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Property Virgins - HGTV
HGTV is having a Casting call and audition for their home TV series Property Virgins. It will be filmed this summer and will air between May and August.

Property virgins is looking for first time buyers who are house hunting in those areas and would like to share their experience on HGTV.

Property Virgins takes viewers inside the intense world of house hunting through the eyes of first-time buyers. The series focuses on the roller-coaster journey of property virgins’ first foray into real estate, offering tell-it-like-it-is entertainment and practical take-home advice. Part Realtor, part therapist, friend and financial advisor, host Sandra Rinomato helps new buyers see the difference between their hopes of acquiring the out-of-reach dream home and the hard reality of what it takes to find the right property.

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  1. Andrea is a first time home buyer looking for a condo in "The Second City"… Chicago! Looking in the trendy areas of Lincoln Park and Lakeview, Andrea is deciding between living in a high-rise building with lots of amenities or a smaller building with lower HOA's which would allow her to buy "more house".

  2. Hello!
    My boyfriend and I are a young couple looking to buy our first home together in Framingham, MA (30 mins outside of Boston). We recently relocated from NC to MA and are currently renting an apartment a small, one bedroom apartment. We are looking to move into a new home in May 2018 where we w8ill start our family. We would love to be on your show if you gave us the chance. Though we haven't applied for a loan yet, we should be able to get one pretty easily. We are a carefree, happy and easy going family and I think we would be a great for this show. Please contact me if you are interested in us! We would love to participate!

    1. My name is Christina. I'm from St. Croix U.S, Virgin Islands, but will be relocating to Chesapeake, Virginia in January 2019. Now, my husband, Patrick, whom is retiring from his job of 38 years have decided that we are ready to make the move to the US. We are looking at Chesapeake, Virginia, close to family and Chesapeake General Hospital, where I will be looking for work . We are considering buying but we want to rent first and feel out the area for a year. Some help with taking this next giant step would be much appreciated.
      Thank you and looking forward to it 🙂

  3. Hi There,

    My name is Sabrina. I'm a native New Yorker, but lived in Toronto for quite a while. Now, my husband and I are ready to make the move to the US. We are looking at New Jersey or possibly Florida. After living with my mom forever (yes, even after marriage), we are looking forward to getting a place of our own. Some help with taking this next giant step would be much appreciated.

    Thank you and looking forward to it 🙂



  4. This sounds fantastic, have you picked the hosts for this show, being in construction over 20 years I can definitely see a fantastic opportunity to share some valuable insite in what to look out for.

  5. Forgot to mention….although young and good looking, my husband and I smoke, curse, and fart….a lot, not sure if that qualifies is as "difficult to work with" lol

  6. My name is Crystal and I'm from the suburbs of Toronto. My husband and I are both 29, he's in construction and I'm the last housewife on earth. We'll be buying our first house in 2017, and we need to be on the show because I'm entertaining, and the dynamic of our relationship is entertaining. Don't miss out!

  7. I am an independent 23 year old woman looking for my first house in the London, Ontario area! I graduated school with a full time job in my field, and have been waiting for this opportunity to come around! I work in the construction industry, and owning a house would be a dream come true! My current living dituation is not ideal…with my family! I love them to bits but it's time for me to go! Please help me find my first home! I love this show!
    Thank you!

  8. Family of four, trying to move out of the crime stricken area in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A child just got kidnap right out side his home couple of doors down from where I rent. I am sick and tired of dealing with landlord who does not fix the property when needed. My family and I spent the majority of winters without heat due to broken appliance. Mind you I have two small children. A 7 year old & a 12 months old. I had to buy a space heater to keep the baby warm last winter. My family and I are really asking for a blessing. Property virgins looking for a decent home in a decent neighborhood in Pennsylvania. Thank you

  9. My husband and I have just retired serving 27 years in the US Army! We have moved 14 times finally buying a home in Abilene Kansas.
    We are proud of our home but we need help bringing this 1979 ranch style home into a roomy home. We have 2,520 square feet in our home. 3 bathrooms. (so outdated)! A full basement but the stairs are in the kitchen.
    I love a country feel, entertain a lot, but with an out dated home, we need help.
    Please help us
    Mike & Faith Ballard

  10. Hi my name is Max, my wife name is Gloria, we've been looking for a home at for 8 months. The real state agents we had working for us were and are horrible. We are having bad luck. This is both of our first time ever buying a house. We need your help in this. Thanks sincerely, Max.

