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Extreme Makeover:Home Edition
ABC’s  Extreme Makeover : Home Edition is currently casting for their upcoming season. Fill out the application today and you or someone you know could end up having a chance of a lifetime to change their home and their lives.

Extreme Makeover, the fantastically popular reality program hosted by Ty Pennington is looking for families and communities for their next round of fantastic renovations! In just seven short days you and your family or community could be enjoying a completely remolded home, school or community center.

Does your family have a compelling and heartwarming story?  Does your school or community center need a re-haul ? You could be featured in an upcoming episode! Millions of people watch this touching program every week and now they could be watching you. Auditions and casting calls will be going on soon for the all new season of Extreme Makeover so submit yourself or someone you knwo today.Here is the application information: a.abc.com/media/primetime/xtremehome/apply/EMHEApplicationS7.pdf Be sure to leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the exciting updates.

Every family and community has a story, this is your chance to share it with the world.

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  1. Hi my name is brittney.. I am 24 years old… I don't even know where to start… I have 3 children ages 3 2 and 7 months…. we lived in a house for a year but we had to move when we got behind on our bills…… I was taken off work due to my legs going numb all the time… the doctors thought I had ms…. after 4 months of being off come to find out the problems were cause from me being pregnant….. there for the doctor took me off for good…. my soon to be husband tried to keep paying all the bills but it got to be to much…. our landlord was a little understanding… until one day we couldn't figure out why I'd pass out and not remember and my kids would call 911 or my mom or husband would find me….. so my husband had to quit his job to attend to our 3 and 2 year old and watch me…. come to find out the baby was trying to abort it's self…. a few days later the doctor said only 1 of you are coming out alive…. well here we are today one big family living in my aunts basement….. my husband is the only one working but not enough to cover everything… we have discovered we have different triggers if we go stay at a friend's house and come back to my aunts…. we are always sick…. we are living in a basement with slight mold we believe…… ever since we moved in here our kids have been sick and can't over come it….. we were in iowa city last week because my 3 year old had an absest with major infection blocking his airway my mom and I did some research and if there is mold in the basement that's what caused my sins problem…. not only that every time we drive past our old house my son starts crying mommy when can we have a home… when can I have my own paw patrol room… when can we be a family mommy…. I just want a home like my friends….. then I sit and wonder how do you answer that when you have no clue when all this can happen… I'm hoping you can help my family be bale to have a home to call home forever… and give my children the rooms of their dreams….. once again thanks for listening to my story

  2. My name is Carlee. I honestly don't even know where to begin. For starters my parents bought a fixer upper when we were little and then my father was laid off from work almost 10 years ago and for a good 3-4 years struggled to get a job. He had to move 4 hours away to get a job and my mother had to go back to school to get a job. They never got to start fixing the home before everything started changing and now our house is literally falling apart and we don't have the money to fix it. My siblings and I are having to help pitch in to keep the house from falling and it's been difficult for all of us. We don't even need something fancy. We just don't have the money to fix all of the damage and don't have to money go go and buy a new house. We would be honored if there would be any ways we could even get a small house that isn't falling apart. It doesn't have to be big or fancy.

  3. I am asking your help for my 83 year old grandfather. Long story short his house is falling down but let me start from the beginning so you know what kind of incredible man I am speaking of. First off he is a Vietnam veteran. He had a wife and two daughters one of which is my mom. His wife passed away from leukemia at a young age leaving him with two small girls to raise. My mom got sick at a young age with rheumatoid arthritis and then got auto immune hepatitis which caused her to have a liver transplant in 1986. She fought so hard and lived way past the ten years they gave her. She passed away on Halloween 2014. During the 80's when my mom was real bad the town of Wylie pulled together to help with fundraising and actually declared a day Tammy Blann day. Sorry I can't remember what day it was .Not a year before she passed her sister passed away. My grandpa Bobby saddler has served his country, buried his only two children, buried his wife, and yet still has never once complained. His house has been in bad shape for a long time and I have always felt so bad for him. I help him a lot with basic repairs but like the rest of my family I don't have the money to do very much. Well last week his house really took a turn for the worse along with the rest of the town of Wylie Texas. Softball size hail tore through his roof all the way into the house leaving drywall and insulation falling everywhere. The foundation is bad along with many other things so we have tried to move him in with us but he ain't leaving. He has been there since the 60's and raised my mom and aunt in there so I can't blame him. He is in very good health for his age and he deserves so much more than that house and I and begging for yalls help. We are running around like crazy trying to get his house tarped before we get more rain so we are in need of help a.s.a.p. Thanks for your time.

