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Extreme Makeover:Home Edition
ABC’s  Extreme Makeover : Home Edition is currently casting for their upcoming season. Fill out the application today and you or someone you know could end up having a chance of a lifetime to change their home and their lives.

Extreme Makeover, the fantastically popular reality program hosted by Ty Pennington is looking for families and communities for their next round of fantastic renovations! In just seven short days you and your family or community could be enjoying a completely remolded home, school or community center.

Does your family have a compelling and heartwarming story?  Does your school or community center need a re-haul ? You could be featured in an upcoming episode! Millions of people watch this touching program every week and now they could be watching you. Auditions and casting calls will be going on soon for the all new season of Extreme Makeover so submit yourself or someone you knwo today.Here is the application information: a.abc.com/media/primetime/xtremehome/apply/EMHEApplicationS7.pdf Be sure to leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the exciting updates.

Every family and community has a story, this is your chance to share it with the world.

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  1. My name is Michele Grima. I live in Oceanside NY. I’m not sure what to say here as I don’t want to seem ungrateful fir what I have- I know many have a lot less. I’m a single mom and 5 years ago my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I do the best I can to keep my home as clean as possible but at this time our backyard looks like a scene straight out of Jumanji and everything needs repairs. My youngest daughter doesn’t have a room. I’m praying Extreme makeover might be the miracle we need❤️

  2. Hi, I am a mother of five children all under the age of eight. I live in a renters home that is full of mold and we live on a busy street so I'm constantly worried about my children's safety. My husband and I have gone through many rough patches in our marriage because of our living conditions.
    The house we are in is a two bedroom one bath. One of the bedrooms are as small as a closet, that is the bedroom my husband and I share because my kids need a lot more space. I am very concerned for my family's health because of the basement. It is filled with spiders and mice and has standing water under the cement floor that has a foul smell. water seeps through the basement walls so there is mold everywhere. i feel like we will never be in a position to ever own our own house or have enough space for the five children we were blessed with.

  3. Hi I grew up with my mom when my dad died in 1969. Mom died got married and my wife left me with three lovely daughters. I got married with a single mother of two children. I don't have enough space on my two bedroom house. I'm only working at age of 52 with medical treatment. I really need love and care. I love watching extreme makeover seeing people love for a human life. God bless you and family.

  4. Asking for a friend, she reached out on Facebook 5 years ago, some help, but conditions are the same. Her words follow:

    Dear Community, Family, Friends;

