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Extreme Makeover:Home Edition
ABC’s  Extreme Makeover : Home Edition is currently casting for their upcoming season. Fill out the application today and you or someone you know could end up having a chance of a lifetime to change their home and their lives.

Extreme Makeover, the fantastically popular reality program hosted by Ty Pennington is looking for families and communities for their next round of fantastic renovations! In just seven short days you and your family or community could be enjoying a completely remolded home, school or community center.

Does your family have a compelling and heartwarming story?  Does your school or community center need a re-haul ? You could be featured in an upcoming episode! Millions of people watch this touching program every week and now they could be watching you. Auditions and casting calls will be going on soon for the all new season of Extreme Makeover so submit yourself or someone you knwo today.Here is the application information: a.abc.com/media/primetime/xtremehome/apply/EMHEApplicationS7.pdf Be sure to leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the exciting updates.

Every family and community has a story, this is your chance to share it with the world.

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  1. I am writing this to share my story of hope… I live in Minnesota and currently am a licensed foster parent. I currently live in a mobile home with 3 foster children, I am in the process of purchasing a historic brick home that needs total renovation. I am retiring in the next few years to be the stay at home mom for children in need of a loving and nurturing home. Currently the home is gutted and ready to renovate. My hope is to provide a home for multiple unfortunate children to have a family and home. Please help mine and many children's dream of having a home and family come true.

  2. Dear Ty my name is Joesett I'm 23 I hope and pray that this is the right website to apply for a Extreme Makeover home edition because i am so confused and lost😟, the reason why is because I went to two different websites and I was given three different websites so all together that's​ five different websites,so basically I don't know where to sign up at or how to apply im getting frustrated😧, stressing out😩,not getting any sleep😖, not eating as much, crying my eyeballs out😭👀, not going out like I use to😒 just because I'm trying to hard to get my family👪 the help they need, my parents👫 beautiful💜 parents👈 desperately need help because i
    can't help my family like I use to😞, right after I got laid off that was the end of my life, that was where my future started, I had everything good going for my life and I had so many plans to help out my family and all that is down the drain😢, I've been struggling to find a job and I still don't have a job till this day😰, but my family has always struggled even when I had a job, but we stayed strong💪 and we pray🙏 together as a family👪.
    Now I know​ im here to sign up or apply for getting my house🏠 remodel because my house🏠 desperately need it
    the condition that my house🏠 is in it is not safe to live in at all😨😱 and this house that I'm living in is on it's last leg😧 and it had enough and I feel like it's no longer going to hold itself, it could collapse any day now or a month or less😱😨😰 that's is also keeping me up as w'ell I'm afraid😱 that the ceiling might fall in, so that is Why im desperately😩 needing your help there's a lot more conditions to my home that is a danger zone☠☠ no we do not have a lot of rooms yes the house is very small and yes we have holes and molded areas in the ceiling in the floors everywhere in the house, but that's what I'm here for I need your help because it's not safe for me nor my family especially my 57 year old mom and my 67 year old dad so if this is the right website and I'm hoping just please contact me and I'm hoping that we get this Blessing the help that we need as soon as possible before it's too late, I can't take it anymore, I've had it, I'm done, there's nothing more I can do, and it's just hurting me and my family😢, I can't take anymore so please help, the it's not healthy for me and my family, and one thing I always promised my mom and dad, is that before I leave to move out on my own I want to make sure that they are taking care of before I leave, I'm not going anywhere until they are taking care of and until everything is okay and everything right now is not okay so I'ma stay until I get help.💝💖💗💟

  3. Hi, my name is Emily I am 17 years old I currently live with my mother and father and my brother is in the Army in Korea. A couple days ago I found out my house was declared condemned. It all started when my house caught fire two years ago and the company that "fixed" the house told us we could move back in but they never sent an inspector to look at the house and see if we could move back in officially. That resulted in that today my house was declared condemned because of mold and excess humidity due to roofing problems and we will probably be homeless by the 4th of June of this year. The only way to help my family with issue of not being homeless is by asking you guys to help us. Thank You for considering our case.

