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DIY Housebuilders for Major Cable Network – TV Show

DIY Housebuilders for Major Cable Network – TV Show Are you a do-it-yourself housebuilder? Do you have an amazing project you are getting under way? A major cable network television series wants you! A new TV show will be showcasing original DIY home designs. They are on a nationwide search to find original projects to feature on the show. This is a fabulous opportunity to be on a national television show and to show off your unique work. If this is a project you are interested in being considered for, sign up for the reality TV show casting call today!

Reality TV Show Casting Call

Casting DIY Housebuilders for a major cable network. If you have an incredible project that you are about to start and want to share, then send it! Casting directors are looking for original DIY home builds where the construction works in harmony with the environment. Whether it is from recycled materials or requires a special design because of the changing weather, they want to profile these special homes to inspire others.

If you think our project fits the bill, then send an email to casting@espiritusproductions.com. Please include pictures of the building site, plans and a few snaps of yourself. Only respond if you are doing the work yourself!

4 thoughts on “DIY Housebuilders for Major Cable Network – TV Show

  1. I lost my husband five years ago. We were married thirteen years. We traveled to Texas's every winter. Walking riding bicycle or sometimes in a car or van. We handed out these beautiful wood crafts. And prayed with people. I will never forget all the miracles that happened everytime was a new experience. As the lord was by our side each step we took. We always found work. But now my house has burned. I am in need of help. My son so are disabled and I am limited with my arthritis.. We lost some of our precious baby dogs. But have continued cleaning up the mess from the fire. We live only two blocks from the fire hall but all trucks were at anther fire. This is an awful tearful as I be worked on this home several years. Is there help outthere?

  2. i would love to be i n it im 14 years old though i am a great actor please pick me it would be a great thing to do

  3. hey i am interested but where would the audition be beacuse i live in massachusetts and i was wondering that i could join only if it was in massachusetts

  4. I see a lot of posts on being on HGTV or DIY network but are there ever auditions to be a host? I am a real estate agent/mom/wife in Nashville and would love to audition to host a show!


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