    My family and I have quietly dealt with our situation for many, many years. For those of you who may not be aware, I am the oldest of four children. The other three are triplets, two boys and a girl, all three with Autism. They also have epilepsy, and my sister suffers from a rare kidney disorder, that caused kidney failure in the past. This is but the tip of the proverbial iceberg that my family has dealt with.
    My parents for many years, tried to keep their struggles from me, but it became too much to hide, and provided some moral lessons along the way. I’ve have witnessed not only the total segregation of my siblings because they are different, but also the terrible treatment my parents have received. I have been treated with pity, and surrounded by whispers my entire life. I don’t often like talking about our struggles and pain, but after some of the things that have recently gone viral, things need to come to light.
    I have bad news for you. You know that letter to the mother with the Autistic child, telling her to have him euthanized? This has happened many times over to my family, but has never once been publicized. In fact, once we had a local paper call us and send us a letter they received and refused to print, as it named all three of the triplets’ names and attacked them, urging the community to rise up and run my family out on a rail. It was never published, but the mentality has continued to exist.
    My parents spent the first 17 years or so of the triplets’ life advocating for them. Fighting for the triplets to get the best life they possibly could. My father worked and barely paid our bills. My mother stayed at home and poured herself over research, Individualized Educational Plans, tools and aids to help the children learn and cope with the world beyond what the school district was willing or able. My family, sad to say, has always been well within the limits of the poverty lines. My parents fought hard to make sure we didn’t go without. We ate a specialized diet, Celiac to be specific. We had a roof over our head, family pets that brought us comfort and joy as children, toys and even computers. Never the top of the line, but enough to get done what needed to be done.
    As I neared my college years, my mother began to do small side work; cleaning houses mostly. Eventually, as the market crashed, my father lost job after job. Soon they developed their own business of handy work. Both mom and dad worked as many hours as they could, while the triplets were at school. Work piled up, both at home and with clients. Bills weren’t getting paid, so work with clients became a priority, just to keep surviving, and keep the triplets comfortable.
    This is the case to this day. My parents are in their fifties now, and working every day they can. My mother hasn’t had a day off in months, working every day, with torn ligaments and possibly broken bones because some clients refuse to let her have time off, and the bills are still waiting to be paid. My father works during the day and then comes home to get the triplets off the van from their day-hab program, as they are beyond the educational cut off age, and takes over making dinner and basic household chores that haven’t yet been accomplished by the one personal care attendant (or what ever the title is now) who steps in during the day.
    As one may imagine, if you were to work from 7am until midnight everyday, and you have certain priorities due to your children’s health concerns, certain things may fall to the wayside or to the back burner. Sadly, that means that the curb appeal of the home, the yard and porch of the 100+ year old home is starting to want attention. There are people within the community, that have some sort of prejudice or agenda against my family, who have reported my parents to the local authorities. I mean they have called the town hall, the police, the fire marshal and even the department of social services. My parents have been contacted by the local authorities, and given warnings. Now the warnings have escalated to threats of demolishing the home and taking away the triplets.
    My parents are hard working, honest people; Kind people, perhaps to a fault. They have nothing in savings, no chance to retire, and are merely trying to get by and provide for their family. That’s all they have ever done, and I dare anyone else to try to accomplish what they have done.
    If there is anyone who can stand behind my family, most especially my parents, in this difficult time; I beg you, stand up. Share our story, stop by and give my parents a hug, if you can help with anything, please help. Whether it’s being willing to help should this go to court, to help them get junk to the junk yard, to help them with anything at all would be appreciated. Prayer, support, and love is what they need right now. Everything they’ve ever worked for is teetering on a razor edge. Please, please don’t let us become a forgotten story. Please don’t let us become some terrible statistic. Help.

    Your Neighbor, Friend, Niece, Sister


  5. I Extreme Makeover home Edition my name is Misty Pittman I'm writing to y'all because I would love to be on your show to show you what this world has become my house was broken into and tour upside down we have nowhere to live now all my husband's tools were stolen my kids computers are all gone because we had to stay in a rent house where my husband works now this is all we have thank God for that but we don't have the money to fix the repairs that someone has destroyed if y'all can consider me and my family we would be so grateful if someone can just help us fix our house that would be very much appreciate it I'm sure me and my family can find a way to replace the things that were stolen if you were to see my house you would probably fall over and die yourself I can't believe how this world has become today me and my husband have two daughters age 18 and 17 a grandson is 1 years old and a son that don't live with us he is 20 years old which are pretty old enough to defend for themselves these days but my grandson is only a year old and me and my husband are helping my daughter raise him so we do not have money for to repair the damages I'm not trying to get anyone to feel sorry for us we're no more privileged than anyone else that is applying for the TV show if just one day we could get someone to help us we would appreciate it so much if it
    wasn't for my husband working and paying for a rent house we would be homeless if his job runs out as of today we are homeless because of what someone has done to our house they kicked in our back door and went in to the house and tore everything up it is no longer a house we can live in like I said thank God my husband has a job and a way to pay for a rent house but that's all we have 😢😢😢 I'm not sure if y'all are getting these messages but I hope so I hope you really are and I hope you really consider me and my family to be on your show thank you for your time and consideration sincerely from a family in distress 😢😢

