Scream - MTV

Scream – MTV

In 1996 horror master Wes Craven’s masterpiece Scream starring Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette debuted to shining reviews and huge box office receipts and changed how scary storytelling […]

Faking it - MTV

Faking it – MTV

There is no Faking It when it comes to this MTV comedy series. The millions of viewers, countless laughs and heaps of critical praise have all been earned and as […]

Finding Carter - MTV

Finding Carter – MTV

It looks like MTV has yet another hit on it’s hands and this one may just be the most fascinating and emotionally complex yet. Finding Carter features a cracking story, […]

Food School - MTV

Food School – MTV

With such monster hit culinary programs as Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen and Chopped dominating the network and cable TV airwaves MTV has decided to get in on the action with […]

The Most Entertaining High School Teams - MTV

The Most Entertaining High School Teams – MTV

MTV, television’s home for the most entertaining, thought-provoking and groundbreaking reality programming is set to premiere it’s latest production and you and your teammates, club members and friends could be the featured subjects! MTV’s top producers […]

My Bro Dad - MTV

My Bro Dad – MTV

For over 20 years MTV has created and then broken the molds of reality television. From the ground breaking The Real World, the thought provoking True Life series, the pop culture sensation […]

Wild 'N Out - MTV2

Wild ‘N Out – MTV2

It’s been 5 years since it’s highly successful run on MTV but now comedy fans have to wait no more. The hilarious improv show with attitude Wild ‘N Out is back and […]