  4. Hello my name is christa I live in a small town down in louisiana called iowa pronounced I-way lol I love my home town small and quaint at 2 stop lights long I have 2 small kids a boy and girl carter and caroline and I soon will marry the man I love the only problem is the house we live in is falling apart from the floors tho the ceilings my mother gave us this house when we had my some cuz we can't afore much on minimum wage but that also means we don't have the money to fix it up ether I am a frame that soon we will be living with my mother again please help

  5. i have read all this beautiful people that needs help and its really amazing how they are being helped. i think that God has alot to do with this amazing people. i need your help desperately myself if i may ask , but the thing is this im from Cape Town manenberg where the shooting takes place..im a single mom with 4 young boys still at school..staying in one bedroom with them with a kind lady that took us in a few years i really need a place for us big please

  6. Hi I know there are many people applying for this post bt my family and I really deserve this home makeover because we used to stay at my father's house until my father became abusive towards my mom.so one day it happened that he threw us all out.we now living at my uncle's it's a four room house which iz too small for my family because we are like 12 we oly live with my mom and no one is currently implored at the moment so we really suffering a lot what's most painful is that when my 96 year old granny comes to visit us she sleeps on the floor because we don't have enough space for everyone so we really could use your help

  7. I am requesting a home makeover for my mom, Nancy Paxton. I am the youngest daughter of three. With a very heavy heart, as I am waiting on surgery results for my mom, I beg your help! My 74 year old widowed mother recently feel out of a bus, she was going to a senior site to do crafts with the elderly. She broke her arm, back, and neck. She also slit her head open and required @25 staples/stitches. Her recovery has been very difficult, on the mend she completely broke her back again , this time causing paralysis from the chest down. Needless to say this has now caused the need for surgery…. We have been told that after the surgery that her paralysis might or might not change due to the spinal damage. So my sisters and I are grasping for help, to get her home updated and repaired to accommodate her needs. A little about my remarkable mom…. She raised 4 children in rural Big Stone Gap, Virginia, alone after her abusive husband finally left her and us. She never learned to drive and depends entirely on my sister for help. She loves her church, family, and friends very much. Her faith in God has gotten her this far! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Good bless. Thank you, Becky Summers

  8. Hello my name John Black my wife is Barbara Black. she is handicapped with RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) which is a narrowing of the nerves which causes fire like pain most of the time. This RSD will not go away, she will always have it.she has helped many elderly people out over the years she use to work with the elderly in assisted care homes and in there homes also.She also has been having nerve blocks for her back from a car wreck that somebody turned in front of us and for her RSD legs She is volunteering at Gulf Coast Hospital in Ft. Myers, Fla. We as a family have volunteered at Ft. Myers. Rescue Mission for many Years. Helped in their early years of building projects. For the first director of the Ft. Myers Rescue Mission.We have helped feed the homeless on the bus ministry for many years; She has volunteered until she wasn't able to do it any more because she uses a Mobility Scooter now to get around better. She is presently taken Aqua Therapy and Physical Therapy,She is unable to stand for very short period of time because her legs are unable to. Our home is not made for the handicapped. The PT told her she should be in a motorized wheel chair right now but she is strong willed and wants to stay on her feet as long as she can; she uses a walker at times for short distances. I have heart condition where I can't help her to much because I can only lift approximate 20 lbs my cardiologist has told me this. I have also miss a lot of my work because of this.I have to lift her feet into bed and into the car. Her Neurologist has said she can't drive any more unless she has the vehicle equipped so that she can drive again;and it cost to much for our limited income she has very limited reflexes in her legs. She likes to be doing thing for others but can't. We need a home that she can take showers since the bathroom isn't accessible so she can only take sponge baths for over a year now. I like to see her in our home that she can get around and she can cook again she likes to do this and can't do this right now because of the appliances aren't to accessible for her to do any cooking, our son has to do this. Plus our son is looking for a job so he can help us out more but he can't find one at this present time. There is a lot that she would like to do if she could. My wife likes to get around; and not to be dependent on others to get her to her doctor appointments and to physical therapy . My wife likes to help others out. She does like to sit on the porch but the porch isn't for the handicapped she does enjoy being outdoors. We don't have air condition because it doesn't work any more and can't afford to replace it at the present time. My wife has asthma also and it would be lot easier for her to breathe in the summer time with an air conditioner that works. She does like to crochet a lot when she has the yarn to do it.
    We don't have a video camera so we can't send you one of the family. WE can send pictures of our family and our house.

