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Beautiful Creatures – Movie

Beautiful Creatures
Beautiful Creatures – Movie

The first book in the hugely popular young adult novel series known as the Caster Chronicles, Beautiful Creatures is heading for the big screen and casting calls are happening soon to round out the already amazing cast. This is your chance to be a part of one of the biggest productions in Hollywood.

Beautiful Creatures is continuing the outstanding adaptations of young adult novels such as Twilight and Hunger Games into amazing films. Beautiful Creatures was written by Kami Garcia and Margret Stohl, it tells the fantastic story of Ethan Wate, a high school sophomore in the small town of Gatlin, south Carolina who wakes up one morning after having a  recurring dream of a girl he’s never seen with a smell he’s never smelled and with a song on his iPod that he’s never heard. Ethan arrives at the first day of school and meets the new girl Lena, the girl from his dreams. She smells like his dreams and plays the song from his iPod. Ethan comes to find out that Lean is a caster, a person who can use magic and that she will turn to light or dark magic when she turns sixteen. Can Ethan save Lena from the dark? Will they find the meaning of their powerful connection? Will their love survive in the confines of their small town?  This is a truly magical story of love, magic and society and will make an epic film series. The film has already cast Oscar winners Emma Thompson and Jeremy irons and Oscar nominee Viola Davis and next could be you. Auditions will be held soon keep checking in for all of the up to the minute updates and be sure to leave a comment below.

Beautiful Creatures is coming to theaters everywhere and so is you opportunity to star alongside some of the biggest talent in Hollywood. Stay tuned for all of the exciting casting information on the next great franchise and your chance to make it big, Beautiful Creatures.

473 thoughts on “Beautiful Creatures – Movie

  1. I would love to be in this movie because it is one of my dreams. I have been in Drama class and clubs my freshman year. I am 17 years old and being on in this movie would make me happy. I am black and in the 11th grade. I live in sc. I know I live far, but please, please consider me.

  2. Hi. I am Jenna j would love to be in your movie. Ian a big reader and do a lot of role play with my friends. I act all the time and I plan to start a career with acting and singing. If you choose me you will be starting my career and if not I won't be giving up so easily. Thank you for your time and consideration. If you would like me information just contact me.
    Jenna Nicole johnson
    Black, white, Mexican, British, Indian, Asian
    Dark Brown/black hair
    Please consider me. Thank you.

  3. Good afternoon!
    This is Aushad broades, I'm 17 years old going on 18. Acting is my life i have been in some plays in middle school. I've always wanted to be apart of something great that would make a good experience for me. I haven't been in nothing big but this is my dream. This would so amazing if i could get a part in this movie.
    I'm African American and i have a identical twin brother name Shamhad Broades.

  4. omg!! I love this book1!!!! ((: I have the characters already in my head though hahaha Hello, I am looking to pursue a career in acting, and although it is a 1 – 100,000,000 chance that I will get to I am still going to keep my head up. I am 15 years old and a sophomore in high school! I have brown hair and brown eyes and stand about 5'4 tall((:. I love Disney Chanel and getting to act in it would be a dream come true! I want to prove that just because I came from a small town with not many opportunities doesn't mean I am not going to succeed in life.

  5. Good Afternoon!
    I am Rachel, a 16 year old girl from California who loves to sing and act. I have performed and starred in many musical as well as non-musical theatrical productions in companies near my area. I am very experienced as I attended Barbizon
    Academy for Acting and Modeling, worked with Broadway on Tour, Stagedoor, and a summer program at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. I can do many accents, can cry/laugh on demand, and am a very quick learner who can adapt to any given circumstance.
    Hair-Dirty Blonde
    I would love to be in a movie, so thank you for your consideration!

  6. Hello, My name is Vannessa & I think i'd be a good addition to the 'Awkward' Cast. I've watched it since it first started to air on MTV. I've been acting since I was a child. I've been on numerous amount of school plays, I've even went and studied broadway plays to try to inhance my acting. I may not be the best but I am good, I hope you see I'm worth a try to give an audition. I'm very passionate about Acting, I'm down to earth, well spoken, out going, a good listen, I put my best foot foward, & when i fall I learn from it and get back up. I understand that critism is apart of life, where would we be with out it? I know how to be serious when the time has come for that. I also know how to be one and Embrace the character That has choosen me if you must say so. How to be one with that person and become that person. I really do hope you give me a try.

    Ethnicity: Latin American.
    Eyecolor: Mud brown.
    Height: 5'3
    Weight: N/A
    BodySize: Average
    Newyork City.

    I won't let you down, I try my best and give my all. Have a wonderful day, Thank you for your time.

  7. Hi, i would love to be part of this film, i would be so exited, i love to act since i was little i did, i was born with it, please just give me this chance you wont regret me, for more info please contact me, i have a lot of inspiration for this since always belive me
    this would be a big step for me to start my career as an actress.

