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babyGap & GapKids Contest

babyGap And GAPkids Commercial

You have been waiting all year for the new babyGap and GapKids Casting calls and auditions. They are finally right around the corner. Entry your ad worthy offspring to this year’s new online contest! One of the world’s premiere child clothing lines is ready to choose a new group of very special kids that will be the faces of their fantastic new marketing campaign.

When babyGap holds their yearly baby modeling contests, they offer great prizes to all the winning babies including 40 finalists and the final 4 grand prize winners, one from each age category. The winning babies will also appear in Gap ads and promotions inside the stores all across the country!

Last years winners from the babyGAP & GAPkids modeling contest were Dylan, Evie, Sofia and Keyghan – A boy and girl from different age groups, BabyGap and GapKids.

Submissions from bright, beautiful kids ages 0 to 12 are being accepted at the official contest site now. Parents and guardians can download photos and videos of their speacial little ones at gapcastingcall.com/us-en.  We will make sure to keep you updated throughout the contest process so stay tuned right here for more exciting details and place a comment below to let us know you are interested in getting more information about the Gap Casting Calls!

Gap is looking to find it’s newest crop of incredible kids and your could be one of them. Submit your child today for their chance at modeling stardom!

6,060 thoughts on “babyGap & GapKids Contest

  1. Hi Dear, I would love my son 7 yrs old have a opportunity to work for Gap. He love model,acting and singing, please give him a chance, Thank you.

  2. I have a 5 mos old baby girl. Pure filipina. Everywhere we go, my little girl always get compliments because of her very pretty smile. She has very chubby cheeks and chinky eyes. I hope you will give me a chance to show the world how beautiful my unica hija is.

  3. Hi,

    My daughter is 5 1/2. She is a HAM in front of the camera. She has been in 3 dance recitals. She loves having fun, taking pictures of all the things we do.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  4. Hello I’m a mommy of a handsome toddler . He has a beautiful smile with a touch of sparkle in his eye. His very photogenic,loved posing, his very bright and intelligent.

  5. My daughter is 5 months old. Blue eyes and light hair. I think she would be perfect to photograph for Gap. Look at her pictures and please let me know what you think. She is one happy little girl and always smiling
    Thank you

  6. I have a 3 yr old son that would be absolutely perfect for modeling clothes!! He wants to take pictures all the time, i have to hide my phone. I get pictures done proffessionally quit often and he loves it everytime. This would be a great start for a possible future career doing something he enjoys at such a yound age.

  7. How do I enter my blonde hair blue eyed 14 month old for modeling, she is very photogenic and I keep being told we need to get her into modeling. Would love more info!

    1. I have a 4 month old baby, half African and very cute.. every time we go somewhere my baby easily get noticed for she is so cute…

  8. My baby girl is 14 months old and very photogenic with blue eyes and blonde hair. I keep getting told she needs to be in modeling so I’m trying to look into it and think she would have the perfect personality and of course looks, for modeling!

  9. I have 8 year old boy who loves to take pictures and his not shy with the camera . If you guys reply it would make his day 😊please make his day .

  10. Hi! I am very much interested. Want more information, to join my 3month old baby going 4 this sept.10. His cute and vibrant smile makes me more fall in love and i want to share it with you.

  11. Hi….. My son is 9 months old with a gorgeous smile and cute dimples. You will not be disappointed. He is African American, Native American and Puerto Rican. Please give us a call…. He is ready. Thank you.

  12. Hi my name is Ashley Williams I have a gorgeous 9 year old daughter who is half Hispanic and white hey gorgeous 11 year old son who is also Hispanic and white I am looking to enter them into something like this they are very sweet children. Even if they were not my children I would think that they were very beautiful kids great personalities great model material we live in Plant City Florida I am really looking forward to the opportunity to be able to do something like this my kids have been through so much and really honestly deserve to have something that they would enjoy and look forward to something they could possibly make a career out of please consider me thank you

  13. Hi there, I have a 6 years old daughter at her aged she love fashion and camera. So I would like to let my daughter enter into the fashion world as hopefully one of your little Gap model.

  14. I’m very interested in entering my children for the contest. I have a 6month, 15month, 8 year, and 9 year old.

  15. My grandaughter is 2 and she is very beautiful loves to smile and pose for the camera very happy and smart for her age if u see her u be very happy

  16. I would love to join my 4 year daughter she is great with cameras , she loves pictures. Email me with more information please!

  17. Is the Baby Gap contest still avail? I have a 9 yr old with red hair and freckles, a 7yr old with strawberry blonde hair, freckles, and blue eyes, a 4yr old with big eyes and explosive personality, and a 15 month old with red hair.

  18. My baby is 1 year and 7months old. She is a girl .How to post the picture.Please give her a chance

  19. Hi my child is 1year and 7months old and she is so adorable.Please give her a chance . How to post the picture?

  20. I have two set of twins all girls and i want them to participate in the contest. Can you please contact. Thank you

  21. Hi, I'll love to know if this contest is on currently as I have a cute Prince who in ten months has gotten more attention than I have in ten years

  22. My little girl is such a cutie, I NEED the world to see her cuteness, please let me know what I need to do to get her out there! Thank you!

  23. Hello my name Roberta House, I am from Washington state, and was wondering if the modeling for Gap was still available. I have a daughter, her name is Isabella, she is 8years old, and has experience with modeling, and works with Seattle Talent.

  24. Hello my son is 1 year old is just so adorable u should give him a chance to be in Gap contest thnxxx

  25. hi, i would love to bring my 1year 7months old baby girl for auditions. please give me details on how can we join?

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