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Victorious - Nickelodeon
Would you like to land an audition for Nickelodeon’s “Victorious”? Casting Calls for this hot show should be right around the corner. We are trying gather more information about new dates for the tryouts. Leave a comment below and we will be sure to let you know when more information comes up.

A little background on Victorious: this Nickelodeon series is about an aspiring singer named Tori Vega. She is portrayed by Victoria Justice and attends a performing arts high school that is called Hollywood Arts. She is always finding herself getting into screwball situations almost everyday. Production for Season 1 started on October 5, 2009 – it ended on April 14, 2010 with 20 episodes created. The premiere was on March 27, 2010. On June 29, 2010 Victorious was brought back for a second season. And is now in the works for a new season 3!

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  1. Hi my name is kerris I'm 12 years old and my fave character out of victorious is jade i love to sing and dance while watching victorious 😀😀

  2. Hi my name is kerris and I am 12 years old and I love to dance and i have been singing since I was 5 years old everyday i watch victorious and I would really love to be on the show

  3. Hey,im Yoyo. Im a 15 year old african girl, black hair and eyes, 5feet n 4 inches tall, slim-thick and talented yet not experienced. Im really interested in any spot you may have for me so please contact me any time for anything because any role you may have for me can be a big break for the borh od u. Thanks. Yoyo Mekonnen

  4. My name is Hannah I grew up watching this, (being my favorite show) so if it’s coming around for a 3rd season let me jump right in! Is the entire cast coming back?

  5. I love Victorious!!!! I'm turning 12 in July, and I can act, dance, sing, & do various other talents as well.

  6. Sylvia Gayden owner Seeking auditions/casting calls for talented kidactors,teen & young adult actors. I would love to receive updates on castings. Thank you.

  7. Hi! I am khushi thul. I am from india and i am 15 year old girl. I want to play a character in this show means i have a talent to show other how i can do my acting skill. Acting is everything for me and i am fix my career in this field.

  8. I would love the opportunity to be part of victorious it was one of my favourite shows ever. My name is PriscillaGraca I’m 11 Years old turning 12 on 21-12-18
    I’m about 5,8 and would love to play Jade,Trina or Cat. My ethnicity is African and I live in Ireland hopefully you choose me to be in this new series thanks for your time xoxo ~PriscillaGraca

  9. Hi my name is luzeneida I am 16 years I’m from New York I’ve always wanted to be on tv I love to act and I don’t mind being an extra I know I won’t get in by just giving this but I want you to give me a chance I can show you something good you won’t regret letting me audition.

  10. Hi. my name is D'arcelle, i'm 21 and i'm a crazy mixed race daydreamer, black haired heart singer, cant dance but still try type of performer :B… I live in the UK. I am not an experienced actor, but people tell me every single day to audition, because i'm funny and crazy and need a life…yup, thanks mom. but yeah I would love a chance to actually audition for something and then when I finally get bad feedback. I can finally tell everyone "Told you so". 😀

    Thank you for reading my rubbish

    P.S…Told you so MOM!.

  11. Hello, my name is Tanner. I am 17 years old. I love acting & creating entertainment for others to enjoy. I love putting a smile on peoples faces. I would really just like a chance. I will always do my best.

  12. My name is Emma Glaviano, and I am 13 years old. I have been in local plays before, so I have experience, and I can sing very well.

  13. Hi my name is jamelia Morrison and I am 10 years old. I live in bourmourth,England. I LOVE VICTORIOUS and i have watched all of the of the epicodes. I hope you let me have a ardition. Singing and being on tv was a dream of myn since i was little. All though I live far you can send me a letter and I will come for the arditions. I would love to meet tori,robber,beck,jade,andro,cat. It will a opetunety if you give me a ardition. Please interview me and give me a ardition.

    Gender – female
    Age – 10
    Hair color – brownish blackish

  14. Hi my name is jamelia Morrison and I am 10 years old. I live in bourmouth,England. Even though I live far please send me a letter and I will come for the ardition. I LOVE VICTORIOUS it is my favour show and I have watched all of the episodes. I am working towards being a singer and a actor on tv especially on VICTORIOUS. Singing and being on tv was a dream of myn since I was little. It will be a big opetunety to be on the show. Please interview me and please give me a ardition. I would love you if you gave me a role that I have a character witch I am new and I am Tories new friend and I am part of the group. Please give me a ardition.

