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Love In The Wild Season 2 – NBC

Love In The Wild Season 2 - NBC
Love In The Wild, NBC’s hit dating/game show is holding auditions for its second hot and sexy season.  This is your chance to compete in a fun, action packed game show while possibly meeting your soul mate.

Are you single person with a big personality and  a bigger desire for love? Have you ever imagined taking a trip around the world with the person of your dreams?  Then this is the show for you.

Endemol Productions will soon be holding casting calls in Miami, Dallas, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Boston and Charlotte. Leave a comment below and keep checking in for more information. There is an application to fill out here kasstinginc.com/LOVE-IN-THE-WILD/application and then you could be on your way.

What could be more exciting than being flown to an exotic location and competing in fun and outrageous contests with attractive people just like you? This is your opportunity for stardom, adventure and love!

32 thoughts on “Love In The Wild Season 2 – NBC

  1. I should be in this because I need love! Im very outgoing,funny,and willing to try new things.I will try anything for the first time 🙂 includin being on t.v

  2. I should be apart of Love In The Wild because I love to compete in a challenge and I am single. I am 21,soon to be 22 in October, and I am an African American. I am very attractive with a exciting personality.

  3. Divorced… Single Mother… I have only had 2 real relationships.. and I live in a small town and have had the absolute worst time dating and finding a good relationship… I would love to appear on this show!

  4. Hi my name is Michele. I'm a fun loving honest respectful honest person.I ask for the same.Treat people the same way you want to be treated.Ive had bad luck when it comes to love. I'm not fake I am as you first meet me all the time .I like football basketball pool darts looking up at the stars camping walking swimming music movies poetry cooking cuddling kissing talking Bon fires walks in the park picnics Sunday drives children camaros .I am very simple to get along with and not material listick

  5. Kirstin is single and ready for the world. I am looking for Mr. Right to come and sweep me off my feet, but it won't be easy… I tend to string guys along… My chain of fools! Well, nobody has yet won my heart… Who will take the chance?

  6. yupp that's me how did yall know. I think I would be Great for this one. I'm 20 years old. let me know people.

  7. I want to nominate my friend Theresa. She is 5'2, 105lbs, body like Eva Longoria. Curly brown hair to her waist. She got spunk,brains, talent( she can belt out a note like Mariah Carey. Shes 26 and just moved out of our small town in Humboldt County to move to Sacremento. She went to help her sister and her bestfriend with their newborn daughters.Oh and lets not forget all the new men in a big city. She wants to find love and have a family but so far her dating life has always been with losers who lie,cheat, or just aren't on her level. On her facebook she admits shes hard to handle but really its just having standards. She deserves a decent man and to be able to find love. Please help my friend by casting her for the show. Thanks, Jen

  8. 23 years old, 5'10.5", brunette, caucasian, supervisor at a daycare, I absolutely love kids!!I loved watching love in the wild last year!! I know I'd be able to win most of the competitions as I am athletic and intelligent (university grad-psychology major). Also I'm from Canada and I handle our winters every year so I'm sure I could handle the competition.

  9. Hello Im Kamilah Im 25 years old and I am from philadelphia and I am tired of the same old blah blah boring dating rituals. I like to think of myself as a unique person who has learned not to take life so seriously. I have an outgoing personality and I love to travel. I am hoping to find true love why not do it in an exotic location?

  10. hello my name is jonathan laboy and i love to act i wanna be on tv and do a good job for more information please contact me i really wanna act

  11. Hey hey my name is Jacqui I'm 24 from a small town outside of Boston ma have always been in relationships that get too serious really fast and never work .i work had and late nights so it's hard to meet people also because even when i go out locally everyone knows everyone.:-/ I'd love a chance to travel and I wouldn't mind competing with some hotties 🙂 and if I fall in love then I fall in love …

  12. I'm a 27 year female from London, England and I am looking for my long lost American Prince to meet in the wild, have an adventure and fall head over heels in love with. I have been single for 2 years now, I've dated but it's the same story. I'm an old-fashioned kind of lover. I love romance and I need a man that's serious and committed as I'm not getting any younger. I'm so serious that I'm willing to travel all corners of the earth to find my match!

