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What Not To Wear
TLC’s What Not To Wear

TLC’s is quickly becoming a major home for original and exciting reality television and now it’s mega hit makeover show “What Not To Wear” is looking for women from all walks of life to feature in it’s upcoming 11th season. This is the chance for you or someone you know to have a complete fashion transformation. If you know anyone who has a shocking wardrobe (in a bad way) the producers and casting directors of What Not To Wear want to hear from you.

What Not To Wear is hosted by the supremely talented Stacey London and Clinton Kelly. Each week the dynamic fashion duo surprise one fantastically challenged woman who is in dire need for a complete makeover. The What Not To Wear crew takes the women chosen from “eek” to “chic” with their amazing imagination and expert fashion instincts. If you or someone you know has fallen out of touch with today’s look or maybe has never possessed a fashion sense whatsoever this is the program that can change their lives.If you would like to nominate someone that needs some fashion help or if you have any questions Casting calls will be happening soon. You can send an email here wntwcasting@gmail.com and be sure to leave a comment for us and keep checking back for all of the exciting WNTW updates.

Fashion has the power to shape, inform and define each of us. If you or someone you know is the definition of disaster TLC is ready to help. Enter your submission today and never again will you need to be told What Not To Wear.

391 thoughts on “What Not to Wear – TLC

  1. Hello. My fiance has always been a huge fan of your show and has always wanted a makeover well in the last 2 years she has had to go through so much including a couple miscarriages and delivering our twin boys who were passed as well. We just had a house fire like 3 months ago and lost everything we owned and she is always working so hard to take care of everybody else and always sacrificing everything for everybody else… She hasn't had a hair cut in like 2 years never gets anything new and has just completely lost all confidence and self esteem. She is a beautiful woman inside and out and I just want to see her feel and look great so she will smile again and get that amazing confidence back that she once had!! I hope and pray that you all decide to help her out if anyone deserves it it would be her. Thank you hope to hear from you soon! Her name is Shayla

  2. Hi, my name is Makayla. I'm a transgender woman 25 years old now. I could honestly use some help desperately. I'm not sure what to do or where to start or how to even go about it. I lack the confidence to even go simple clothes shopping. I have no idea about fashion or what fits and looks good on someone like me.

  3. Hi my name is Charlene I am a 58yr old grandmother of 15 and I also have a 9yr old I adopted and have had since her birth I work a full time job tried most days hot flashes what to do with my hair???? I feel a little awkward writing in for myself but my nine year old said to me the other day mommy that is what not to wear . I work for a company that provides services for persons with developmental disabilities started as a direct care staff then was promoted to program manager I am now an administrative assistant/program manager and am in the office more. Not sure if I just am not sure I know how to dress this 58yr. old body or just not embracing my age. Or my 9yr old is wearing me out she is always telling me to young myself up . What ever that means LOL from the mouths of babes. Asking help in Columbus Ohio

  4. My aunt Gina is an amazing woman! Her outfits, not so much. Gina is a 53 year old woman struggling to find the outfit that makes Gina the boisterous loud woman that she is, and I think she needs some help doing that! I nominate Gina Messina to get a makeover and overall outfit change by Clinton and Stacy! Because mom jeans and camo is not cutting it.

  5. My daughter is 5 ft 2 and about 140 pounds. Her name is Hilary and she is very kind and generous to her friends. She has many friends that seem to take advantage of her kindness and not reciprocate. I believe her choices stem from a lack of confidence and self worth. She is strong and athletic. I have watched her devolve over the years from 22 to 29 years old in her style choices. All she wears are leggings and shower slides with tiny tops that show cleavage. I have insisted that when she and I go out to the store, that she wear pants. The pants that she chooses are skin tight and are basically leggings with a zipper. I would love to see her be able to dress "normally", more attractively because she could be more confident. I feel sad that she does not seem to be able to find clothes that fit her.

    I am her mom and my name is Michelle. I'm guessing that your casting department will want photos and other kinds of back story information. Please be so kind as to respond with the information I need to nominate her to be helped by the wonderful input of Stacy and Clinton.

  6. Hi there, I have a 36 yearold aunt with 3 children, lately she just been divorced from her husband and moved to N.Y to start a new life with her children. She is very stubborn and wears clothing thats dont fiy on her and wear atleast 2 sizes down, she tries to prove to herself that she is the same body she was when she got married. Her outfit choices affects her from going out and dating. Her outfits are soo tight you see each and every roll in her body. This effects her self esteem. It's sucks for my family and I to see her like this because she is a beautiful women. Please help her!!

