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What Not to Wear – TLC

What Not To Wear
TLC’s What Not To Wear

TLC’s is quickly becoming a major home for original and exciting reality television and now it’s mega hit makeover show “What Not To Wear” is looking for women from all walks of life to feature in it’s upcoming 11th season. This is the chance for you or someone you know to have a complete fashion transformation. If you know anyone who has a shocking wardrobe (in a bad way) the producers and casting directors of What Not To Wear want to hear from you.

What Not To Wear is hosted by the supremely talented Stacey London and Clinton Kelly. Each week the dynamic fashion duo surprise one fantastically challenged woman who is in dire need for a complete makeover. The What Not To Wear crew takes the women chosen from “eek” to “chic” with their amazing imagination and expert fashion instincts. If you or someone you know has fallen out of touch with today’s look or maybe has never possessed a fashion sense whatsoever this is the program that can change their lives.If you would like to nominate someone that needs some fashion help or if you have any questions Casting calls will be happening soon. You can send an email here wntwcasting@gmail.com and be sure to leave a comment for us and keep checking back for all of the exciting WNTW updates.

Fashion has the power to shape, inform and define each of us. If you or someone you know is the definition of disaster TLC is ready to help. Enter your submission today and never again will you need to be told What Not To Wear.

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  1. I'm here on behalf of my mom. She used to be confident, and proud to be in her own skin. Used to smile all the time and go out just to walk around and be outside whenever she got the chance. Used to have a good taste in clothes to but that all changed when I was still a little girl. What I didn't know back then was that despite how happy she seemed, she was sick, she has diabetes and was getting sicker and sicker everyday. As the years past she began to let herself go, she put more effort into taking care of me and my little sister all on her own and in doing so lost her way. She fell into a coma when I was a child, woke up completely blind in both eyes, lost both kidneys and needed a transplant desperately, she's had countless surgeries, constantly trying to play it off like everything she's been through was no big deal, but it was, and as she's told me and as I already know, if it hadn't been for me and my sister she would have given up completely. Would have already left this life, but she stayed for us and I am forever grateful to still have her by my side, I know how proud of herself she used to be, I know that now she hides away from the world because she doesn't think she is beautiful, and I know that I want to help make her feel good about herself, I want her to be proud of what she wears and know that even if she can't see herself that she looks good in what she's wearing and feels confident again. I want to nominate my mom for this, she's always managed to give me anything and everything I've ever needed. It's my turn to help her. I know you guys can work magic I've spent enough time watching you to know that much…could you please try with her?

  2. Me and my best friend of 30years are still rocking the clothes we did at 12 years. While we could both use a makeover I would love to see her have one. She's a single mother of 3 that goes with out consistently. Thank you

  3. Stacey and Clinton,

    I am the Director of an Adult Basic Education Program at Bristol Community College in Attleboro, MA. I have an Administrative Assistant, Katie, who just began teaching our adult students who are looking to obtain their high school credential and enter the workforce.

    Katie is a homesteader who lives on a farm, is quirky, a bit crazy and lots of fun. She can light up a room and, at times, the whole building. Her eclectic style is very frumpy, her hair has no style and she never wears makeup. She often LOOKS BEST IN THE HALLOWEEN OUTFITS SHE WEARS EACH YEAR AND IT IS NOT UNCOMMON TO FIND HER IN OVERSIZED BALLET FLATS WITH STRIPED SOCKS AND A FLORAL SHIRT ON ANY OTHER DAY.

