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HBO's True Blood
Wanna be a victim in HBO’s hot series? A vamp victim that is, on True Blood? They are currently looking for minor roles and extras.

For extras casting, Cast of Thousands is in charge of wrangling extras for True Blood. For details on how you should apply for these new casting tidbits, please let us know

About True Blood: This series follows mind reader Sookie Stackhouse.

It is based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries of novels by Charlaine Harris.

1,002 thoughts on “True Blood – HBO

  1. My names Nicky, I am 21 soon to be 22 in a few weeks. I have always wanted to take that leap into the acting business and I guess I am finally doing it, we all have to start somewhere and I am so excited and very dedicated no matter the role.
    height: 165cm
    weight: 70kg
    appearance: dark brown hair brown eyes, thick but in the right places. great smile
    mixed with Thai and Zambian.

  2. name : Amie bright
    age :14 – 25.08.03
    height – 163 cm
    location- newcastle upon tyne
    description – ombre hair , blue eyes experienced in dance, singing and acting i take part in school productions and also dance and play football outside of school. i would love to have more experience in acting its what i would love to do in the future and currently studying in performing arts at school. would love to hear back from you thanks.

  3. hi im sabrina, 15 years old. I have a passion for movies and the movie industry and I would like to take part in this opportunity. Im 5'3, Hispanic female, green/brown eyes with medium to short curly hair. Thank you

  4. Hi, my name is Holly. I am 15 years of age, nearly 16. I have been acting all my life and have always dreamt of being an actress. I have blue eyes and blonde, I am 5 foot 3, and weigh 8 stone. I would love a role in True Blood no matter how small the part is, as long as I get the experience. If any video audition is needed I can easily film and provide.
    I would love to hear back!

  5. Hello, my name is Summer Spray although I go by the name of Pippa
    I am thirteen years old and I would love to be in a film
    I have previously been in a play at The Rose Theatre but apart from that I have not had the chance to do much acting although I would like to do more.
    I am 5,2 with brown curly hair and I can run quite fast.

  6. Age: 14
    Height: 5ft,3in
    Weight: 117lbs
    Description: Blonde hair, Blue eyes. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Interested in being an extra in this TV Series.Not sure what age you're looking for. Will reply as soon as possible, Thank you!

    1. Hi im lindapearl an afro american girl who lives in sweden I can act and is intrested in acting.I might not get this role but if you ever need an actress you can contact me trough.ny e-mail.

  7. Hi I'm Phoebe ,I would love to be a victim or a extra ! I'm very Energetic I'm confident and I would do anything to take part in this show . I'm only young so I could play a helpless child .i know my things ,I'm independent and loving . I really want this job so I can become a better actress
    Love Phoebe

  8. My name is Hope Kimmakon and I would love to be a part of true blood. I'm 5'4 and weigh 60kg. I am also 15 years old and live in east london. This is my first time applying for an acting job so I would be grateful if I am given the opportunity. I promise that I will not let you down.

  9. I realy want to play in this movie!!! Please call me. i am from Ukraine, Odessa. My name is Katya Zelinskaya, i am 15 years old…I dream about this show.

  10. I have never watched the show, but I am trying to get a start in acting. I am a quick witted 44 year old male with a dry sense of humor. just let me know where to send my resume and headshots.

  11. Hello,
    My name is Holly, I'm 16 years old, I have blue eyes and medium length brown hair. I would love to have an oppertunity to be part of something like this and have genuine experience working on a TV show as it is not something I have yet to discover. Working in this field would give me a greater understanding and would build my acting skills, not to mention allow me to pursue my dream.

  12. Hi I'm Karissa, 28, im from Erick, Oklahoma, I'm 4'11". I'm Your Girl next door with a wild side I'd probably be Sookies Best Friend or Jessica's worst enemy and I have a thing for Vamps. Thank You for your time of consideration. Sincerely, Karissa Harris

  13. Hi my name is Louise I would love to be part of the show I stand 5'4 255 have a great look I can bring hi energy to your show I would make a great bad guy or good guy this is becauseI am working on doing many accents and you would love me if you would give me a chance to audition you would not be disappointed I'm from England

  14. Hello,
    My name is Rachel. I am 5’6, blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair, 21 years old, and I weigh 123 lbs. I would love to be considered.
    Thank you for your time.


