when I bought most of my clothes and I'm afraid I will look like a freak. I have bought a tank top or 2, 2 pairs of jeans and 1 dress during the 16 yrs. I NEED HELP !!! Besides everything else I'm only 5' tall and have child size feet with womanly curves. I want to attract a nice, intelligent, normal with a wild side like me type of man….not a scary, weird type. PLEASE HELP ME CATCH UP WITH THE TIMES !!
    ( Oh, one more thing….I usually have at least 2 bright colors in my hair, listen & dance to Hip Hop & R & B )
    I'm not your typical almost 60 yr old.
    (Oh and I roleplay in a Medival Roman group called the SCA, and go camping and participate all yr round)
    And I ride and own horses…….Thats all for now, gotta leave some things for surprize. TTYS

  50. Iwould like for you to help my mom..she a home health aid and had let her self go really bad..since her breack up with her boyfriend that she was with for 10year..she aways wear black and i dont know why..plssss help her😭

  51. PLEASE help my boss Stacey and Clinton! My coworkers and I are begging you! She is a doctor and always around many patients. She loves thrift stores and has a horrible sense of style! I am embarrassed for her to be around patients with how ridiculous she dresses daily! We need your help to get her dressing like the professional lady and amazing doctor that she is.

  52. Hi my name is Lindsey! I am 33 with 2 great boys, 11 and 5, and a wonderful husband! I teach dance and want to reflect my artistic style in not only my work but in myself. Most of my wardrobe consists of mostly hand-me-downs and old clothes. I really have always loved your show and would be honored to be on it! I think we could have a ton of fun, please choose me!!!

  53. Hi again I forgot to mention that I am 11 and my mom picks out my clothes and discards my opinion so I'm thinking maybe she's right I desperatly need your help it's worse than you think😵😵😓😖

  54. Hi Stacy and Clinton my name is kaila I live in ALASKA and I just don't feel good about myself.could you send me your email or phone number I would really appreciate it thank you😆

  55. Hi Stacy and Clinton!! Our mother is 37 years young and is living her life with no responsibilities and her wardrobe reflects that. She currently has her dreadlocks died a bright purple… yeah you read that right dreadlocks. Her makeup routine consists of dollar store glittery eyeshadow and eyeliner with no face makeup. We've repeatedly tried to help her improve her makeup to accentuate her natural beauty but she disregards our advice. Her outfit choices are by far the worst thing about her current situation. On a daily basis she wears long distasteful skirts, tank tops that don't match the skirts, crappy flip-flops, and more often than not no bra to go along with her DDD breasts. She owns many articles of jewelry but however they never go along with her outfit. Sometimes she'll "jazz" it up by throwing on a scarf. Despite her rough appearance she is a strong women. In the past 3 years she has survived a fire which caused severe burns on the lower parts of her body, then not long after her fiancée tragically passed away in their home in southern Indiana, her daughter then was hospitalized twice therefore moving upstate to not live with her. Underneath her extremely odd and unflattering appearance she is a good person. As her daughters we want Carrie to have the best opportunities in life. So Stacy and Clinton we as YOU to finally break through to her and help her realize there is more to her than some dingy flip-flops and purple dreadlocks.

  56. Myself, and my entire family, would like to nominate my mom Vickie. She is so selfless, kind and so giving. She has not done anything for herself for as long as I can remember, and I'm 25. She has no idea how to pair a top with bottoms, or anything about prints and patterns. We know she doesn't feel the greatest about herself and he way she looks. She and my father are divorced, and all of us want her to be able to attract a nice, decent man. If she wants to stand out in the world, she's going to have to step up her closet game. My family and I all try to help her out when she goes clothes shopping but she is such a penny pincher that she would prefer to shop at Goodwill over paying for a decent outfit that will last. I think the other part of it is that she just doesn't know how to dress her average/plus-sized body. She needs help. I want to see my mom look in the mirror at herself and just smile! This isn't just about a change of clothes… This will change her entire life and mindset about how she sees herself in the mirror.

  57. I would like to nominate my beautiful Mom, Lisa!! Her style.. Well I don't really know how to explain her style. She has been known to wear the same color on top and on the bottom. She has a dress she loves but looks like she's wearing a certain and the color is HORRIBLE! I can't really remember when she bought a new wardrobe. She is in great need of your help! Please Stacy and Clinton help my Mother!