    Age: 16 look like 14-15
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 108 lbs
    Hair: Dark brown
    Ethnicity: American,Latin.
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Acting Experience: Since always i act, and i can do everything, any kind of paper.
    Pd. i hope you respond 🙂
    It would be an honor to act in this production really it would be so wonderful
    Please consider me 😀 i would really love to act in this film! :O im really good you wont regret me 🙁 please if you read this contact me ! 🙂

  8. Name: Danielle Marie Baudeloque
    Skin Color: light
    Hair Color: brown
    Eye Color:brown
    i have been in 3 plays and studied at Youth Film Academy

  9. Hi my name is Lamara Cordell im a actor and a singer my friends call me dramatic and i act all the time im a fast learner and im 5 foot 4 light brown skin and dark brown hair im dedicated to all of my work no matter what it is i never give up im a happy goofy girl who never has a problem with learning new things a meeting new people i do not get into people personal buisness i migh be a goofy girl but i know when its time to be goofy and strict

  10. Name:Natasha Bucy
    Age:12 (Look like i'm 15)
    Height: 5'10
    weight:180-190 (Looks skinner because of my height)
    Hair color: Brown with light blonde highlight)
    Hi, I think I should be picked for this role because I have read a couple of books with the same plot and always wanted to know what it would be like be in that kind of sitation. I really hope you pick me and I will be waiting for your email1 🙂

  11. Hi my name is Thalia im14 hight5"3 hair is brown and black eyes dark brown past my showders and this is a dream of mine to be an actress and this is a step in the right derraction so pleez contact me u want be disappointed so contact me

  12. Hey,I am Tihana Arh from Croatia,I have 13th years.I was born 2/6/1999.My hair is brown-black and slightly longer than shoulder.My eyes is brown.So fa I do not acting but it would really really like to try whether it is for me.Thanks for away…

  13. Name: Drew Thurman
    Age: 13 03/16/99 Look 15 or 16
    Height: 6ft
    Weight: 157lbs
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown
    Short Bio: I'm an actor/musician/stand up comedian. I've been acting since I was 8 and I'm ready to graduate from indie movies. I've recently got into stand up, but been a musician for 2 years. I'm from Austin, TX but will probably end up moving. I am 150% ambition, and I am ready for my first major film.
    Thanks for reading!

  14. Hello!!
    Last Name: Boyer
    Gender: Female
    Age:14 (5,28,1998)
    Weight: 123
    Height: 5'4
    Hair Color: Dyed Black, Natural Hair color is Redish Brown
    Eye Color: Greenish Blue
    Race: White
    Languages: Just English
    I have had experiance being in plays, also me and my friends make up videos together. I might be to late for putting a comment in but just give me a email if not. Thank you.

    McKenna Boyer

  15. Hi, my name is Jehane, I am a seventeen year-old girl. I actually live in France but I love acting since I'm a little girl but where I live we don't have any casting, this is why I am here and I really want to be a part of this project.
    I already played in some school representation but that's all.
    I speak french, english, spanish and arabic.
    Height: 5'15"
    Weight: 108.03 lbs.
    I've got brown hair and dark eyes.
    Thanks for reading this message, I hope to be considered.

  16. Heey I`m Arjuly Alpas & I`m 14 Years old.
    I live in Switzerland.I`m a Filina.
    I can speak English very well.
    I would love to be in the movie.I don`t have experiences but i would love to be in movies.
    I`m talented.I can act,sing & dance.

    I`m short but I`m fine hihi.
    Height: 1.50 m

    More Facts about me just send me a message .

  17. Hey I'm Arjuly Alpas I'm 13 years old i live in switzerland & I'm a filipina 🙂 I turn to 14 in july 23 :))

    I'm pretty short like 1.50
    I have Dark brown hair color
    Weight:55 kg

    Okaih more imformation about me just send me a message 🙂 I'm really interessted & I'm always smiling I'm short but I'm talented & fine hihi okaaih I hope I'm gonna hear something :))

  18. Hey I'm Arjuly Alpas & I'm 13 Years old 😀
    I live in Switzerland .
    I love acting,singing & dancing .
    I would love to act .
    I act in the school sometimes.
    I started to act when I was like 7 Years old .
    Acting is something what I love . I watch a lot of Movies & behind of scenes which is owesome . I love to see alot of actors who talk about the movie & all that kind of stoff 🙂 I know i don't really have alot of experience but I would loved to. I wan't to know more about acting & maybe someone , one day someone will find me & give me the chance to act :)) and by the way I'm a Pinay Girl and u live in switzerland and on monday its my Birthday ;D

    I wish you a nice day 😀

    Love arjuly

  19. My name is Amy and I love acting and reading.i have been in several musicals including Charlotte’s web and My Son Pinocchio.i am 14 years old and live in Perth Australia.i have dark brown hair and brown eyes that I sometimes cover with green contacts Even though I am only 14 I often get mistaken for a 16 year old. I am in a gifted and talented program at my high school and I love to learn new things.I started acting because my dance career was in jeopardy and I found out that I love acting more than I love dancing.i found that by acting I can bury all my troubles and fears.This movie sounds amazing and i would love to be in it.I work hard and enjoy almost everything.i love animals and i am friends with everyone
    Thanks for your time.

