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Seeking the Next Great Family – Reality TV Show

Seeking the Next Great Family – Reality TV ShowAre people always telling you that your family should have its own reality TV show? Your chance is here! A major television network is looking for outgoing and unique families. The reality TV show casting call in 2017 is looking for quirky families to feature in their own show. Whether your family runs a business or the world is missing out on your crazy family, this is the project for you.

Reality TV Show Casting Call

Does your family’s outgoing dynamic put all others to shame? Is there something quirky or unique about your family that the world just needs to see? Do you run a family business, have an extra large family, live somewhere funky, or have a family full of talented folks?

Is your everyday “normal” seen as out of the ordinary or extraordinary by others?

If you believe your family is special and would make great television, we want to hear from you!

Please send your full name, a description of your family and your/their ages, a blurb about what makes you unique, your contact phone number, and a recent family photo to 1202casting@gmail.com. If your submission does not include ALL of the aforementioned, it will not be considered.

4 thoughts on “Seeking the Next Great Family – Reality TV Show

  1. my family is crazy. I live with my mom, dad, sister (17), me (13) and my sister is at college (freshman). we are what you would think a normal family is but really my dad acts like a 2 year old (he's hilarious), my sister and I fight, makeup, tell secrets, and annoy each other. And my mom, well… she's the captain. she gets me to lacrosse and to friends and what I do in return is pretty much work for her. I will respond to text when she's driving, etc. anyways my family lives in ky which is small but so fun! we all Joke around. me and my dad like to embarrass our family. we are loud and very noticable. I am the youngest which means I'm independent and sneaky (hehe). liz (17) is the middle and well.. she's the middle child (enough said!). and Maddie the oldest is the Princess.. at least thats what I call her. Some days are crazy and some are relaxing. but most of the time days are fun! I would describe me as a living meme because Im always making faces, also I am energetic and spaztic! Liz is nice and always has a different perspective (unlike me… I always argue!) she might not catch onto a joke immeditality but she sure can put a smile on peoples faces. Maddie (19) is funny, whinny (sometimes), pretty, and sometimes bossy… in a good way-ish. We are one heck of a family when all together. me I will walk into the kitchen but some how end up falling or getting distracted. Liz can sing and is one heck of an athlete (as well as me). Maddie doesn't play any sports currently because she didn't want to play college lacrosse. Anyways I think our funniness and loudness would bring together a great crowd. We are silly and defintly worth a shot. since you now know I'm the youngest you might not know that my mom does not know I wrote this (hehehe)!!!

  2. Hello my name is Dorothy boah, i beeb doing acting for a long, i was born in african, i been looking for auction for film and im willing to work

  3. our family consists of my husband 39 our 4 children daetyn are 11 year old daughter our son Renner 10 our daughter Novah 4 and 24 month old son Knox and grandma Victoria 60 then there's me mom shiona age 36 our family has had struggles that many can relate to my husband had made many bad choices trying to provide for our family witch has landed him in jail – prison many time leaving me to struggle to care for our kids finally he got himself together and started a business buying storage units thank god because it keeps him out of trouble and me well you see after a decade of being a bartender I decided I wanted to dedicate myself to being the mom that was always there every softball game school events and all the other things many working moms/dads miss with the help of family and my hard working husband we just bought our first home it's a fixer for sure but it's a home and for the first time my children have there own rooms if you asked me what was special about my family I'd say it's because we're average everyday people who are learning as we go with no rule book life here can be loud ,chaotic and sometimes overwhelming you see daetyn she loves to sing and won't stop ever in the car in the shower at the dinner table she drives me nuts renner well let's just say he's hight energy he's got a huge heart but struggles with listening and being very defiant recently after speaking with his pediatrician he was put on some medication it's only been a couple months so we're not sure if it's helping but our fingers are crossed then there's Novah she's a normal four year old who loves to help mommy do chores which sometimes makes my chores take even longer but bless her heart for helping as any four-year-old she looks up to her bigger siblings and always wants to do what they're doing makeup YouTube videos all of the good stuff and Knox although he's only 24 months I can tell he is very smart he's such a sweet baby I know I'm going to have my hands full you see we have had lows but we stuck together it wasn't always easy but we did that's what's special and so many family's can relate to our situation thank you for listening sincerely shiona

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