  58. My mom needs your help, she's 58 years old used to be a model when she was in her teens to her 20's shes lost alot of weight. she used to be 258 lbs size 18 pants and xl top. She now weres a size small top and nine in pants she will squeeze her self into smaller close as tight and short asshe can get. Very skimpy for her age shes got the body but like I said she dresses like a teenager. It also makes my step dad jealous because shes drawing not good attention toward herself she loves to watch your show, that's actually how i found out about you guys. I dont know what to do, im embarrased to go out with my mom due to the way she dresses. The first time me and my boyfriend went to her church she wore a mini dress and when she sat down the bottom of the dress was a little above the bottom of her cheeks. I don't want my boyfriend or friends to come around her because o the way she dresses. She used to have the most amazing closet filled with fashionable clothes and I would get tips from her. Now its filled with mini skirts mini dresses tight skimpy tops. She has lost her fashion/mind, she needs your help. Please HELP her. SHe wore the most conservative clothes and now its tight short and skimpy.
    please help us.

  59. Please help me! I'm a 28 year old mom trying to restart my life by going to university. My lack of style sense is holding me back in my career and in my life! I need your help!

  60. Hi. My name is Elizabeth. I am almost 9 years old. My dad is helping me to type this. I am the oldest of 5 kids (had each of us by csection). Our mom is a stay at home mom. She's 32 years old but doesn't always dress her age (she looks young for her age). She does not do anything for herself or get much of a chance to get a break. She doesn't have the best sense of fashion for herself and wears whatever us comfortable (gauchos or leggings with tank tops is her go to outfit at home, she tries her best to dress nicely when she leaves the house but still has insecurities).
    My mom is not a selfish person and thinks of everyone else. She sacrifices so much for us and is so busy taking care of us.
    I just want to help my mom to feel better about herself and give her a chance gain her self confidence back.

    Thank you so much and God bless.

  61. Hello Stacy & Clinton,
    Let me start off by saying I love your show. I feel as though I would be the perfect canidate for your show, because I feel UGLY all the time I dont like showing off my body and can't shop for my self at all. Whats weird is that I love dressing up my girls and my husband. I have 4 girls ages 12, 7, 6 and 1. I always tend to put everyone ahead of me and always make sure everyone is ok before myself. My most recent challenge that I took on is taking care of my grandparents I was raised by them and now I am taking care of them. I am now the main care taker of my grandmother she fell a couple of days before mothers day and the alzeimers disease has really progressed. Everyday it's a struggle and I'm not gojng to lie I really dont care of how I look because I really dont consider that I have a life because Ibreally dont have the help of my family. My marriage is hanging by a string and I would love to rekinder the spark. I feel very old and ugly the worst part is that I am only 33 and my daily clothes consist of slides a tank top and bleach stained shorts. I really don't know how to look beautiful or shop for myself so I just throw on the shorts and tank. and the hair lets not start consist of washed hair and scrunchies. also would like to throw in that I always been the tom boy in my family.

  62. Hi Stacey and Clinton!! —

    My name is Olivia Horton, i'm here to nominate my mom Karen Horton. She's 48 and everyday I hear consistently about how fat and ugly she thinks she is. Her style is not too bad, but she is constantly wearing two of the same outfits per week. She has trouble shopping and everything she buys she returns. So her clothes basically consist of work pants and baggy shirts. As a daughter, being 18, and hearing your mom say this, its old after awhile and you just want her happy.
    It would be a blessing in disguise for her to be on this show! She needs immense help with her self esteem and especially her wardrobe. Help her please!!

  63. My sis-in-law lost my fav designer jacket and I saw Staci wearing the same one on the show. Could you please help me by letting me know where I can buy it again or can I buy the one from the show. Thank you!

  64. Well my mom, she's a busy mother of 7 kids. Shes always cleaning and never takes time for herself. When we go shopping, she sees things she likes and either hesitates to buy it or doesn't buy it at all. I would like her to go to your show so she can realize how beautiful she is and that she works hard and deserves to have nice things and take time for herself. So please get back to me and help me because I feel my mom deserves this. And I know you guys can find amazing things that makes her look attractive while being a hard working mom.

