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What Not To Wear
TLC’s What Not To Wear

TLC’s is quickly becoming a major home for original and exciting reality television and now it’s mega hit makeover show “What Not To Wear” is looking for women from all walks of life to feature in it’s upcoming 11th season. This is the chance for you or someone you know to have a complete fashion transformation. If you know anyone who has a shocking wardrobe (in a bad way) the producers and casting directors of What Not To Wear want to hear from you.

What Not To Wear is hosted by the supremely talented Stacey London and Clinton Kelly. Each week the dynamic fashion duo surprise one fantastically challenged woman who is in dire need for a complete makeover. The What Not To Wear crew takes the women chosen from “eek” to “chic” with their amazing imagination and expert fashion instincts. If you or someone you know has fallen out of touch with today’s look or maybe has never possessed a fashion sense whatsoever this is the program that can change their lives.If you would like to nominate someone that needs some fashion help or if you have any questions Casting calls will be happening soon. You can send an email here wntwcasting@gmail.com and be sure to leave a comment for us and keep checking back for all of the exciting WNTW updates.

Fashion has the power to shape, inform and define each of us. If you or someone you know is the definition of disaster TLC is ready to help. Enter your submission today and never again will you need to be told What Not To Wear.

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  1. I would like to nominate my beautiful Mom, Lisa!! Her style.. Well I don't really know how to explain her style. She has been known to wear the same color on top and on the bottom. She has a dress she loves but looks like she's wearing a certain and the color is HORRIBLE! I can't really remember when she bought a new wardrobe. She is in great need of your help! Please Stacy and Clinton help my Mother!

  2. My mom needs your help, she's 58 years old used to be a model when she was in her teens to her 20's shes lost alot of weight. she used to be 258 lbs size 18 pants and xl top. She now weres a size small top and nine in pants she will squeeze her self into smaller close as tight and short asshe can get. Very skimpy for her age shes got the body but like I said she dresses like a teenager. It also makes my step dad jealous because shes drawing not good attention toward herself she loves to watch your show, that's actually how i found out about you guys. I dont know what to do, im embarrased to go out with my mom due to the way she dresses. The first time me and my boyfriend went to her church she wore a mini dress and when she sat down the bottom of the dress was a little above the bottom of her cheeks. I don't want my boyfriend or friends to come around her because o the way she dresses. She used to have the most amazing closet filled with fashionable clothes and I would get tips from her. Now its filled with mini skirts mini dresses tight skimpy tops. She has lost her fashion/mind, she needs your help. Please HELP her. SHe wore the most conservative clothes and now its tight short and skimpy.
    please help us.

  3. Please help me! I'm a 28 year old mom trying to restart my life by going to university. My lack of style sense is holding me back in my career and in my life! I need your help!

  4. Hi. My name is Elizabeth. I am almost 9 years old. My dad is helping me to type this. I am the oldest of 5 kids (had each of us by csection). Our mom is a stay at home mom. She's 32 years old but doesn't always dress her age (she looks young for her age). She does not do anything for herself or get much of a chance to get a break. She doesn't have the best sense of fashion for herself and wears whatever us comfortable (gauchos or leggings with tank tops is her go to outfit at home, she tries her best to dress nicely when she leaves the house but still has insecurities).
    My mom is not a selfish person and thinks of everyone else. She sacrifices so much for us and is so busy taking care of us.
    I just want to help my mom to feel better about herself and give her a chance gain her self confidence back.

    Thank you so much and God bless.

  5. Hello Stacy & Clinton,
    Let me start off by saying I love your show. I feel as though I would be the perfect canidate for your show, because I feel UGLY all the time I dont like showing off my body and can't shop for my self at all. Whats weird is that I love dressing up my girls and my husband. I have 4 girls ages 12, 7, 6 and 1. I always tend to put everyone ahead of me and always make sure everyone is ok before myself. My most recent challenge that I took on is taking care of my grandparents I was raised by them and now I am taking care of them. I am now the main care taker of my grandmother she fell a couple of days before mothers day and the alzeimers disease has really progressed. Everyday it's a struggle and I'm not gojng to lie I really dont care of how I look because I really dont consider that I have a life because Ibreally dont have the help of my family. My marriage is hanging by a string and I would love to rekinder the spark. I feel very old and ugly the worst part is that I am only 33 and my daily clothes consist of slides a tank top and bleach stained shorts. I really don't know how to look beautiful or shop for myself so I just throw on the shorts and tank. and the hair lets not start consist of washed hair and scrunchies. also would like to throw in that I always been the tom boy in my family.

