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Liv And Maddie – Disney Channel

Liv And Maddie - Disney Channel
Liv And Maddie – Disney Channel

Disney has done it again! They have created yet another hit comedy series for fans of all ages and now up and coming actors could soon have a shot at being a part of it. Liv And Maddie is set to begin production on their next hilarious season and auditions for actors of all ages in roles of all sizes are being organized now. Submissions are being accepted today from performers ready to make their big career with a role in this mega-popular Disney family series.

Liv And Maddie follows a set of bright and talented twin girls, Liv, a popular television star and Maddie, a whipsmart basketball star at her high school. When Liv’s TV show ends and she decides to go back to finish school she returns to much fanfare and steals Maddie’s personal spotlight. Now the twins must learn how to live together again, how to share their glory’s and how to deal with the fact that their parents both work at their school. The acclaimed series stars the fantastically talented Dove Cameron (Bits and Pieces, Barely Lethal, Malibu Country) in the dual role of Liv and Maddie alongside a side-splitting supporting cast that includes Joey Bragg (Camp Fred, Gulliver Quinn), Tenzing Norgay Trainor (Good Luck Charlie, Super Buddies) and Jessica Marie Garcia (The Middle, Huge). 

The hilarious mix-ups and adventures that the Rooney girls and their friends get into delights millions of fans each and every week and now you could be a part of the magic. Auditions for Liv And Maddie are happening soon and actors of all ages can apply today for consideration by sending emails here backgroundservices@centralcasting.com and you can find more casting details here centralcasting.org. Moire updates will follow so stay tuned for more information and leave a comment below and tell us why you love the show and why you want to be cast in The Disney Channel comedy series Liv And Maddie.

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  1. I would love to be part of this, my dream is to be an actress, and I love Disney, I'm from South America but I can speak English, I wish to have more information, I'm trying my best to become an actress, but no one answer this or my comments and I think I could never do that, but I will not give go

  2. Hi,my name is Kiersten I love to act I have been acting sense I was 6 years old I love to sing and play piano. I would love to have a talking part in Liv and Maddie and I don't need to get paid. I would love to be on Liv and Maddie but it has been my dream sense I saw the show and who every is reading this tell love I say hi 😉

  3. Hi my name is Nor'jhe Smith and i am ready for what ever liv and Maddie shows at me.I been dreaming that this would happen and my wish came true.But another wish i have is to make this audition.I know thats all on me.But i believe if i put enough effort into this i will succeed.i not going to talk a lot im just going to show you what i got and by the way im a 10 year old little girl but got the additude of an 55 year old woman that believes in herself and is ready for the world to know my name.like i said im going to stop talking and show you what I got.my brother is an actor hr did 10 movies and i was in some to.If you that you want a great actor just call me .Thanks a lot for this.Ihave very high hope thanks bye

  4. Hi I'm AJ and I have been acting for as long as I remember I am an 11 year old boy and I would love to be on your new tv show.😃😃

  5. Hi I'm AJ and I have been acting for as long as I remember I am an 11 year old boy and I would love to be on your new tv show.😃😃

  6. I am Lila. I am 10 years old. I have been acting sense i was 2. I have been in 4 productions. Into the woods in 2018, A little princess in 2017, Alice in Wonderland in 2017, and The princess that had no name in 2017. I can dance also. I can drum too. I can sing really good. I want to be on Liv and Maddie my entire life. It would be my dream to be on it. That is all I have to say. Bye.

  7. Hi my name is Naomi I'm 10 years old I watched Liv and Maddie since I was a baby, I can sing,dance and act I would really love to be one of the casts in Liv and Maddie

  8. I live in a small trailer and I watch your show I've seen every episode and I wanted to know if I could be on your show because I have just have just had a terrible two years and I just need something to like have fun and be a part of and that's in your show is really great and I liked it so that's why I was asking if I could be on your show because I enjoy watching it and my name is Kaden Isaiah Maya and I am 11 years

  9. Hi I’m Myriam Dorcin I’m 16 ,I sing I’m in a choir at my church I go toand I can act,I love singing and acting and one of my favorite shows On Disney channel is liv and Maddie . I love how the family love works and free ship also . And every time I watch Disney Chanel I just feel I belong between those young beautiful talented kids , and I know know day I’ll get there . Plz let me audition u won’t regret thank u

  10. Hi my name is Brenda Duarte I’m 16 years old I was born in Brazil I speak Portuguese and English, brown hair, brown eyes,height 5’2.
    I have watched the show and it’s really amazing how funny and all the family drama it’s just so fun and I really would appreciate if you guys give me a chance to be a part of it.

  11. Your Comment Here …Hi im a 15 year old teen who grew uo watching liv and maddie and who actually cried when it ended on season4 episode14 and i would like to get a chance to prove my self and get a chance to act on Disney's Liv and maddie New season that was and is still My dream.I used to be touched when liv sings with holden and When The Dream performed i had this feeling that cannot be explained that every Artist/singer experience when you see someone getting a chance to do Something that you love and so passionate about..I love singing and i used to dawnload lyrics and sing-along with live..Please if only i could get a chance to act on liv and maddie or in any other musicall show i promise i would not dissapoint you and i will give it my all.