  6. I'm not sure why my comments not being posted but long story short my house has been broken into destroyed I'm looking for someone to please help me my husband and my family are living in a rent house because I have no home to go back to now they completely destroyed everything it looks like a dog was in there pooping everywhere or somebody left the back door open and wild dogs got in there and pooped everywhere I'm desperately needing someone's help please someone just someone please call me I have no idea why anyone would go into someone else's house and tear it up the way they did mine they stoled all my husband's tools took my kids computers the TVs are still on the wall amazingly I have a grandson that I'm raising if someone can please just get ahold of me I would deeply appreciate it I can explain more by telephone then I can buy message and I understand I'm no more deserving than anyone else on this site thank you for your time and your consideration

  7. Hi my name is Misty Pittman I'm so upset with the way my home has been done me and my family had to move in to a rent house because my house was broken in to who ever did this stoled a lot of my husband's tools and destroyed my house it looks like who ever did this had a dog are it could have been wild dogs that went in my house and pooped everywhere my house is no longer a house I can live in 😢😢 why anyone would do this really gets me me and my family have no where to stay when my husband's job is done and over can someone please help us we don't have the money to pay for the damages that have been done please can someone call me we are in desperate need of help and I can explain more if someone can call me

  8. Growing up I wasn't the greatest kid got involved in a relationship with one of the towns thugs and the stress I put on my parents was unbelievable. We lived paycheck to paycheck often barely making it with our water and electricity being shut off sometimes would hardely have anything to eat for dinner. Anyhow thru all the struggles and stress and hardships my grandfather got sick and passed away from cancer my mother just about broke down and lost it . She quit her job leaving the entire financial burden on my father . She had a nervous breakdown as the house was in ruins such a sad and empty feeling in the house . I use to hear parents going at it about how the house is falling apart it's a mess wood rotting soft spots on roof house crumbling literally cuz of termites and with no money we can't afford to have it tented. We have several major cracks thru the house from the last big earthquake and openings and holes thru out entire house where at a time rodents decided to move in . With 10 hour wrk shifts my father struggled to complete the projects he started around the house and after so many years finally became burnt out and never finished. During this time I had my kids moved back home with them to escape my ex the father of my son. Let's just say I'm lucky to be alive today and don't know how I made it thru the hell. Early one morning I watched the news and learned that My sons father ends up killing his mother and current girlfriend in the beginning of the year Feb 19 2018 in covina hills . With the heartbreak of my son not having a father anymore he trys his hardest to help fix things up around here striving to make grandma happier and himself. Ive started to put up a retaining wall in back before our back hill gives way and the mud starts to break thru the rotted particle board type fence that dad threw up over 15 years ago. The other day i came home to find that my son who is only 7 yrs old put half the retaining wall up and to my surprise i doubel checked it and everything was leveled and correct. He wishes so bad that we could live in a put together home and maybe invite some of his friends over and not be embarrassed and wishes he could build a great big house so grandma can syart smiling again. Mom's getting older and after battling cancer herself she can't do the things she use to do around here. I wish so much that I was in a position to fix this house and hopefully bring back some of the happiness back into this house but I am unable been unemployed and struggle myself barely making it each month. Things in life are not always peachy and I've tried my hardest to keep the bad and ugly from my children . My wish one day is to maybe get this house back together and start living again .

  9. My girlfriend in TN did not have a rosette in her life. It is from Bohemia, we are a small country in the heart of Europe. She came out of modest proportions, and not two marriages failed. She had her dream, to buy a house, to repair it, to sell and to buy something smaller and to live in peace with her granddaughters. But fate was not bent on her side again, and in a month she sold it to the auction house. Unfortunately, it was a disease and a bad backbone, and although she can help, she is no longer given to work to finish the house. Please help, so much luck is not possible for one person. I apologize for English, translated to google.

  10. I am looking for help for my parents. Their house burned down on September 5, 2018. They are still paying the mortgage but the insurance isn't enough to pay for the rebuilding of the home. We are looking for help to rebuild their home. I don't know where to turn to for help. Please help.

