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Victorious – Nickelodeon

Victorious - Nickelodeon
Would you like to land an audition for Nickelodeon’s “Victorious”? Casting Calls for this hot show should be right around the corner. We are trying gather more information about new dates for the tryouts. Leave a comment below and we will be sure to let you know when more information comes up.

A little background on Victorious: this Nickelodeon series is about an aspiring singer named Tori Vega. She is portrayed by Victoria Justice and attends a performing arts high school that is called Hollywood Arts. She is always finding herself getting into screwball situations almost everyday. Production for Season 1 started on October 5, 2009 – it ended on April 14, 2010 with 20 episodes created. The premiere was on March 27, 2010. On June 29, 2010 Victorious was brought back for a second season. And is now in the works for a new season 3!

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  1. hi im kinieshka and im from south africa cape town my favourite character is ariana grande [cat] i always dreamed of acting and i think this is my chance to show you what you want please give my a shot my family would be extreamly proud of me being in a show i am 12 years old and i would love to do this please let me know

  2. Hi, my name is kala and I am twelve years old. I have dreamed of becoming an actress for years. I loved this show when I was younger and I would really love to be on this show.

  3. My name is Skye and I am from Melbourne, Australia. I am fourteen years old and have a lot of experience in musical theatre and productions. My favorite things to do are playing guitar, singing, songwriting, and I used to do jazz and tap for 9 years.
    Skye Nagtegaal

  4. Hi my name is Emma convey I am from Northern Ireland and I love to dance sing and act the reason I want to be on this show is because I love to act. I have brown hair and brown eyes I am 12 years old and have been acting sence I was to 2 if I had to pick the one thing I like best in the world it would be actingπŸ’–

  5. Hi I'm kaila I'm turning twelve on Christmas and I am a HUGE fan of victorious. I'd love to be on it and have watched all episodes 50 times. I absolutely love it.i have many talents like playing the piano and singing. those are just a few. I'm also part daredevil😈 because I will ride down a very steep hill/road that cars drive on very often with just a scooter.so if you are interested just email me
    Thank you for your time.

  6. hi I m from NEPAL. I m 15 years old .I have a dream of acting since my childhood days .I bit look like mongolian .I hope u call me for casting.

  7. I am shara-kaye Patterson a 18 year old Jamaican female . I am a great actor and I just need someone to take a chance on me so I can prove how great I am .

  8. Hey I'm Dalaries Johnson and I'm 14 years old. I love victorious and memoried all of beck's lines for s2 ep 5. I hope I can be beck.
    Ps I have hair.

  9. My name is Adam VanHoose I'm 25 and looking to make my first step in this i was top 40 boys on the x factor Simon cowell said i was his favorite audition of the night I can play any role you want also look like a high school student still in good shape and willing to play any part

  10. Nick has always been my favorite network, I am 21 but I look way younger than 21. I have been trying to get on this network for quite sometime now. Hopefully I'll get a chance soon.

  11. My name is Kenya and I have beautiful talented daughter and all though we r new to this. We want the chance to blow ur mind

  12. Hello my name is jaleia Alston I have been a model & actor before & is willing to take this opportunity to be on Victorious- Nickelodeon I have the Ability to memories scripts & as well make it seem very professional & real I have Experiences for to take this position .

  13. Hello, my name is Isabella and I'm 13 years old. I would absolutely LOVE to be on Victorious. It was my favourite show and to be on it would be a dream come true!! I have a great passion for singing and acting and really hope to experience this opportunity.
    Thank you,

  14. Sylvia Gayden owner of SG Model & Actor Connections in McComb,Mississippi seeking casting calls for my talented kidactors.

    Thank you

  15. Your Comment Here … Hi I'm Prince I'm 12 years old ever since I was a child my dream was to become a star sing dance Act and I know that my dream would come true please put me on the show or any other movie just put me even though anyone I'm going to act

  16. I don't want to make a scene I don't wanna let you down try to do my own thing but I'm starting to figure it out causes it all right o please put me on the show I love Victorious it is always be my dream I want t kids my number please o be can sing I can do anything to bump just put me on the showing text here's my number please call me it's all my pleasure thank you for calling

  17. Hello my name is Annabelle Chambers i am 13 years old and live in san diego california. i play 6 instruments including guitar, piano, bass, drums, ukuele, and most of all vocals. Ive been acting for 5 years and and ould be honored to be apart of this amazing show.

  18. I'm 20 years old , I'm crazy fun also I love drama on screen , but I love dancing ,I actually dance for Tennessee State University but now attending University of Memphis and dancing is one of my majors ..other words pick me ..I cant sing but I can dance and give a great show ..

  19. Hello.
    My name is Ali Atkinson.
    I'm 18 years old
    black hair
    Black eyes
    African American

    Living in CHARLOTTE NYC
    Taking acting classes in college this fall but have previous expiernce going to camps.

  20. Hi i am Amber Maley i am 17 years old from Michigan. I sing and i took acting classes when i was younger. This was my favorite show when it was on tv. I would love to be apart of it!