  7. Good day, I would like my mother who's 36 to have a make over. She wakes up every morning and goes to work at 4am as a caregiver then leaves at 11am and goes to her other job. She's an office manager for a homecare provider called Compassion Healthcare. My mother doesn't dress like an office manager but she thinks she does. Most of the time she wears the same outfit twice a week. She wears yoga pants with a dressing top. Who does that? My mom is screaming for help but doesn't realise it yet. I'm sure her boss would appreciate a difference. I almost forgot she does nothing with her hair at all. She gets right out of bed gets dressed walks out the house without brushing her hair. She has long brown hair which gets a lot of knots. I know because I brush it for her sometimes. She's a great mom who works from 4am to 6pm then comes home and goes straight to her bedroom. She's always tired and stressed out. I wish someone could give her a makeover and help me help my mom look and possibly feel beautiful again. She want even take a self pic to put back on her Facebook profile because she tells me she's to old and looks fat. My mom is beautiful inside and out. She just needs motivation and a push.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to possibly help my mom 😇

  8. I need help Norman eating my wife for What Not to Wear she has somewhere of her fashion sense but needs help putting things together for every day she does not know what goes with what and wants to be more fashion-forward she is a hard-working woman she takes care of my grandmother full-time my grandma has dementia and Alzheimer's My Wife puts a whole life on hold for everybody else including myself she needs some time for herself

  9. My gran has never really one to dress for anyone or like she was proud of herself. She wears the same tank tops and men's shorts, she's never does anything with her hair she always wears sneakers, she doesn't know how to dress for herself, and she always seems upset about how she dresses. She only buys new clothes once every 6 years, and its exactly what she just threw away. I am 18 now, and id like to see my gran be happy about the way she looks for once.

  10. I have a friend named Manny Grogan and he wears the same damn sweater everyday with the same damn sweatpants. He is sixteen years old and has no luck with girls because of his fashion choices. Please help him.

  11. My girlfriend of 7 years gave birth in January of 2018. She has never really been happy with her appearance and now it shows more then ever. She is a beautiful Hispanic woman, and she is having a lot of trouble addressing the baby weight issue. She lacks confidence and can often been seen wearing extremely over-sized tops and stretch pants everywhere. By everywhere I mean work, family gatherings, leisure activities etc.. I personally have no issue with the way she dresses because in my eyes she will always be an absolute stunner. But her frustrations are becoming more and more evident by the day.

    She is always uncomfortable with her appearance it also takes her forever to get ready (as she is never content with her clothing choices) her lack of confidence in her style choices directly effects her everyday life as she can often be seen lashing out at others and being extremely impatient. As of late she only goes to the gym to "check-in" and not to partake in any classes or workouts.

    We came across this program and saw the wonders it has done for the confidence of other women of all ages, sizes, types, etc.. I just feel bad because she has so much to offer the world yet something so simple as the clothes we wear holds her back. She would absolutely hate me for reaching out but I do so on my own accord because she is a hard working professional, mother above all that needs a slight push and assistance to get her in the right direction. I ask for help on her behalf because she is very deserving. She is frustrated and needs to catch a break.

  12. Hey I would like to nominate my mom because she has went through a lot she I'd like her to do something better than parent I'd like her to do something better than what she has I'd like she's done a lot she's been there for me I just like her to do something that she wants to for once and not what we want her to and I'd like her to have a chance to be on the show as it has been her dream for a while and if that could happen thank you

  13. I'm a mom of one I'm 40 years old I never dress up I have really curly hair and not a lot of hair style so I wear it in a bun I don't do make up cause I know really know what looks good on me I wear jean shorts and t-shirt all the time with flip-flops help I'm in need of make over my daughter says so

  14. My daughter just graduated Summa Cim Laude for business finance unfortunately she dresses like a hippie please help me. She has a brilliant career ahead of her but can’t dress. Please help daughters never listen to their Mothers. Please

  15. Hello my name is AradiahPerez. And I am thirtenlen. I would be honored if my mom Danni Perez could be considered for a candidate of What Not to Wear. The reasons why is because over the last thirteen years my mother is not just a mother but a kind and loving person that supports me. my mom has a good style. And she's an amazing person I know I can count on her if I need to. She always puts me first. I think that giving her a makeover will one raise her self-esteem and to make her feel better about who she is. As well as also giving her more confidence. I hope you consider choosing my mom for a makeover.