  9. Good day.
    MY name is Nicodemas Segelaar.I'm from South Africa Anand a family of 5.My wife and three boys.Ever since I married my wife 8years ago we've been living in a 2room house,one bedroom and a kitchen and small bathroom. 6years ago my wife has been diagnosed with asthma and she's been in and out of hospital but she still working at a house for disabled kids in order to help me buy some food.I've tried several times for home loan's but at first my income was too little and everyone have to make debts for furniture or clothes for my kids.I'm realy struggling and I'm also not good in writing letters but if I can please help me and my lovely wife and kids for only a better home.than my wife can stay at home and look after her health and my kids can have their own sleeping room.I'm relay in need of your help.please contact me.th nd nico

  10. Welcome to race city USA Mooresville, NC. My grandmother 67 raised 6 children (5 girls and 1 boy). She has been taking care of Her oldest daughter Lisa for 20+ years. Lisa is 47, handicapped, and requires a wheelchair. My grandmother need a handicap accessible home. Her home needs alot of upgrades. Theres alot more i could say about the home but extreme home makeover it would be awesome if my granny and auntie could take a vacation while your rebuilding their home. Thanks alot it was worth a shot my family doesn't know what else to do.

  11. hi i understand that there are so meany people asking for help. well i am asking for help for my mom her name is bobette coggle. she has strugled to raise us kids are hole lifes. and we didnt make it easy on her one bit. me and my brother jessi did know how to stay out of truble so we was locked up most are life and that drained my mother mentoly. she now works a job at her age and she take care of a hole house hold me my girlfriend my two sisters six dogs one cat and she is the only one that has a job she works so hard to keep her home but gets really close to loseing it every time she makes the payments. she is so proud of her home and this home need so much work to be done on it. truth is it should be condemed but she still is proud of it. me and my girl friend moved in to help get the place for my grandfather who just lost his place move in. please consider my mother for your show she is a really big fan as well. thank

  12. Good evening. My name is Dana and I'm writing to you about my grandparents home. My grandfather passed in 2009 leaving behind his spouse whom my mom and oldest brother took very good care of her thru her last days (she passed away in her home 2013). My family is trying to hold onto the property as we share many years of prescious memories with the best grandparents on earth. We are a very close loving family that just want to bring the home back to life. This home is extremely old; needs major renovations, new plumbing, electric etc. their daughter who happens to be my own mother lives next door in a mobile home. We would love if she could fix my grandparents home up and move in it and bring the family back to our heritage. It's a 3 bedroom ranch style house, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, 1 living room and 1 laundry room. I feel like this would be a miracle and blessing from God for our family if you could help make this happen for us. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. Be blessed

  13. My name is Amber I have 6 kids and I'm disable I could use a make over to help me I have to survive so all my money goes to bills and stuff we need and kids so after that I never have enough to do anything to my house I had a foster kid for 18 months that just went back to their parents plus I am a GAL and help other kids if I had my way I would take home these kids i home school my kids so they are always with me I give my shirt off my back to anybody but when it comes to my house I could use some stuff done to it i just broke my foot yesterday when I fell in the floor vent while switching laundry and alot of other stuff really needs to be done thank you

  14. Hi!

    I live in a small town called Niangua, Missouri. Our school holds approximately 300 kids from pre-k 3 to high school. Our town has just a thousand or so. We have one gas station. We have tried and failed to have a tax levy increase for doing updates to make our school SAFE. There just isn't enough people with enough money. Our houses are old. Our school is old. Our kids walk through rain and snow to get to the cafeteria and other classes. The building hasn't been updated in years. Some classes hold almost 30 kids and we can't expand. PLEASE help us. Pick our school. Let our community help build it, let us make our little school better. It is the HEART of our little town.