  6. Hi Stacey and Clinton!! —

    My name is Olivia Horton, i'm here to nominate my mom Karen Horton. She's 48 and everyday I hear consistently about how fat and ugly she thinks she is. Her style is not too bad, but she is constantly wearing two of the same outfits per week. She has trouble shopping and everything she buys she returns. So her clothes basically consist of work pants and baggy shirts. As a daughter, being 18, and hearing your mom say this, its old after awhile and you just want her happy.
    It would be a blessing in disguise for her to be on this show! She needs immense help with her self esteem and especially her wardrobe. Help her please!!

  7. My sis-in-law lost my fav designer jacket and I saw Staci wearing the same one on the show. Could you please help me by letting me know where I can buy it again or can I buy the one from the show. Thank you!

  8. Well my mom, she's a busy mother of 7 kids. Shes always cleaning and never takes time for herself. When we go shopping, she sees things she likes and either hesitates to buy it or doesn't buy it at all. I would like her to go to your show so she can realize how beautiful she is and that she works hard and deserves to have nice things and take time for herself. So please get back to me and help me because I feel my mom deserves this. And I know you guys can find amazing things that makes her look attractive while being a hard working mom.

  9. I would like to nominate myself if not just get types im 4 years out of highschool a newlywed and a mom of a 2 year old. I has gained about 80 pounds since out of highschool and in just not really comfortable with myself as far as clothes or what to show off and what not. Number one thing i feel like im not appealing to my husband anymore my closet consist of clothes that used to fit and literally about 6 shirts and 3 pairs of pants that either have holes or zippers are broken and one bra the same hair do everyday any tips are greatly appreciated

  10. My name is Joann and, for the life of me, I just can't invigorate my closet. I was raised on hand me downs and, as a single mom, I got hand me downs as an adult too! So now my children are grown, I recently married and I now realize, I just don't know how to dress, hahaha. As one of Jehovah's Witnesses, presentation and first impressions are very important. Its also important that I dress to match me. My closet, my hair, my make up, ugh, is so boring and dark and I need help refreshing my look. After watching your show, I just know you can help me build a strong foundation.

    I love your show. I would like to nominate myself. I want to do something good for myself. It's about time. I am a woman of 56 years young. I could really use your help. I'm a survivor. I have had a lifetime of traumas. I am an Army Veteran (did a small stint -stationed near DMZ -South Korea- 80's) came home and some years later, I had my right leg amputated, gained weight, and became very depressed. However, I was able to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Art. I have been a housewife for 12 years now and I'm in the process of "finding myself" again. Somewhere I have seemed to have lost myself or sense of identity through the help of a therapist I am doing so, so much better. I would really like to look/dress like I feel inside: Hopeful for the future, happy, confident, stylishly artistic, sophisticated style, Victorious! I have no idea how to dress the way I want to portrait myself. I am also challenged with finding the right shoes with my prosthetic leg. My clothes are depressing, big time. I mostly run around in men's t-shirts, and some sweat pants, old capris length shorts. I usually wear no make-up unless I'm going somewhere. I love my long hair, and have been waiting for it to grow. However, I have no style whatsoever hair, clothes, or make-up. Please, would you help me in my quest? I will always watch your show.

  12. HI my name is Paty I need help I've always had a problem with my weight I'm short fat and ugly I feel my kids and husband are embarrassed to be seen with me please help

  13. Hi. If possible I'd like to nominate myself. I'm a mom of a beautiful 3 year old girl. I'm the fiance of a great guy for the last 5 years. I personally have put off the wedding not because of financial reason but because every wedding dress I've put on I find myself too disgusting for it. I suffer from depression because of my looks. But I am working on it. I just need a little help. Obviously I'm the one that dresses myself everyday but I just feel more in my skin in sweatpants and oversized shirts, hair tied up and little to no makeup to hide my facial flaws. I'm a little over 200lbs and just can't find anything to fit me the right way. Although I find comfort in my over sized clothes I know to help myself I need to work alittle harder on my attire to push myself up and over. Im ready for a new beginning. Please help you guys may be my last resort. Thanks in advance

  14. Hi. If possible I'd like to nominate myself. I'm a mom of a beautiful 3 year old girl. I'm the fiance of a great guy for the last 5 years. I personally have put off the wedding not because of financial reason but because every wedding dress I've put on I find myself too disgusting for it. I suffer from depression because of my looks. But I am working on it. I just need a little help. Obviously I'm the one that dresses myself everyday but I just feel more my skin in sweatpants and oversized shirts, hair tied up and little to no makeup to hide my facial flaws. I'm a little over 200lbs and just can't find anything to fit me the right way. Although I find comfort in my over sized clothes I know to help myself I need to work alittle harder on my attire to push myself up and over. Please help you guys may be my last resort. Thanks in advance

  15. I am a 50 year old mother and grandmother to 7 grandkids I am happily married. I have been heavy all my life I dress like a 70 year old woman. My daughters are always trying to dress me. They say things like mom why don't you get clothes that are in style. I think my daughters and grandkids are all embarrassed to do anything with me because of my clothes. I am always wearing sweat pants or stretch pants. This makeover I believe would really help me to see that I would look good in different clothes. I hope that you would pick me this would be a dream that I would never imagine.