  11. Hi, I'm a mom and grandmother in Michigan. I live alone and have no family

    here to help me. I have had 5 heart attacks, 4 strokes, 6 stents, a triple

    bypass and a defibrillator.

    I am on SSDI Disability and have lived in a 660 sq. ft. house for almost 25

    years. I can't get through my house in a wheelchair. There's no garage,

    critters are getting into the engine compartment of my car costing me

    dearly to repair the chewed up wires, lines and hoses.My house is in a very

    sad state. It has no AC, my doctors are concerned about heat stroke. It has

    no first-floor laundry or anywhere to put one in and the basement has mold

    and is infested with spiders which terrify me. The furnace is 44 years old

    and inefficient. The windows are 1971 vintage non-energy-efficient

    aluminum-frame (some are broken). The bedrooms are so small you have to

    disassemble a bed to turn it around. There is not one room that two people

    can both be in at the same time. Some of the wiring was aluminum wiring and

    almost burned the house down. The "weatherproofed" deck rotted out.

    I am in serious trouble here. It needs paint, has a leak in the roof, water

    damage on ceilings from the roof leaking, holes in the siding, linoleum

    floors are crumbling, carpeting is 45 years old. It is in need of many more

    major and minor repairs that I am no longer able to do.I am 16 miles from

    the nearest town. When the power goes out there's no hand pump on my well

    for water and no generator to provide power, heat or water until the power

    comes back on.

    Please consider me for this help!

  12. Hello everyone, I don't know we're to really start,my English isn't really good so I am getting my friend to write on my behalf, anyway I wanted to write to you guys for weeks but I am feeling very nervous how to explain the situation as I could see many people with problems, it's like my wife use to say, you should always look down at people who are worse situation then you and be grateful what God has given you, but now she has finally broken down, I am today writing to you cause of my wife,my wife had lost her mother when she was only 3 years old, she died when she gave birth to her brother who was only 3 days old, after that my wife father got married again, her step mother always used to beat them up,at one point she gave food to her younger brother and he didn't want the food so shr stoke his head in tgis bucket full of bricks and his head split open,then he had to have stiches,my wife father devoiced her, then he remarried and again they they had same problems,all her life she had no happiness and a year ago my wife lost 4 members of the family her dad ,uncle,brother and sister all died of cancer, she was by each of them looking after them,going throw there final stages and then taking there last breath on there death bed, they all died in time of 2 years one after another, my wife then was pregnant she had a baby girl but after 6 month she seemed different, she was falling behind and no eye contact when calling her,no pointing,many other things and my wife finally snapped, she has now lost it, she crys all the time, she says she doesn't know why God gave her in this world cause all her life she has suffered, she has never had nothing to be happy about,I work part time cause I am looking after my wife and baby as my wife is not only depressed but she has a slip disc and many body pains cause her step mother and hit her and punched her back,which she ended up with a slip disc, my wife used to watch your shows and she only wanted a big house in life with nice big kitchen with an island In the middle, with big living room and on suit bedroom with walk in wardrobes and that, big for t and garden, I can't never in my life give her that,even my wife used to say no point dreaming about which is not going to come true,so I was hoping if you guys can some how help me with maybe the house I have,i don't know if you will or will pick us,cause my wife used to say naa no way, no point I have never had any luck in my life, forget something big and massive like these people coming, you guys would cry if you heard from my wife her life story till now,it just would have been something for her to feel peace and living for,she even says to me I wish I could do something for my younger brother who has nothing as he never met his mother, he is like slow,can't do things on his own, anyway I just thought I can try,was really afraid to write to you guys,take care,from Alim uddin

