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Actors, Models, and Dancers for R&B Music Video

A major international casting director and modeling scout is on the lookout for the next faces of the music video entertainment universe. If you have ever dreamt of being the star in a music video for a world renowned artist this is the casting call for you.

Maria de Luca, casting director to the stars is searching for fun and attractive girls for modeling and dancing in a brand new music video for a major U.S. R&B act shooting this summer. Many talented performers have gotten their starts as featured performers in music videos and you could be next. This could be the launch of your career in the exciting world of entertainment. Ms. de Luca has cast hundreds of music videos, commercial and shows for such artists as Beyonce, Madonna, Lady Gaga and Snoop Dog. This is an amazing chance for a group of special performers just waiting to make their big break. This is a nationwide casting call and you will be paid and given travel expenses to the location of Miami if cast! Casting submissions for performers ages 16-26 of all sizes and experience are being accepted now. If you are interested please send an email to musicvideocasting@ymail.com with your name, age, size, location, contact email and 3-6 pictures. Also be sure to leave a comment with your interest below and stay tuned for all of the exciting updates on this music video casting.

This is your chance to be the next music video superstar. Start your ascent to greatness today by submitting yourself for this fantastic new music video production.

Contact Information:

Marie de Luca
Mail: musicvideocasting@ymail.com
Web: wix.com/musicvideocasting/musicvideocasting

299 thoughts on “Actors, Models, and Dancers for R&B Music Video

  1. Hello, my name is Kelsie Crowley. I am a 20 year old pre profeshional dancer from Boston ma. I specialize in hip hop but perform many different styles. I would love to have the oppertunity to work with you, for myself being an aspiring up and coming performer. Please email me and I would love to talk more! Thank you!

  2. Hello
    My name is Rebecca Fenemore.
    I am 20 years old.
    I am from Reading in the UK.

    I saw the advertisement stating models and dancers are needed for an R&B Music Video and I am very interested in this. Dance has been in my life since I was 3 years old and I absolutely love it! I have a huge amount of experience performing and learning dance of all areas to an extremely high standard including Classical Ballet, Modern Theatre, Jazz, Contemporary.

    Thanks for this opportunity.

  3. Hello, My name is Tandra Nugent and I am 18 years old. I am from a small town called Ardmore and nothing ever happens. That is why I would love to be casted so I can have a chance to get out of this town. I am a hard worker and very dedicated please give me a chance!

  4. Hello , My name is Britney I'm 15 years old going to be 16 in December I live in Jamaican but will be migrating to New York after graduation July 2017. This is my contact email and I'd like to star in music videos , I am a talented dance and enjoy dancing especially to dancehall music.

  5. Hi I'm Natajia Haynes I'm 11 years old I'm on a dance team called the divas of Olive Branch I love to dance I'm good at hip-hop and fast and slow I live in southaven ms and dancing is my dreams.

  6. Hi! I am a dancer and it would be a great opportunity if I could get an audition, or anything really. I don't know how all of this exactly works, but here I am, with big wishes that will hopefully come true one day. If you read this, thank you for your time.

  7. My name is Tamia Isaacs,I'm 16 years old,female, and I live in Miami, Florida. I would love to be featured in music videos because dancing is my absolute passion. I've been dancing ever since I was 2 years old. I've competitively danced for studios for 6 years. I'm also in the dance magnet program at my school and on the Dance Alliance team as well. I am very used to long,hard hours of rehearsals. And I want to show you what I'm capable of. I dance in the styles: ballet,jazz,hip-hop,contemporary,lyrical,Latin Jazz, jazz funk, tap,I have some experience in ballroom, and moderate experience with acro. Considering me as a number one candidate would not be something that you regret.

  8. My name is Jenesis . Im a fun , outgoing , visual artist with a passion for music . I love to dance, and I love fashion . I know that I will perfect for a music video .

  9. My name is Kadeem. I am 24 years old.My style of dance is bboying and krump. I danced with streetnoize and choreographed the routine and stunts in Fishers,IN.I also was one if the tumblers for Indiana Tech cheerleading team.

