Bake Amends Reality TV Show

“Bake Amends” Reality TV Show

Are you interested in being on a reality series?  TV casting directors at a major cable network are looking for your funniest stories of a time when you really embarrassed a friend. The producers of […]

Pizza Commercial Kids, Teens and Adults

Pizza Commercial Kids, Teens and Adults

Auditions are now being held for a new pizza commercial! Screamin’ Sicilian Pizza Co. has a new kids and adult casting call for their new spot. Auditions will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Adult, teen […]

TV Commercial - Disney Auditions

TV Commercial – Disney

Disney auditions are held throughout the country. If you have been searching for the opportunity to be a part of a shoot for Disney, there is a new casting call for you! Models, actors and […]

Samsung Galaxy Commercial Longboarders

Longboards for Samsung Galaxy Commercial

There is a new casting call for longboarders for an upcoming Samsung Galaxy commercial. As you probably know, Samsung Electronics leads the global market in high-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media.  Now you have the […]

Chiraq Starring Samuel L. Jackson – Movie

Master film craftsman Spike Lee (Malcolm X) has only just completed his latest feature script and already he has everyone talking before a single frame of film has been shot. The controversial musical comedy Chiraq will […]