    Katie has a master's degree and may be able to help folks move forward with their education but she is NOT setting any type of example for those looking for work when it comes to dressing for success. PLEASE HELP! If necessary, we can send pics! LOL You'll die!
    Dale Hayden

  4. I just watched this episode and it really hit home. I had always been thin but shapely – 5'6" 135# – even after the birth of a child, wearing size 10-12. About 10-4 yes ago, when I turned 40, I became so depressed I was hospitalized in the mood disorders unit at mayo clinic in Rochester. That event, the medication, and taking disability from a very good career – added nearly 100 lbs. over a short 6 months. My depression comes and goes, really goes if I attempt to shop. And I turn 50 in November 2018 so the depression can only get worse. Since I don't go to woŕk and don't have a social life, my wardrobe is Jean's, capris, t-shirts and sleeveless button-up tops. I hate the way I look and feel – but I feel so defeated. I used to wear slacks-jeans (that fit)-tailored blouses tucked in with a belt and boots or slip ons. I looked good and i knew it. People noticed me. Now i am a blob of ( hide my fat) and get back home fast. Sarah Jordan episode inspired me that i need to do something about my weight to look and feel better or learn to shop for clothes that flatter what i have to work with. Money is a restriction for me.

  5. Hi I am Angelin a 20 year old young women, who was a teen mom, part time and full time college studentand not sure hot to dress anymore, because I have that mom body and never really learned how to dress. I've always was on tight budget and never had money to get the right clothes or anything like that. I get clothes that fit me and will feel me for a little then they start to get uncomfortable in my clothes mainly Jean's because of the so called baby fat. It's really hard for my to feel good about myself with being such a young mom, have a muffin top, and always on a tight budget. I always feel like I'm being judge or looked at with judgemental looks when I'm out in public with my daughter and fiances. Please do help me.
    Angeline Navarro

  6. I lost all of my clothing and everything I own in a repossession. I have two outfits and only wear black because of 50 pound weight gain due to abusive relationship. I need help

  7. I wish Clinton and Stacy would start up What Not To Wear again. I watch the old shows every week and learn so much from them. It would be so amazing if they could restart the show again. It is so entertaining and teaches. Clint and Stacy are amazing together. Miss the show!

  8. I have a beautiful daughter who just turned 30 she has always had her own style and its a bit crazy but totally inappropriate for her body or her age, she really needs help

  9. I need help. I'm a 30 year old single women, who does not know how to dress. I love the way things look online but don't know how to fit my post baby mommy shape. I usually end up in some crap legging s. I am starting new job adventures to be able to provide for my family and need help.

  10. Hi. I sent an email regarding my story and wardrobe challenge. I really need help trying to find my style (any style). I have a disease called idiopathic-gastroparisis which has caused me to lose 20lbs on my already small frame of 5'2"at 48yrs old I'm now 95lbs when I was 115lbs my whole life. Please consider me for a makeover as my wardrobe is just shorts and t-shirts.

  11. My name is Kaylin, and I’m trying to reach out for fashion help for my coworker, Deidra! She’s a 38 year old mother of two young boys. She’s been a hairstylist for 15 years, and many of our clientele refer to her as “the little old lady”. She dresses very frumpy, has no sense of style, and has been known to take hand me downs from her 98 year old grandmother. She has commented before about needing a new wardrobe but doesn’t know where to begin. She is currently on the verge of losing her job due to her lack of style and care about how she looks. She has been this way for too long, and we just want her to finally feel beautiful again and see the beauty we see in her!! Please help us help her!

  12. Hi I’m here on behalf of my mom. No matter what my mom wears she puts herself down in anything she tries. After losing my dad she’s embarrassed of what she wears. I would like her to go on and hope you guys can find her something she feels good about herself in

  13. My 5 year old and I were watching your show and he tells me he wishes I could go there and get made pretty.. which makes me cry. I am 29 and over weight I have had three children in 41/2 years.. i was a size 9 before. I live in leggings and spaghetti strap shirts … I am a stay at home mom who used to do personal care but now I have a 5 year old, a 3 year old and a 1 year old.. I am busy and my hair is long and curly so it stays in a pony tail. I have up makeup a long time ago. I want to look better for my husband but I don't know how. As far as I'm concerned he's not attracted to me anymore I don't get the looks of used to and I don't allow ppl to takes photos and I always crop myself out of any I have because honestly I feel like I look discusting. My 5 year old wants to nominate me so I am doing this for him .. I've seen you work magic before but still doubt you could do very much with me.

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