  4. Hello, my name is Sheniah McKenzie and I'm asking for help. I don't really like asking but I ask cause I have nothing else to do, and no one else to go to. My family had spoken care of my little brother Ji' Ezra K. Seymore for 13 years. He had trisomy 13, he was deaf and blind, he couldn't walk or eat (he was fed through a tube in his stomach), he had seizures all the time, but most times we couldn't tell because they didn't show until they had gotten really bad. In the months of August-December he had gotten really swollen and he always had trouble breathing. He just recently pasted on December 23, 2016 due to him aspirated because his nurse layed him on his back when she wasn't supposed to. I am reaching out because I feel like it's my fault. This is because when he pasted I was sleeping across from him, his nurse knew he was gone between 9am and 11am, but she continued her daily routine with him instead of telling me he was gone. My parents has been fighting with bills, emotions and life ever since he past. His birthday is June 1st and this is so hard for everyone. My parents are working so hard right now through pain and poor health trying to make ends meet between food, clothes, everyday items and especially rent. They have property in Florida a house for them with a place in the house to put his ashes and other items of his in a place by them selves. To know that we have a piece of him and we don't have to give up hope because he's gone. Please help us.

  5. Good evening my name is ms. Barbara Jackson and I am a single mother of 4 wonderful children and their ages are 24,15,and i have a set of twins that is 9 years old. The reason for this letter is because I really do need some help with making over my house, me and my family has been struggling for the last few years and i am just now getting back on my feet and trying to make the best for me and my family. I really don't know where to begin at, I don't own my home but I really want to one day so if anything happens to me, my babies would have a good place to call their own. We really don't have anything to call ours but the house we is living in that i am paying rent for, we have been homeless more than once, but we had over come that in our lives and I am working and one of my child has seizure and he been having them all his life and even though I work and ssi it's still not enough to make all of our dreams come true and it hurt really bad,that by you been a single mother that you can not give your children the best thing in life. I am 40 years old don't know how to drive, don't have a high school diploma either, i have made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I am so proud of my self that the good Lord above bless me with my 4 babies, after all i have been through out of my life i just want my babies to be proud of me one day before I leave this earth,if you can, can u please help me and my family out please, I know my story is not like the rest of the family that you have heard, I can understand why if my family doesn't get picked for your show, thank you for blessing me with the chance to tell you my half of my life, from a single struggling mother in Oklahoma City Oklahoma.

  6. Hi My Name is kyle, I am writing to you about our home, we have been living here in this community since 2000 and the place that we live in is from 1960, it is a 2 bedroom log house, the house is currently shifting every year and I believe there is mold in there also, my mom is almost sixty and is suffering from bad Arthritis and which we have no running water and the plumbing in the house has not work since we have moved in we are currently using a pail to get water out of a water tank to do the dishes, bath, flush the toilet, we have to heat up the water by the stove and in the winter we have to burn woods to keep the house warm and which we have to put plastic on the windows during winter, in the spring/ summer the roof leeks when it rains, we been having problems with the doors when the house shifts, we have been asking for help from housing, the local band office and family members but no one seems they want to help us out we have been living like back in the old days with no running water and now I don't like to leave my mom alone when I travel for work because of the water situation and with her bones being like that, the pail falls out of her hands and her legs give out every now and then, and we have my niece coming to live with us every now and then, and my brother doesn't like to bring his kids down to visit with us because of our house condition, and some of the floor is also rotten. we would like to ask you for help with our home

  7. My mom adopted my niece and nephew. She is 61. She works 50 hours a week to make ends meet. Her plumbing is pretty messed up. Her house needs to be remodeled but she cannot afford it. My mother has always been our backbone. My niece and nephew are 11 and 9. Please help my mom.

  8. Hello,my name is krameria caraway,I am 50year old recovery addict and ex felony.I have custday of my 3 year old grandson.we are living in my oldest son 3bedroom wood fram house which leaks when it rain n the heater went out this winter and we can not use heaters because of none working plugs so with a lil one its hard to keep a gas stove on..i am hoping and praying that the lord finds a way to place you all in r life and help us out..I am here in texas where its very hard for me to find work and much help..Thank you and may god keep bleesing you all to help people like myself….