    Gender – female
    Hair color – brownish blackish
    Age – 10

  15. My name is Javis Jackson I am 6ft5 I do have dreads I grew up watching victorius I'm funny and very talented I've always been able to make people in a room laugh Im very outgoing

  16. Hey my name is Valoria and I really love the show and want to be in it so please reply I want not just my friends but family to be happy

    Xoxo valoria

  17. Hi my name is Ingrid, I am a teen actress from the Uk but I would still love a chance to be on this show, I would love to be a part of it 🙂

  18. My daughter Shekinah is hilarious even when she's not trying to be. She's full of life, you'll never know what will come out of her mouth minute by minute and she's beautiful! I know that she can bring what you need to the table

  19. My name is Prentice, age 17 I enjoy acting, dancing, playing football and being a model. I would love to be apart of this show, I believe I have a great look and a wide variety of experience.

  20. My name is Holly Zhang, asian, age 13, from new york. My height is about 5'3 and weigh 91 pounds. I've been wanting to act my whole life.

  21. My son is 11 very good actor plz email me so he can play you will see how funny he is he played in lot of performance as a main role

  22. My son is 11 he wants to really act he also a funny comedian he played as pumba in some local group and know he wants to show what he got plz email the audition date and place .

  23. Hi, I am Ayla and I would everything to be part of the show! I am 15 years old and act since 8 years, I have a lot of experience and passion for music and acting. I also dance and do figure ice skating. I play the harp and piano and sing. I am very good at performing, if you give me an email address I can send you my resume with all my experiences! It would be amazing if I could be in the show, and I am sure I am the best choice for you.
    I look forward to hear from you,
    Ayla Janssens

  24. Hi, My name is Merissa I am 11 years old turning 12 in April, Big fan of Nickelodeon shows basically this one because I love to sing and my family friends say I'm really good singer, and love to act, I am funny, sweet, kind gets along with a lot of people.

  25. Hi I am Mthulisi Juninho. Am a 14 year old and I too have a dream of bieng an actor. I love singing and to dance too. I come from Zimbabwe and would love to be in one of your shows.

  26. Hello, my name is Summer Spray although I go by the name of Pippa.
    I am thirteen years old and I used to watch this show all the time, it would be great if I could actually be in it:)
    I have wanted to act since I was seven but I have never had the chance to be in anything except a play at The Rose Theatre.
    I am 5,4, slim, and I have long curly hair.
    Please email me back if you want any more information.

  27. Hello, my name is Amelia Elmen and I am a fourteen year old pre professional actress who has been training since age seven. For as long as I remember I have been singing and acting. I am a singer, actress, dancer, pianist, and drummer. I am not looking to be obnoxious in this comment, I just was looking for auditions and think this would be an amazing experience. Please contact me if you feel so inclined.

    Thank you,

    Amelia Elmen

  28. Hi, My name is Sebastian, I am 15 year olds but appear to look 17 to 19. I do enjoy singing and have a thrive to be someone big. Everyone has to start somewhere as well. I do have a drama class, and a character trait of lying and going into character with something very easily. I assume that can help with acting. This does not give much information but I hope this is read and found interest in. I live in Toronto, Canada. I am 5'10. I possess brown hair that can be cut and styled to any desire. I have green eyes, but my eyes change colour somehow when I wear different outfits or when ever the sun shines. I was born in Canada but have a Venezuelan, Italian and Dutch/British background. My first language is English and second is Spanish. Being on a tv show on nick would be a milestone and a honour. I hope this is helpful, great luck with the show nick!

  29. Hello My name is Makyias Rodriguez i am 16 years-old and I have always wanted to do a nickelodeon show I believe I have what it takes to be on the show I Live in Searcy, AR and I am from St.Louis,MO

  30. Hello, my name is Chaney Frederick . I am 19 years old and very talented. I am an actress and a dancer, who ahs been practicing her craft since early 2007. I have been taking care of myself since I was 16 so I am very independent and responsible and I always make watching this show a priority because I adore it. I can be reached. I always check email , its the best way to contact me and always so privacy reasons I did not attach my phone number.

  31. my name in Tiffany Swafford im 12 years old ill be 13 next but most people think im 14-16 weird i dont like talking about how much i love acting and how it would be my dream to get this roll and although i do and would i just simply think this would be the perfect kind of thing to start my career and i grew up watching the show

  32. Hi my names Geordan (Geordie) , and I'm 18 years old 😊 I'm really interested in this role cause I can play a quirky role , a quite role … I'll even play a tree or a bin. But I'm very interested in this role 😊😊😊 These are my details..

