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Food School – MTV

Food School - MTV
Food School – MTV Reality Audition

With such monster hit culinary programs as Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen and Chopped dominating the network and cable TV airwaves MTV has decided to get in on the action with an all new youth based cooking reality series Food School. Food School is set to bring a fresh take on this incredible genre and casting calls for contestants on this exciting production will be starting soon. If you love food and the art of cooking and are ready to test your skills in front of millions of viewers MTV is ready to give you a shot at greatness.

Food School will be an intriguing mix of Top Chef style game show and The Real World. Contestants chosen will have cameras focused on them as they live together in the same house and are taught culinary techniques by some of the biggest names in the food world as they compete for the Food School championship. The producers and casting directors for this fabulous new cooking competition are looking for up and coming aspiring chefs with big, charismatic personalities and even bigger talent. Chefs chosen to compete will have the epic chance to sharpen their skills under the direction of true food visionaries as they battle it out for the chance at a cooking job of a lifetime and launch the career of their foodie dreams. If you are ready to push your cooking skills to the limit, this is your once in a lifetime shot at fabulous prizes and fabulous career opportunities. Casting calls for this all new MTV project will be held soon and aspiring chefs can submit themselves today for a spot in the cast. To apply for upcoming auditions and for more production information you can send emails here mtvfoodschool@gmail.com. More casting news and audition updates will be listed as soon as they become available so keep checking in and leave a comment below and tell us what you think of the new cooking series and why you want to audition for MTV’s Food School.

23 thoughts on “Food School – MTV

  1. As a major fan of televised food shows, it is blatantly obvious to me that my category of chefdom is generally underrepresented in casting for today's internationally viewed cooking shows. My innovative set of skills has earned me a reputation for having a very unique approach to food creation which would set me apart on your show, Food School. The most challenging and notable experiences of my chef career, which have fueled my enthusiasm, have been when I was contractually engaged in the private culinary service for; actors, producers, billionaires, doctors, prime ministers and other accomplished and discerning clientele.

    This elite category often involves formidable obstacles demanding not only skill but an energetic personality in order to deliver the very best experience for such a privileged clientele, who often require preparation and service aboard private jets, super yachts and in remote locations and estates. This affluent social class, who are devotees of exceptional cuisine only bestow their patronage upon chefs who have an uncommon culinary knowledge, as well as, unique experience and diversified backgrounds.

    Always treating my life like a journey, I am most comfortable when living out of a suitcase and traveling the world, to my next food-oriented adventure. I believe that I am a zealous, experienced, independent, personal private chef and therefore a very qualified representative and motivating force of this unique category of culinary expertise. I would love to represent my fellow personal chefs, on MTV’s Food School, in promoting the uncharted skills mandatory to become valued and sought-after by elite clients.

    A major motivation for my dream goal of obtaining a television presence, is to spark the desire of millennials to pursue the culinary arts at a level that will allow them to join the ranks of seasoned personal chefs. In addition I want to incite enthusiasm for more wholesome and healthy eating habits, to all viewers, regardless of age.

    I am at your disposal, so please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.

    Bon Appetite,

    Trevor Ross

  2. I'm just a cook….. You'll never hear refer to myself as a chef….. But I can guarantee that I can make you some comfort food that makes you feel like home…..

  3. My kind of show! Make me go from an amateur Little Caesar's pizza girl to a chef! I'm very charismatic, spontaneous and eager to try new different things. I'm not a professional by any means but I've got the basics down. Every show needs that underdog that wins the Cinderella story and shocks everybody. Bring it on!