  15. Hi ty my name is araillia im 22 years old im from sacramento ca, and ever since i was born i been through a lot my mom passed away when i was 3 so ever since then i have been lost and faking my happiness then years later lost loved ones on both sides of the family and my dad kept me away from my moms family till i was older and left him but ever since i left i couldnt get through to him we argue and say hurtful things we dont mean and all i wanna do is make him and both my family proud of me and to help both famlies be happy and build these homes of happiness my grandmother nita wanted her family to grow closer together and wanted a home built with love and her family to stick together and not be distant please help me bring my family back together and i also would like for my loved ones on my mothers side to have the ones thats incarcerated to be home early and do better i just want to see two families happy again please and thankyou so much this will be a big help on my brain and heart

  16. My roots run deep in this small town. My home is anything but run down. Im very lucky to have what I do. Very humbled, with a heart that's true. My kitchen/dining/living room, needs some attention, and should be soon. As, last year a leak surprised us all. Under the sink, was a waterfall. Insurance laughed in my ear. What my policy DOES cover, is still unclear. So here I am, commenting away, hoping to intrigue the right person today.

  17. Good evening,
    Reading through all these stories makes my story seem not so bad. I am extremely humbled by this offering and grateful to be considered. So thank you.
    My story and why I think my family deserves a home makeover!
    20 years ago I married the love of my life on September 9, 1995. But nothing prepared me for a greater love of which is a child. My son was born on September 11, 1996. He had a healthy 3 years until he became ill. My husband working as a police officer and I had just graduated nursing school, were blown away when we were told to just "go home and treat him like any other child." The doctors had no idea how long he had to live. Distraught we took him home and I researched day and night. We lived in a 1970's ranch and at the time had a house being built, and our house was sold. After many tests, procedures, years passed, and insurance bills in the $10,000 + range we could not keep up with bills. I had to stop working for the benefit of my son. When he was three just before he was real sick I became pregnant with my second son. It was a busy time going to doctors, having a newborn, and not knowing if your child would live. Amongst all that we lost are house that was built to foreclosure due to our sons medical bills. We then had to move to a different school district because there were no houses for rent where we lived currently and this was devastating for my boys. My oldest was in 6 th grade and youngest in 3rd grade.
    In 3rd grade that's when we found out my youngest son had Tourettes. He had so many tics. So I decided to start a Tourettes support group here locally for kids and their parents. Knowledge is a powerful thing. And knowing they are not alone is a great feeling.
    The place we were renting at that time was great however the owner wanted to sell at the end of the contract terms. So again we were trying to find a place to live. Still bad credit, could not get a loan. So renting again at a heafty price. Same school district. The bullying at the school was horrible. And them denying my son the special education he needed was my last straw. So I decided to pack our stuff, move back to our first hometown, husband, kids, dogs and all and had no clue what I was going to do. A lady I worked with had a house that she said she would rent to us for 6 months. So we took her up on that offer. I was so grateful to be back in the kids original school district. And what a difference it made. My husband and I met with a credit advisor, paid all debts, brought credit up and were able to buy a beautiful house. A house we were so proud of. The kids were proud of. Then one day my husband a police officer comes home with terrible news that he was let go. Ok I said I'll pick up full time hours as a nurse. My husband had been off for 6 months, I was now working Full time and BOOM… Seizures caused by a car accident I had got into 3 weeks earlier. Unfortunately I had to resign my position as a RN. Now neither of us were working, went through both retirements, savings for a year and a half and realized we could not do this anymore. We had to sell our dream home. Our boys were DEVASTATED. And so were we. We moved into my husband's old house that had sat vancant for 5 years. The conditions of this house were unlivable. Smoke smell, nicotine stains, bathroom floor board rotting away, water leaking in basement, Windows kicked out, and leaking toilets. Just to name a few. We had all but 5,000 left which allowed us to get paint, carpet, flooring. But it's just hard to know that this is supposed to be my home that I am making memories with for my kids and husband in this condition. I have no doubt with some time, and help it would be a beautiful home that I could call home. I would finally feel as a mother and wife that I have helped out in some strange way. Being able to cook, having a shower that works well, and bringing a sense of security in my boys life.
    Thank you for reading my long post. Again I know there are many worthy people and family's.
    Amanda G

  18. Hello, I would like to nominate my brother Kevin. Five years ago our youngest sister passed away from terminal cancer. My brother Kevin looked after her for 3 years during her battle at the same time taking care of our 74 year old mother who was in stage 6 alzheimers. After my sister passed away, Kevin was left with the responsibility of taking over the horse boarding facility at our moms place. It was in need of a lot of work and years of back taxes. He did the best he could while also taking care of mom. Mom passed away a year ago and Kevin has worked hard to keep the boarding facility going and a roof over our head. The house is falling apart and all the money goes into keeping the ranch running. It has been such a challenge for him with $34,000 dollars in debt on the place and constant repairs. He keeps going because he knows that is what our mom and sister would have wanted. Kevin is the most kind hearted person you will ever meet. Always looking out for others before himself.

