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Extreme Makeover:Home Edition
ABC’s  Extreme Makeover : Home Edition is currently casting for their upcoming season. Fill out the application today and you or someone you know could end up having a chance of a lifetime to change their home and their lives.

Extreme Makeover, the fantastically popular reality program hosted by Ty Pennington is looking for families and communities for their next round of fantastic renovations! In just seven short days you and your family or community could be enjoying a completely remolded home, school or community center.

Does your family have a compelling and heartwarming story?  Does your school or community center need a re-haul ? You could be featured in an upcoming episode! Millions of people watch this touching program every week and now they could be watching you. Auditions and casting calls will be going on soon for the all new season of Extreme Makeover so submit yourself or someone you knwo today.Here is the application information: a.abc.com/media/primetime/xtremehome/apply/EMHEApplicationS7.pdf Be sure to leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the exciting updates.

Every family and community has a story, this is your chance to share it with the world.

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  1. I too am asking for someone else to have a home makeover. Feb 3rd, 2018 an 12 year old girl came knocking at my door. She had a wagon filled with 13 empty 2 gallon water containers. She said they did not have water. So we filled the jugs up with water and she pulled the 26 gallons of water home in her wagon in the snow. She refused any help pulling it home. The next day she came back with her 14 year old brother(Christian) and 8 year old sister(Mylia). They asked if they could shower at my house. Come to find out they have not had heat for 3 months, their water flowing 3 weeks earlier and only half of the house had electricity. A wonderful plumber came and reset the breaker for free and now they have water. I am working on getting their heat back on. Eventually I went over to see what was going on and the first thing that came to my mind was, "Oh my, these children deserve a better environment than this…and if wishes came true I know Extreme Home Makeover would transform their house into a place that they would be happy to call home." Their grandmother takes care of them, their father lives with them, but Skylar says he has been a different person since their mother left them. Through the works of God I have had to have the strength to plunge ahead in helping where other neighbors kept telling me to call social services and child protective services. These 3 children are a tight knit trio and when asked if they were happy at home they said "Yes". I dream for a healthy warm environment for these children, one that makes it easy for their grandmother to take care of them. For what they are going through they are so well mannered and caring. Skylar wants to me a chef or vet, Christian aspires to be a police officer, I hope to coach them along the way and have no intentions of turning my back on them once the church gets their heat back on, but I have no way of doing home remodeling. I am also looking into the county funding a remodel so perhaps they can fund your team.

  2. I will like a home make over..been struggling for 9 yrs wirh a fixer upper i bought…its just been a struggle trying to get it togather…can you please help?
    Sincere Thanks

  3. Good Afternoon,
    I will more than greatful and thankful whether just reads my story of my grandparents who are just the proudest people who have migrated to this country and have set forth a path for their children grandchildren and great grandchildren. My grand father has what is known a Retinitis pigmentosa – to which he is completely blind and my grandmother who has been his sole caregiver for more than over 40yrs and still counting. They live in NY and our family tries so hard in helping to maintain the house . but when I say that they are set in their ways it is so. This house is the Matriarch of the family as my grandparents.. The Gist of it is that their house needs so much repairs for all the underlying conditions with their health. Just to make if better accessible for my grandfather and my grandmother and more secure.. I am of course not looking for much changes to be done. just to help to give the home and refreshing makeover and some helpful adjustments like her have a better laundry room to have a dryer and a better 2nd shower that my grandfather installed himself years before his disease captured his eyesight. I just pray that someone will be able to help us to help them. No rewards. Just Sacrifices that they have made and something I would love to give back to them.

  4. Hello my name is Nelia Paul and live in sitka alaska. I wrote you a letter because i really need a help i work fulltime but we leave to paycheck to paycheck its really really hard situation specially i have 3kida 2 are my adoption kid 6months and almost 3 my oldest is 15years old. Financial is the biggest problem specially we renting a place too ans its make more harder we owned a cab but its not making money due to lots of competition plus my husband is not working fulltime due to physical problem he diabetic and back problem he is sick all the time he is in and out to the hospital always.so right now my wish is to have our own house so please please help us.

