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New Rob Dyrdek & MTV TV Show

New Rob Dyrdek & MTV TV Show Skateboard and reality TV star Rob Dyrdek is teaming up with MTV for a new series and they want to help you! The new MTV TV show is looking for people who have big dreams but not enough money to make them come true. Dyrdek and the network want to know how $50,000.00 could change your life! Casting directors are looking for men and women who have big personalities who can use 50,000 to make their dreams a reality! They are looking for people who live in Arizona, California, Utah, Nevada and Colorado. In order to be considered you must be at least 18 years old and legally able to work in the United States. Some other terms, conditions and eligibility requirements apply. This is an exciting opportunity to work with Rob Dyrdek and appear on MTV! Sign up for the TV show casting call right away and sign up.

MTV Casting Call

MTV and Rob Dyrdek want to know how $50,000 could change your life!

Do you have a big dream but not enough cash to make it a reality?

MTV and Rob Dyrdek want to know how $50,000 could change your life! If you have big dreams and an even bigger personality, let us know!

We are looking for contestants in: AZ, CA, UT, NV, CO

Must be at least 18 and legally able to work in US. Other terms and conditions and eligibility requirements will apply.

To apply for this casting call email us at gameshow@tikicasting.com ATTN: PD and you could be on Rob’s new game show where he’s giving away $100K in cash and prizes every episode! Be sure to include your full name, phone number, email address and include what dreams you are trying to pursue that you could use the cash for!

6 thoughts on “New Rob Dyrdek & MTV TV Show

  1. I sent you an email with my personality as a PDF attachment.
    Just kidding, but you should check it out! I want to achieve my dreams and goals of acting and helping my family!
    All information is on my email, and I’d love to hear back!
    If this isn’t expired, keep an eye out for

    1. I'm Cassandra, I have a very big personality and im ready for anything thrown at me. I have been through a lot in my 19 years but theres nothing and I mean nothing that can stop me. I am very determined and I usually get what I want. I love animals and my family more then anything. I am very outgoing and have a personality that can fill up a room. I want to make a life for my family and I have many life goals and id love to share them with you. I would be honored to work with you.

  2. Hey my name is Destine and I absolutely would love to get the opportunity to be on the show I'm a upcoming actor and model and I would really like to get a change to be on the show you can contact me at this number

  3. YOU WON'T FIND A BIGGER PERSONALITY THAN ME WITH A BIGGER DREAM Baybee!! See the email I sent for the casting call….
    That's why I have a viral Daddy Daughter Dance video with 60 million views on FaceBook and 12M on YouTube. My dream ties into music and touching the hearts of the world like our video!! Let's make some people smile and cry Rob Dyrdek and MTV!! Love your shows!! Love you! Nate Dawg

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