  9. Hi Im Ashley 3 years ago my husband and 3 kids got kicked out of our rental so we buy this house and start trying to make it livable well but it seem everything we do something never goes right I have no kitchen sink Im having to do the dishes in my bathtub which leaks itself there is holes ALL IN THE WALLS my kids have bedrooms but no beds because my moms dogs ruined them My hard wood floor is so bad right now and as a mother im so sad that I cant get caught up on my bills and make them a place where it feels like home im heartbroken we started putting tile in the kitchen but it never got finished and the counter tops are not even bolted into the cabnits I would love for my kids to come home and have there own space and reading corners I have a finished basement but cant afford to get it the way I want it almost all mt windows have holes in them its so hard on our electricity im so desperate in need for my family we just want to be comfy in our own home our dining room has wires hanging out of the cieling and thats dangerous Im in deperate need of your help I dont know what else to do but pray….thank you

  10. Good evening to you all,I'm not one who has ever felt the need to ask for help as I am usually the first one to help others. 6 years ago we moved my parents in with us as the caravan park they lived in was sold from under them, they were to old to start again .so myself and hubby sat down and decided they would move in with us.we have 4 children aged 23 , 20 and twin 14 year old boys.our daughter hasn't lived at home since she was 14 due to mental health issues And my eldest has two children aged 3 & 2 .My dad Kevin has been ill for the past few years and mum Maree became his full time carer.october 2016 Dad died from a massive stroke it hit us all hard.Dad served his country,worked as an ambulance driver ,was an original trainer for the west coast eagles, did a lot for the rsl and loved his family .my hubby is a truck driver,I work full time and we don't have a lot of time to get things done around the house.We have many plans but not enough money or time.mum is getting to old and she is beginning to suffer with her own health issues.Our home needs an update and makeover to help mum be comfortable and easier for her. We also have the grandkids occasionally but they don't have a room to stay in as all the rooms are taken up.

  11. My name is Amanda ouimet I'm from Phoenix Arizona currently living with my husband and our five almost 6 children. I want to take the time to write our living experiences when I was 17 I was diagnosed with epilepsy I had about ten seizures a day and right before I turned 18 I got pregnant with my first child having seizures everyday and being pregnant was hard we got our first apartment together and I had fallen down our staircase due to a tonic clinic seizure lasting over 10 minutes we decided I couldn't be alone while my husband was working so we moved into his mother's home I got put on lots of different medications and my neurologist called and said to come in he had news for me regarding my episode my seizure was so bad it destroyed my entire temperal lobe and with all the seizures I will have to file as disabled at 22! I was devastated and I felt life was over …shortly after I was pregnant with my twin girls. then I had my first boy a year later and about a year ago I conceived my last daughter. All of my memory from my own childhood has just disappeared I lost my personality and my friends didn't know who I was anymore. Now we are living in a 4 bedroom home with my husband's mother she took us in and has hardly any room for her own things my girls share a room my son sleeps in the room with me and Eugene(the father) my husband is a self employed mechanic he learned everything from his father as a child we have been helping his mother as much as we can with the small amounts we get from his job. What I'm saying is we have no room for our new child we have no space for his mother who cant even be comfortable in her own home. Please home makeover we need your help our lives need a change for the better i don't know what else to do at this point

  12. This request is not for me but my loving mother. My husband blindsided me with a divorce. I lived out of state and had nowhere to go but my mother's house which was 1,000 miles away. I was a stay at home mother for most of my married years. My loving mother welcomed me and my kids into her home. Her home badly needs repairs and proper space needs to be added to adequately meet our needs. She's a 73 year old woman who has the challenge of caring for her husband, who is in the late stages of Alzheimer's. Her husband has done his duty to our country during his entire career. He started as a fire fighter. He later joined the Marines and served several tours overseas. When he retired from the Marines, he became a DOE employee. And served in the national security department for 27 years before retiring for good. Not long after retiring, they discovered his Alzheimer's. It's a real struggle for my mother to care for him on a daily basis given her age. They do not have insurance coverage that allows him to be placed in a home. So she will tirelessly and lovingly be caring for him on her own until the very end. As I said, This is for my mother. She is housing us until I get back on my feet. And I'm grateful for her even though we struggle with space and repairs that need to be done. However, after I'm gone, she will still be caring for her husband. Renovations that make her job easier would be so appreciated.