  5. Hi I am a 24 year old girl married, have a daughter going to be 2 in March we was forced to buy a home that is 2 bedroom 1 bath we need a 2nd! We did add a 3rd bedroom but the house is not big enough, the bathroom has mold in it, the front of the house had a second door takin out of it and still is not fixed. We live paycheck to paycheck sometimes hardly make it. He has a 6 yr old girl so child support is not helping neither is all the doctor bills in trying to fix up our home. It still maybe an alright home to live in but we could used the help, we are a family that doesn't ask for much and just want the best for our family.

  6. My girlfriends father past away nov1 2017 his home resides in woodcrest a city in the county of riverside ca. His home sits on a acre property and in need of an upgrade it has potential a lot of it my girlfriend doesn’t want to sell it she feels it’s the last thing that’s part of her dad she wants to keep but can’t afford a makeover can u help .

  7. My grandparents are living in EXTREME health hazard conditions. This has already started to take its role on getting both my grandfather and grandmother I’ll. I feel it has made my grandmother depressed to where all she does is sleep. I will have her spend nights at my home for a more comfortable sleep but she has to return back to my grandfather. Her health is failing her with arthritis, high blood pressure and over weight from the medication. Just this week she was stuck in the bathroom and could not call for help out of embarrassment. She has no kitchen in her home instead a big hole in the wall that was damaged from hurricane. She is hoarding the house is in unlivable conditions. My grandparents do not have money and are older they deserve to live in a comfortable home. I beg for you to take just one look at their home and health and find them some help to rebuild a comfortable with a handicap assessable bathroom to still be able to take hot baths to help her arthritis pain but also able to get out. I have taken photos of home I can send please HELP! Thank you

  8. My mom has 8 kids 5 were adopted including me my moms birthday is coming up and i would be really thankful if this could happen she has been wanting to renovate her house forever we have a 5 bedroom 2 bathroom and a sun room i would be really thankful for this to be considered.

  9. I have a home that was a gift from my mother and father my mother died and I hired people to help me and robbied my I am disable I am trying to get some help to finsh my home that my mother left for my kids I have most of the stuff to do it with some one please help

  10. To whom it may concern. My name is Virginia kepoo I live in antioch ca. I am writing you in hope of a blessing or miracle. A family who has taken me in and has hello me out and many others who are just like me a orphan with no family has open there doors and has taken me and many others in as if were blood. They have been a blessing in my life and others. Unfortantly the house is falling apart and due to s financial hardship and losses that were Unfortantly enviable has put this family in a position were they are going to lose everything. They owe 35 thousand dollars in delinquent taxes which was inhrereit with the house after her parents died. Our mom Cassie who is now the one who the house is giving to she the one who has loved me took me in as her own suffers from depression and has physical challenges that make it hard for her to move around or do things she needs in order to save the home. It would be Dutch a sad loss leaving many homeless. Our mom is a great loving women who has hello many of lost children with no families taken them in over the years and took care of all of use no once has she ever turn her back nor closed the door. She's been struglin with her parents passing her husband leaving her disabilities limited finances.she has not been able to fix the house that's old way undercode its supper bad its falling apart bad pluming old carpet broken doors kitchen sink leaks you name it its in need of fixing. Please
    Help me to help this family who has been there fir the community by helping the homeless to children who have no one and helping people like me abused broken alone. They have help so many touching many lives it been so sad fir her in the end to lose her home end up homeless with nothing after all she's done. Please can you help me to give such a blessing to a family who has done so much for many thank you and i hope and pray for a miracle. I appreciate your time thank you Virginia

  11. We are a family of NINE! We have seven children ranging in ages from 18 to 7 months old. As I hear our bathroom toilet gurgle I decide to sit down and write you and tell you why we would be the PERFECT family for your show. My husband is the beloved neighborhood PE teacher of 12 years years. We were married twenty years ago this year shortly after he began his teaching.