  12. Hello, my name is Elycia King, I love the show Liv and maddie I think this would be an amazing experience and adventure. I do not currently have experience in the acting field. I really think that I have the potential to be in a film.
    Thank you so much for taking your time.

  13. Hi I'm ayaana and I love liv and maddie because its so funny and so amazing I would be very happy and my dreams will come true please so pick me

  14. Hi my name is Hazel. I have hazel eyes and a pale tan. I’m 11 years old and have been watching Liv and Maddie since I was 9 and I’m still watching it to this day. I have some acting experience and I love to dance. I am also the comedian at my house and I learned from Liv and Maddie. I have been waiting for an
    opportunity for Liv and Maddie for a
    long time and I’m glad it’s here so I hope I can be a part of it.

  15. hi i'm mildred and i would love to be on liv and maddie.i am 10 . I am a big fan i watch every episodes.i would like to meet liv and maddie.ITt has been i dream of mine. i hope you can make my come true i also like how funny you people made it. i hope i will be on the shoow.

  16. Hi,my name is Casandra I love Liv and Maddie I watch it everyday I would love to start acting but I nave no experience.I would love for Liv and Maddie to be my first show of acting.

  17. Hi my name is Grayson burton and I am 13 years old and I love liv and Maddison it is my favorite show and I would love to be on it so I can make my dreams come true

  18. I am 9 years old and I would like to audition for Liv and Maddie because I've been watching them for a very long time and I love to sing I have no experience so I can't have an experience I like Liv and Maddie but when it comes to me I'm both it's like they had a sister like triplets but not in that one episode where they actually did have a twin sister I mean a triple sister I would really really really love to audition for Liv and Maddie even though I'm super young but I think I can be like a little sister someone or something like that I can't wait it would be super fun please reply very soon I've been dreaming to act on on a show information on Disney Channel that super popular and I watch all the time and everything about it everything I know they're both of the middle names including Parker's and Maddie's and and Joey's I know all of them I finished the season 5 times I've still been watching it I'm on CS three now and Parker destroyed their house the Parker Hollows they moved into their sister into Karen sister's house and there are very very very very sad that Maddie sad though that it's not they're not in Wisconsin constant because Parker destroyed their house so they're super mad at Parker and I'm not letting it go so I really want to try out for a party or something maybe a part doesn't hyperize A Triplet a little sister like other thing like that I would really like to try out for Liv and Maddie this is taking me a very long time to write and I'm not talkin I am writing which is very hard to do cuz I'm writing a long time I would love to I would love to act I've been at I've been dreaming to ask since I've been since I've been I've been dreaming to be an actor since I was four and then when I was 6th I was dreaming to be an actor on Liv and Maddie so I've been trying out over and over again I slept like a replies and this is another one that I would like to reply to please reply to me I would love the part as one this year like maybe as a cousin of theirs or I don't want to be in one episode I want to be like a main character

  19. Hi My Name Is Abigail 14 yrs old turning 15 on july 9th, I love to sing, playing guitar and drums. I love to act. I want to show my talent to all people and i want to help my family financially and homeless by entering this, I am Funny and Kind. ❤ I hope this is the beginning of my dreams. God bless

  20. I’m 15 I am a singer I sing a lot at home and I would like to be a part of liv and Maddie because that my favorite Disney show so please reach me back thanks and another thing I am very nice and fun to hang around.

  21. Hi, my name's Maeva, I was born on a small island in the Pacific ocean "Cook Island", I'm currently 15 but I turn 16 this year on September 5, I've never had any acting experience, but I'd love to act in this show, whether it be as a extra character, or a lead role 😊

  22. Hello, my name is Summer Spray.
    I'm thirteen years old and it has been my dream to be in Liv and Maddie for a whole month!
    I also think it would be a great opportunity for Liv and Maddie to meet me! :p
    I have been wanting to act since I was seven but have never had the chance, I really hope that that can change!

  23. Whats up?! Im cindy im a girl aged 12 in grade 7. Aussie kid. Liv and maddie is a dream show to play a role in along side dove cameron however i have no experience acting besides school musicals/performances in our local theartre have toured in a school performing band around sydney and brisbane that sung in the opera house. Please contact me for any more information😊

  24. Hello! My name is Katelyn Welch. I am 7 years old and I would love to act with you. I have been acting at school 2 times and I am sassy like Liv. I love to play basket ball like Maddie and I play the piano and love to sing. I was born in china, and a mix of Chinese and American, so I speak good Mandarin Chinese. I'll keep my finger are crossed! 😊

  25. hi, my name is shania i am 13 years old some of my features are i have brown curly hair, im about 4''10 in height, i am African American. people say that im really nice but im really dramatic. i have alway seen my self on tv i love acting i have acted in play. i love Disney channel and i love the shows liv and maddie and Grey's Anatomy . im really looking forward to it.

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