  13. I know there are thousands of extreme makeover entries received a day. I also, know there are millions of people in the world that need your help. The extreme makeover program is nothing shy of ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. It must be rewarding to bring joy and happiness to so many lives around the country. I'm hoping you would bring that same joy and happiness to a little lady in a small town that I call Mom! My mom lives in small city in S.C. and I always say, "Superhero" should be her first name. My mother has struggled her entire life, raising four children with a part time job. She left my father when I was young due to his abuse, leaving my mom to die in a ditch! Well, this "Superwoman" never allowed life's obstacles to stop her. She managed to purchase a "handy man's special" home by doing owner financing paying $200 a month for 15 years. This house was totally not livable and all of the kids in the neighborhood picked on us because of how the house looked. I'm almost in tears writing this! But, that "superwoman" has now been in the house since 1997 and with that part time job she managed to do small renovations piece by piece, but the house is still in need of Major work! "Superwoman" is now 60 years old and what I always admire about her is that even though our situation was bad, she always felt there were others who needed help more in the community. The part time job I've been referring to is at a senior citizen community day center. "Superwoman" has worked in this Job position as a site manager, not because of pay. She only works part time hours with minimum pay, but refused to leave because she always says, "the elderly are often forgotten about and left alone," and "Superwoman remembers when she was forgotten about & left alone. During the S.C. flood "superwoman" would not rest until she made her way to each of her seniors home to make sure they had food, heat, cellphones, and electricity! Her co-workers called her crazy for going out in the storm to check on the senior clients. "Superwoman" was also recognized by the sheriff's department for saving a pregnant woman who was shot in the head. Lastly, this "Superwoman" has now become a pastor of a small church and does not make a salary. "Superwoman" often times uses her personal money to keep the power on at the church. I pray that God places it in your heart to remodel this awesome woman's house!

  14. Hi! My name is Amanda and i am married to my husband Ramon of two years now. We are both from a very tiny town in New Mexico called Portales. We currently live in Midland Texas. How did we end up here. Well we got married and as any other couple we figured coming out here would get us good jobs and money to be able to live comfortably in a nice home. When we came out here back in 2015 it was us to and a piled up car with all our belongings and 3 of our dogs we had/have. Being from Portales their isnt much. No nice living nor good or many jobs. Coming to Midland we thought this could be the start of our lifes together. But it didnt or hasnt happened that way. As of now my husband does work out in the oil fields as a sandblaster. He works everyday out the week from 7am till 9pm most days. As for me i am a stay at home wife. No we dont have any children as of now. As big of a blessing it would be to have them one day we would both like to wait for when timing is right. In the condition that we are in it would be a major blessing for us to be blessed with a home. We live in a 5th wheel rv along with my sister-in-law and her boyfriend, including our four dogs and a new litter of 5. Sincde we've been out here its been a constant struggle. From barely making rent to barely affording groceries or gas. Yes we have a vehicle, no its not the most wondeful either. We have moments everyday where it rarely likes to start. I am the one who cooks clean and pays bills and makesure that the rv stays clean for the four of us to try and live comfortably. With the income that is coming into our home/rv from the work my husband does, doesnt get us through. Midland is a very, very hot place. Its almost deressing to watch my husband come home everyday stressing on wether we will have enough for groceries or gas due to the expensive rent we have to pay on a 5th wheel rv. Between the four of us in this tiny rv its hot but its hotter because we dont have a working a.c. which would be so nice. being out here i would love to see my husband live comfortably and not have to stress so much. Ive been in search for a job wishing and praying that someone would hire so i can chip in some help. But my husband would rather me stay home so that adds a little hurt to my heart. I have put off college due to not having the right funds or because our vehicle is broken and we dont have the money to pay for a taxi. I think it would be the most huge blessing ever to finally have a home to call ours. No matter how much we save its just impossible. And its very stressfull for each of us. I would love to watch my husband come home for work with a smile on his face. I would love for us to have the space to just have a nice cooked dinner. With an actual restroom with a real toilet and bedroom for us to be able to move around in. My sister-in-law and her boyfriend currently sleep in the living/kitchen area. We are very good people. As for me and my husband we do good so that god can give us good. But day by day something always breaks and tears us down. Im not asking for sympothy. Im asking for a miracle. It would honestly mean more than the world to each and every one of us to have a place to call home. A place where we can all be happy. Watching your show it gives me hope that maybe just maybe we can one day be heard. I pray and ask the lord that this is read. And i ask for help for each of us. This place isnt a home for four. WE NEED YOU! God Bless!

  15. HI, my name is Emily. My grandmother that raised me since I was 18 months passed away the other day. She raised me cause my biological mother had passed away. I even called mom cause she's all I ever known. I lived with her and my father. My father is a veteran, he fought for our country and is now disabled. He only gets $900 dollars a month. We used to get more when my mom was alive but we were still struggling. Now we have to deal with the price of the funeral, losing the house, losing the car, and basically it feels like we're losing our life. I just turned 18 and I had some issues and I didn't finish high school. I had to get a job to help out around the house and they give awards for perfect attendance but not keeping your family off the street. I can only work minimum wage jobs due to the fact I never graduated. I'm trying to get my GED but I can't when I can't help but wonder if im going to have a roof over mine and my fathers head next month. I know my dads breaking inside and he just doesn't show it. After all he lost his mother to. I truly need a miracle. please, help us so we can breathe a little easier.