  15. Hi my name is Stephen would love to be part of the show I stand 6'4 255 lbs have a great look I can bring hi energy to your show I would make a great bad guy and you would love me if you would give me a chance to audition you would not be disappointed I'm from the south in NC

  16. Looking for some 'extra' work. Also interested in possible victim role. I am 5'10" 225lb 28 year old Caucasian male. Short brown hair and blue eyes. Please contact me only if an audition is available. I am not interested in classes/acting schools. Thank you.

  17. I'm 14 5,8 and I was in willy wonka as Augustus gloop at my middle school, I was in the little mermaid as chef Louis at poteet theatre OKC, and I was in high school musical as Zeke at my middle school. I've always been interested in furthering my career and instead of just musicals I thought a tv show would let me get out there and this is how I'm going to do that so if you are interested in me please e-mail me and I will answer you as fast I can.

  18. hello!
    I am currently living in Canada but I am from Perth, Australia.
    I am 19 and my look is tanned, with long brown wavy hair, green eyes and a huge smile!
    I am extremely keen to get into the acting industry and any role no matter how small would be perfect. When I was in year 7 I was the lead in a musical and during middle school I took drama classes. Around that time I took acting classes from the same lady that taught Gemma Ward acting. I am very eager and a quick learner and I consider myself to have natural talent.
    Thank you,

  19. I'm 21 years old I weigh 183lbs. I love acting I was in the susical at my high school. If you do not what that is it's a Dr.suess musical. I played the cat in the hat. It combined all of Dr. Suess famous books. Acting in a show have always been my dream. The reason I'm applying for the extra is I'm tired of just dreaming I want it to be real. So I have to start somewhere and being an extra in your show might be exactly what I need to further my career as an actor. Now when I make it big you don't want to think if only we would have gave him a shot. Why not just do it. You won't be disappointed I can assure that I'm dedicated and hard working when it comes to my passion.

  20. I'm 35, 5'11" brown hair, blue eyes, 190lbs athletic muscular. Ex Army airborne Infantryman. Pretty damn good lookin I'd say lol just ready to get bit or get a bit role. ~Sua Sponte

  21. I'm 30 years old I know a lot about vampires they are my fave. I have always wanted to be on true blood .i am adaptable easy going and overall as eager to learn the biz as any. I can do some accents and silly voices . And some experience in theater in high school.

  22. Hi! I am 22 years old and I live in Oklahoma. I took acting classes in highschool and it has always been a dream of mine to act on tv. It would be an amazing opportunity to act on true blood, and it doesn't matter how small the role. I would love to act on this show, and would love to have that chance. Please consider me.

  23. I've watched every episode of True Blood and I've always wanted to be on the show. It is an amazing show and I believe that it gets more and more amazing with each season.
    I would love to be on the show, no matter how small the roll is.
    I am 21, 5'5", 186 lbs (but fit), and brown hair and eyes.

  24. I'm currently 12 but will be 13 in 3 months. I know that i seem a little to young for the job but trust me I'm very good at speaking in front of people.I would like to thank you for consideration sincerly, Maegan

    weight: about 120
    hair color:dirty blonde
    eye color: blue

  25. Hi there!

    My name is Cyril, I am 20 years old and a third year medical student in Amsterdam. This summer, I took my first steps into the world of acting and so far it has been an amazing experience that I would love to continue. I would love to take part in True Blood, no matter how small the part or role. I am very dedicated and motivated and would love to hear back from you!

    Cyril Landstra
    Age: 20
    Nationality: Dutch
    Height: 171 cm
    Weight: 65 kg
    Appearance: brown hair, green eyes, in shape

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