  10. I'm 23 years old and trying to follow a dream. I'm a New York girl with a lot of attitude. I am a dancer and a cheerleading coach. I believe the world is m stage and I always put on a show.

  11. Hello, I'm Abigail Miles. I'm 4'11 and I'm 19 years of age and music, acting, and writing is something I'm passionate about.

  12. My name is Omo and I believe myself to be a multidimensional being having an artsy human experience. The life that I live is one of an overall artist: I dance, sing, model, act, write, and the list goes on! And to top off my overall artistic abilities, I have a strong, fiery (and bubbly) personality to go with it. I'm interested in being apart of this production because not only do I see the value that I could bring to this video, but I believe this opportunity will be one more step in the right direction towards my ultimate life plans and purpose.

  13. I will make this short and sweet! I am part Native American with the dark hair and brown eyes. I am 27 years old weigh 112 and toned. I want to be in this line of work not only because it is exciting but also to fulfill a dream of mine, I don't care if it sound brass. I know what I want and I will do anything to achieve it. I photograph well and can also sing and act a little. Give me a shot I promise you won't regret it.

  14. Hi my name is Annie Williams and I am seriously interested in this. I love music I love to dance and sing I just need the help to be directed. I'm 25 I'm Alaskan Native beautiful photo genic and I really am not trying to be conceited I'm not that way. I'm 5'2" 135 lbs. I'm seriously interested this is what I would love to do for a living, my email is hurleygirl.1013outlook.com thank you for your time. Annie

  15. I'll keep it short and sweet. My name is miracle Chardonnay lust, I'm an aspiring actress and model. I have a pretty face , nice body and great fashion. I just want to entertain and be like the people I see on tv. But also give back.

  16. Hi my name is Victoria Moreno, I'm 20 years old and live in Houston TX. I've always wanted to be infront of the camera since a little kid. Being able to star in movie videos would be a dream come true for me and I won't let any of y'all down.

  17. Hello, my name is Taylor Butner and I am 17 years of age. I am from Boston,Ma and have the ability of dancing whether if it is dancehall to hip hop. My passion runs further than the ability to dance , but to rather entertain . I would love to show you what I have to offer the world!

  18. I am 18 years old. Ecuadorian and Native American. Live in the United States. Have dark brown/ black hair and brown/ yellow eyes. I wear a size 0-1 depending on the fabric of the clothing. I was raised mostly in Ohio and Indiana but I have been here and there also. My bd is 11/27/1997. Born in Dayton, Ohio. Soon to be Mrs. Nadeau! The reason I want to break into this industry is because my passion is makeup, hair, and fashion. Ever since I was a little girl I would walk like I was a model on a Catwalk. And lately people have been complimenting my "glowing aura" and "model-shaped body" etc. After getting asked if I was a model then being repeatedly told to become one, I almost want to do it.

  19. Hello my name is Jameka Matchingtouch. I am 22 years old, I weight 120, I am from
    Memphis TN. Modeling and dance has always been my passion. As a little girl I was made fun of very badly because I was darker than the light and brown skinned girls in my class. As I got older I had to learn how to except my skin and love myself first. Now that I have came over that hump I am ready to show other girls that they can do it to! I am not perfect but I have a big heart and hoody personality that only wants a chance. Below I have attached my photos and I hope to hear from you all soon.
    Thank you!

  20. Hello I'm Michaela Centamore and very interested in your auditions. I'm a female singer and dancer, 19 years old. It would be a dream come true to be part of a music video such as yours. I will give you an email as well. Thank you!

  21. My name is Mary-Ann and I am inquiring about an opportunity to audition for music videos. I have 7 years of dance experience (hip-hop dance/choreography dance) and I would like to feature my experience in music videos. Please contact when you have the chance. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your week.