  16. Hello my name is Badreka Clark,

    I'm writing because my parents are in need of an extreme home makeover. My parents home is a 1972 trailer that they own. My sister's and I was raised up there. My father has congestive heart failure that he has been battling since 2005 and my mother was just diagnosed with breast cancer. Their home needs an extreme makeover badly. Their plumbing sucks, they do not have any air condition or heat. Some of the electric sockets does not work. Neither one of my parents work. My father receives SSI and disability every month. So they are on one fixed income. Please help my parents. Oh and they have five small house dogs.

  17. I want to nominate my friends Ruthie and John Edwards for an Extreme Home Makeover.
    They are the kindest, most generous people and would do anything for anyone in need and literally give you the shirt off their backs.
    Both have been seriously ill for a long time. They live in Miller, MO

  18. Hi my name is Ashley and I live in Auckland New Zealand in titirangi and we had a house built years ago and the builder did not put things in properly and now we get leaks and everything I just would really like it if you can come and fix my house please

  19. Hi my name is Taylor I'm 17 me and my family have lived in this house for 5 years it's disgusting it has bugs mold and we just can't get it cleaned because it's so gross I'm tired of seeing my parents sad we all work so none of us have time to clean or get rid of bugs in this house the help from y'all would be amazing and we would appreciate it very much thank you and much love ❤️

  20. My name is Hernisha and we struggling through financial problems. This morning my mother just discover that turnmites is eat our kitchen up. Im from Covington, LA

  21. Hello my name is Carolina Viramontes, I am 19 and a full time student at a community college, I'm writing this for my mom (55)and dad(62). They have worked all of their lives, and have lived in the same house for 30 years. As I watch my parents get older and see life only get harder for them my biggest dream is for them to have a decent home to grow old in. Like I mentioned before they have been living there for 30 years and those 30 years having taken a toll on the house. My brothers room is literally falling apart, the ceilings are falling and can't withhold any rain, the rain gets inside and manages to wet my brother entire room. My parents can't afford to fix it either. My parents room is very small and cant fit much in there, my room is even smaller, our floors are so old it seems like if you step on it hard enough you will fall through. Our kitchen ceiling is also very weak and we always have to put buckets in order to control the leaking. Our house drastically needs help and I'm scared this house will become a dangerous place for my parents when they are older.

  22. I really need this makeover for my family. 9 of us in a three bedroom house. My mom lost her house and now we moved in with my grandmother here. It would be life changing for us to have this makeover

  23. My husband n I bought our house 3 yrs ago it was totally gutted we had to have it rewired there's places in the did rooms w cut out holes from when the copper wires were stolen we had to But water heater a breaker box stove fridg had to replace the main walls pieces paint etc etc we had carpet put into 2 rooms Ohh yeah someone stole all the carpet in the house and whatever flooring was there was. But we still have a huge mess on our hands. But like I said we are truck drivers and only very rarely get home but 4 or 5 days a month yes a month so we r kinda in a bad situation. We NEED HELPPPP

  24. In Washington state I know a wonderful couple in their mid 40's to 50 years of age who are in desperate need of help with their small 2 bedroom home located in a small back woods area Cinebar, WA. I believe the house is well under 1,000 sq. feet, and there is no garage. The foundation is so poorly done the floors have visible dips, and potential hazards. The roof is falling apart despite the efforts of friends & locals who have tried to help them fix the issues over the years. Since 2004 this couple have spent all their time trying to repair & maintain a little Bar & Grill in Onalaska, WA. Any money they are able to make goes to this run down land mark that is always has something major in need of repair on a monthly basis. To make matters even sadder, this couple takes in all stray animals dumped on the local Hwy which both their home & business are located. I can give personal childhood info about both (which is beyond heart rendering), but I would rather that information be discussed privately. Myself & many others would greatly appreciate it if Extreme Home Make-Overs would consider checking into this deserving couple & possibly help them out. Thank You…