  11. If you guys are going to be in Katy, Texas please, please help my nephew find a house! He and his wife and son moved here from Florida a year ago. They moved in with me to save a bit more money for a down payment. They were approved for a loan of $150,000.00 but wanted more and now that his wife is working I think this can happen.

    There is just one problem that I know your team will be able to fix, my nephew is a procrastinator ?. Instead of going for a nice starter home he decided to wait. Now they have moved out and are renting, throwing house money away.

    They will be first time homeowners, they are now both working and have no debt. I so want them to get in a home where they can raise there 5 year old.

    I know how proud my sister would be if he made this happen. We lost her to breast cancer just 2 years ago.

    He is the only family I have here in Texas and I'm so happy they are here!

    Thank you for your consideration.

  12. Hey HGTV! My boyfriend and I have been together 3 years and are on the house hunt! We are from Pittsburgh, PA and have had a rough start looking in the suburbs around Pittsburgh. I am open to looking in multiple locations and he is pretty set in the area we are in and I like hardwoods and desks and he is set on a garage and sunroom/covered porch. We NEED your help and would appreciate having the opportunity to work with you guys to find our home ♡

  13. Hello! My boyfriend and I have been looking for a house in Tampa, FL. And, the struggle is real! It's been a long, exhausting process. I'm 26 and he's 31, and we're so ready. He just got out of the Marines (6 years!) and is a nurse now, and I am a graphic and website designer. We want a fixer so we can make it our own. I'm a designer so I have a lot of rehab ideas in mind! We just need to find the right palette to work with. Before we settle for a camper and just travel the world.. LOL. House buying is hard. Well thank you in advance for the opportunity and we're excited to get closer to that next step!

    Thank you,
    Danielle Comstock & Mark Potter

  14. My husband and I are buying our first house. We moved out of London in the UK, because it was too expensive, and relocated to Atlanta, Georgia for my work. We have never owned a house before and always lived in tiny properties. We're buying a house right in the middle of Atlanta, in Reynoldstown/Cabbagetown…but we will need to do it up a little! We are also new to living in the states, so don't have much stuff….just a few things which are important to us, like an old library card catalogue.

    Lenny (Ellen)

  15. Hello HGTV!
    It has always been a dream of mine to purchase a home on my own. I am a 29y/o female born and raised in SoCal and I save lives for a living as a registered nurse. I feel now is the best time for me to be completely independent, especially now because I share a single family home with 7 other people. I am open to areas throughout southern California within the Los Angeles and Ventura County. Being chosen for this show would not only be a great blessing but I will be a living testimony to all the single late twenty/thirty year old ladies out there sending a message that you do not need to wait for a family or to be married to pursue your dream of owning your own home.
    I also love this show and it would be a dream come true to be chosen.

    Sincerely, Ashley Angeles

  16. It just makes sense to own vs. rent. But I need help. I have no idea how to find the home of my dreams! Also, I know there are programs which help with the down payment, but I know nothing about them. I would love to be putting my money towards something that matters, and have a place my dog can call his own (he knows what it means when I start packing boxes), but definitely need the assistance in getting started.

  17. Hi my name is Natashia Jones and im 27 years old mother of 4. I am engaged to my best friend Andre(34yrs) and we been together for 3 years. We welcomed our new bundle of joy in March and our room is currently all baby stuff. We would love to buy a home that has enough room for everyone. This would be our first home that we would be buying. We are currently in Atlanta, Ga.I really love property virgins and i would be so happy if we were considered to be on the show so please pick us!!!!

  18. My husband and I were married last April and are expecting our first child the end of May. Our 2 bedroom apartment in the St Louis area is small and cramped. I am a Special Education teacher and my husband is a lawyer. We need to find a larger place and would love to spend our money on home ownership rather than rent. We need help finding a good home in an area where we can raise our daughter to be! Please help us!!

