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Evil Twins Season 4 – Investigation Discovery

Evil Twins Season 4 – Investigation Discovery Are you interested in being featured on a TV show? Investigation Discovery is filming “Evil Twins” season 4 and they are looking for actors! The 2017 acting casting call is searching for a men and women and children! The kids casting call is searching for boys and girls who are ages 10 through 12 are being cast to portray grad school students. Casting directors are also looking for Caucasian female in her early 40’s for the featured role of Deb. They are also seeking people to portray fire fighters, police parishioners, police officers, college extras and college professors. The series is filming in the Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia area. Filming will be July 17th through July 21st.

Investigation Discovery describes their series as “channeling sibling rivalries and deadly childhood pacts, “EVIL TWINS” follows true-crime mysteries surrounding cases of these double-duty archetypes. Each episode reveals a pair of sinister siblings: twins who tag team to kill together, twins who turn on each other, and even the good twin versus the evil”.

This is a paid acting job! If you or your child is interested in appearing on this fabulous series, sign up for the casting call for your chance to land a role!

Investigation Discovery TV Show Casting Call

Evil Twins is now casting for the following roles.

Shoot date(s):
July 17th thru July 21st
(You will not be needed all five days, however, we ask that you keep them open as thing often will and do change in production)
Shoot Location: TBD (MD, DC, VA AREA)
Call Time: TBD

Available Roles

Deb- (Featured) Caucasian Female early 40’s who can be aged up. Must be strong actress.
Fire fighters – Non -Descriptive
Police Officers- Non Descriptive
Church Parishioners- Non Descriptive
Grade School Extras- age range 10-12
Grade School Teacher- Non Descriptive
Store Customer-Non Descriptive
College Extras- Non Descriptive
College Professor- Non-Descriptive

To apply for the above role(s) in the T VSeries “Evil Twins” email Candice (cjohnson@sirensmedia.com). Put the role you are applying for in the subject line.
Include current age, height, weight, sizes, phone number & current location and email in the body of the email. Confirm your availability. Also include your acting resume as a PDF not WORD Document. Include Reel with monologue if you have it.
Send 3-5 candid photos of yourself in everyday clothes, one should be a full length head to toe, current selfie, headshot shoulder up, full length head to toe. NO ONE ELSE IN THE PICTURES. Rename your photos before sending . First, Last and number. Please note if you have tattoos and if so where they are located. If your submission is incomplete it will not be considered.

We are asking for a lot of information. Please double check your submission before
hitting send. You must not have any other obligations on shoot days.
Do not submit if you are not fully available. No phone calls please, no pop ups to our office, a submission does not guarantee a role, do not multiple submit. This is a casting notice do not email seeking employment it will be deleted!!!

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  1. Hi, am Ian from Nairobi,Kenya i have been following the series evil twins since. am a talented actor and am requesting for a role in Evil twins season 4

  2. I live in the Richmond area and I am interested in working with you. If you were looking for extras or an opening that you need filled let me know. I am Caucasian female age 41. Available anytime.

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