  16. Hi there am 28 yrs old, my whole childhood was never perfect nor did we have everything. My dad abused my mother since I could remember till she left him I was around 6 or 7.. My mom has always been both mother and father to us, she worked so hard to put food in our table so her babies could eat. My mother has never been able to feel beautiful or happy, she won't dress up and in her whole life All she's ever wanted was a full make over.. We can't afford, we don't have that kind of money. My mommy is in her last stage of her liver to fail. Doctors haven't found a match. She asks me to be strong out of all my siblings, but only if she knew am not. My mother struggles from liver failure, and no she's never drank in her life! Also heart failure, and much more.. Before the Lord Takes her I wish we would help her win a makeover.. She deserves it.. If it wasn't for her we wouldnt be here,, she's got the kindest heart willing to give her heart to save a stranger.. I've seen this show since I was very young and see the magic you'll put on people's faces.. please help my momma.. I'd give anything to help her get her last wishes.. Thank you God bless!!

  17. I would looovvveee to nominate my friend and co-worker, Lynn. We work with special needs pre-schoolers. She is a physical therapist and wears baggy sweatpants and t-shirts EVERYDAY. She is beautiful, fun, and adorable. She just finished her first marathon! She keeps saying she wants to be more fun and fashionable but doesn't know how or have the confidence. She even texts me when she is out with her husband because she knows she needs to be more spontaneous but doesn't know how. I wish I could post a picture of how beautiful she is! Please, please, please Stacey and Clinton… pick her! xo

  18. Hi, My name is Crystal i'm 29 years old and I am an independent artist and i have the worst taste in clothes i'm a auntie of 17 kids i miscarried my first child last year 3 weeks after my child's father got mother i don't really have a sense of style or the confidence i once had i dress like a young grandmother and i really need help if ya'll could help me that would be great i have a lot of clothes but my sisters tell me that they are not worth wearing.

  19. My daughter, Micaela will be 18 next January. She is an intelligent, beautiful young lady but her self-esteem is very low. She has a very charitable, loving and helpful nature to which I think would be enhanced with a more confident outlook. She loves fashion however, at 5'6" and approximately 267 lbs. with no waist, it is hard to find clothes that she feels confident and beautiful in not to mention the fact that I am a single Mom with a single lower income so I cannot afford to do any better shopping at more appropriate stores. I figure it is a long shot getting her on the show but if she is given the opportunity, I can guarantee she will be cooperative and appreciative as you have ever seen. My wish for Micaela is to give her the confidence to happily succeed in her life.

  20. I’m 43 years old and just had my second child. I’ve probably gained around fifty pounds with Braeden which puts me at 5ft 1 and about 200 lbs. On top of gaining so much weight I’ve had debilitating postpartum depression. I’ve finally found some medication to help me combat the blues but between the weight gain and just feeling horrible my physical appearance has gone by the wayside. Presently I don’t have a clue how to dress or what to do with myself. The attempts I’ve made at shopping leave me overwhelmed and depressed. Any help would be great fully received!

  21. Hi, I have a friend who is a recent divorcee and she has 3 kids and she where's close way to small for her body tipe and she is a size 1x and is in denial about being that size and wears a size 14 and it looks horrible on her and she always looks like she just crawled out of bed and she use to dress have way decent and now she dresses scary and I'm embarrassed to be around her and I just wish I could get her some help big time cuz everytime I try to help her she fights tooth and nail and then goes back to her old ways, so what can I doto help her out and can you please help and I have pics if you need to see them thank you.

  22. would love to be on your show, my friend and I watch every day from the gym while we work out, would love to look great in clothes and make up and be able to know what to wear, we love the show and would like someday to be able to watch ourselves from the gym on your show

  23. Hi, I am a 56 year old woman that has worked very hard to loose 4o lbs over the past year. I am having a problem finding my new style. One that is appropriate for my age, able to show off my new body, but in a classy grown-up way. HELP

  24. Hello, I would like to nominate, a co-worker, she is married and a Mom of 3 kids, she is 33 year's old, average height 5.3. My friend has poor fashion choices, all she wears 27/7 a drity sweatshirt that used to be white, back in the 80's bell buttom pants, and outfits that really are out dated not her age. She trys to style her hair, but it's more ponytail, or cut short to look like a boy. Please help my friend improve her clothing style, to were she takes it seriously. She does care how she looks, and doesn't have the confidence in yourself to tell herself she is beautiful inside and out. Please help and to the rescue thank you

  25. As a kid, I was the typical tomboy. I hated dresses, and to this day still stare at them with dread when I go to the mall. My closet is full of high heels I have yet to wear. Somehow the diva deep inside me is trying to tell me heels are somehow a must. In my teenage life, I thought I was cool with my Dr. Martin boots and black shirts (grunge style). When my parents told me I would have a Quincanera whether I liked it or not, I almost had a heart attack. Now I’m a grown woman and I have always struggled to conform to the professional look without compromising who I am. I’m a teacher and soon I will step into the administration world. With my busy lifestyle, including part time graduate school again, and after four kids, I don’t even wear makeup anymore. If anyone can teach me how to consolidate who I am without putting my job at risk…. it’s you guys. I never really embraced style, and I’m very aware that I don’t have a clue how to put myself together. Why contact you now? I think that it’s gotten to the point in my career where my style MUST now fit my resume. Please help!!!