  19. My husband and I will be moving to the Austin, Texas area during the fall and are looking to buy our first home. We have been living in San Antonio, TX for almost 9 years, but have been forced to move to Austin for job opportunities for my husband. I am finishing up my doctorate during the move and we are looking to start a family in the near future. With everything going on, I know we will be completely overwhelmed with information to do an adequate job house hunting without some help from pros! We have already been searching for homes and we're already feeling overwhelmed. Please help us in our mission to find the perfect home for us in an up and coming area in the capitol of Texas!

  20. Happy Trails!

    My boyfriend and I have been together for over three years and opted out of living together since we are not married and wound up spending thousands of dollars renting to please our parents! My boyfriend is completing his medical residency at the end of June and we are looking to move to the Atlanta Metropolitan area in August….wait for it…TOGETHER! This will be the first home purchase for the both of us. We admit inexperience, an need help! I am afraid that a large increase in our finances will prompt us to potentially make a poor decision. We do not have children, however, we are looking for a starter home that our families will likely visit often. We are from the Chicagoland area, and will be a long way from home. Your helps is so greatly appreciated! We would love to be apart of the show. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

    -Linda and Ray

  21. Hello! My name is Kimberly Turley and my fiance's name is Michael McKell. We have been in a long distance relationship for over a year. We are getting married in June and will be finally in the same place for more than two days. We want to be in a house by early fall.

    We are both teachers and have been renting our entire college careers and first years of teaching. We are sick of paying rent and the housing market in Utah County is a home buyers dream.

    After we get married, since I am moving from another state and he lives with four roommates–too crowded, we will be in his parent's basement until we find a home. It is a crowded space, so we are definitely motivated to find something.

    Helps us find our first home where we won't have to leave each other after two days and can get a couple of puppies!

    Thanks for your time!

    Michael and the future Kimberly McKell

  22. My boyfriend and I are looking for our first house in the Smyrna/Vinings area and it's proving to be taxing, and much harder than I thought. Everything seems to be getting snatched from us and it's very discouraging. He tells me to keep my chin up and I'm trying! We know the perfect house is out there for us to really start our lives together! We're looking for a place we can be happy in for the next 5-10 years and then turn into an investment property.

  23. We are a family of 3, parents to a beautiful 5yr old Special needs daughter. She is severely delayed, therefore we are looking for asimple ranch style home.

  24. Hi, me and my husband have 2 children who are 1 & 4 we have currently after renting for a couple years , moved in with my parents where we have been for two years and we are so so ready to look for our first home together as a family and get out of my parents basement !!!! We would love to be on the show ! We are looking in the Cincinnati/ maineville Ohio area , looking to get a home before the summer ! Please help us!

  25. hi ..i love to watch your show and hgtv is my favorite channel…i have learned so much ..an it would be a dream come true to be able to have your guidance in purchasing my first home , i live in bronx new york ..and its tough to get what me and my family is looking for …if we can get your help it would be so awesome …thank you

  26. My son is a sergeant in the Army and is being transferred to Fort Hood in Texas. He and his wife and two kids want to purchase their first home. They are new to the area and new to home buying and could really use expert help.

  27. My husband and I have been married almost 13 years and he has been active duty in the United States Air Force our entire marriage. We have always lived either on base or rented houses/apartments which has always been fine..until now. We are currently living in Alaska, and this is actually our 2nd time being stationed here. We fell in love with the state the first time we lived here and always said we wanted to retire here. Well now we're back and feel that it's time to FINALLY take the plunge and buy our first home! We've looked at listings online and contacted realtors but to be honest we have NO idea where to go from there, and everything they say in their emails to us looks like jibberish and makes no sense! We would LOVE to be on your show so that we can find our forever home in the beautiful state of Alaska!!

  28. I'm a 26 year old social worker looking to purchase my first home. I am sick and tired of paying someone else's mortgage. I found a steal of a rental 45 minutes away from my work which is often a 1-2 hour commute. I do not see myself continuing to commute like this for the next 5 years while still maintaining my sanity. I work in the mental health field and it would be a tragedy to see my life go that route. I also can not justify paying over $1,000 in rent if I do not own the property. So few people of color and especially women of color own homes. I not only want to create a legacy for myself and my family but I seek to break barriers and statistics showing that people of color can in fact purchase homes. My goal is to inspire and motivate which is why I have the career that I do. I have finished grad school and found an amazing career the next step I hope to achieve is to become a home owner. I hope that you choose me and help me in this journey. I also would like to spotlight some of the first time home buyer programs to show individuals that it is possible to become a home owner.

