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Liv And Maddie – Disney Channel

Liv And Maddie - Disney Channel
Liv And Maddie – Disney Channel

Disney has done it again! They have created yet another hit comedy series for fans of all ages and now up and coming actors could soon have a shot at being a part of it. Liv And Maddie is set to begin production on their next hilarious season and auditions for actors of all ages in roles of all sizes are being organized now. Submissions are being accepted today from performers ready to make their big career with a role in this mega-popular Disney family series.

Liv And Maddie follows a set of bright and talented twin girls, Liv, a popular television star and Maddie, a whipsmart basketball star at her high school. When Liv’s TV show ends and she decides to go back to finish school she returns to much fanfare and steals Maddie’s personal spotlight. Now the twins must learn how to live together again, how to share their glory’s and how to deal with the fact that their parents both work at their school. The acclaimed series stars the fantastically talented Dove Cameron (Bits and Pieces, Barely Lethal, Malibu Country) in the dual role of Liv and Maddie alongside a side-splitting supporting cast that includes Joey Bragg (Camp Fred, Gulliver Quinn), Tenzing Norgay Trainor (Good Luck Charlie, Super Buddies) and Jessica Marie Garcia (The Middle, Huge). 

The hilarious mix-ups and adventures that the Rooney girls and their friends get into delights millions of fans each and every week and now you could be a part of the magic. Auditions for Liv And Maddie are happening soon and actors of all ages can apply today for consideration by sending emails here backgroundservices@centralcasting.com and you can find more casting details here centralcasting.org. Moire updates will follow so stay tuned for more information and leave a comment below and tell us why you love the show and why you want to be cast in The Disney Channel comedy series Liv And Maddie.

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  1. Hi im Ella Brenenstuhl. I am 12 years old I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I like in Waterford Ny near the albany area. I have watched liv and maddie before but im not obsessed with it. i have been a lead role in 2 musicals and had been in 7 plays in total I love singing and danceing

  2. Hey my name is Phomolo and I'm 14 year old from South Africa and it would be an honor for me to come and join liv and maddie so that I can also " sing it loud " .

  3. Hi my name is Zinhle and Liv and Maddie is my Favourite show.I'm 11 years old and I love acting.I would be so happy if you'd pick me for Maddie

  4. Hi, my name is Kei'Shaila. I really love Liv and Maddie. I'm 10 years old and 5'0. I have a little bit of experience on camera. I am going to write a piece to act out and post if on Youtube. I would be very honored to be working alongside Dove Cameron, Joey Bragg, and Jordan Fisher. So, if I get the part I would be happy. Also, to any one else who does early on I want to say congratulations.

  5. Hi, my name is kala and I really like the show liv and Maddie. I am 12 and I love basketball, cheerleading, volleyball and singing and acting. It would be so awesome if I was on the show

  6. Hello my name is Massiah and I'm an 11 year old boy. Ive never acted before but I love the show so I think it will be a fun experience. Also thank u for making such a great show.😁

  7. Hey my name is Massiah and I'm an 11 year old boy and I love your show so I think it would be a fun and great experience for me to work on the show. Also thank u for making such a fun to watch show.😛

  8. Hey my name is Massiah and I'm an 11 year old boy and I love your show so I think it would be a fun and great experience for me to work on the show. Also thank u for making such a fun to watch show.

  9. Hey, my name is Itati Plascencia.
    I am 5'2 1/2 and 14 years old.
    No joke, currently watching Liv and Maddie, Season 3 ep.17
    I think Parker and I look very similar, like siblings. So I got an idea:
    As it seems that their life has been all caught up, something comes up. The kids find out they had a sister(me.) This girl(haven't came up with a name) is very different. She is into sports, fashion, science, and inventions… I really hope you can take me into consideration because everyone always come to me for fashion help, I played a lot of sports, and I have 5 brothers so I know how to do a lot of things. I also bake. Plus, have a youtube channel. Physically wise, I have pretty clear skin, wear no makeup, and never put heat on my hair. I have curly hair. I also model. If you want more information about me for something else please email me and I can send you some pictures.