  22. Name: Lania Whiteside
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Race: African American
    Hair Length: Short
    Weight: N/A
    I really would love to have an oppurtunity to do this chances like this only come once in a lifetime. I love dancing it makes me feel alive I need it like I need air. I feel like I'm floating on air and that everything is possible. I know there are people probably better than me but you will never meet someone like me ever. I bring a lot to the table. Haven't you ever wanted someone to give you that one shot? To quote Eminem " if you had one shot, one moment,one oppurtunity to get everything you ever wanted would you capture it? Or just let it slip?" I'm not letting it slip I'm going after my dreams full throttle

  23. I really do appreciate you guys for giving me the opportunity to be casted , yes I'm already claiming it I have faith & is very confident . I'm 22yrs old &' modeling , being in music videos always been my dream since I was a little girl .. My learning skills are good &' I can dance but still need more experience & modeling I think I'm pretty descent , but enough small talk I'll be emailing you !

  24. Hi, my name is Keilan Broussard and I am very interested in this opportunity and feel as though I am for for any position. I have 8 years experience in contemporary face and ballet and many other talents. Thank you for your consideration.

  25. I am interested in modeling, music videos, promo work. I have a very exotic look and am willing to travel. Really need help jump starting my career. Any opportunity would be greatly appreciated!!!

  26. My name is Zakeria Goggins and I have been interested in modeling for a while now. I'd love to do this.
    Weight: 125
    Height: 5'4
    Race: African American
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Hair Type: Curly

  27. Age: 19
    Size: 130
    Location: Clarksville,Tn
    Hair length: 17 inch when straight/ 14 inch when naturally curly
    Ethnicity: Jamaican, Italian, German, and Lithuanian
    I am originally from New York but I moved to the south when I was 15. I guess you can say I lived 2 extremely diverse worlds. Specifically, it lead me to a whole new insight on what life offers but I want to know more. In addition, I would love to travel and explore what opportunities there is to be discovered. Overall, I am outgoing, energetic, silly, smart, determined and creative. In other words, I am your pick!

  28. No need to look any further. "I'm your Girl" I'm a Nevadan. Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV the gambling state. I'm very energetic, love people, love hosting and very outgoing. Was Ms. Nevada in 1984 of Hal Jacksons Talented Teens.Also did the stage play In-Laws from Hell played the role of Terrece the sister of Tony Grant who now works with Tyler Perry. I'm interested in it all Why limit myself when I can do Actors, Models, and Dancers for R&B Music Video.
    Pictures will be sent to the email address above.
    Height: 5’ 8"
    Weight: 245
    Hair Color: Red
    Eyes: Grey
    Ethnicity: African American
    Age: 47
    Body Type: Full Figured

  29. Hello my name is dion bailey imma gay male living in Capitol Heights, Md and im 5'6 and im 18 i currently do not have a cellular device but u can reach me and ill send u my pics im very interested in dancing for a music video dancing is my life

  30. hi im Brenda love to dance always watch how to dance in a movie.im 10 years old,mixed with white and black,live in Daytona beach,born in Miami beach want to know if anyone want me in a movie or anything else

  31. Hello my name is Mercedes i'm from Detroit
    I would definitely love to be the next superstar. I'm extremely moviated and ready to show the world this beautiful face. Can't wait too be in my first NATIONAL MUSIC VIDEO

  32. Hi my name is Amanda Walker-Dash. I love dancing and modeling. I have been dancing since I was 3 years old. All throughout my school years I have danced in my dance companies. I've made the highest level in dance in the 9th grade, my first year in highschool. I always dreams about being in a music video. I would love to work with new people and expand my dancing skill.

  33. My name is Alyssa Dallape and I have been interested in modeling for a while now. I'd love to take part in this.
    Weight: 150
    Height: 6'0"
    Race: Caucasian
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown
    Hair Type: Straight, medium length
    I have also taken 11 years of dance classes.

