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Real Pet Businesses for Reality TV Show

Real Pet Businesses for Reality TV Show Do you own an animal related business? Are you a fun and unique individual who works with animals? A major cable network is looking for you! A new reality television show is searching for men and women. The casting call is looking for big characters who are doing something unique with their business. This is an unscripted series so big personalities are a must! Some examples of what they are seeking is incredible pet hotels, people who groom celebrity pets, extreme groomers, cool pet fashion lines and more! The team is accepting businesses from anywhere in the United States. View the 2018 reality show audition information below!

2018 Reality TV Show Casting Call

This is for unscripted television – it is not an acting gig. Read entirely.

RUSH CASTING: Casting for a new docu-series in the animal space for the female demo. In search of fun and unique folks who work with animals or have animal-related businesses. Think extreme groomers, groomer to the stars, pet fashion lines, amazing pet resorts, etc. You MUST be a big character who’s doing something cool and unique, and you MUST have a legitimate business.

When applying, include ALL of the following: your full name, age, location, the name and nature of your business or your affiliation with animals/pets, two recent photos, links to any applicable websites/social media, and contact information. Please give me a sentence or two about why you’d make great TV.

Send submissions to Renee Egan: 1202casting@gmail.com and/or renee.egan@painless.tv

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