  10. Hi I'm kaila I'm 11 years old and have tons of experience acting, singing,dancing,sports,and art.I'm in sixth grade and am a HUGE fan of liv and Maddie I've seen every episode 20 times and I am like really into live I'm just like her in every way and of course and am most likely Maddie because I'm daring,brave,and awesome at sports.I even play the piano,I'd love a chance to get to be in liv and Maddie so please contact me if you are willing to give me a chance 😆😆😉😚

  11. hey its my dream to be on liv and maddie or any disney show or movie so i would love if i at least got a chance to be a part of a disney show or movie so like i said i would love it if i at least got a chance

  12. Hi, my name is Nataly. I am good at acting. I want you to give me a chance to be in the TV show Liv and Maddie. Im 11 years old and i really want to make part of Disney. That is my wish. if you want me to be in Liv and Maddie show just let me know please, thank you.

  13. My name is shara-kaye Patterson . I am from Jamaica and I am 28 years old . I love acting and I'd just like the opportunity to prove how great I am at it.

  14. Hey I'm Lauren I really want to acted because its been my life long dream for as long as I can remember by the way i am thirteen

  15. Hi my name is Niki. I'm 6 and my favorite show is Liv and Maddie. Even though I'm small I LOVE THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love to act and I would love to be on this show.

    1. hi i am Johnnie and i am 11 and Liv and Maddie is my favorite show i would love to be on liv and maddie it would be a good Chang from all the worries i have here at home and i would love id you would pick me

  16. Hi my name is Mishelle. I am 10 years old and I love to sing and act. I always dreamed of being on TV. I am not camera shy and this would be a great opportunity for me. Liv and Maddie is one of my favorite shows and I would love to be a part of it!

  17. And I also can sing and i'm black so please please think of giving me a chance of having only the best career ever where u can actually have to dreams in the same career, acting💃 and singing🎤

  18. Hi my name is Tranea I'm 13 years old and I'm in love with the show Liv and Maddie. I have no acting experience, but if you count acting along side Liv and Maddie next to the tv then yea I have tones of experience, but I always love acting as if I'm Liv or Maddie. I would love nothing more than to be living a dream I know lots of people have, and I want to expire kids who can make it big with no acting experience, but that's never stopped anyone who has an acting dream.

  19. Hey, My name is Reagan, and I would like to be in Liv & Maddie.I would like to find a small part to be in. I would like to start my acting career. I have straight brown hair and have brown-hazel eyes and pale skin that tans in the sun. I am a good soprano and alto. I can figure skate and tap dance. I have been in 4 plays, for 4 years.

  20. Hello My name is alis I am 13 years old and I am Spanish and I do not speak English very well but I am learning and I would like to know this language to be able to participate in this cast of Liv and Maddie, I like this series a lot because it is very funny and I would like to be part her. Since I was little I loved to dance, sing and act, but I never had the opportunity to teach all my talent so I wanted to be part of this series and that you fulfill my dreams. Thank you

  21. Hi my name is Donnethia Rountree and it has always been a dream of mine to be on liv and Maddie. I am 13 yrs old and live in Norfolk Virginia. Can't wait to be on the show

  22. hello I'm Aanya and I am 8 years old and I would love to audition it has been my dream since I was little and. I didn't see any other opportunities like this and I would really like to be on Liv and Maddie.

  23. I love Liv and Maddie! It has made me into the person I am today. I have seen all of the episodes about Four times each! I now even sing along to some of the songs! I can sing the Whole song of better in stereo, even the second half! My brothers love Parker and Joey, especially when Joey says "I want to be Dwayne-the rock-Johnson", they love wrestling a lot so… I have loved acting my whole entire life, and when I first saw this movie (A few years ago) I wanted to be in it! I really want to be Liv or Ruby. I can sing really well, and I am nine. I love disney movies. I also love the songs, One second chance, power of two, better in stereo, my destiny, and basically all of them! those are my top four! Better in stereo at the top.l It would be an opportunity of a life time to cast in Liv and maddie!
    Name: Elizabeth Adkins
    Date of birth: January 16th, 2008
    Age: 9
    I hope I can cast! (I live in Pinedale, Wyoming)