  34. Hi, my name is Quintessa Chambers I'm 23 years old from Opelika, AL but I currently live in Auburn, AL. I am interested in the music video casting. I've done videos for local artists in my area but nothing too serious. I've also done bikini, lingerie, and fitness modeling. My work can be found on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Facebook. The Opelika/Auburn area isn't a very big town and we're best known for our Auburn University Football Program the Auburn Tigers. I have a very big bright and bubbly personality and I learn well. I'm not afraid of hard work and I also dance and sing while I never attended a college for my crafts I did attend a performing arts high school. I want to show people that where I'm from can be known as so much more than just football. If given the opportunity I promise you will not be disappointed. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!

  35. Amada A. Maulsby
    Model, Actress, Singer (1992-)

    Height: 5’6’
    Weight: 130
    Amada Maulsby was born February 5, 1992 in Hinesville, GA, she currently resides in Toledo, Oh. She loved to sing and act at an early age, she attended Toledo School for the Arts and studied Music and Drama. She was honorably discharged from the Army and soon after was asked if she would be interested in a pursuing modeling career. She has recently been featured in a Fashion show (Shades of Spring) and a Hair show (Fingaz hair show). Amada Maulsby attends Lourdes University she majors in Psychology and minor in music. On her free time she loves to sing, dance and model.

  36. hi i'm Madison i'm 9 and would love to be a sing/songwriter here's a part of one of my songs you get me Arizonna like north Dacoata you got me spinning around a Kentucky town a place were i was born and raised spend my days now i'm singing on a Nashvill stage never thought i'd feel this way now i'm setting on a lawn chair at Miami beach sucking on a Goriga peach

  37. Hello, my name is Maggie Kryspin and I am 16 years old. I am really interested in this music video because it has always been my dream to become a dancer. I have been dancing for more than 5 years. I dance ballet, Afro, jazz, hip hop, tap and lyrical. However I have made my hip hop team, jazz and Afro's competition team, and train many hours a week with them along with my normal classes. I hope to be a part of this project!

  38. Hello, my name is Janice Jimenez and I'm 15 years old but in 5 months I'll be 16.I have had the passion of Acting and Singing since the age of 8. I am athletic, outgoing, down to earth, loving and caring.I love working and helping others. I live in New York City, NY. Thank you for your time. If anything please dont hesitate on emailing me back

  39. Hello, my name is Kaylea Huhn and I should be considered for this role because of my passion and love for dance. I have been dancing for 12 years, and train 6 days a week. I am outgoing, entergetic, and love meeting/ working with other people! Thank you for your time!

  40. I am very interested. In this career. Dance,acting and modeling is what I love to do. I am perfect fit for these jobs. I am beautiful fast learner and love this thank u

  41. I have always been interested in being in a music video! I love music & watching videos. It would be a dream come true to be in a music video and to expand and be in many more videos! I will definitely be emailing about a spot!

  42. I am very interested and would be great for a part in your video. I have submitted my resume and photos via email. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

  43. Hey there, my name is Destinee Thompson I love dancing and acting, took dance and theater class throughout elementary and middle school.

  44. Hello my name is Cindy and I am 15 years old. Acting is my passion. I have been dreaming of being an actress since I was little and lately I have been making that a reality. I have done most of my work on stage but I would love to expand outside of my comfort zone; as in on camera. My Drama instructor says that I have very good focus, nice depth of character, and great facial expression. I am dedicated, eager to try new challenges, and I work with all ethnic backgrounds.

  45. Hi, I'm Justyna Stajszczyk, I'm 18 girl from Poland. I perform as a dancer (hip hop, street dance, new age) and act since I was 5. I also work as a photographer, I do workout and run so I keep my body in the form. I love to inspire people by my performance so they can see and feel what I do and it's definitely the best moment for the artist 😉

  46. hi,im amanda from norway, , i can dancce, sing, act,and modelling, and i`ve been actressing in many plays in norway, and i can 3 languages, so if any directers or any produsers can recocnize me it would be very very awesome, and i can be in any movie, just take me in and i`ll show you what i got 😉 i wont let you down, i promise 😉

  47. Hello, my name is Keisha from Virginia. I am outgoing, fun to be around, and beautiful. I do makeup professionally and work hard no matter what. I am Korean and black, 23, about 5'5", 150 lbs, classy and spontaneous. Would love to be in a music video as a model/actress.