  26. My friend darlene is 24. She never leaves home hardly wants to have fun. She wears almost the same thing every day. Graphic tees that say "im fat lets party" or "i put ketchup on my ketchup" with some walmart leggings. She also has 2 large tanktops that she will wear with paint covered baggy sweat pants. She also wears a huge hawaiian print mumu and a 65 year old red vest on top of it. She is only 24 again. She needs fashion help. She always wears her hair up, goes days without even getting ready. Please pick her. I have pics if you want to see.

  27. I would love a chance to be made over ,to have a chance to look good for my self and my boyfriend when we go out.

  28. I am in desperate need of help
    I don't get out much but when I do the look from others are offensive to my family
    That and I tend to wear a lot of pajamas, sweat pants and leggings

    Please help those 45 year old fostering and adopting mother of 3 older children
    Kathy skokan

  29. Hello my name is Alma, I would like to nominate my boss she is in her mid 30's. She is currently divorced and has gone threw so much with her brothers death and her father gone missing for a few years now and all her attention has gone to her 3yr old and has stop carrying about her wardrobe. I think she is super smart and funny and talented but i think her current wardrobe is stunting her from going to a higher position in her department. She wears t-shirts and jeans with work boots even for her work presentations. She has not cut her hair in so long its really long and damaged she leaves it down or on a pony tail most of the time. To hide her bad hair she some times wears caps. She is a great carrying person and i think she deserves to be reminded she is pretty and bring her confidence up.

  30. Hi im a 28 yr old with 5 kids .. i do t underatand fashion i cant match or excerize for the life of me… i need help.. i been srufglimg with this for years an im doeimg to feel pretty for once …. my life comces of being a mom i habe no time to myslef .. help

  31. Really miss your show. Wish you could return using an older make over group. Baby boomers have a tough time finding clothes. It's either old lady clothes with elastic waists or super expensive classy styles or the teen section, which might have fit 3 years ago. But certainly doesn't now. WE need help!

  32. My name is Deborah O'Dell Cargill, I am 35 years old, mother of 3. I have no fashion sense what so ever. My color scheme has been black and white for years, my mother used to help me buy my clothes with color and fashion. She committed suicide in 2013 due to losing her battle to cancer. I am a cancer survivor myself and want to become once again the beautiful confident woman I was. I have recently lost alot of weight and having to buy alot of clothes, needing to buy professional clothes has been a challenge. Once again black and white has become my scheme, no patterns, I do not know how to put them together and make them match. I need help. I have NO FASHION SENSE! I need to get a professional look and also have a causal look but I can figure it out. Help me please!

  33. Help my mother is a 47 year old and she never dresses to impress for anything on occasions she will go out in jeans and a tee shirt and even when we go out somewhere nice she will wear jeans and a tee shirt I need help her self esteem is low and she needs help I hope that you can help.

  34. I have a college aged daughter who studies Business and will soon be on the hunt for an Internship in the "Real World". She's a doll! A hard working athlete who's not quite sure how to dress her body. She always seems to be buying jeans, dresses, shirts that are too small. She's got an incredible, strong figure with an interest in dressing more appropriately – but has no idea how to start. She also has beautiful, wavy, long hair that she needs to take control of. She likes it long and therefore will not get a decent haircut. Help……. Please!!!

  35. Hello I am 64 years old mother of two girls and grandmother of 7 and great grandmother of two.I need help in choosing what not to wear.I watch the show all the time.Please please help me

  36. I wld love to sign up both my daughters for what not to wear my 30 yr old daughter lives at home with me and well some of the clothes she wears are def. Out of style i wld love for my daughter to have a new look so she cld feel confident in her self and be able to get a job and i feel guilty cus she feels like she has to stay home to take care of me i am a stage 4 cancer survivor and was overdosed by my radiation treatments and it litterally fried my insides i have to have an illeostomy bag and nephrostomy tube and i only have my right kidney and now im having to learn how to use a wheelchair i know my girls wld say i need to be on what not to wear but i wld rather see my girls get to have a new wardrobe and look my 32 yr old is only 5ft 2 and works for the local jr. High and she is a high school jv volley ball coach plus my careprovider and she has a hard time finding clothes to fit her cus she is so petite and tries to dress like the teenage girls. And my 30 yr old daughter has no style what so ever shw is also tiny. Please help me give back to my beautiful daughters for all the sacrifices they have had to make to help take care of me. Now i wld love them to take care of themselves. Please help thank you
    Shea Burkett their names are seantae wells and tymber burkett please help