  24. Hi my name is Kara I would love to be on the show because I've been watching it since I was a baby my mom is in the hospital her dream was to be on live in Maddie so I want that dream to come true so I want to take her place and be on live in Maddie so I hope I can thank you and have a wonderful day❤️🙂

  25. Hi my name is Avey Anderson. I love the t.v. show liv and maddie! I have always wanted to be on the show and think that it would be an amazing opportunity. I really hope that you choose me to be on the next season!

  26. Hi my name is Katherine Tovrea and i am 9 years old I now Greek so I sing songs in front of my Greek friends and do Greek dancing I love live and maddie I always wanted to be on it since I saw it at first I thought liv was maddie and maddie was liv and it helped me be the person I am today and I want to make that dream happened to another little girl and I really want to be on liv and maddie more then any thing so hopefully you will accept thank you and by!

  27. Hey I've been wanting to be apart of Liv and Maddie for a while and would be a dream if I get a part in the show and it would also be the greatest opportunity of my whole life.

    1. Hi I am 12 years old I only have four seasons available to watch of Liv and Maddie though I love how the how each actor and actress is devoted to their lines . since the start of the watching this show it has been a dream of mine to become a actor on this show but I don't have any experience with being and actor.Does it require a resume? Please call me and let me know . I'd love to know and make my dream come true.

  28. I love the story ! I love the comedy ! Im Bella and Im 12 years old. I would want to be cast in The Disney Channel comedy series Liv And Maddie because I believe that I can deliver the humor that is delivered in this character.

  29. hi I am Allison heskiel
    im 11 years old
    I would love to be on live and maddie
    I have experience doing plays but not tv shows this would be a big opportunity to ch ange the scenery

  30. Hi my name is Skyla I have acting experience I've sang for as long as I could talk and my dream is to become an actress and singer PLEASE MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE

  31. Hey am ernest&am16yrs old can i get a chance in your audition
    I have been a great fun of you this would be a dream cometrue because i admire so much henry hart(Jace norman)

  32. Hey I'm Aaron I would LOVE to be on the show for *Liv and Maddie* I've always dreamed of being on the show. I've acted for lots of shows, and also a dancer. Plus I am deaf. So I think it would be awesome if I could do the show!!! and meet Parker and Joey.

  33. Hi, my name is Amanda. I may not have any experience acting, but I do have a YouTube channel where I do vlogs, and I also sing sometimes. I have been inspired by this show to do many things and I could never imagine to ever be on this show, but it would be nice if you at least considered.

  34. Hi my name is Xitllali but it's easier to call me Lali. I would love to audition for Liv and Maddie. I'm 14 and I have acted in school plays and can dance. My biggest dream is to become an actor one day. I've been really into the show an admire Dove Cameron. She is my inspiration and to possibly act along with her would be a dream come true.

  35. I love to be on the liv and maddie I'm 19 years old and I wanna hang out with Dove Cameron who plays both liv and maddie

  36. hi im a girl, But i would love to meet Parker and Joey too.I would actually like to meet all the fam(Especially all the siballings)i think im half Maddie because i love sports,who doesn't? I also think im half Liv because im al about the fashion. If fashion ever got exstinked my life will be OVER!!!!!!!!!!! and i watch Liv and Maddie everyday on Netflix. I would LOVE to be on Live And Maddie. being an actor is my dream and i always beg my parents if they could look up acting jobs and they never do so i took things in my own hands. 🙂

  37. Hi my name is Georgina Bolaños and I'm 10 years old I always wanted to be an actor in liv and maddie it's been my dream since for ever I have been trying to act and I think I'm ready to do this I hope my dream will come true I have been dreaming about it day and night all the time and I'm a huge fan of it.I hope you guys can make my dream come true, I'm looking forward to it.👧❤❤❤❤❤❤

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