Reality TV Castings & Auditions for 2014

This has become a reality TV world and this is the category where you can find every audition available for all of your favorite Reality TV shows.
There are many ways to apply to be a star in a reality TV series. Some shows will have you mail in an application and submit a video displaying your talent. Many shows travel to various cities in the country to conduct auditions. Pre-registration is recommended before attending an open call and we have listings for every reality TV audition here in this category. Along with the application and video you should have a current photo, ID, current resume and what your featured talent is ( e.g. a cooking reality show needs a photo of the dish and the dish itself).
If the casting department only conducts auditions from applications, be sure to follow all the application instructions, then wait for a call from the studio. In person auditions are the best way to truly put yourself “out there.” Although videos are great and usually expected, personal auditions not only provide you the experience, but gives the casting directors first hand knowledge of your capabilities, personality and on-site presence. Many face-to-face auditions will include a Q&A period where you might be asked questions about politics, your economic status, family background, education or relationships. The point is not to know your business, but to see spontaneity and sincerity. At some point of the audition process you are likely to meet producers, directors, judges and crew, and your reaction to their presence is also observed. Sometimes there are multiple auditions for one part or show.
You are a one of a kind personality and that is exactly what the producers and casting directors of today’s reality TV series are looking for. If your dream is to make your mark in the world of reality TV, be sure click through this category. We have loads of casting call listing updated daily for every fantastic reality TV program.

72 Hours – TNT

72 Hours - TNT

For generations humans have been fascinated by conquering nature and now TNT has devised what could be the reality game show of a generation with the survival series 72 Hours. Casting for this incredible new high octane production will be happening soon and your chance to be chosen for the adventure of a lifetime and (Get Details…)

The Most Entertaining High School Teams – MTV

The Most Entertaining High School Teams - MTV

MTV, television’s home for the most entertaining, thought-provoking and groundbreaking reality programming is set to premiere it’s latest production and you and your teammates, club members and friends could be the featured subjects! MTV’s top producers and casting directors are on the lookout for the most talented high school teams, organizations and clubs out there and casting calls for this all (Get Details…)

My Bro Dad – MTV

My Bro Dad - MTV

For over 20 years MTV has created and then broken the molds of reality television. From the ground breaking The Real World, the thought provoking True Life series, the pop culture sensation Jersey Shore all the way to their latest hit Buckwild, MTV has given millions of fans around the world thousands of hours of entertainment and now their (Get Details…)

Styled To Rock – Style

Styled To Rock - Style

There may be no hotter performer on the planet than Rihanna. The woman truly has it all – amazing vocal ability, hits galore, and a thriving acting career. Now the Barbadian songstress is set to highlight another of her skills for television and fashion fans everywhere – her impeccable style. Style To Rock an all new fashion reality series produced (Get Details…)

Sunday Best SEASON 6 – BET

Sunday Best SEASON 6 !!! - BET

Aspiring singers of all ages, get ready to raise your voice and bring your Best because BET has announced an all new season of the hit reality TV singing competition Sunday Best! Season 6 of the television sensation that has millions of viewers around the country tapping their feet and singing along to legendary gospel standards. Open casting calls for the (Get Details…)

Perfect Score – The CW

Perfect Score - The CW

The CW and FremantleMedia North America, the company that has brought some of televisions most watched reality programs including The X Factor, American Idol and America’s Got talent to the world’s airwaves, are teaming up for the next reality dating show sensation. Perfect Score is set to begin production soon and the producers and casting directors of this one (Get Details…)

Prank My Mom – Lifetime

Prank My Mom - LIfetime

We all love our mothers. They do so much for us in our lives and their constant live and support is so important to who we are and what we become, so Lifetime wants to help kids everywhere the chance to pay them back – with the most hilarious pranks on television! Prank My Mom has become one (Get Details…)

Get Out Alive – NBC Reality

Get Out Alive Hosted By Bear Grylls

NBC is teaming up with one of the world’s great adventurers to give a group of lucky contestants the experience of a lifetime. The all new reality adventure challenge Get Out Alive will be hosted by Bear Grylls, the fearless explorer and host of Discovery Channel’s survival series hit Man Vs. Wild, and will test the physical and mental (Get Details…)

Hero Hosted By Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – TNT

Hero - Hosted By The Rock Casting Call

Are you ready to be star of the next great reality TV sensation? Are you ready to be taught and mentored by none other than WWE legend and box office superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? Are you ready to push yourself to the limits and become the world’s next great Hero? If you think you have what it takes (Get Details…)

The Job – CBS

The Job - CBS

Mark Burnett, the man that has brought such legendary reality series as Survivor, Shark Tank and The Voice to millions of loyal fans around the world is gearing up to bring the next reality TV sensation to viewers everywhere. CBS and Burnett are set to debut The Job hosted by Lisa Ling and casting calls (Get Details…)