  12. The House of Refuge (THOR), open as of May 2010, is a nonprofit Christian transitional living facility for women. It is designed to foster positive growth and development in a structured environment that will offer healing, hope, and restoration.
    THOR is a passage way for women to leave negative lifestyle behaviors and re-establish them in their lives and into society. THOR provides residential arrangements, inclusive of counseling, educational, and life-skills training programs.
    While taking in new women we had to find a different location and the house that we are currently in is a fixer upper and we need you help.

  13. I am writing to you about a good friend of mine. She lives in Schaffertown,Pennsylvania and lives in a house that is literally falling down around her. She has many health problems and is on oxygen all the time. She also has a very hard time walking. She also takes care of her brother in law who has retardation. In the winter time she freezes a lot because all she heats her house with is pellet stove. Her roofs leaks and actually has come thru her upstairs down to her kitchen. I fear she has mold in her home.

  14. As a child of a single parent growing up living in a home that was an embarrassment I couldn’t invite people over especially when it was raining. The roof leaks were horrible and we had to use an umbrella to go to the bathroom . Having a home to be proud of has been my dream as long as I can remember and as a child I would walk down the streets near my junior high school and admire the architecture of old grand homes as I walked home from school . I am now 53 and I have worked hard at making my home something to be proud of. When we couldn’t afford sheet rock I used sheet rock mud over the old panels. I have so much more to do but what drives me is a desire to have space for mentoring teens. I couldn’t go to college. I want to be a mom to kids who need stability. I have thee girls ages 21,18 and 11. College is a struggle for middle class families like ourselves. and I know kids who desperately need a hand up to be able to afford college .My husband and I have been married for 32 years and my dream of adding additional space to our home and also adding onto to our little two story treehouse to provide free housing for students who need a hand up would make my dream come true in so many ways. We live near Arkansas State University and would love to be considered for this extreme home makeover. There is great opportunities in my back yard redoing an old pool or changing it into a basement? Your ideas of what it could be would be be such a blessing.

  15. I'm a single mother of 5 we currently live in a 3 bedroom 2 bath it has a lot that needs to fixed paint,new floors,bathrooms redone,kids bedrooms done etc. I've had to recently file for bankruptcy due to the time i was out having my last baby i fell a little behind. If i could find a program i would love for us to have a bigger house built because i know as the kids get older they are going to want some space. When you don't have the funds what do you do be happy with what you have and trust in god that one day i might be able to build our own house for my kids anything to make them happy and smile.

  16. A few years ago, before I married my husband, I was scammed both by a mortgage company and by the contractors they referred me to. I became permanently disabled (severe fibromyalgia, scoliosis, degenerative disc, bulging discs in neck and lower back, bursitis and arthritis) and have to look at the 'mess' these people left behind. Now my brother, who has liver disease and cancer of the liver has had to move in with us. Pleeeeease, we need a bathtub and so many updates due to what the other contractors left behind and what I and my brother need to be comfortable in the home and ability to go in back yard and outside. My husband, sweet man, works and does not complain, but he deserves a home he can relax in when he comes home. I'm hoping we will be considered for your awesome show! Thank you!

  17. I want to get my gramdmothers house remodeled she is the rock of our family she is always there for everyone she will give her last ….her house could really use a extreme makeover

  18. I would like my Mom's house made over. She &I are both young widows with no help on fixing stuff. The house is beautiful from the outside but old and worn on the inside. My mom keeps telling me that she wants to keep the house but doesn't like how run down it looks. After my sister died my Mom stopped trying to redecorate the house.
    She gives so much to help my six year old that I want to do this for her but I can't afford it. Please consider her. It would mean so much to her to have a house she is proud of.

