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Tech Company Commercial Parents & Adult Kids

Tech Company Commercial Parents & Adult KidsA tech company is on a nationwide search for real families to appear in commercial. The 2018 family casting call is searching for parents who are inspired by their adult children. They are also searching for adult children who were inspired by a parent. This is for a docu-style passage of time. This is a fun and heartwarming project. Adult children and parents will get to work together to share their story with the world. Casting directors are open to family members where one lives in California while the other member can live anywhere. The team will be choosing people by self-taped auditions. It will be begin filming sometime during the week of October 15th. Shooting will be in both hometowns of the selected duo. Each family will be paid $6,000.00. View the commercial casting call information below.

2018 Commercial Casting Call for Parents & Adult Kids

Audition Date(s): Self-tape Interviews Upon Request
Start Date: Week of October 15th, two days in each location. They will shoot in hometowns of both people.
Rate of Pay: 6K for Family (2 people)
Location: Current hometowns of each person

EITHER the adult child or the parent can live somewhere in California. The other person can be in anywhere USA.

Shooting a passage of time (Docu-style) involving adult child and their parent. the candidates were inspired to pursue their work based on the parent/child. example:

Pastry Chef because mom baked all the time growing up, Seafood blogger because dad is a fisherman in Maine or Washington State, Organic food truck because mom
owns an organic farm in Oregon etc.

Parent Who Inspired Their Adult Child 18+
Adult Child, 18+ Inspired By A Parent
People Passionate About Cooking (& Parent)

Looking for food based stories, but if you have a great story to follow in another area,
please let us know.

End all info required below ASAP to talentpowerhouse@gmail.com
1. Full names of both candidates
2. Photos of both candidates
3. Residing city of both candidates
4. Professions of both candidates
5. Other passions/interests of both candidates
6. Any additional links or info that may help us know your story a little better
7. Contact Information for both candidates
8. Both Phones

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