  16. I'm 53 years old and haven't shopped for new clothing for over eight years. After 18 years of teaching at-risk youth, and dressing like a boy in order to avoid unwanted teenage affections, I'm at a total loss on how to dress like a girl anymore. My clothing is vintage-many pieces dating back to 1995. I currently wear Life is Good t-shirts and sweats or work-out gear. My husband is a veteran and deserves to have a lovely lady on his arm. Please, PLEASE help me stop embarrassing myself and my family.

  17. Stacy and Clinton,
    The past year and a half has been a rollercoaster, and not in the good way. I've gone from being a floor nurse in good health, to being somebody I don't even recognize. I weigh 155 lb in December 2015. Christmas Eve I went to the hospital for a high fever, nothing major. They sent me home and and told me that it was just a cold and it has to run its course. Over the course of the next few months my heart rate changed, I began to have chronic pain and my weight change drastically. I gained 100 pounds in 10 months, and they still didn't know what was wrong. The only thing they diagnosed me with at that time was fibromyalgia, but that does not cause weight gain. My doctors thought that perhaps it was lupus so I was tested every 6 weeks, but no positive result. Almost a year later they found out that I had hypothyroidism. But it wasn't until the beginning of May 2017 that they found out I had Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Along with the diagnosis of Hashimoto's came the diagnosis of prediabetes. By the end of June 2017 I had gone from prediabetes, to giving myself injections every morning. While I'm okay with the weight gain, I figure God has a plan, I'm still not quite sure how to dress these extra 100 pounds. Along with the hundred pounds, my face has become a little more round and my eyebrows and eyelashes have disappeared. I think I look okay going to work, I just have stopped putting on makeup. I'm still a nurse, I'm now in a management position as a care coordinator for my patients. And I take great pride in my work. I'm not asking to be on the show, I just need a little help to learn how to dress these extra hundred lb … and maybe make my eyebrows stand out in a good way. Y'all are amazing and I think you already know that. Thank you

  18. Stacey and Clinton I would like to nominate my daughter Kristen. I have never met someone who has overcome the difficulties that she has. She's a recovering heroin addict with 4 years clean. She's been to prison, she lost her oldest kid, she was in an abusive relationship, but against all odds she's come out on top. She got her daughter back and since had another baby girl. She hasn't been in trouble with the law since she went to prison in 2013 and has been sober since then too. She got out of her abusive relationship after her ex husband tried to kill her. She is currently in college to become a psychologist. She's just done a complete 180 in regards to her life but unfortunately her style is still somewhat the same. She is 26 and a mom of 2 girls and she wears short shorts and tight shirts, most of which show her cleavage. She constantly has to pull her shorts down or her butt will show. She doesn't have a lot of clothes because all her money is spent on her kids. I don't think she knows how to really dress her body or what looks good with what and what is actually appropriate for a mother of 2. I know she wants to be a good role model for her kids but her clothing is holding her back. Her clothing is holding her back from a lot unfortunately and I'm afraid that her confidence is taking a toll as well. Please help her. She deserves this.

  19. My 66 year old grandma is better looking than she realizas but she just wont believe it I mean I know grandma's arnt very perfectly hot but she could dress up a littel every once in a while I realy hope you can help her because I know you tepecly "fix" younger people but she realy needs you'r help so please pick to help her she needs it every bit of it she tepecly is in long shorts and a T-shirt she puts way to bold make up and she absalotly hates her hair trut me se needs you so all I can say is please help her.?!

  20. Hi Stacy and Clinton my name is Laniya Miranda and I would like to nominate my 38 year old mother Resheka Miranda. My mom has lost over 120 pounds and isn't completely sure how to dress her new body. I try to get her to try different things but she won't because she says she is too uncomfortable. To this day she wears the same clothes she did when she was a lot bigger. I think my mom would love/ she needs this experience. And also it might spice up my mom and dads relationship.

  21. Hi, My daughter is 29 and needs serious wardrobe help. She is finishing up her art degree and will be starting a new career. I'd like her to start off on the right foot.
    Her fashion choices for everyday wear do not compliment her wonderful personality nor do the compliment her figure. She is a big girl. She wears her clothes way too tight and tends to have her "girls" hanging out a lot. She also wear a lot of graphic tees with and camisole and bra straps hanging out. It's like she's stuck wearing high school clothes that are no longer appropriate for her age, figure, or career. She is in despirite need of your help.