  25. Hi, my wife and I have been married 17 years this December. We have a 15 year old daughter and a 12 year old precocious son. We work very hard to make sure we have what we need, but have never taken a family vacation, all of our vehicles need some sort of work done to them, not very safe to drive, and we are not the types of people who look for a hand our. But it has been a rough and trying couple of years for our family. Last June I hurt my arm at work and on July 10,2016 my wife found out she had a tumor in her brain the size of s golf ball. After many tests dr appointments and opinions we made the decision to go to Duke university to have an awake craniotomy to remove this tumor from my parietal lobe. On August 29,2016 they did just that. Originally it was thought the tumor would be benign but I should be prepared for chemo and radiation once it was taken out. The week I had my surgery I had a 15 year old start high school and a 12 year old start middle school. Both out of their comfort zone and both having to live with our great support system of friends and families that not only made sure they got thru the first week of school but they were prepared to handle the emotional side of what was happening to mom too.. it was a very scary time no money coming in since July 10 and fighting the fight to try and get short term disability to pay and a mountain of forms filled out over and over again and try to prepare mentally as well,
    The surgery went well was completely taken out and I left Duke university post op day 2 from neuroICU with 32 staples in the top of my skull along with LEFT SIDED hemiparesis. So a walker and bath chair was necessary to get around. We stayed close to duke until we received pathological report as dr thought when he took the tumor out it looked malignant. A few days later we were told it was a different benign tumor than originally thought and no treatment should be necessary. I would have to have multiple MRI's to ensure nothing was growing for a while.
    I returned home and it felt like I slept for months. I attempted to go back to work as a nurse on the acute care floor that I work on at Florida hospital memorial medical center twice but it was obvious I would have to work into it.as I had lots of physical therapy and strength building to do to get back my balance.
    Needless to say it was a tough year and Christmas for our family financially. In January 2017 I was able to go back to work splitting my shifts to every other day so I could rest in between. Two weeks after I went back I got a letter saying I had finally gotten excepted into the transition into nursing program at Daytona state college. It was more than excited I'm trying to just make sure I get plenty of rest. I was doing well, my husband had his surgery on February 8 as he had to wait for me to go back to work before he could have his surgery done for his arm that he hurt in June 2016 at work. He is also undergoing his physical therapy now trying to get use of his arm. On April 8 Saturday morning it was a beautiful day here I remember telling my husband how wonderful I felt better than I had in a year . He was taking our son and a Freind to tractor supply store and I was home with my daughter studying for an upcoming test. I remember sitting down on the couch with my books and turning to the left in my arm was stuck and will not move I asked my daughter to call her dad and ask him to come home that I couldn't move my arm. While she was speaking with them I told her to please hang up and call 91 one that I thought I was going to have a seizure. She did down 911 was in a bit of a panic asking what do I do so I held out my hand and took the phone and told the operator who I was where I lived when I was six months status post brain surgery and then I thought I was having a seizure and then return the phone back to my daughter. My husband said that he and our friend and my son arrives before the fire fires an ambulance did . He said I was unconscious passed out to the right side of the couch with my eyes roll back in my head and my teeth clenched and cheeks puffed blowing spit out it took me quite a while for them to get me to come around and I had Peed all over myself. The man that took care of me told me I had had a grand maul seizure.
    That had never happened before during or after my surgery. And I have been off all my meds for about five months which is great. So instead of taking me to the hospital that I work for they took me to the closer hospital and the doctor there did not listen to me when I tried to explain that I had never had a seizure before. They really did nothing for me I was discharged within 45 minutes. So It was a bit nerve-racking . for all they knew I could've had a stroke. They did not test do you know blood no one physically examined me the Nuro check nothing put me in a wheelchair and sent me home. I called my primary care providers service and they offered to directed me to the hospital and at that point I was so so tired. I went home and felt like I slept for days started back on anti-seizure medications anxiety medications and everything that I had finally gotten to stop taking. Then I spent the next two weeks running tests and going to doctors appointments as an outpatient when it all could've been done in one shot at the hospital when the ambulance took me there. So my neurologist tells me I can go back to work no restrictions. I went back the next day to the very busy acute care floor that I work on at Florida Hospital Memorial 10th floor and could not function well enough to do my job independently . So not only could I not work again I also can't drive for 6 months at least, and my husband is still on light duty going to physical therapy and driving me back and forth to appointments, they did find seizure activity in EEG THEY took and compared to January . So I am trying hard to keep my job on my 7th Year of employment but FMLA IS A CONTINUING YEAR SND I HAD BEEN OUT FROM JULY YO JANUARY and was short about 30 hours to qualify. So no guarantees on keeping my job, I'm jumping through hoops trying to get paper work filled out by doctors, turned in to aetna for stdisabilty and whatever else help we can get do we don't lose our home of 30 years that we have 24,000 left on ,
    We just want to live comfortably have fun with our kids and maybe some day we could take them on a vacation and fix the things our old home needs that we have do outgrown . Like new bathrooms, a new roof paint and carpet that aren't 20 years old inside the house. An additional master bedroom and den on the back of our property, the money to bring our septic tank up to code.. our house was built in 1976 I'm sure a lot of codes have changed.
    I just want quality of life with my family for however long god allows me to smile on this earth and to help others. BY giving of myself.. I just want to make a difference in the world and to have a happy healthy family that had what they need..