  19. Dear extreme home makeover team my Sheakila and I'm so happy to even have a home to call mine.my dad passed away in October and left me and my two children a home.the house is very old my dad. Dad built the house.it needs a lot of work.. I have tried so many times to get things right for my children and everytime I get set back in 2009 I lost my friend my back bone my twin sister. Ever since I go thru moments where I can't go forward but I do because of my kids. I have a talented 12 and a gentleman 9nine year old. I just want them to be stable and have s pick of mind.I would love for the home makeover team to come to a little city in Florida and help a mother who works at McDonald making a way. I'm still blessed and highly favored. The work that this team does is just amazing. Thanks for the time to tell my story.

  20. Hi. I would like to nominate Phil Sollitt for your program, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 2016. Like so many others, Phil (aka Dragon) and his wife have been through so much in life, but even more so these past couple of years. Phil has been battling cancer, going thru both chemo and radiation treatments, going into remission only to have the Big Bad C strike again with its vengeance. But, what makes Dragon so special to so many people, myself included, is his internal strength and never ending selfless gift of love for others. Even though Dragon is going thru such hard times in his own life, he continues to give to others, NEVER asking for anything in return. He set up and organized the annual Kids with Cancer Fundraiser Concert, Toy Drive and Poker Run (now in its 5th year), helping to raise money to help kids with cancer, along with producing an annual 4th of July fireworks demonstration, showing his continued devotion to the celebration of his country. He is a “Ride Captain” for an organization called Patriot Guard. The Patriot Guard Riders is an organization whose members attend the funerals of members of the U.S Military, firefighters, and police at the invitation of a decedent's family. Note that Dragon is also a war vet, having served in the military serving his country during Desert Storm. I’m sure there are many deserving families, and you will receive numerous stories, but in my mind and my heart, there is no one more deserving than this very special, loving, giving individual and his family. It would be a blessing to receive such a wonderful gift to such a deserving family.

  21. Hi,my name is Ashlee Crotts my fiancé's name is Matthew we have two beautiful boys. They're my step children but they are my whole world! We currently live in my great grandparents house that they built a very long time ago. We love our home but we don't hardly have room to expand our family. We hope to have another child. The kids have their own room but they have to share it. You see, we only have two bedrooms. And my 15 year old sister stays with us a lot due to our mother and father having disagreements**. We don't have the room for her and our children at the same time. And the kids room is so small that they share a full sized bed. We have considered turning the basement into a bedroom but there are leaks and the basement floods every time it rains. It has gotten very deep before and caused some water damage. And that concerns us also because our youngest son has asthma and allergies and we are concerned about mold. We have looked but haven't seen any but that doesn't mean that it isn't there. The kitchen floor under the sink is falling through(which contributes to the flooding in the basement. Needless to say, the house needs to be completely renovated. We don't want to sell the house because it has sentimental value, and we can't afford to buy another home or renovate our home. I know our case isn't as big as others and it may sound like we're complaining but our house isn't exactly safe for our children. We just want to provide a safe home for our children but this is the best we can do right now. I know you guys help so many people and make dreams come true so help those in need before us. As our youngest says, "pass it forward". Bless all of you.

  22. Hello Extreme Home Family,

    A little about my family, I have five children. Ages 10-8-6-4-1. My Husband injured his back and is not able to work as much as he did.I spent the last few years taking care of my mother who psst away from cancer.then I worked part time until I gotten layed off. We live in a large one bedroom apartment. My family watches your show and it gives us hope of a better future. God Bless ! Hope to hear back.

  23. Hi extreme, I'm applying for myself and my 2 boys which are 1, and 4 at the time and I'm also pregnant now. I lost my mother at a young age so I feel like I been stuck in this dark corner alone struggling trying to handle things on my own for me and my kids..I will get more into detail if needed

  24. Hi Ty
    My name is Erwin. I own a home down south Louisianan.I have a girlfriend who has had a heart problem when she was younger. We have 2 kids one boy and one girl. We only have a two bedroom home. Right now she's going to school online to become a paralegal asst. We would love your help and We love your show.