  13. I'm a 41 y.o recently divorced mother of 2 boys.Divorced due to infidelity. It has been such a difficult time in me and your youngest son Kailib's life.He's 15 and told a friend was going to hang himself. He told the principal at his school and we had a conference and of course he denied he was serious.I know he wasn't because about a month earlier he'd asked me for a 10 foot rope.For some reason that thought was what immediately can to mind.I asked what did he need it for and he would never tell so course I would not buy it for him.He has become such a recluse since out separion and our divorce.He used to be so outgoing. He's the total opposite now.He went to high school last year and it was a school zoned for us but he was in a magnet school since kindergarten.He only knew 2 people in the school and by the end of the year he'd only made one friend during the year.He doesn't talk to anyone and is so unapproachable.He is over weight and I know that affects his self esteem as well.Could you please help me with my son, his self esteem, and our weight challenges.
    I work full time as a RN and have my own business and I'm always so busy.I know what I have is such a blessing but I regret that I started it because it takes me away from my family so much when I know my boys need me more than ever.I can't afford to quit my part time job.My business is doing ok,but chaotic a lot of the time.I'm always overwhelmed and stressed. I am the one EVERYONE calls on ALL OF THE TIME for everything.I feel drained and defeated all of the time. I never have anyone to lean on.I dont enjoy life anymore.It would be great to have a home make over to help us with the new chapter in our lives.My home is depressing.I can't afford it.I'm begging for you help. We need a change to help us mentally and emotionally healing. I know nothing about decorating a home. My home is so sad. I hate walking in to it. You dont know how this would be a blessi g in my life and a dream come true.

  14. We bought our first home in 2016 as a family. We lived there for a year and then Next we became Foster Parents. Legally im not allowed to tell much, especially on the internet. But we are about to adopt hopfully. This sweet baby has made our family hole. And its been a struggle for her, for us. But we just dont have enough room and would love to be able to have room for her. Never thought I would apply for this. Always knew I could do it on my own. But when you cant, you just cant. God has a plan for this little family of mine and we are hoping you can help.

    God Bless.

  15. Suicide is what happened in our family. My mother's father killed himself this past year, and we have been struggling. Our home of over 15 years hasn't been renovated since. I live with my step-dad who doesn't speak English, mother, and older sister. My mom is a nurse so she is always taking care of others. Please help me take care of my mom.

  16. My name is Vivian Haynes; I am a 62 year old African American female living in Gainesville, FL. In 2010 I had to retire due to a quadruple bypass and 2014, I became a below amputee. After all the surgeries, I tried to go back teaching again then the strokes started. I had to retire early not knowing what my next mission was in life.
    I finish my doctor’s degree in organization Leadership and wanted to give back to my community, so I started a non-profit organization Sisters Helping Sisters in Need Inc. This will enhance the quality of life in community through individual family services, community programs, and partnerships with other organizations.
    Sisters Helping Sisters in Need, Inc. (SHSIN) is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization founded in 2007. It works to break the cycle of poverty through self-sufficiency and youth programs and prevent homelessness by ensuring that people have access to basic needs such as food, clothing and emergency assistance for housing and utility resources.

    SHSIN strives to connect people with other programs in the area that will have a positive impact on a family's long-term "health." The organization serves residents living in the following areas of Alachua County and surrounding communities in Florida. Our organization serves 300 families each month. Families are eligible to obtain food through our pantry each week. The program is managed by one full-time staff that is supported by 12 volunteers.

    I have been during this program for 11 years out of my home. An extreme makeover would provide space for me to travel in my wheel chair to different areas of my home and freezer space is needed for the amount of food and other items I receive to help families. This organization as accomplish many awards for the work we do in the communities.

    Thank You

    Dr. Vivian Haynes

  17. My spouses grandma just lost her house from the telegraph BC fire a few weeks ago, all her belongings and everything of hers and her husbands whom passed away a few years ago gone.All her husbands belongings and the memories they've made in that house all up in ashes now. It's so devastating because that is all she had left of him and I like it if we could get her house rebuilt.It doesn't even have to be big one floor house easier for her to get around. This would be a miracle for her it's so heartbreaking.