  19. I have always loved your tv show. I use to watch it as a child on regular tv but it is no longer aired on it. You all do a wonderful job helping people in need of help. And you have changed so many lives by doing so.
    I never thought I'd have to ask if help but iam Ian now doing so.
    My father Randy Is a retired veteran he served this country at the age of 17 and was a sargent at the age of 17 for the Korean war. He was also born with spineobiffia and he didn't know he had it till he was in a car accident on his way to work when he was in his 50's he was hit by a dump truck that hit him from behind at a red light. He has a metal plate and 4 screws in his neck from the accadent as well. He also had to take a early retirement because the factory he worked in called Electrolux had moved to Mexico. For a little while he was recovering benefit pay fir surging our country but when govner Granhome came in to play she took his veterans pay away saying he made to much from his disability pay and his early retirement and now because of that he brings in way below poverty pay in.
    My father is an amazing kind man he helps out any and every one that he can by taking people in to his home who need help and he never asks them for any help with bills or any thing to do with the house he just asks them to make sure that they can take care of them selfs.
    My 3 children and i have been living with him this whole time all but 3 years because there are a lot of things he can not do because of his health and he needs my help. This past summer in August of 2017 i almost lost my father he was sick for months and months he couldn't get out of bed he couldn't eat or drink any thing or he was puking finally i got tired of of him not wantiwanting to go to the doctor so I called for help and it turns out his doctor had him on meds that was slowly killing him and it caused his magnesium to be 0.06 which is almost non existing that it broke my heart seeing him go threw that and almost losing him.
    But now to get to the point my dad's home is a small 3 bedroom trailer and all the Windows leak to the point to where it is non fixable, my dad's bathroom the floor is caving in where the toilet was and the bathtub is so old it is cracking. We have put plywood down threw out the whole trailer because of holes in the floor caused from the Windows leaking the walls threw out it have tape along the floor to try and keep it warm. In the kitchen we have some electrical problems to where we can't use the outlet behind the stove. The laundry room has no lighting in it because of electrical problems and there are many other problems as well. My father is 67 years old and he can't afford to get any thing fixed and neither can I bring a single mother of 3. Please any kid of help would be a blessing.

  20. Hey,
    We are a family of 4. We are purchasing a 1928 salt box home and want to make it into our dream home that we could live in for the rest of our lives. It would be amazing to have Ty come and make our dream a reality. We are in Southern Maryland. Thank you for the opportunity to apply! We hope to hear from you!
    The Distefano's

  21. My parents need this more than i know. An honestly i don't even knpw where to start. They have holes in the floor an the. bathroom is so bad i can't even explain how bad. I honestly need a makeover on my home but my parents deserve this more than anyone. So please let me help them.

  22. Hi I'm asking for your help in re: to my 73 yr old mother. She is raising my sister's kid since he was 2. She lives in a 39yr old mobile home. The floors are caving in and and the bugs are trying to carry her away. I feel so sorry for the living conditions that she is in. I have offered to let her stay with me but pride gets in the way. If u seen it u would cry. Plz find it in your heart to help my mom she really deserves her last year's to live in comfort. Ty and God bless to all of u on extreme?+

  23. Good day. My name is James Shamp and my family and I have a huge dilemma. We need a suitable home for us to live in. I served 13 years in the military before I was medically retireed for PTSD and other minor injuries. We attempted several times now to purchase a home but because of my low income and increasing costs of living no one is bale to help us. So I went back to school learning a trade that I would one enjoy and two make money. Unfortunately I was involved in a motorcycle accident that rendered me a paraplegic. So not only can I not do the trade I used my college money for but now housing is an even larger issue. My wife (Crystal) and three daughters Cariah(09), Zoie (08), and Eden(01) currently live in separate house holds because of the lack of wheelchair accessible houses where we are. Not even Renters are willing to help make reasonable accommodations. We have made due with vehicles and healthcare but having to do such has dwindled all of our savings that was for a home purchase. I have always enjoyed watching this show and it is one of two that have never failed made me cry happy tears.