  25. I've watched the show for years and it is so heart warming. I am actually here to nominate my mother in-law. She is a remarkable woman who has worked very hard to get where she is today. A few years back though she had to have two knee surgeries and back surgery so she had to take a very early retirement and is now doing everything she can to stay afloat. She bought a single wide trailer in Panama City, FL which has turned out to be a disaster. The roof is leaking pretty bad and causing the walls to buckle in places. the ceiling is falling in in her living room. I want to nominate her because of her big heart. She takes care of my two children for me while I work and its all we can do to keep the trailer intact and as safe as possible for her. Please help her if you can. Thank you so much.

  26. I wisht I nominate a man who to me is a Hero his name is Phil Solitt and I serve with him in the Washington State Patriot Guard Riders. He is an U.S. Army Disabled Veteran, I'vek known him since 2010 and he has been in and out of remission from Multiple Myeloma Cancer, but that doesn't stoph I'm from volunteering at the Washington State Veteran Home several days a week,as well as helping other veterans in need. I use a wheelchair and he helps met o get it in and out of my car, pushing it for me when I get tired, even when he'sn ot feelingh is best he puts others first, please help him with a home makeover to make his quality of life stress free witho it having to worry about his home for his family.

  27. I would like to nominate Phillip Stollit of Tacoma, WA. He is an Army veteran who served his time dutifully for his country. My friend has been battling cancer for years now and is fighting the good fight the best he can. He is a very good friend and is loyal to his friends and family. He also takes time to help lay his fallen Soldiers to rest with the Patriot Guard Riders. On top of his fight with cancer he is busy taking caring of his sick father in law. This man deserves something great in his life that would truly boost his morale.

  28. Hello my name is amanda. I really hope to have this happen. I live with my grandparents, my two daughters, my brother, my mom and my boyfriend. We only have two bedrooms with 8 people living in one house. Some of us sleep on the floor. our ceiling is falling. We have no running water. Barley any heat. And just no room. This house has been here so long it is just falling it is to dangerous. I NEED HELP! Please… I owe my grandma so much I want nothing more than to give her a happy place to live and not worry about it. We have no washer or dryer, shower doesn't work. We can't even use the toilet without having to put water from water bottles in the back of it to flush… I don't want my girls to grow up in this like I had to… Please help..

  29. Hi extreme makeover my family needs your help. My husband is disabled and he is closer to being paralyzed. After this news I quit my job to stay home and take care of our two young girls. We are all living in a two bedroom trailer that we can't afford to expand to meet our needs. We really need your help so my family can have a better way if life. Even though my husband is disabled he tries his best to renavate our house but it has put such a strain on his body the doctors predict he will be in a wheelchair soon. Please help my family so my husband can be able to walk his daughters down the isle one day.

  30. Hi everyone my name is Jacob and I'm commenting about my mother and step dad my mother is 42 this year my step dad the same but for the past 5 years I've watched my mothers health and mental state deteriorate after she found her infant grandson had been molested her and my step dad care for my sisters 2 children when they literally can't fend for themselves my step dad is terminally ill causing him to not be able to work but he's been denied financial assistance so he continues to do odd jobs working 13+ hours daily for little to nothing the house that they live in is 50+ years old and was built by my step dads grandfather the wiring is horrible most of the windows are busted or broken there's mice they can't get rid of and last year there was a fire in the bathroom causing my mom and step dad to use all of their extra money to repair it if my mother had not have been awake to smell smoke my parents as well as the house would have been gone they use wood heat the electrical through the entire house is horrible but their situation hasn't stopped them from building a small park for the neighborhood kids to play in or for my step dad to break his back to make sure everyone around him is cared for. Please help my family thank you extreme makeover.

  31. I would love to have this done for my mother who is the most inspirational, strongest woman I know. 4 years ago on the 26th March 2012 her son, my brother was killed in action in Afghanistan. The most destroying news any mother could hear. 2 months later her mother passed away with lung cancer, who again she was very close too. That year was the worst year anyone could imagine. It wasn't until 2015 things starts to seem. Little bit brighter with my mum and fiancé leaving their job and taking the big leap to start their own business at a butty shop. 2 short months into the business her fiancé of 13 years passed away in his sleep due to a blockage in his artery. I would love my mum to get that lift as her house has got a little on top of her due to trying to balance and keep a float her business and house all on her own. Due to being alone she took companionship in two pups which she adores so much but sadly they destroyed her house in the puppy stages. She sadly hasn't got the spare cash to work on doing her house up at the moment and she really hasn't got the spare time. Please please help my mother. Thank you so much for reading this. Lisa