  4. Hello!

    My name is kelsee some call me dottie, just to give you a summary of who I'am culinary graduate of the art Institute of Fort Lauderdale (associates and bachelors) Currently working as a kitchen manager for a catering comapany! I have my own side buisness I'm not at a GRAND state yet! ♡♡♡ bur I'm working on it. I'm very passionate about the culinary arts it what gives me solace and also knowing I was able to please someone's belly!!! I think I would be a great fit! I believe every cooking show should have that one African American girl with an outgoing personality and big derriere. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  5. I could write a long paragraph but what I would have to say would take years to write! I'm one of the best upcoming private chefs out there I think this would be a perfect show for me to expand my talents and learn new things and show the world my skills! My website is www.iamlivefromthekitchen.com & my IG is www.instagram.com/livefromthekitchen_ Please check out my work, I think the show is a great idea for people like us who love to cook! Hope to hear from you guys soon

  6. im a innovated creative passionate funny man with a lot of charisma.i make the most innovated and creative dishes ever im a competitive cook you should pick the best and that's me.

  7. I'm in, sounds like a great opportunity to show that I really am a Girl on fire!!! Would love to throw down with a house full, could be quite interesting and fun. Love the chance to be part of the audition process.

  8. Hello,
    as a chef i would love to test all my skills and knowledge of food, prepping and cooking, as well presentation and put it to the test, and take to the next level.
    Hope to be considered.

    Chef Elizabeth Torres

  9. Hello there, my name is Lane! I'm in a small culinary school from here in West Virginia. I've been cooking since I could remember. My influences come from the hills of this great state, which include a style from anywhere and everywhere! To have a chance on this show, it would be outstanding! I'm in love with culinary arts. I love handling anything I can get my hands on, and I'm always willing to learn more, especially from a top chef! I would absolutely love this opportunity. Thank you!

  10. I am very Interested in auditioning for the show!!
    I have been trying for six years to become the shift that I imagine I can be. With all the serious obstacles I face it makes it very hard for me to even get close enough to a school to learn to become a chef. The only thing I think about is food, I buy cookbooks I watch cooking shows I get food app for my phone. Because I'm Dyslexic and I dropped out of school when I was 17 because I became a teen mother I haven't been able to Focus on my disabilities or focus on what I want to do my life until now. This show would help me a single mothers dreams come true..

  11. I have been cooking at the age of 6 and have been loving every second of it the I learned form different people in my life like both of my Grandma Betts and Grandma Berry taught me a lot both in life and throughout the cooking and both also baked, my Grandpa worked in a bakery he taught me how to pipe my first cake at 7 years old, 3 Aunts, 1 Godmommy and Mother (but my mother does not like cooking like me.) I always loved cooking and baking, which is why when we try different food or go to places where we love the food I try to re-make the food and do it my own way even with dishes we have in our family that we past down I am able to taste it and make it, but I love to make it my way with still keeping the taste to the dish always. I started to make flowers for makes that I would make out of gum paste or fondant icing all by hand and no classes at all. I would love to not only attend a class, but given a chance I would like to go to school for the Culinary Arts and Baking because if given the chance I now i would it my all no matter, what because I do it no and I am no even in school. And, what I mean by that is when Ihave cook at 6 years old (I cook not only from the heart, from my pallet because there is nothing but that for me to go by) always from scratch and can cook many different cultures foods, I cook will spices and herbs (I have been baking 7 years old) the same thing with baking I can bake bread, as well as cakes and decorate them to myself with different types of icing from butter cream, roll fondant, gum paste, and chocolate. I also make all fillings, pies, cobblers, eclairs, cookies, all types of desserts and all made by hand.
    I love reading and watching T.V. show, but never will to the their recipe because to it like stealing and I can't copy anyone recipe. I may read the book or watch the show, but after that I do that is it I will not think about it even if it is a good recipe because I want to use and do my own ideas and recipes. I would love to be on this show to learn more from Chef or Chefs because the education a lone is priceless, which is why I would not waste a chance if I was given the opportunity to be around and tuaght by a professional Skilled Chef or Chefs and I would like to say that even though I am not a professional Chef and is just a home cook I think that me cooking from my heart and the things that I learned will help me to try my best at this if picked to be on the show. I would like to thank you for reading this and hope you have a blessed day and wish you all the best in life.