  24. I am working on something different as to help homeless veterans have a home. Here in Kentucky we want to build multiple small homes to house veterans until they can get back on their feet. The only problem with this is we don't have the funds to make this organization become something real. This operation is gonna be called vets reborn as it works to help multiple veterans that have gone through hardships and are working to make something happen for themselves have a new beginning(hints the name vets reborn). All were asking is for a little help in making this operation a reality as it would help many veterans in having a fresh start.

  25. Im a mother an sosoon to be wife to my finance we have a 2 year old an soon to be new born feb 11th living in a room small enough to be a bathroom its basically a boarding house an we have the smallest room its been very very hard we lost our car about 6 months ago an having to walk or take the bus where we have to go. We could really use alot of help we really need something bigger for the 4 of us. My fiance has disability issus that dont allow his to work but a few hours a week an thats not enough to survive im the only one who can provide enough for the family an im really struggling to hold it together

  26. Hi my name is tawainia and I live with my boyfriend john and two kids kaleb who is 5yrs old and Brooklynn who is 11yrs old. My boyfriend is not working at the moment due to not having a reliable ride as well as health issues. I can't work due to my health I have asthma and have had it my whole life. My health gets real bad to were I end up on the hospital. We curanty live with his mother and husband who has cancer and we help them with bills and other things. But we are unable to get are own place but are wanting it more then anything. Are kids share a room and really want their own rooms. We have been through a lot I lost my father a year ago and my boyfriend lost his uncle and aunt within the last couple years. We really could use this really bad. We always give up everything we have to move in with family to help them pay bills and keep a roff over eveyones heads and help take care of his nieces. So please if you could help us it would be a dream come true. Thank you from Tawainia

  27. I am a single mom of 2 young kids. My little girl is 6months my son will be 3 years old in February. I dont have any help out of the fathers. My grandfather had got my mom the house we live in back in 1999 or so, we have lived here ever since but now its just me and my 2 kids plus my 2 brothers which are just starting their lifes out. We live in a 3 bedroom one bathroom house with a full basement and a fenced in yard. This house is really old and has black mold everywhere in the basement and bathroom and the windows need replaced they have lead in them and the siding of the house is eating away its the old siding that has concrete slates with masinite. Plus there is so much more like our roofs on the house and garage and lots of other things around the house. I would be so blessed to see you guys at my door step my life would get so much easier and less stessful.. We have the city on us and come spring they are gonna start fining us over things we have no money to fix and theres no help i have called every habitat for humanity and everything i have got nothing. Please help us thanks