  32. Hello my name is valerie burt. My husband is shane he is only person in house working but he is getting to where he is hardly able. I have 2 biological kids Dustin is 20 and Kayla is 17. We lost our home to fire years ago and purchased a mobile home which was fine for the 4 of us but 3 years ago I got my 2 nieces Ashlee is 15 Gracie is 11 and my 2 nephews Johnny is 9 and Jackson is 6. I just recently got custody of the 4. After getting them in April I found out in August I had cancer. I had to leave my job to raise the kids and fight the cancer. I have been cancer free over a year. But our 3 bedroom home is not working with 6 kids and my husband and I. I recently had to have a complete hysterectomy due to nerve damage from chemo. We would be happy with just a addition so the kids can have their own space. They have been thru so much. I just want them to have their space and a room to call their own. Thank you.

  33. I've watched your show a lot and it's come down to the point now that My home burnt down on March 25th and I have 6 small children. I was on the verge of getting my children. And someone dileberaltly burnt it down. Now I do not have any place to live for my children to come home or to even call home. I have no income coming in. I'm so scared.

  34. My husband and I, both in our late 50's are raising our grand daughter since birth and a girl, now 12 who we acquired when she was 5. December of 2015 we also received two little boys related to the now 12 year old girl. They had been in foster care for 15 months. One removed from his home at age 18 months, the younger at age 2 months. My grand daughter, now 5 and the older boy, age 4 each have learning disabilities and heart surgery issues, respectively. The oldest had been physically traumatized by her father and her mother's boyfriend for 3 of her then, 5 years of life so – all children need special care. Additionally, we are babysitting, overnight, every night till 3 the next day, 2 children whose parents rent from us. We feed and cloth them because their parents don't. We are not compensated for that. We have yet to see if they can pay rent. We have a lovely 12 room victorian that we are trying to sell. We have had not one bite on it. We have a leased home in a nearby town that we have been trying to fix up so we can move there. It is a ranch style home – very well constructed.It needs windows, bathrooms – which we have all the stuff for, and a kitchen – which we have all the stuff for – we are just paining the cupboards and counters (hopefully) and putting down flooring. We bought the appliances used.. and they all match. We would like some help getting this house put together so we can move into it. Our realtor told us we can't sell this one living in it. Our reasons for buying the smaller house – which we will do as soon as this one sells, is so we can afford to keep the 4 kids we have and to accept the other two if / when their mother decides to relinquish them. My husband can't work on this house roof – which is two stories high with a very steep grade. We can't deal with the stress of tenants anymore – we have two rental units on the back of our property (trailers). We have a brand new – $25,000 garage that literally has never had a car in it…. and we can't afford to live here without tenants. If we could sell this house and life in the smaller house – we could live mortgage FREE and be able to afford all of these kids. The worst part of the house in Bath, NY is a summer room or glassed in back porch we were going to turn into a room for the boys. The ceiling is falling down because apparently they replaced but failed to replace the rotted wood underneath. My husband isn't sure it is safe. We can't afford the kind of professional help we need to get this house liveable. It had been vacant for 5 years. We have been working on it since last October and made very little headway. Do you think it would be worth your time? This has to be a now decision. We can't wait till the end of 2016. We need to sell this house NOW and move into the other house or we are going to lose everything I fear. We would be willing to donate some money when our house sells to someone else whose home you are fixing… I mean like $1000 or $2000 – we won't have much left over after we pay off this house and pay off that house. We bought this house for $65K in 2002 and we bought that house for $70,000 in October… we didn't actually pay for it…we just agreed to buy it. We are leasing it and paying insurance while we fix it up. If we can give them 1/2 the money they will give us a deed… but I am hoping ours sells so we can buy it outright. We are living day to day right now… and have stopped working on the other house because we can't afford to breath.

    Thank you for any consideration you are able to extend.


    Deborah A. Lo Vette Watkins
    Grandmother to Haley, age 12
    McKayla Rose, age 5
    Thomas, age 4
    Jordan, age 2
    Evelyn, age 4*
    Sam, age 1 *
    * they don't live with us full time. But the others do.

  35. Hi! My name is miracle and right now I have to stay with my grandparents because my mom don't have enough money to have a decent place we can both live in. The way she's living now is hurting her health. It's not fit and I don't want anything happening to my mom.its just been me and her for the longest and now it's just her . Please help us. She's works 24-7 to try to keep bills payed and that's barley enough. I'm begging for your help!

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