  20. hi i am 16 i am 4'11 i love to act i want my dreams to come ture i have light brown eyes and brownish balck hair i am slim u can say i am porter rican i can only speak english but i want to learn how to speak many different languages i am a girl and i think it would be great if i can get this part hope you pick me

  21. I know my potential for success is just as great as my potential for failure and I am fully aware of the rejection, but I know I can make it. If you were to ever ask your self what does he want from being a star actor. I will not hesitate to answer this, Because I ask my self this question everyday to remind me. I want to learn all the structure and craft of acting and be able to perform at my very best. To prepare me for the world.. I have before me. I am nothing, but a hardworking passionate person and never hold back.I want to be a true artist in the script. Especially, if it means fulfilling my dreams. I don't believe in many things except God and few things, but I do believe that I was designed to entertain people. Acting has been my life. I have been trapped in my head almost my whole life and when I act i'm set free. But there is no limit to my acting and potential. I have faced rejection due to lack of money to get me anywhere and there's always this elephant in my life telling me I will never make it. I come from a good family, the best. Never been a wealthy family, but our love and support in each other is priceless. I know who I am and what Im capable of… all I need is the opportunity to show it. I was accepted with a scholarship by Two Great performers, talent recruiters and friends like Anthony & John Michael Marrs, who will be like fathers to me in the streets of New York and this very competitive industry. I am attending the school of my dreams in the city or success, never thought this would happen and its good enough for me. I just want to get my foot in the door and become a true working actor. I have always been a quick learning performer. I take things in fast and branch my knowledge off of what I learned and progress as I grow to be the best at whats at the summit of my mind. Having a keen eye and understanding of acting is more important than anything if your attempting to master a craft. You have to have idols in order to create a dream of your own. I look up to such actors as Tom Hanks, Al Pacino, James Dean, Kevin kostner, George Cloony, Daniel Craig, Tom Cruise, Will smith, Robert Dinero, Ryan Gosling, keanu Reeves, Patrick swhayze, Emilio Estevez and want to be recognized in this category of professionals one day. The art of acting is the hardest of all crafts to master, but one day I would like to be close to perfecting it as greats before me, like Leonardo DiCaprio, Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams, Jack Nicholson and Merrili Streep did. I want to make a name for myself in this industry and leave my prints in the world as one of the best Working actors of all time. I would do it for free if it meant doing what I enjoy doing. After all there is no price to be put on one's passion. From Being an action star and kissing beautiful woman, Or being a comical actor, being the outcast or down right geek. But being a remembered famous character and entertaining the world would be my ultimate goal in life. To change lives would be magnificent and humbling. Having the power to make people smile, lift their spirits, making people really think beyond their knowledge, Putting people in tears with love stories, forcing people to the edge of there seats in suspense with dramatic roles. Being the Hero Antagonist or protagonist are all places in which, I can shine. ..To being the next Edward "scissor hands" (Johnny Depp) there is no limit to the talent I can Bring. I can jump in and out of any character. There is no question to if I set my mind to everything I do. Its all i know. Entering this industry would give me the chance to show the world who I can be. I realize my chances are slim and I don't even care the storm that comes my way. I was born to be an actor because being an actor, well to me.. means I can be anything in the world a doctor, lawyer, hopeless romantic, Hero or even the villain what more excitement and spirit than that, do you need. I want this more than anything. Give me an audition or chance to sink my feet into this business and I assure you I will not diss-point you with my work. The Shows, jobs, series or movies I have before me will never change me as a person. I am resilient and raised by a strong family to be strong. Stardom tends to rip people apart and get them into bad habits. that shortly end their career but for me I will take it in with a grain of salt and Never bite the hand that fed me. There is only one thing I keep my pride in. The only one thing that I am Proud of throughout my life thus far is I can Honestly say, "My previous goal is still my active goal and I plan to Never let it slip without my chance of succeeding. I have said it before and I will say it again. I know my potential for success is just as great as my potential for failure and I am fully aware of the rejection, but I know I will shine one of these days!!! -"This is the Dream Reminding Speech", That I recite to myself to remind me, what I am here for.
    -By Nicholas Conley PICK ME NICK CONLEY IM LIKE NO OTHER! The best is what you get!

  22. Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Weight: 110
    Height: 5'6
    Race: Other (African American/Native American/caucasian)
    Hair Color: Light Brown
    Eye Color: Brown


    I have more passion and drive than anyone else. Acting is the only thing that I want to do with my life. I am ready to accept my role as Lena.

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