  26. I have loved this show for as long as I can remember. My heart melts when I see the excitement on the families faces that you help!

  27. I am looking for help for my mother and gramdma!! My mom is 66 and grandmother is 83 my mom is living in a old church that she bought and turned into a home and is still slowly working on it by herself I try to help whenever I can but I live 76 miles away. She is going to be taking my grandma in to live with her, my grandma just lost her husband and now we just got word her other daughter robbed her of all her things and took all her money that was left to her from her husbands death, my grandma is a very outgoing and kind, chirpy lady she was taken advantage of. My mom and grandma are devout christans and have worked hard all their lives and deserve to have a safe and healthy home. A little About My moms home her laundry room is down stairs and she has 1 flight of stairs to go do her laundry and the basement has mold due to moisture and sewage back up that she has dealt with for years one year it was 6inches deep flooded with sewage and she is not able to flush toilet paper ever! She has COPD and a torn rotator in her shoulder :/ she can't keep dealing with this, also the downstairs is where my grandma will have to live. We are going to do our best to make this a good living area for them but we are very limited on money and time as we also have to leave our home due to being displaced by the airport and we currintly rent our trailer and it is also not safe, the water is no good (expecially for our baby)we have to not let her drink it in baths and we buy water from the store we have a leaking sink we have a broken bathtub, our heater vents are filthy and our gutters are broke and our heater hadn't been serviced in a long time, our land lord fixes nothing :\ we would love a home also to call our own we are a family of four we have two beautiful girls 8 and 13 months. Me and my husband both have health problems as we speak:( I understand if you can only help one of us and if so let it be my mom she and my grandma need your help.. thank you for your time

  28. Hey I Will Die For The Help My Family Is Very N Need My Dad Just Just Died And We Have Nothing Now My Mom I Take Care Of Her She Can Walk O Move She Had 3Strokes And Need All Kind Of Stuff I Have Two Kids I'm Raising On My On As 3&2 Year Old And I'm 22 We Leave In A Lil Shack That's Coming Down No Fridge Nor Running Water In Side The House Please Please Please Help Us

  29. Hi my name is Matthew I reside in Avondale, AZ my grandmother lives in a small home in Avondale that she's been in for just over 50 years, my whole family in my generation were raised in this home. The house is slowly coming apart, both interior and exterior. The exterior walls and roof are chipping away, interior kitchen ceiling has started to drop and much more. I just want her to have a comfortable cozy home to stay in and not have to worry about all of the damages and defects of the home. Just a few months ago she lost her husband (my grandfather) and my family has been there to try and help her in every way we can, especially trying to fix the home. It has been hard for my grandmother and family and I am just hoping to see a positive change to my grandmother, to see a smile on her face to see her have a beautiful worry free home.

  30. Hi my name is Jane Scott i would like to be consider for a home make over. I was given two beautiful little girls where we are is a small but warm and caring home it is a two bedroom but really a one bedroom that we made into a two bedroom so the girls can have a room. I would like a make over so the girls can have a place to hang their clothes and to play in. Thank you

  31. Hi im crystal and im from arkansas and im 30 and i was always a single mom n dad until i met my bf and his parents and idk how to sign them up but we r living with him n his parents and i want them to have their dream house and us too love yall