  48. Hi my name is brandy my talent is dancing. It has aways been apart of my life It's my passion. Also acting as well I'm a very talented,art
    istic person.

  49. Love to dance
    New & improve
    Waiting on a chance
    1⃣ God First 2⃣ Family 3⃣ Career
    Name: Kerry aka "D'Arcy"
    Age: 15

  50. Hi, My name is Briana Bryan and I'm 16. I'm originally from Memphis TN, and just recently moved to Atlanta for exposure in the music industry. I am very interested in being a part of a music video, I love to dance and performing is my passion. Thanks!

  51. Hi, my name is breanna 🙂 I am 20 years old living in Tempe Arizona. I would love to be casted in the next hip hop/ rap music video. I'm a very good dancer with a pretty face. I always wanted to in front of a camera showing off my good moves that I have. I'm the girl that needs to be discovered.

  52. Hi , I'm chat and I'm 18 year of age. Straight from memphis, tn. I highly think that I have a chance of being a leading girl in a video .i think I fit it just right.

  53. Hi, my name is Tilton. I'm from louisiana, I'm 20 yrs old, been dancing competitively for 20yrs theater for 4yrs. I love being around people that love dancing and acting. I'm in college for nutrition, to keep myself healthy.i love helping others get healthy and feel good about themselves.
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 120 size 4

  54. Hi,
    My name is Alaina Gardea I'm 15 turning 16 in October. I've been dancing since I was 6. I started off as a hiphop dancer until age of 10 when I was introduced to jazz and ballet. I'm now going into 10th grade and I'm a varsity member of my drill team. I'm a skilled dancer in hiphop. I catch on fast and I'm willing to learn new moves. I'm use to learning a dance and having it perfect in a week or less. I have been scouted for modeling, but never really took the chance of becoming one. I really want this chance of becoming something I dream of every night and day. I come from a poor mom and wealthy dad. I also come from a troubled life. This is all I ever wanted. I'm a hard worker and I'm willing to work even harder for something I really want. All I'm asking is for a chance. I'm willing to make adjustments to fit certain criteria's.
    Thanks for your time.

  55. Hi my name is itevia Kinsey I'm from Las Vegas Nevada it's always been a dream of mines to be in a music video being a 16 year old growing up I'm vegas it's very hard to find the right places to goto really when it comes to wanting to make it big in the music video world I love to dance and I love music im a full package I love to dance , act , rap and just have fun as a young teenage girl please contact me cause I'll get the job done on time all the time

  56. I love dancing more than anything in the entire world. I dance 5 days a week in ballet, jazz, pointe, and modern.
    All I ever wanted since I was little was to be a famous dancer 🙂

  57. My name is Ashley I am 22 years old. Dancing has always been my greatest talents since the age of 7 I can dance all kinds of music such as hip hop; reggae; salsa ; bachata; merengue. this has always been my dream and it would be a great pleasure for me to have a chance to show what I have to offer. I consider my body to be thick and curvey I wear a size 9/10 in jeans and a small in shirts… Thank you for your time

  58. Hi I'm Dionna I'm 20 years old and always wanted to be in a music video . I am very upbeat and I'm such a people person I get along with nearly everyone . I am not camera shy and I love dancing with others ! When you pick me you will not be disappointed with me because I'm a hard worker and enjoyable to be around any artist will love my personality

  59. LIGHTS!
    Im a versatile Dancer ♡ Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip hop, Contemporary, African, Modern and much more : ) I was born ready! I love to perform and enjoy entertaining! Let me show you .. 5 6 7 8!

  60. Hi my name is Lindsey I'm 20 years old and have always wanted to be a back up dancer. I'm a hard worker and also have been a cheerleader since I was 4 years old we also had to do dances for competition and I would love to be part of anybody's team!

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