  18. My step mom helped raise me and my younger brother while my dad was on the road.She took her own money and paid for groceries and school supplies when my dad did not make enough.She has been living in a trailer that has no running water. Because they an not afford to pay to have all the underground pipes replaced and their trailer needs new insulation. She also takes care of the 10 acre farm. They did at one time have 23 dogs that she would carry water to three times a day in the summer.twice a day in the winter. Now they have only 2 dogs left. She has to use a old time washer to do her clothes.She has bad arthritis through out her body. My dad has a bad back and has a rod in it so it makes it hard for either of them to do repairs on the property. My step mom is a specialised paralegal she does freelance work for lawyers to bring in extra money.But even with that work they still can't afford to replace the pipes. It would be great if you could help them.

  19. I am writing on behalf of my Daughter, S-I-L & Granddaughter. Here is their story: Family Medical

    2014- *Jerry (my husband – Sarah's dad) was diagnosed with Diabetes
    *Sarah (my daughter) had a Miscarriage
    2015- *Lizzie (my granddaughter) was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma at 3 mos. old
    * I was diagnosed w/Colon Cancer 3 surgeries (one life threatening) Aug – Dec .
    *Lizzie had a port put in her little tummy for Chemo
    *Lizzie had numerous Chemo/radiation treatments/hospital visits/stays
    *Lizzie had cancer/cancer free numerous times
    2016- December *Lizzie Cancer Free
    2017- January – *Cancer back, about to go to her brain, she had to have eye inculcated 2018- January – *Now they also had temporarily custody of Thomas' 16 yr. old cousin for a few months….(update in March) (his Cousin is now in another home).
    January, *Thomas (son-in-law) Diagnose with Cancer, Thomas had cancer surgery
    *Sarah gets sick has to wait 5 hrs. in emergency room, almost dies as they rush her to
    emergency surgery for ectopic pregnancy/ ruptured Fallopian Tube.
    February *Thomas has procedure to put in port for Chemo treatments.
    February *Thomas Has 5 days of 4 to 5 hrs. of Chemo ended up going through this for another bout (end up with 12 treatments all together) Now Cancer Free.
    June *Sarah diagnosed with Crones Disease
    *Sarah has had numerous tests, hospital stays, needs surgery for Crones but
    has to wait longer to heal from (ectopic pregnancy surgery).
    Once again Sarah is in the Hospital from her Crohn's, she has an infection, they are
    going to give her antibiotics for a few days to a week to clear it up then do surgery to
    take part of her bowel out to fix the leakage.
    July *I am writing another update: A couple of weeks ago they once again had to do
    an emergency surgery on Sarah, because of her Crohns her bowel had burst so they
    took about 8 inches of it out, and put a bag on Sarah, she will have it removed in
    October. She has lost over 50 lbs during the last year due to her illnesses, because
    of all this she will miss, all together, about 10 weeks of work. Thomas is now on 3rd
    shift instead of 1st. Sarah is on 2nd shift so they only need someone for Lizzie for about an hour a night.
    They really need the room next to their bedroom made livable for Lizzie's Bedroom. (she still sleeps with them because with all the bills and can no longer do anything they had planned to do to improve their house. Lizzie's room needs new Sheet rock, paint, flooring/or carpet, and furniture. It would be awesome if you could help fixing their whole house up.
    lizzie: warrior princess (on FB)
    *** They fully intended to fix the house up, but then everything started happened one right after another and they have had to use all their extra money on Dr's, Medical Bills, Medications, etc. Not to mention, all the work they have had to miss. Lizzie has always slept with them (I think they were afraid to not have her with them). Now she is 3 and it is time for her own room but they have the walls in her bedroom striped of wall paper (along with the dinning room) and can't finish it along with everything else that needs to be done.***

    Please, I ask with my whole heart, help them. Thank you for your time and consideration,

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