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Tyler Perry New Movie

Tyler Perry Movie
Would you like to audition for the new Tyler Perry Movie? Well you came to the right place to find all the new Casting Calls for Tyler Perry Movies.

You new acting career will begin with landing acting auditions and casing calls. This is where directors will seek actors that they hope can play a part in the new movie.

Most of Tyler Perry’s Movie auditions and casting calls will need you as the actor to prepare a 60 second to 2 minute monologue and read from a part of the new script.

Some agencies will hand you a Tyler Perry audition manuscript a few days to a week so you can prepare.

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  1. Hi Mr.Perry my name is Minster Beazley McMillan,I'm from Bamberg S.C. I have been singing and acting on the church scene since I was 6. I have been a huge fan of your minstry since I can remember. I believe that the seeds planted by you and the great people who work with and for you have been the catalyst that has mended many broken homes and brought people to experience Christ's love. I would love to be a part of this endeavor! I am 26 years old and I am ambitious about executing the works of the Lord. I look forward to hearing back from you.

  2. Hey Tyler perry i love all you movies from comesy to romance and i am one of your biggest fan .I love trying new thing and I think this is one of the things I would love to do(acting) …I am 19 turning 20,studying business management and I love to travel,experience new things

  3. Hello tyler perry hope this finds you well am a kenyan citizen who has always been your biggest fun .i have always loved acting and intrested in it ,by selecting me to be part of your cast you will introduce east africa and also raise hopes and dreams for our kenyan child to the screens and this would be beneficial to you for publicity and also having change and getting the real african taste which would appeal to both our local and international market i await to hear from you.

  4. Hi
    My name is maya I am 13 but people keep asking if I'm 14/15. I love to dance act and sing I go to Italia Conti and when I'm on stage I can leave everything behind me and just focus on the emotions and the feeling and the depth of how far down every word, every action every single movement of one thing to another.
    I'm good at learning quickly and very straightforward.
    Please can I be on this movie

  5. Good day Mr. Tyler Perry am by name Hope Okafor from Nigeria am currently 23 Years old and just graduated from the University, i would say am privileged to have a gem like you in my generation with your good works when it comes to entertainment, anyways i have always dreamed to act in your kind of movies to develope my self. Am looking forward to that day. God bless you Amen.

  6. Good day Mr. Tyler Perry i would say am privileged to have a gem like you in my generation with your good works when it comes to entertainment, anyways i have always dreamed to act in your kind of movies to develope my self. Am looking forward to that day. God bless you Amen.

  7. Hello Mr. Perry,
    I would like to audition for a story line in movie on your agenda.. I am a loving 2 grown children and 4 grandchildren.. Acting has always been something I wanted to venture out and do.. I love acting and singing and hopefully I can share some of my talents with you and your company.

  8. I'm shara-kaye Patterson . I'm from Jamaica . I love acting and everything you ' Tyler Perry' touches turn to gold . I just want a chance, an opportunity to be great.

  9. Hi, My Name is Regina Pichon I am a Strong Black and Beautiful 20 year old FEMALE ! I am a 25/8 living and breathing unpaid actress…I love music as well singing is something I love I have potential but I need more help reaching my highest peak with singing ! As far as Acting goes i feel like I won't need as much help but there always room for improvement.. thank you kindly for your time.

  10. This sounds Amazing! I love Tyler perry movies why not be in one! Please update me when casting details are available 🙂

  11. Hello ! My name is Erin Ross I'm a small town girl with big dreams! I have such a vibrant personality and I am always eager to learn new things ! I also have a huge following on YT who enjoy my huge personality. Having a chance to appear in your movie would be awesome.

  12. Hello ! My name is Erin Ross I'm a small town girl with big dreams! I have such a vibrant personality and I am always eager to learn new things ! I also have a huge following on YT who enjoy my huge personality. Having a chance to appear in your movie would be awesome it's always great to see a new face !!!!!

  13. Hello Tyler Perry and Affiliates. I believe that I would be a great actor in one of Tyler Perry Movies. I am very education and a mother of 3 beautiful girls. It has been my dream to be an actor and a model in this industry and if I am given the opportunity I will make sure that I represent myself as well as Tyler Perry and associates in a dignified manner. If interested please contact me.

  14. Hello my name is Jaleia Alston I have been a model before & as well Actress I am willing to take this opportunity I as well know how to memorize strips very easily I have experience & is really good at acting in front of others I did it when I was a model & actor before but now auditioning for a movie or show& willing to go far places to take this position please contact me my Email is below .

  15. Hello, I am interested in doing an audition for Tyler Perry😊 I don't want to share any personal info in the comments, but feel free to email mearlier for questions😆

  16. Hello. I would love to try my hand at acting or singing on stage or t.v. Doubt this is a site that people get contacted from but what heck worth a try! If this happens to be for real I really have the perfect,PERFECT,P~E~R ~F~E~C~T guy in my church that would be the next Gorgeous man in your film! I bet My money on that😀

  17. I'm 20 years old ….I'm young and in college and always wanted to act, Pick me …im down with teaching and experiencing new things

  18. Dear:Sir

    My name is SHARLOM i am 22 years old.I would like to join the team and make this movie a hit

    Yours sincerely

  19. Dear Mam/Sir

    My name is SHARLOM & I would like to join the team in making this new movie a hit please contact me thank you in advance

  20. Hello to the Tyler Perry crew, my name is Quantez Harris I’m 20 years young I have always wanted to be actor. I started off young being bad bouncing off the walls, playing in the house trying to Reenact scenes I seen in the you got served. I swore I never every word of the movie. But I really want to start my acting career young & I was doing a little research & ran across this page so maybe just maybe I could get a shot at doing something I always dreamed of.