  28. My 39 year old wife has permanent brain damage and dementia caused by cardiac arrest, while at home, 6 days after we came home from the hospital with our new born son. While sitting on the couch with my wife, our new born 6 day old son, and 4 year old daughter next to us, my wife collapsed with no pulse. Before she fell to the floor, i caught her in my arms. I was quick to realize what was happening and began CPR and Mouth to Mouth breathing for over 10 minutes until the ambulance arrived. It took the paramedics another 10 minutes or so, shocking her heart several times until they finally got a heart rhythm, yet she was still not breathing on her own. I was able to keep my wife alive for those 10 horrifying minutes. A day later in ICU, my wife began having seizures (due to the anoxic brain injuries caused from lack of oxygen to her brain.) My wife suffered approx 3000 back to back, endless and relentless seizures for THREE days. These seizures caused more brain damage. I have cared for my wife daily and raised my two kids pretty much on my own for the last 6 years with minimal to no help. Two years ago I was able to buy us a home in Northern California. Its a modest small home that needed minor repairs, until my wife flooded half of the house by an overflowing bathtub. Now my home has half of the carpet torn out. I started to remodel our kitchen, but cant find the time or money to complete the job, since i can no longer work being the full time care provider to my wife. My wife had recently graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CA with an animal science degree, yet her education has been lost due to the brain injuries…..as my wife thinks she is a Doctor now. Its been a very hard 6 years for me. I feel like I have no lifeline and very little support. I do feel that I have been lucky to be able to keep us happy in this home, and have a positive outlook on our future. But, daily I look around and see that what I am faced with is an impossibility to complete this home before my kids grow up. I dont have the energy or the money to hire anyone to do the work, let alone get it done by myself as the needs of my young children and wife are constant during the day, as every parent would know. To engage myself in any project to benefit my family is so difficult. I have tried so hard for my family and I will never give up….but its coming at the expense of my life, not being able to pursue my career, losing out on a retirement fund, my spirit and sense of humor has all suffered immensely. Most people wouldnt know how bad this hurts inside to struggle with this ongoing family tragedy. My wife and I were on a career oriented path. We had so much ahead of us. It all fell apart instantly when the cardiac arrest hit. I remember giving my wife CPR and seeing her lips turn blue and feeling her skin get cold to the touch…..I remember my life flashing through my mind as I count 1-2-3-4 with the chest compression's i was giving my wife to keep her alive. My wife and I have been together for 18 years. She was a starbucks employee for over 8 years while attending college. You would have thought all of her friends would be there to help her, yet every single friend my wife ever had has turned their back on her, as one friend said it was too hard to see my wife with brain damage, so he decided it was easier for him to act as if my wife had died. Our story is real and tragic. I have championed our existence thru love and patience. I just cant believe that no one has offered any significant help, let alone ever ask me how I am holding up through all of this, and sometimes I find myself helping others without ever letting them know of my need for help or my situation at home. My family could use some help. My children are so amazing, you wouldnt realize the issues at home existed just by knowing them, as I have done my very best to give them a normal outlook and experience in life. Good luck to all of those who could use the help from this Tv Show. Stay strong and consistent. We will all get there sooner or later. Just breathe.

  29. I am writing to you to ask for your help for my Mother and Father. They are wonderful people they have worked all their lives and are retired now.My Mother has been through Brain Surgery,Stints in her Heart and just a month ago Kidney surgery.She is 67 yrs old. My Father has had Heart Surgery And other Medical Problems.He can barley walk and he is on oxygen he is 83. They raised my 5 childern when I was going through a difficult time in my life.They have greatly gave up alot to do so. My youngest 2 childern are still living with them Selena is 16 and Alex is 14 yrs old. They own their Home but all they sacrafises they have made they can't afford to fix everything that is wrong with it. My Mother has a Hot tub that my Father bought for her it has been broken for years she gets so sad when she talks about it she really used to enjoy that. I would love for them to get a make over it would be the best gift i could give them and see my Dad not have such a hard time getting up and down the steps to go inside and out. If you could please help. Thank You

  30. Hi. My name Paula Coker my husband Bennett and i live in a house that is almost a 100 yrs old. Needs a lot of work that we dont have the money to it with. It has been really cold this week and our heat and air doesnt work. We have had two different air conditioning companies that charged over $500 and still never fixed it. Floors are unlevel and much more. Work to be done. My husband is on kidney dialysis

  31. Hi i live in a home that used to be a convent built in 1934. There were some bad tenants that destroyed the place and put holes in every wall made of the old horsehair and generally messed it up pretty badly. My mother was so heartbroken as she owned it at that time and i tried to clean it up but I have a fractured back and arm injuries plus PTSD and find i am unable to do it all. The convent has 12 rooms all up and it now belongs to me. Not 1 room is a finished room. My bed is in what should be the lounge ,the toilet outside, ceilings falling down in 2 rooms ,walls half started where help had started a year ago then stopped , no oven or kitchen so i cook on a camp gas oven, no proper laundry and my location is a problem apparently. This old convent is so beautiful tho and i love it. I just need some help please. I live here alone and i want to be able to care for my mum here when that time comes and it really would be nice to live in a home that doesn't make me feel like I'm glamping inside and is functional.