  13. My name is AInsley Blackmon 6'3 Black Males looking for the right person. Im like my name im Unique and Different. Put me on the show.

  14. I'm 25 and apparently I attract whores. So if u got whores on your show don't bother. (Whores meaning cheaters, liars, and such) Haha I'm fun though, I feel like a hopeless romantic. I'm athletic, and I'm pretty much like the best lookin person ever. In the world!

  15. My Name Is Hattie,I am 28 years old.I been single since I was a teen waiting for the right man and Have not found him,Just a chinese crested Hairless I named Batman,LOL!.I am in love with him!.But want to be in love with a human!.LOL!.I am very outgoing!.have done lots of modeling here on Maui,and some acting as well.I would love a chance at love!.I look forward to hearing back from you!.much ALOHA!!

  16. My life’s motto is to "TRY EVERYTING ONCE", and also “WHY NOT!!!" — With that being said I am a little shy and at times tamed but I will always try it all and do it all; from jumping off planes ( twice now),to moving across the country on a whim. Its comical, I’m comical in my ways of being. I am 5.1 ft, 112 pounds, 32yr.old, pretty, young female. 

  17. Wassup I'm 20 yrs old, I have a fun outgoing personality, I'm from chicago illinois the south suburbs. I always want to be on tv. My mother have 5 kids and she always told me I was gonna be the one who really make it cause I'm outgoing and funny, I like hangn out and doing crazy things. This is why I should be on the show

  18. Whats good…my real name is RoRo….my government name is Sergio Roden…..since i was young ive always wanted to get on a date show…..im funny humble and passionate about life….adding me to the cast will make this show that much better….im from South Texas…..san antone to be exact so hit me back…….

  19. I am a 20 yr old African American female currently in college studying communications and theater arts. I'm from a small town in Michigan. I am about 5'7 caramel complected, medium/curvy built. I am a naturally funny person who is always up to do something spontaneous,I have a punk chic style that is very versatile.

  20. Sounds like something I would love right now! I've got a fun and outgoing personality I woud definitely bring some excitement to this show!

  21. Hi I'm Janthina, Jan for short and I'am ready for love I currently live in Las Vegas Neveda
    I work as personal shopper and wardrobe stylist I love love love what I do, I love life and I'am willing to fight for someone to share it with I'm african american Long dark hair, light brown eyes my measurements are 36-26-39 and I'am confident if you guys choose me that I will get Mr. Right!!!

  22. Ok frist thing frist im 20 if your show is looking for spice im the guy I need love in my life unlike haters n fake people love to have fun

  23. 🙂 52 52 52 yrs old !!!!!!!!I think u need a Fun-filled-Happy-Big hearted woman,with many talents, including acting, on your show.

    Adventurous,Intelligent, Funny, Goofey,Poised,Confident and Just a Happy Person.
    I am missing and searching still for that special one , I can share my life with.

    .Ive done so much in my life thus far, icluding , hunting to fishing to travelling , to bussiness, to volunteer, palliative care, to vetrinary ass't, to teaching esthetics,Owned salons,broke my neck,cancer patients help.. and more.
    I was athlete of the year both in public and high school I have to to have this childhood dream fullfilled… :-))

    Do you allow 52 yr olds on .??
    Becausee I am up for the CHALLENGE !!!

    Would you consider a 40 or 50 and over show ????? 🙂

    I welcome with open arms. And I truly Thank you for the opportunity.

    Many thanx



  25. Louisiana Creole Cutie is what the Men Call me!! I currently live in the Great State of TEXAS, where we do everything B.I.G!! Diamond in the rough is what other ladies will call themselves, but there is nothing Rough about me. I am THE Polished Finished Product of My Life. I've reached my Womanhood and is Waiting for my Ride on the White Horse with my King!

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