  37. My mom is 45 and dresses awful! My mom wears the most unflattering clothing that are usually too tight!! She’s a beautiful woman, but her clothes drown that! She wears bright pink with rhinestones all over and SO MANY CARGO SHORTS. She’s such a sweet and wonderful woman, but her self-esteem is so low and it hurts my heart. I know she could be so confident if she knew how to pick clothes that fit her body.

  38. HI i'm a students of my favorite teacher Ms.Eastham. She is a creative history teacher and all of her students are fond of her. The way she dresses really does affect her teaching style because no one can really take her seriously. I'd like her to make an impression on the people in the workplace and possibly finding a spouse in the real world. As her student, I am generally concerned. We live in Orlando Fl and I hope you can reach out to us! Thank you.

  39. Good early morning.

    First off, I absolutely love the philanthropic values of the show. I love watching how you help change people from the inside out and outside in.
    I've tried to implement some of your rules yet I'm unsure what really works for my body type. I've lost about 50lbs and I'm happy when my clothes fit tight (to show off a little bit) or loose (because that proves I'm thinner somehow). My clothes range in size anywhere from 2X to 14.
    Watching your show I'm aware I need some help.
    I've had to struggle for most things in my life. It has just begun to turn around (at 47 years old I think it's about time…lol!)
    Just recently I figured out what I want to do for a career.
    I currently work as a caregiver and will be going to school this September (2018) as a health care assistant to start my career. I would love to find an ideal of style and comfort which shows the professional side of my work as well as keeping an heir of warmth. Professional (even though I see evidence to the contrary each time someone is transformed on your show) is stuck in my mind as cold, guarded and expensive.
    I have ideas of what I think would look good on me (for various outings) but those ideas are so outdated now I wouldn't even know where to begin.

    My friends would be very supportive seeing the benefit of your knowledge continue to propel me on a path of positivity.

    Hoping to hear from you.

  40. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!
    My boyfriend needs help. desperately. He does not know how to dress properly for ANY occasion. He is always wearing old sweats that are ripped up at the bottom with a graphic tee from Walmart with "cats in space" WHEN WE GO OUT TO A NICE DINNER. His idea of looking "nice" is when he wears his jeans his dad passed down to him from the 1970s THEY DON'T EVEN FIT HIM, THEY'RE TOO BIG AND THEY FLAIR OUT AT THE BOTTOM. He also wants to wear a tuxedo to his prom with dollar bills all over it. !!!!!. HELP. Whenever we go out he looks like a bum & I look like a queen. We don't match. It truly is driving me insane and if he does not fix this I am going to have to start taking anxiety meds. PLEASE HELP HIM!!!!!! He has so much potential in fashion, he would look good in anything, even something super edgy. Him being on this show will not only help his style, but also help him be more creative. PLEASE HELP ME!!!


  42. Hello my mom is 45 and has always dressed in sweats and pyjamas ever since I can remember. She even goes grocery shopping in her pjs or in her work uniform which she works for Tim Hortons which is totally embarassing. She is a loving and caring person inside and she needs help for her inner personality to shine on the outside. Also in October 2018 it will be my parents 30th wedding anniversary .I hope you can help her with dressing in a proper way and that will obviuously boost her confidence. Pkease help my mom!!!!!

  43. My mother used to be the hottest one in the room and her confidence and smile would fill a room. Ever since she got sick and gained a little weight she fell into depression and never wants to leave the house or go on dates and all she wears is huge t-shirts and sweats. Or shorts. Please help her

  44. I need help learning more about fashion and what looks good on me. I lost some weight and have been eating healthy so I would like to show off what I worked for and maybe catch a mans attention.

  45. My name is Jordan king. I'm 19 and have 2 children. I've never really dressed to impress or anything really. I wear yoga pants and t-shirts all the time. And perfer slip on slides or hightops. I have never really dressed like a grown up or even felt pretty in anything I've worn. I need help horribly with a new wordobe. I want to dress like an adult and not a teen anymore. I want to be able to wear jeans and actually look good. Please help me look like an adult and feel beautiful.