    Height- 168cm (I think)
    Weight – 52kg
    Hair – Brown pixie cut (natural blonde)
    Eyes – blue
    Skin – super Pale but I fake tan 💁🏽
    Occupation- Apprentice Hairdresser

    I do live in Australia aswell 😊
    Thank you for your time 😊

  33. Hello my name is Alessia Amal Cucuzza and I live in Mannheim,Germany.
    I‘am 13 years old and I act in the school theater. Soon I will act in the theater of Mannheim. I‘m able to play 2 instruments and at the moment I‘m learning the guitare.I really Love to act because when I Act I feel free. I Can dance ans I sang in a Chor. I want to have a role in Victorious. Thanks dir Reading this commentair

  34. Hello, my name is Mickenzie Seeman and I grew up watching this amazing show! I am 12 years old, and abseloutly love to sing and dance! I'm very mature for my age, and can be very serious. I live in Arizona too! I would really like to be on this show! Please get back to me if you have a chance!

  35. HELLO!
    I'm 20 years old and from Ottawa, Canada. I've always loved horror movies and have a fascination for "dark" things. I also LOVE acting, I have my own Youtube channel, I've done live video broadcasting, and have been on my local radio… ( you could say I have a passion ). I am certainly a hard worker and could prove it to you if you give me the chance. As of right now, I am a University student in Economics, but I feel like it would be my calling to reach out and give this a try! I may not have as much experience as most of the other people who are auditioning, however, I believe I stand out.
    Hair color: Black (colored)
    Body type: hour glass size 4-6
    Eyes: brown
    Skin tone: tan
    Ethnicity: Swedish/Native American

  36. Hello! My name is Kiara El-Amin and I am from Chandler, Arizona. I am currently a student at the University of Arizona, age 18. I am an aspiring singer. Recently, I was rejected from the top acapella group here at the UofA, but I have been in acapella groups, show choirs, and in stage crew at my high school. I have been singing ever since I could remember and I have watched this show numerous amounts of times. I am half Filipino and half African-American, which I feel would create a great contrast and add to the diversity of the show itself. I am very outgoing, fun, athletic (played basketball and softball for 10+ years), caring, and ambitious. Being on this show would give me a platform and the experience I need to make it, just like the others currently in this show. Giving me the opportunity to be on this show is one that I can promise that you will not regret.

  37. hi im kinieshka and im from south africa cape town my favourite character is ariana grande [cat] i always dreamed of acting and i think this is my chance to show you what you want please give my a shot my family would be extreamly proud of me being in a show i am 12 years old and i would love to do this please let me know

  38. Hi, my name is kala and I am twelve years old. I have dreamed of becoming an actress for years. I loved this show when I was younger and I would really love to be on this show.

  39. My name is Skye and I am from Melbourne, Australia. I am fourteen years old and have a lot of experience in musical theatre and productions. My favorite things to do are playing guitar, singing, songwriting, and I used to do jazz and tap for 9 years.
    Skye Nagtegaal

  40. Hi my name is Emma convey I am from Northern Ireland and I love to dance sing and act the reason I want to be on this show is because I love to act. I have brown hair and brown eyes I am 12 years old and have been acting sence I was to 2 if I had to pick the one thing I like best in the world it would be acting💖

  41. Hi I'm kaila I'm turning twelve on Christmas and I am a HUGE fan of victorious. I'd love to be on it and have watched all episodes 50 times. I absolutely love it.i have many talents like playing the piano and singing. those are just a few. I'm also part daredevil😈 because I will ride down a very steep hill/road that cars drive on very often with just a scooter.so if you are interested just email me
    Thank you for your time.

  42. hi I m from NEPAL. I m 15 years old .I have a dream of acting since my childhood days .I bit look like mongolian .I hope u call me for casting.

  43. I am shara-kaye Patterson a 18 year old Jamaican female . I am a great actor and I just need someone to take a chance on me so I can prove how great I am .

  44. Hey I'm Dalaries Johnson and I'm 14 years old. I love victorious and memoried all of beck's lines for s2 ep 5. I hope I can be beck.
    Ps I have hair.

  45. My name is Adam VanHoose I'm 25 and looking to make my first step in this i was top 40 boys on the x factor Simon cowell said i was his favorite audition of the night I can play any role you want also look like a high school student still in good shape and willing to play any part

  46. Nick has always been my favorite network, I am 21 but I look way younger than 21. I have been trying to get on this network for quite sometime now. Hopefully I'll get a chance soon.

