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“Bake Amends” Reality TV Show

Bake Amends Reality TV ShowAre you interested in being on a reality series?  TV casting directors at a major cable network are looking for your funniest stories of a time when you really embarrassed a friend. The producers of HGTV’s “Home Town” and the E! Network’s “Instant Beauty Pageant” have put out a casting call. They are seeking people with hysterical stories of people who REALLY embarrassed a friend, family member or even a work colleague, once upon a time, and who would like to FINALLY say, “I am so, so SO SORRY….”

On our series you get to confess your embarrassing tale while making the most INSANE, OVER THE TOP “apology cake” ever, then present the cake as a surprise apology to the aggrieved person. If this is you or someone you know and the embarrassment still feels as fresh as it did yesterday, then we would like to invite you aboard this fun new web series to help you say sorry on camera in the best way possible: with food! Apply to the 2017 reality series casting notice for the opportunity!

Reality TV Show Casting Call

Your embarrassing stories can be silly, mortifying or even sassy and salacious.

Perhaps you…
-gave the WORST and most inappropriate wedding toast of all time?
-mistakenly fed your vegetarian friend meat?
-called out the wrong name during an “intimate moment” with your partner?
-gave your coworker some Advil before a big presentation she had to get through…only to realize that you -accidentally gave her a Xanax?
-sexted your Dad instead of your boyfriend?

Email us today to apply: BakeAmendsCASTING@gmail.com. More information about our company can be found at: www.rtrmedia.com.

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  1. I hope to hear from you. I've emailed you at the email address listed and also contacted your show on your main website website. I know my story is perfect for the show.

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