  21. i go by the name of Nqobile Mavuso from South Africa..I'd love to be part of the TYLER PERRY FAM…i know and believe i got what it takes to be a part of the team…and as i know i am an artist im willing to learn and grow .

  22. Hello you all,
    Im going to be straightforward, we would love to audition for you all. We have never done any type of acting but we're willing to do our best. We do sing, but i(Ashley) have a fear of singing in front of a big crowd unless my twin sister is with me. Our ultimate goal is to become part of tyler perry filming family even if we have to start from the bottom.

  23. I would love to transform and become another person, I call it a vacation from my life, not just wanting to act but just for the rush, the ability to, and taking others on that ride with me, that's something amazing, a good feeling and I would love to take vacations and bring along others.

  24. Hello Tyler perry I am a young girl looking to be in your new movie i have watched every madea movie u made i just want a chance to shine in 2015 i was homeless i was cold everyday couldnt take showers and most of the time didnt have nothing to eat i live in a house now and is getting by but it would be a dream to get so high when u were so low I'm inspired by you I hope you can give me a chance my name is earllaya I'm 12years old looking to be inspired

  25. Hello Mr. Tyler Perry. My name is Eldricka and first off I would love to say that I absolutely love your work and that I'm a huge fan. Your work and different scriptures of your work motivates me to know that I can accomplish anything that I put my mind too knowing that the sky is the limit and that with God on my side anything and everything is possible. I've always been the type of person to cheer others on as well as to motivate them to where they should never settle for less and to go out to do what makes them happy no matter what others has to say. By me taking this huge step into even writing you could be life changing to me for the best. By me having this opportunity to work with you, I know that I will motivate people the same way that you motivate​ me and that's to believe in myself and to take a chance Because life is all about taking chances anyway. I know that one day I'll be able to look at my children and tell them that mommy did it and so can you just keep God first and have faith in yourself no matter what comes your way because with God and believing in yourself nothing is impossible. Thank you Mr. Tyler Perry and Be Blessed.

  26. I just want someone to throw me a bone and give me a chance. No need to explain any further than that, if anyone reads this at all.

  27. Hello tyler perry or to whom this letter may reach i hope it goes far, my name is cherelle i am a 29 year young inspiring actress i have what it takes behind and in front of the camera, I've watch all of the shows and plays that you've put out . i learned alot over the past years and i have a story to tell i can sing and act for me its natural but i sacrificed so much and have the world on my back i just wish that i can make it and show the world the person that i am. I would love to star in one of your plays i will start from the bottom if i have to and work my way up. Please give me a chance thankyou,

  28. I should be able to be in Tyler Perry new movie because it is a dream to meet my hero I love Tyler Perry I watched all of his movies and plays. I have acting experience. I am a hard worker who loves to help myself and others. I am a fun and funny person who is not shy. I'm a loud speaker when I need to be and quiet when I don't. I just want to be apart of the Tyler Perry family and have fun and make memories with the cast. I am only 12 turning 13 in 3 months. Thank you for reading this hopefully I get chose for the next play.

  29. My son would really be an asset to any Tyler Perry play or movie. DeAndre Jones is very talented, he sings R&B, Gospel, and opra. He is in Germany now as he was asked to sing and play the piano/keyboard/organ in a gospel tour. If you are interested contact me at; 405-514-6146.

  30. Mr perry. Am a zambian aged 14 and would lyk to audinate in any of your up coming movie.plz try me out and take me in.

  31. My name is Prudence Adjou.
    I should be picked for this role because I'm a very persistent and hard working person that works hard no matter what the obstacles are. I also empathized with my roles in plays very well.

  32. I have always admired Tyler Perry's work. His movies are always a must see for me. -They have me crying like a child one minute then picking myself off the ground from laughing so hard the next. It would be an absolute honor to be apart of his next film!

  33. Hello, my name is Courtney Davis. I am a 25 yr old Caucasian female with red hair and blue eyes. I have acted in plays since I was 7 years old in church, school, and our local performance theater called the Colonade. I'm from Chattanooga Tennessee, not far from you at all, and I'm very interested in an opportunity to audition for an upcoming movie, or even a show. I would love the opportunity to speak with someone about a part, big or small. Thank you for your time!

  34. Im looking for an acting breakthrough. Im a 15 year old male. Will play any part you need me to including extras, i dont just need a main character part.

  35. I would love to have the opportunity to audition for a Tyler Perry movie or play. I am from Louisiana and believe that I am a natural talent. I'm just looking for an opportunity to share my talent with the world.

  36. I would love to work with Tyler Perry, because his the best in the industry, his work has an strong message that is captured by many in so many different ways…His the Best!!

  37. Oh my God I would love to be one one of your movies I'm like ur biggest fan I love meada and u as well it been a dream to work with u

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