  32. Hi my name is Michelle and Im 49 years old the eldest of four children I am writing this on behalf of my mom who is 65 now as of April. 2016 has been the worst year for my whole family my dad died the last day of March in 2016 and my parents were both disabled
    . My dad has been disabled his whole life and my mom was the sole supporter of us four kids and my dad and herself as well. when my dad died she could no longer afford to pay the insurance on the house any more due to needing the money for his funeral. Needless to say after he passed away 7 months later in October on Halloween morning about 1 or 130 am the house burned down and they lost everything they owned except the land and the van. There were 9 people living in the house when it burnt down nothing was salvageable and they no longer had Insurance. Right now my mom and two brothers along with one son of my youngest brother is staying at my sisters house but they are being evicted in two weeks due to the death of her landlord. At that time they will have no where to go or to stay. She lives month to month on very little disability income. I am living in Canada myself and am not in no better shape than she is both my husband and I are disabled as well and we lost everything we owned in January due to black mold taking over our apartment and contaminating everything we owned we also lost it all everything we had saved or collected to sell when we got older for a retirement and to leave something to our children that wont happen now either we have no pictures no furniture no clothes really nothing its almost like being in a fire ourselves. i cant do anything to help my mom or my family because I cant even help myself. We cant find a place to live because we dont have good credit. What is this world coming to when you cant rent due to bad credit. Any way back to my mother she has been one of Gods Angels in this world always helping those in need when she could feeding the homeless giving people a place to stay when needed and never asking for money or anything in return now she needs help despretly . I am doing the only thing I know to do to try to help her have some happiness in life again. Im asking you all to Please help my mom and give her a home again a place to be safe and happy in what time she has left in this world. Show her it really dose pay to help others in this world and what goes around comes around Im not asking for anything that most people in life already have only she lost hers a home. Please we would be forever thankful to you all and to God if you could find it in your hearts to give my mom a home again.Thanks so much for your time and consideration of this matter may God bless yall as you bless others in their lives. Thanks again and God Bless.

  33. My name is Amber light , Sevella webb is my adoptive mother , but more then that the woman that saved My life.A woman who needs help .. she needs a Mericle .. My biological mother gave me away when I was five weeks old to this lady Sevella who took me in with nothing to ask for in return. In this time she had my sister who was giving to her at 5 days old and my brother who was given to her from his birth. So she was struggling then and has continued to do so for the 20 years but that has never made her Turn down a baby in need of love .. when I was eight she took in my other brother and a few years later another and then another . Crazy right?! 6 children she has raised as her own and struggled to do so because of finances and then there's the fact that SHES A SENIOR WOMAN! Though me my older siblings have grown and moved on to our own lives she still has a 13 ,7 and 4 year old at 69 years old with my father at 87! If she's not cooking , she's cleaning . If she's not cleaning she's driving .. doctors appointments between two elderly people a blind child and two growing boys there's a lot of upkeep to do medically . Then in the mits of that she's doing yard work and what ever she can to work on the house that falls apart around her…The home they are living in caught fire about 5 years back and though they managed to repair the fire damage the water damage and mysterious leaks have cause mold to continue to grow in the home… my father is very sick and can no longer work to help fix the home and they struggle to keep food on the table little long pay someone to repare the home . I used to do all I could and give all I can to them but I no longer can help… I now live in Ct and I moved here because my husband is in the Marine corps.. and every day I spend away it kills me because they all need my help so very much and I can't help … they are living in a poisonous environment and can't get out of it!! I need your help or even just referrals I don't know what eles to do but I know something has to be done before the city sees the mold and takes the kids or worse one of them gets sick from living in it like that . Please , Give her a miracle like she's given us.

  34. Where to start..
    I am Daleen i recently moved to port Elizabeth to come stay with my fiance things are becoming very hard her sister and the husband moved in with us about a few months ago the house is old years and years old.. The geyser well at the end of the month we have to struggle with a big bill only for the water.. Not even to start with the back yard.. Its a pain to struggle like this we dont have money to rent a place my fiance is suck a angry person because of the struggles..

    Please help us
    I dont normally do this or ask for help from anyone but I'm desperate.

  35. Between so many lines that I have read, I do not know if my words stay in time or my thoughts become reality, my family and and we are immigrants from Venezuela we arrived at this nation that gave us shelter, since my country presents a serious crisis where The time that my family and I remained there suffered hardship, being victims of kidnapping, accidents and lack of work, and the last months of 2016 were agony since I was pregnant, the situation only led me to think about intenrrupir my pregnancy but Fill me with strength and asked the Lord of heaven and that year I was selected in the lottery green card and suddenly I saw a light when I only asked God to change for my country, which did not happen, but everything was worse now In the month of January of this year my daughter had a faint of hunger we passed and the bad food we received, such a situation led us to emigrate to this great country only with our luggage and dreams for a change of life pa Our children, with 350 dollars in our pockets, everything else was left behind in the time we lived in that place we never had a home for our children and with a life full of new dreams and hopes I write from the deepest of My being that if you are able to lend me a help, I say to God, Lord, in your name, I can do everything.

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