  46. So he's not a female but he's my 25 year old boyfriend. He never tries to dress up for special occasions,I have to force him to wear nice things. He always wears sweats, basketball shorts,and jeans my uncle gave him. His shirts consist of cute cat designs and rainbows. I love his hair a bit long but he needs a nice style that would go with his hairline and beard. If you guys could help him that would be awesome.

  47. So he's not a female but he's my 25 year old boyfriend. He never tried to dress up for special occasions,I have to force him to wear nice things. He always wears sweats, basketball shorts,and jeans my uncle gave him. His shirts consist of cute cat designs and rainbows. I love his hair a bit long but he needs a nice style that would go with his hairline and beard. If you guys could help him that would be awesome.

  48. I need help. I am almost 51, 4ft 9 somewhere around 200 pounds. I can't find clothes to wear that is pain free and look nice. In 1991 I was in a accident, my 7 yr old daughter died in the accident, I was in a hospital for 48 days and underwent 36 hrs of surgery and was in a coma for 4 days. Missed my daughters funeral. Depression has been a problem for me every sense and to make matters worse 4 years ago my oldest son was sent to prison for 3 life terms with no parole for hurting a little girl. I am so depressed and had gotten where I didn't care anymore about much. For some reason I have started feeling better about things and I am ashamed of how I have been and how I look. I live in northern woodson county Kansas, (yates Center) I watch your show every chance I get but I still can't find what I feel makes me look good..

  49. Hi,I am a 51 year old breast cancer survivor and my wardrobe needs help! I struggle with finding the right clothes due to my reconstruction, not being symmetrical. Since the only problem I have is one breast being significantly larger than the other, it is not deemed a medical necessity to have my surgery corrected, according to my insurance company so I need to find a way to work around it. All of my clothes slide to the left on top which makes wearing v-necks virtually impossible. To make matters worse, one of the medications that I am on, and that is prescribed to almost EVERY breast cancer survivor, causes weight gain so on top of everything else, I now have about 100 extra pounds that refuses to come off even with diet and exercise. Finding stylish clothes for someone with my issues is nearly impossible so for all intents and purposes, I, like many others in my position have given up trying. The newest thing in my closet is three-years-old and I am still rocking my hairstyle from the late 1990s or my infamous ponytail since I no longer care about my appearance on a daily basis. I believe I would be a great candidate for your show because through my research, I have found that there are millions of breast cancer survivors around the world who struggle with the same issues that I have and we could all use a hand learning how to dress ourselves post-mastectomy. Every woman wants to feel beautiful and confident, but sadly our bodies have failed us and keep us from being the outgoing, confident and fun persons that we once were thanks to this awful disease and what it does to our bodies. Your help would be greatly appreciated. I do have to say, even if I am not chosen for the show, I am really looking forward to it's return!

  50. Hi i want to nominate myself, i am a stay at home mom of 3 children. I have a more or less of a tomboy style which i am ok with, but would really like to have more sheek sense of style. I have had serveral foot surgeries which has caused me to loss 6 toes in total so it is extremely hard to find shoes to go with outfits etc. I have suffered from servere anxiety and depression with a super low self of steam. I had gastric bypass 8 years ago i was almost 300 pounds and now am down to 220 but sometimes i still see that 300 woman. I couls use your help to build up my confidence in what to wear and what not to wear! Please help!

  51. I need help!!! I used to be beautiful and now I'm a mother of three, tired, looking terrible, and lost. My husband says I dress like a boy and we've had so many discussions about him leaving me because of the way I dress now. I've gained weight with having my babies, which I love each and every one of them so much. I devote my life to everyone else and I need to learn how to take care of me again. I have not time to myself at all. My children are 1, 4, and 7, and as long as they look beautiful, nothing else matters. I need your help because I am dying inside. I am so sad because I no longer take care of myself and I do not know where to begin. There are so many things that I do not where and have not tried on because I do not have the confidence in myself that it will be ok and possibly look nice. Once again, I need your help. My mother is constantly trying to dress me up and tells me all the time that I am a woman now and need to dress like one. She can see the sadness in my life because I use to have style, never leave the house without make up or my hair done. Now, I'll leave out the house in the same sweat pants, a scarf, no make up, just looking terrible, homeless, and tired. I need your help. If you saw me, you wouldn't believe it! I am so embarrassed of who I have become. I have not been home to NY since my father passed in 2008. I have dance and class reunions this year and I don't want to go because everyone would say "what happened, or are you ok, you use to be so beautiful" and when that happens, I start to break down and cry. I've been overwhelmed and tired for 8 years and I am so ready to get me back again. Can you please help me. My children wanted to send me on this show when they watched with me and I have 2 girls who I want to show what a Mommy is all the way! I had style when I lived in NY and I'm totally lost here in NC. Thank you for listening and reading! I truly need your help.