  12. been introduced to the kitchen life by my baby sitter and I been making pastrys since and making home made sweets and went to culinary school through out high school and got my baking certificate and in cake decorating but I have been told many times that I should be on a tv show and maybe this will be that moment, let gods will be done.

  13. My name is jazzie battle! Yes that's my real name! For me to sit here and explain how crazy my skillz in the kitchen are would be impossible! I've been cooking for about 13 years now with a lot of restutant EXCPERIENCE ! I already have submitted my application for this show now I have to make my audition tape! I'm not sure if they have recived my application or not! I would like to know! Well needless to say everyone I know says I would be a great candidate for this show cause they love my personality and overall my food! PICK YA BOY AS THEY CALL ME CHEFJAZZIEB !!! BOOM!

  14. I love to cook and compete what more can I say!
    I am a 20 year old college student who is passionate about what she does, I have been cooking since i started making my own breakfast at age 8.
    Pick me i wont disappoint.

  15. THEY CALL ME A KITCHEN WITCH BEEN COOKING SINCE THE AGE OF SEVEN JOIN THE NAVY COOK ABOARD USs NIMITZ can68 ,sous chief ,restaurant owner closed looking to part of team please email me

  16. Hi my name is Mike. I started cooking about two years ago. I'm always trying something new, I have been told I'm a good cook and I would like the chance to prove it and learn more.Would like to open my own place some day.

  17. Hey there my name is Jeremy I'm a 27 year old chef from Wisconsin who loves to cook and party I run a my own catering business and would to come there and learn much more things about food I don't know. I am very competive and out going and funny. I would love for mtv to give me a chance to let me showcase my skills and Learn more and maybe get a lil crazy lol. Thank you guys for taking the time to read this.

  18. Some people are born into greatness, and others have it thrusted upon them. It's hard to say whether I was born to be a chef, or I had the talent thrown at me. But, I know at twenty-three, having cooked for three major chefs (Paul Quoi, Sean Brock, and Matt Lightner) and having the opportunities to cook for celebrities (Lebron James, and Sean White) I'd imagine I'm fairing quite well in a business dominated by males.

    The thing is, I grew up watching my family cook. And, I went one year to Le Cordon Bleu. Which you might think gave me an advantage. And you wouldn't be wrong. But, I'm rusty. It's been years =since school. And before that, my education was cut short as the two-year degree ended. To have a chance at expanding my culinary school knowledge and having an opportunity to return, would mean the world to me.

    I'm great at what I do. I know this. And it might be egotistical, but I deserve to be. I'm passionate, and I refuse to apologize for it. If anything, the show could use me as desperately as I could use it.

    I want this chance to hone my rusty skills, to show that having a little heat to the food is just the kick that the culinary world needs.

    If you please, its easy to get in touch with me through email

  19. Culinary is my passion since kid, inspired by the Mediterranean Cuisine, the oriental cuisine with its freshness and diversity of spices and the period I spent in France, studying in Lyon at the French gastronomy ambassador’s institute, at monsieur Paul Bocuse School, learning the Classic French cuisine, leading to Contemporary.

    I bring with my global experience, an incredible diversity of aromas and fragrances, colours and textures that all different spices provide, allied to the many flavours and freshness of ingredients from all over the World.

    I believe I will be a great asset to Food School MTV and hope I get an opportunity to be part of your casting.

    Please check me out on google as Chef Francisco Minoli.

    Thank you…

  20. Hi my name is Shelby Macrorie and I and trying to pursue my dream in the culinary arts I just need one chance or opportunity to guide me to the top. Please pick me to go to culinary school I. I have what it takes to be the next Rachael Ray, with the spice of Gordon Ramsey to feast your dreams. Pick me Shelby Macrorie

  21. Hi my name is Daniel. My first love is food. I love to cook mainly on the grill. I am not a professional chef but I receive a ton of request to cook from family and friends. All I need is one chance to prove I have the skills it takes to become a master chef.

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