  21. Hello my name is Tessa, I have watched this show from the time it started. I am currently 15 and I have had experience with acting, singing, and playing instruments such as; piano and the ukulele. I would be honored to be chosen for this show:)

  22. Hi! I absolutely loved the show Victorious and would be so thrilled to have an opportunity to audition for the upcoming season. I am an actress and a singer and aspire to be on Broadway one day. I am a hard worker and great at memorizing lines. This coming year I am going to be a sophomore in High School. Thank you for your time in reading this…I'd love the opportunity to audition for you!

  23. Hey guys my name is Bilal I'm a huge fan of Victoria and the Nickelodeon franchise I'm am expecting actor and can work my way with new things I would be honored to play in this project

  24. hi my name is jasmine i am 11 years old i can act very good i have blue eyes wavy curly hair and love music my best thing is dancing

  25. Hello,
    My name is Elle O'Brien i am from new york city and I used to be in love with this show. I have experience with acting and i play piano , guitar. I would love to be on this show
    thank you very much

    1. Hello my name is Carissa and I'm 11 years old, I am in 6th grade. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I can act and sing and play the guitar and recorder but I am not so good at the recorder. And if you don't like me please consider my best friend Kennedy A. Ludwig. She is an amazing singer and she's still ten, though she's turning 11 this July 6th. Heart to Victoria Justice because my middle name is Victoria.

  26. Hello! My name is Alex and I'm 23 years old. I have always wanted to be an actress and I'm finally looking to get into the business. Victorious seems like a show I could really fit into. I can carry a tune as well as act. Please let me know if there's anything available I could audition for in this show it possibly others. Thank you

  27. My name is leslie im 12 years old i love singing since i was 5 years old and im love victorious i love watching it im a big fan i would love to be in victorious

  28. hi i'm Liana and i'm 12 years of age. i love victorious and my favourite character is Cat because she is funny and a great person who likes to see the good in people. sadly i don't have any acting experience but i would love to give it ago, i do some acting in my school productions but i bet it isn't as hard as this. i have originally signed with an agency called Bettina but sadly i haven't gotten any roles yet. when i was younger i also did modelling but but i can't remember the agency it was for. i am actually not sure if this role for victorious is still up for grabs but if it us i would be amazing to attend. thanks so much for your time.
    -Liana Cavalcante

  29. Hi I am Abby I have been watching victorious four so long! I am ten years old I can sing and dance. I live in Massachusetts. I love acting as well! I am funny and can be obnoxious at times haha. I am very friendly to other people!

  30. Howdy, josh Pena,22, from Odessa, Texas, I'm outgoing, not shy, versatile, and ready for anything, been traveling for other production shoots, looking to get some more done, love this business, I'm committed to whatever goals I have, so you'll see that I'm professional and a "go getter", love challenges and exceeding expectations, and above all I am myself and wont change for nothing, if you have any other shoots soon would love try out and show what I can do, thanks!

  31. Your Comment Here …hi am 14yrs old am a Kenyan and I would like to be a part of nick family I luv singing and dancing and cooking thanks for your time hop you accept my application.

  32. Your Comment Here …I luv singing and dancing and also acting besides the fact that am fun to hung out with am 14yrs old n am a Kenyan and I would like to be a part of the nick family thanks for your time.

  33. Your Comment Here …am 14 yr old gal from Kenya hoping for a bright future in any nick production thanks for your time

  34. Hi I'm Jessica, I'm 13 years old live in North London. I am a big fan of victorious and would love to be able to be on the show. I've never had acting experiences but I think this would be a good opportunity. I love sining and dancing and acting. I don't take any classes, I am said to be a crazy bubble person and would love to be cat. I am mixed race, brown eyes and brown hair. The reason why I want to be on the show is because I've always wanted to be on a show which invoked signing and dancing and when I started watching the program I've dreamed of beging on it. It could also help me my future career of being a singer too. It would be amazing if I got a part thank u for reading x

  35. Hi my name is Sarah I'm British and 13 I love victorious my favourite character is tori because she is funny.
    also I can sing,dance and I'm good at acting

  36. heyy I'm Arely and I'm from Chicago, I'm 13 years old and ever since victorious came out I've been obsessed! my favorite character is cat (Ariana grande) I am a huge huge fan of Ariana!! She's inspired me to keep chasing my dreams! I sing, dance and act. I love being on stage and having fun and just doing what I love! I would really love to be on this show! It would be the greatest thing that has ever happened to me

  37. My name is Brenda, I'm a mother of two boys, and I have been watching the show ever since the beginning. I would love to audition for an older role. I sing and of course act. Thanks

  38. heyy iΒ΄m celina
    iΒ΄m 14 years old
    have brown hair and brown eyes
    and iΒ΄m can sing πŸ™‚
    i love the show and hope i have a chance !!

  39. Hi I am Lucy burgess I am from Blackpool I am 22 I love dancing and singing I love your show it was amazing my favorite charater is Avan who plays beck on your show I love to be on victorious

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