  47. My name is Kenya and I have beautiful talented daughter and all though we r new to this. We want the chance to blow ur mind

  48. Hello my name is jaleia Alston I have been a model & actor before & is willing to take this opportunity to be on Victorious- Nickelodeon I have the Ability to memories scripts & as well make it seem very professional & real I have Experiences for to take this position .

  49. Hello, my name is Isabella and I'm 13 years old. I would absolutely LOVE to be on Victorious. It was my favourite show and to be on it would be a dream come true!! I have a great passion for singing and acting and really hope to experience this opportunity.
    Thank you,

  50. Sylvia Gayden owner of SG Model & Actor Connections in McComb,Mississippi seeking casting calls for my talented kidactors.

    Thank you

  51. Your Comment Here … Hi I'm Prince I'm 12 years old ever since I was a child my dream was to become a star sing dance Act and I know that my dream would come true please put me on the show or any other movie just put me even though anyone I'm going to act

  52. I don't want to make a scene I don't wanna let you down try to do my own thing but I'm starting to figure it out causes it all right o please put me on the show I love Victorious it is always be my dream I want t kids my number please o be can sing I can do anything to bump just put me on the showing text here's my number please call me it's all my pleasure thank you for calling

  53. Hello my name is Annabelle Chambers i am 13 years old and live in san diego california. i play 6 instruments including guitar, piano, bass, drums, ukuele, and most of all vocals. Ive been acting for 5 years and and ould be honored to be apart of this amazing show.

  54. I'm 20 years old , I'm crazy fun also I love drama on screen , but I love dancing ,I actually dance for Tennessee State University but now attending University of Memphis and dancing is one of my majors ..other words pick me ..I cant sing but I can dance and give a great show ..

  55. Hello.
    My name is Ali Atkinson.
    I'm 18 years old
    black hair
    Black eyes
    African American

    Living in CHARLOTTE NYC
    Taking acting classes in college this fall but have previous expiernce going to camps.

  56. Hi i am Amber Maley i am 17 years old from Michigan. I sing and i took acting classes when i was younger. This was my favorite show when it was on tv. I would love to be apart of it!

  57. Hello my name is Tessa, I have watched this show from the time it started. I am currently 15 and I have had experience with acting, singing, and playing instruments such as; piano and the ukulele. I would be honored to be chosen for this show:)

  58. Hi! I absolutely loved the show Victorious and would be so thrilled to have an opportunity to audition for the upcoming season. I am an actress and a singer and aspire to be on Broadway one day. I am a hard worker and great at memorizing lines. This coming year I am going to be a sophomore in High School. Thank you for your time in reading this…I'd love the opportunity to audition for you!

  59. Hey guys my name is Bilal I'm a huge fan of Victoria and the Nickelodeon franchise I'm am expecting actor and can work my way with new things I would be honored to play in this project

  60. hi my name is jasmine i am 11 years old i can act very good i have blue eyes wavy curly hair and love music my best thing is dancing

  61. Hello,
    My name is Elle O'Brien i am from new york city and I used to be in love with this show. I have experience with acting and i play piano , guitar. I would love to be on this show
    thank you very much

    1. Hello my name is Carissa and I'm 11 years old, I am in 6th grade. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I can act and sing and play the guitar and recorder but I am not so good at the recorder. And if you don't like me please consider my best friend Kennedy A. Ludwig. She is an amazing singer and she's still ten, though she's turning 11 this July 6th. Heart to Victoria Justice because my middle name is Victoria.

  62. Hello! My name is Alex and I'm 23 years old. I have always wanted to be an actress and I'm finally looking to get into the business. Victorious seems like a show I could really fit into. I can carry a tune as well as act. Please let me know if there's anything available I could audition for in this show it possibly others. Thank you

  63. My name is leslie im 12 years old i love singing since i was 5 years old and im love victorious i love watching it im a big fan i would love to be in victorious

  64. hi i'm Liana and i'm 12 years of age. i love victorious and my favourite character is Cat because she is funny and a great person who likes to see the good in people. sadly i don't have any acting experience but i would love to give it ago, i do some acting in my school productions but i bet it isn't as hard as this. i have originally signed with an agency called Bettina but sadly i haven't gotten any roles yet. when i was younger i also did modelling but but i can't remember the agency it was for. i am actually not sure if this role for victorious is still up for grabs but if it us i would be amazing to attend. thanks so much for your time.
    -Liana Cavalcante

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