  65. I would like to nominate myself if not just get types im 4 years out of highschool a newlywed and a mom of a 2 year old. I has gained about 80 pounds since out of highschool and in just not really comfortable with myself as far as clothes or what to show off and what not. Number one thing i feel like im not appealing to my husband anymore my closet consist of clothes that used to fit and literally about 6 shirts and 3 pairs of pants that either have holes or zippers are broken and one bra the same hair do everyday any tips are greatly appreciated

  66. My name is Joann and, for the life of me, I just can't invigorate my closet. I was raised on hand me downs and, as a single mom, I got hand me downs as an adult too! So now my children are grown, I recently married and I now realize, I just don't know how to dress, hahaha. As one of Jehovah's Witnesses, presentation and first impressions are very important. Its also important that I dress to match me. My closet, my hair, my make up, ugh, is so boring and dark and I need help refreshing my look. After watching your show, I just know you can help me build a strong foundation.

    I love your show. I would like to nominate myself. I want to do something good for myself. It's about time. I am a woman of 56 years young. I could really use your help. I'm a survivor. I have had a lifetime of traumas. I am an Army Veteran (did a small stint -stationed near DMZ -South Korea- 80's) came home and some years later, I had my right leg amputated, gained weight, and became very depressed. However, I was able to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Art. I have been a housewife for 12 years now and I'm in the process of "finding myself" again. Somewhere I have seemed to have lost myself or sense of identity through the help of a therapist I am doing so, so much better. I would really like to look/dress like I feel inside: Hopeful for the future, happy, confident, stylishly artistic, sophisticated style, Victorious! I have no idea how to dress the way I want to portrait myself. I am also challenged with finding the right shoes with my prosthetic leg. My clothes are depressing, big time. I mostly run around in men's t-shirts, and some sweat pants, old capris length shorts. I usually wear no make-up unless I'm going somewhere. I love my long hair, and have been waiting for it to grow. However, I have no style whatsoever hair, clothes, or make-up. Please, would you help me in my quest? I will always watch your show.

  68. HI my name is Paty I need help I've always had a problem with my weight I'm short fat and ugly I feel my kids and husband are embarrassed to be seen with me please help

  69. Hi. If possible I'd like to nominate myself. I'm a mom of a beautiful 3 year old girl. I'm the fiance of a great guy for the last 5 years. I personally have put off the wedding not because of financial reason but because every wedding dress I've put on I find myself too disgusting for it. I suffer from depression because of my looks. But I am working on it. I just need a little help. Obviously I'm the one that dresses myself everyday but I just feel more in my skin in sweatpants and oversized shirts, hair tied up and little to no makeup to hide my facial flaws. I'm a little over 200lbs and just can't find anything to fit me the right way. Although I find comfort in my over sized clothes I know to help myself I need to work alittle harder on my attire to push myself up and over. Im ready for a new beginning. Please help you guys may be my last resort. Thanks in advance

  70. Hi. If possible I'd like to nominate myself. I'm a mom of a beautiful 3 year old girl. I'm the fiance of a great guy for the last 5 years. I personally have put off the wedding not because of financial reason but because every wedding dress I've put on I find myself too disgusting for it. I suffer from depression because of my looks. But I am working on it. I just need a little help. Obviously I'm the one that dresses myself everyday but I just feel more my skin in sweatpants and oversized shirts, hair tied up and little to no makeup to hide my facial flaws. I'm a little over 200lbs and just can't find anything to fit me the right way. Although I find comfort in my over sized clothes I know to help myself I need to work alittle harder on my attire to push myself up and over. Please help you guys may be my last resort. Thanks in advance

  71. I am a 50 year old mother and grandmother to 7 grandkids I am happily married. I have been heavy all my life I dress like a 70 year old woman. My daughters are always trying to dress me. They say things like mom why don't you get clothes that are in style. I think my daughters and grandkids are all embarrassed to do anything with me because of my clothes. I am always wearing sweat pants or stretch pants. This makeover I believe would really help me to see that I would look good in different clothes. I hope that you would pick me this would be a dream that I would never imagine.

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