  29. Single mom looking to relocate to Ottumwa, IA. Does property virgins, ever go outside GA. Properties are reasonable in price in Iowa

  30. Hello I am 28 years old and just a month ago had a double lung transplant caused by having Cystic Fibrosis. I live in Atlanta and having been renting for a few years.
    I and am now ready to buy my first home, I look forward to a new home and a new Beginning. I watch your show regularly and would love to be able to have your assistance. Thank you, Ryan

  31. My family and I are thinking of moving to Georgia. My daughter in law and grand daughter in the Richmond area, My son in the Savanagh area and my daughter in the Jackson area.. We could sure use some help.. OH and there is me..either a mother in law unit in each or a home somewhere in the middle..

  32. I am a graphic designer living in Atlanta, and I recently have calculated how much I have spent in rent over the past several years, and it makes me sick thinking that I do not own my own place. At the age of 31 I feel its the perfect time to start considering my options of buying a new home for myself. I have gone through the process of trying to buy a home once before, but after I put in my offer, I got really nervous and had to cancel the offer. This is my year and I am ready!

    I'd love to be on the show and have help.

  33. I have lived in my home for the last 25 years. My step dad retired and filed bankruptcy so we have a few months to vacate. My husband works so I can be home with our 5 year old daughter. We live paycheck to paycheck and we are about to have to add a rent on top of it. We have had no luck finding any homes and we loose the ones we do find to other renters. It's very difficult to explain to a child where we are going to live.

  34. hello HGTV!!!!!! my husband and I are currently renting in clarksville TN since my husband is in the Army as an infantryman and stationed at fort campbell KY. i am a nanny of three five year old boys and a part time student. We are planning an moving to the Raleigh Nc area in the summer after my husbands army contract is up and would LOVE to be on Property Virgins! It will be our first home-buying experience since we are military and currently rent. we are 21 and 25. it would be such a blessing to have professional help and guidance in this new experience! we are looking for an older home/ fixer upperso we can eventually make it our dream home. thanks!!!

  35. Hello!!
    We desperately need help! My husband and I have been living in a one bed room house. We have been renting for almost 8 years it sadness me that we settle for less all the time. Now that we have a 8 month little girl, are one bed room home is so small for us with all the extras of having a child brings.We need as much help as possible because we do not know the in's and out's about buying a home. If we are going to get out of renting we would really appreciate a professional to help with understanding what it takes in buying a home.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  36. My 22 year old son is looking to buy his first house, he has been approved for 135,000.00 plus he has every thing for closing and down payment. I'm no help because I know nothing about buying a house. He really needs some expert help. Can't think of anyone else other then your show who I would trust to show him the ropes and help him get his first house, PLEASE HELP!
    Thank you,

  37. Originally from the Chicagoland area, went to grad school in Arizona and now moving back to be with Jacob. Looking for our first home to start our lives together. Thanks.

    Vi & Jacob

  38. Hi,

    My wife and I have been living with my mother-in-law for the last 2+ years. We've been helping to carry the house, but I'd really like to get a place of my own (my name on the deed and such). What's more my wife is pregnant and is expecting in July. Ideally we would like to get a place before the baby comes. But since we're both full time teachers (I'm private, she's public) we barely have the time (until the summer) to search. It's our first home and we want to do this right for our baby.

  39. From Sunny Hawaii to Snowy Chicago:

    My Navy husband and I are relocating to the windy city and don't even know where to begin! After living in <400 sq ft in Honolulu, Hawaii, we are ready for a home to call our own. Our budget is $200,000 for our first single family home to start a family/have puppies/babies/etc.

    We have two different styles. I am modern/art deco chic, while my husband is country/southern stye.

    Feel free to check out my webpage monicamerel.weebly.com to get a little more background on our personality/style.

    Mahalo nui,
    Monica & Stuart

  40. I am so excited to just receive my first teaching contract at the high school I attended. Last year I worked as a substitute teacher and coached Special Olympics and Lacrosse/ Now I am looking for a house knowing that I might need to find a fixer upper bur love the older homes, I am concerned about how to know what can be done and what is beyond my ability. How exciting to be a part of Property Virgins.

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