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Seeking the Next Great Family – Reality TV Show

Seeking the Next Great Family – Reality TV ShowAre people always telling you that your family should have its own reality TV show? Your chance is here! A major television network is looking for outgoing and unique families. The reality TV show casting call in 2017 is looking for quirky families to feature in their own show. Whether your family runs a business or the world is missing out on your crazy family, this is the project for you.

Reality TV Show Casting Call

Does your family’s outgoing dynamic put all others to shame? Is there something quirky or unique about your family that the world just needs to see? Do you run a family business, have an extra large family, live somewhere funky, or have a family full of talented folks?

Is your everyday “normal” seen as out of the ordinary or extraordinary by others?

If you believe your family is special and would make great television, we want to hear from you!

Please send your full name, a description of your family and your/their ages, a blurb about what makes you unique, your contact phone number, and a recent family photo to 1202casting@gmail.com. If your submission does not include ALL of the aforementioned, it will not be considered.

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