  52. Hi my friends has poor fashions choices. She is 16 and all she wears is sweats and basketball shorts. The only shirts she owns are hand-me-downs from her mom. Her hair choices are ponytails 24/7. Please help her improve her clothing style!

  53. Good Afternoon, My name is Karley and I think I need your help. After my husband passed away I lost my job because I needed to be home with our son.

    I have gained almost a hundred pounds. I wear tee shirts and sweat pants everyday. I don't fit in with other Mom's and know I look bad. The problem is I can't find anything to wear so I stopped even trying to look nice.

    Since my husband has been gone I feel like there is no one for me to look nice for. But I know my son is starting to learn this from me. I need advice and help buying clothes.

  54. Hi my name is Elizabeth Iacangelo and I'm 28 years old. I want to nominate myself. I am short and skinny. I look like I could be anywhere from 10-13 years old. I have trouble finding age appropriate clothing in my size and I don't always like the clothing I should be wearing. I shop in the kids section. I like to wear mickey mouse, my little pony. I love rainbow color clothing and I have sparkle rainbow shoes. I don't like to wear plan clothing, its too boring. My boyfriend and my mom want me to dress more age appropriate. I want to also. I hope you will pick me so I can finally wear clothing my age and be taken seriously.

  55. My daughter is a 28 year old single mother to a beautiful 3 year old baby boy. Over a year ago she made a life changing choice to undergo gastric bypass and had a total weight loss of 100lbs. You would think that would have gained her all the confidence in the world as well as open her to start wearing feminine clothes but it did quite the opposite. She wears nothing but leggings, ripped jeans and oversized t-shirts and jackets. She constantly looks like she’s going to the gym or went into her brother’s closet. Her baby boy was recently diagnosed with autism which has made her focus even more on him and not an ounce on herself. She is a career driven young lady that works as a night manager at a well known hotel and is known for her compassion towards others and always wanting to help in any way but this time someone needs to help her.

  56. Hi there my name is Destiny. I nominate my mother ! She is a bright spirited young mother of 4 and grandmother to 5 grandchildren at age 41! She volunteers at her church and raised us 4 on her own. She’s been in a lot of abusive relationships which I believe really damaged her our look on how she sees her self and damaged her self-esteem. I believe the fact that she’s getting older is very scary to her so she tries to dress like a teenager or someone my age (I’m 24) I’ve tried to get her to dress age appropriate but I don’t think she takes me seriously. She needs some fashion help ASAP not only for her look but for her soul as well. Please consider my mother Julie if anyone deserves this it’s her. She also has the craziest high heel collection that look like hooker boots with guns for the heels and everything that a woman her age SHOULD NOT have lol. Please help my mom !

  57. Hi! My 26 year old daughter is vibrant and energetic. She has a tendency to dress in oversized, non-feminine clothing. When she does wear something more feminine, she looks amazing. It would be so great to have you show her how she can choose a better wardrobe. I think it would boost her confidence. She is in s management program for a popular restaurant chain. Thank you!

  58. Hi my daughter Heather needs some real help with the clothes. She is beautiful. But wares layers and layers of clothing. She has no confidence in her looks. And it shows in covering up from head to toe. She is an active mother of 2, a teacher, and married ..with a lovely old house in Riverton no. Very talented with decorating her beautiful home, but really unable to put a look together. She has only 2 looks bag lady or hooker. We have often watched your show and says that's what I need ,someone to help me. I so wish that u could.

  59. Hi my name is Ana I'm a mom of two and I nominate myself I believe I need to start dressing more appropriate and learn what I can and cannot wear, I am in dire need of this makeover I want to be a proper role model for my kids and not embarrass them, I am willing to listen and do this for myself and my kids I have lost myself and would like to find myself again and I believe the way people dress is a HUGE part of it.I need ur help to make myself feel a and look good again thank you. Please I don't know how to pick clothes or get dress.