  32. I am a single mother of five kids living in a three bedroom trailer with lots of issues. I worked but have developed nerve issues and have had a few surgeries on my hands and arms. My oldest has bilateral colobomas in his eyes. My next youngest has a bad heart and also had eye surgery. My youngest was born hearing impaired. I would love nothing more than a room added onto my trailer to allow my oldest to have his own bedroom.

  33. help our community site. Faith based – positive interaction supplied for the lost kids. High drop out rate, sucide rate, teen pregnancy, one of the highest poverty counties in Kansas. Our little center needs a renovation- it would impact the entire community if we were chosen

  34. I'm writing you about my best friend (Melissa Bruckman) and her 3 kids, (Justin) 15, (Alexia) 12 and (Lilly) 2. Her husband was murdered on May 24th, 2017 by a career criminal who stole an Oklahoma natural gas truck, led 3 different police agency's on a high speed chase all through Tulsa and busted through the gates at the Tulsa international air port, ran down the tarmac almost hitting a plane full passengers before driving through the fence continuing the high speed chase through red lights and eventually getting on highway 75 off ramp going the wrong direction (going south in the northbound lane) the chase ended with him hitting my best friends husband head on taking his life instantly. He was an amazing husband and father to his wife, daughter and 2 step children. He was doing what he did every morning, just driving to work to provide for his family. He was a very talented singer, he was on the worship team at their church. (We have an amazing video of him singing I Am Redeemed) he sang that song (his testimony song) just that Easter at church. Their dream was to purchase a home and had been saving for over a year when the accident happened. She has done everything she can to honor him including buying a home. Unfortunately she could only afford a home that is way to small for them (1043 sq feet) there are no cabinets in the kitchen at all and now she has found out their is a large mold issue under the home in the crawl space so they can't even move in. Even in her darkest hour she held her faith close and continued to help others in their tiny community (Berryhill) by providing food and clothing to children in need. Her community and church were amazing in rallying around her. She hasn't really been able to find the strength to return to work ( The Tulsa World BH Media Group) but they has been very understand and caring. I would love to to see her have a home for her and her kids that is suitable for them. I'm attaching a link to the news story on her husband's death as well as her email so you can contact her. Thank you so much for taking the time to read her story.

  35. My best friends husband was murdered on May 24th, 2017. He was a young husband and father murdered by a career criminal who stole an Oklahoma natural gas vehicle, led 3 different police agency's on a hide speed chase all through Tulsa and busted through the gates at the Tulsa international air port. When he went through the fence leaving the airport he continued to lead police on a high speed chase through red lights even running on the wrong side of the road. He eventually got onto highway 75 backwards going south in the northbound lane what he hit my best friends husband head on killing him instantly. Her husband (William Bruckman) was doing what he did every morning, driving to work to take care of his wife, 18 month daughter (lilly) and his 15 year old step son (Justin) and 12 year old step daughter (Alexia). They had been saving for the last year to buy a home. His wife, my best friend ( Melissa Bruckman) managed to buy a home but she couild not afford a home big enough for her family, the home needs remodeled, updated and added on to so her family will fit in it. She was working at Tulsa world when she lost her husband but has not been able to really return to work. Her work has been amazing in holding her position. She lives in a very small community (Berryhill) that talked around her to help in her time of need. I would love nothing more then to see her and her kids get the home they deserve. Here is the link to the news story. http://ktul.com/news/local/remembering-william-bruckman

  36. I am owolabi Ese from Warri Nigeria. My children and I love watching the extreme makeover- home edition. we love the wonderful love and care you and your group are given to the less privilegd. We just need a six bed room duplex with a morden interior and kitchen designs for my underveloped plot.

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