  60. Hi my name is Jessica I'm a mom of two and I nominate myself I believe I need to start dressing more appropriate and learn what I can and cannot wear, I am in dire need of this makeover I want to be a proper role model for my boys and not embarrass them, I am willing to listen and do this for myself and my kids I have lost myself and would like to find myself again and I believe the way people dress is a HUGE part of it please and thank you ps love your show watch it ALL the time

  61. I have been battling depression for a long time and I let myself go I need ur help to make myself feel a and look good again thank you and GOD BLESS u stacey and clinton

  62. Dear Sracy and Clinton my sister needs a huge makeover she's just forgeting about her style. After 2 children she just rally does not care any more. Please help

  63. My fiance is a 52 years young physical education teacher. She is very beautiful but all she wears is sweat pants and tank tops…… occasionally jeans.. She wears the same clothes from ten plus years ago. She is afraid to shop for herself because she does not know how. She is overly frugal and shops at only consignment shops and salvation army's… She is very shy about her body and has been going through a lot with her sister dying of breast cancer, her brothers diagnoses of bone cancer and her father dying of an aneurysm. She has given up on herself…. Can you please help her look and feel beautiful??
    Thank you Bill the very concerned fiance..

  64. My name is a olivia i have a 20 year old friend can only were pajamas and excercise clothes everywhere. She never does her hair she just throw hats on her head her wordrobe isnt even a wardrobe. It consits of large tees and chocos she needs help badly

  65. Hello TLC. My name is Aria, i would like to nominate my mother for what not to wear. She is 37 years old and wears baggy clothing. Whether it be sweatshirts, t-shirts or even pants. She also likes to wear shorts underneath her pants. I wish she would show off how beautiful her body is and how she can become confident in her body. I would be very thankful if you could help my mother out. She desperatly needs your attention. Thank you TLC!

  66. Hello Stacey, Clinton & The What Not To Wear Team,

    I am 30 years old and have always struggled with my look. I'm most comfortable in workboots and camping gear… and other that I find it hard to care! I recently launched my own company, running a venue for special events including a wide range of music shows, conferences, and weddings. While my no-nonsense practical wear is great for behind the scenes lifting/rigging/setting up, I'm lost when it comes to the events themselves and, most importantly, meeting with clients to sell them on the space. The wedding industry is highly visual and I worry I turn people off by not looking fashionable. I need a wardrobe where I look professional and chic, while still being able to climb a ladder at a moment's notice. Help!

  67. hi I am 26 years old I am a mother of two a 6 year old handicap little girl and a 6month old boy . people say I dress funky and wired I wear my boyfriends clothes or leggings and shirts or night clothes most the time I have a hard time findinganything that fits I am short and chunky and top heave when I do dress g prople say I look 18 . I never really do my hair makeup or nailshey maybe once I a blue moon I will .people ask y I dress the way I do I guess its bec I dont like my body or the way I look I feel very self conctions people say I dress my kids better than I do myself . I just fine it hard to look good in anything I put on I feel like it dosnt matter what I wear or how I look I feel ugly . I petty much take care of my kids my house the dog and my boyfriend who works alot so I clean cook do lanary and all that I feel like I should worry more about my kids than myself. my daughter was born with a brain disorder and they thought they was going ti have to take her skole out and put flexable plastic in bec her bain was swelling . but thank god right now the swelling has stopped but she is almost 6 and she act 3 and my son was born was premie and was born with bad lungs and an hour after he was born he was on life support and transported to dayton nicu and in there he had chest tubes put in bec he had holes all threw his lungs and a ball of air in his stomach. he is doing ok now . but I never know when things will go down hill for them so I pretty much base my life around them so I dont miss out with them . so my fashion and look have when down the drain pretty bad . I would love ur help if I would consider me if not its ok I dont mind what I wear its comfortable and it's doable .

  68. hi I am 26 years old I am a mom of two a 6 year old handicap little girl and a 6 month old boy I am a stay at home mom I have almost lost both my kids do to health problems. so I put them in front of me . I get them what the need and want . I hardly ever buy anything for myself . people say that my fashion is wierd . most the time I wear my boyfriend's stuff or I wear leggings and shirts . people ask y I dress this way and I guess it's because I am very self constion . see I am chunky and very top heave and short so it hard to find things that fit me. I never do my hair or makeup bit maybe once in a blue moon and when I do do it and dress up people say I look like I am 18 . I would like ur help if u would consider me . if not its ok .

  69. Hi I'm 42 year's old I'm a mother of two and a grandmother of two and I've been told my clothes show it .. I normally wear stretch pants..leggins ..pj tops and bottoms..sweats..no bra..
    Since I've gotten older heavier and on a fixed income of disability I really don't take time to dress up and it's hard to find clothes that fit me right and I really truly don't know how to dress myself to look good ..please please help me since I'm in a new relationship and even he complains about what I wear and how I dress please please help I don't want to lose him and I really want to show him that I can look good and I want to for myself as well I really need help..thank u very much

  70. Hi I'm 46 years old and have no clue on how to dress my body. Please help me. I always feel frumpy and uncomfortable in my clothes.

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