  22. Omg!!!! My cousin Nicole has no style !! Today I caught her walking out of the house with a bathing suit, purple sequin pants, space buns, and slippers. She thinks she's trendy. Please. Send. Help. She is getting made fun of behind her back. She needs help and only you can help her. She won't listen to anyone else.

  23. Hi!My mom is 45 and has 2 kids.She hasn't bought herself clothes in a few years and the only clothes she has are 2 pairs of jeans and a couple of t-shirts.Everyday she wears tennis shoes and a low bun.She won't buy herself clothes because she feels like me and brother need them more.She loves your show and wants your help,thank you 🙂

  24. Hi!my mom is 45 years old and has not bought herself clothes in about 2 years.She only wears t-shirts,jeans,tennis shoes,yoga pants and her hair pulled back in a bad bun.She wants to change her style but she doesn't like buying clothes for herself because she thinks me and my brother need things more.She loves watching your show and needs your help,espically because she is a teacher/sub.Thank you so much!!!

  25. Hi! My name is amy and I'm 36 years old. I sincerely need some help. I have been severely ill with lupus and other health issues, and have had to live in a skilled nursing facility. My wardrobe is absolutely awful! (Lots of "comfortable" clothes and things like that) I would truly be greatful if you could find some time to help me out. I love watching your show and seeing all the people who's lives you have touched and changed! You truly are amazing people!
    Thank you so much!
    Sincerely, Amy

  26. Hi I'm Sharon Valentine a retired disabled veteran who is an single mother of two daughters that really need help with what not to wear. I just got out of an 14 year old stressful relationship and now I'm trying to gain my independent. I move to a new city and the job search is crazy. My wardrobe consists of tshirt and jeans. I few dress clothes but they don't fit right on me. I really truly need your help so that I can also help my daughters with picking out what to wear. I have a 14 and a 9 year old daughters that I love with everything in me and would also love if you guys can help them as well. Please help us with our fresh start.

  27. All my life I have been addressed as plain and simple, big and baggie, that's my clothing life and i personally feel as if its my mental life. I know my husband doesn't see me as attractive although he says he does. Being a supervisor of 8 people, church Secretary, head of a stewardship team, married to a deacon, my clothing attire for both my personal life and work life needs help. I am saved be Christ but sinking in style. Why can't I be both stylish and saved.

  28. My mother has a very hard time shopping for herself. I usually acompany her to the mall and I notice that I am always the one walking out with new clothes. She is always hesitant to buy clothes for herself because she does not believe the clothes look good on her. My mom has a large bust but a nice thin frame so she has trouble with dresses and shirts. I would help my mom but I am 16 so my view on clothing is very different from her views. Both my mom and I love watching your show so it would mean a lot to us if you would help us out. Thanks for your time 🙂

  29. I would like to nominate my mom, she's such a happy go lucky person and needs a wardrobe to go with her personality! She wears things that are to big or just dosent go together. She just needs someone to help her and guide her. She started a new job and I would love it if she could find her special someone. She always thinks of others before herself and it's her time!

  30. Hi! My name is Brandi and I would like to nominate myself. I am a wife and mother of 5 (4-14). I am usually yoga pants, flip-flop, jeans and t-shirt kinda girl. I haven't worn a dress in over 4 years. It would be great to get an idea of what not to wear with my new now mommy body. Thanks

  31. Please consider my daughter for your show, after many years of abuse from her ex husband, she felt as if she only needed to be comfortable. The styles and colors never meant anything as everyday is casual Friday for her. She works very hard and her wardrobe doesn't compliment her position.

  32. I'd like to nominate my best friend Robin. She never wears makeup, fixes her hair or accessorizes. She's a preschool teacher so her wardrobe is t-shirts and typically ill-fitting pants. I think a makeover would do wonders for her self-esteem and make her look as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.

  33. I'd like to nominate my daughter. She is 41 years old, a single mom of a fantastic 16 year old and a dedicated professional. She has worked hard, achieved two master's degrees (which she financed) and is an assistant principal in a tough, inner city school. She has recently gone through a difficult break-up of a six year relationship. She is one of the smartest, kindest, hard-working women I know. And she needs a make-over! She has gorgeous, thick naturally auburn hair. She wears it pretty much the same as she has for the past 20+ years. I cringe every time I see the little metal barrette that's holding her hair back. It's just like the one I put in her hair as a child. She has a pretty face but doesn't use make-up in a way that enhances her features. She has gained weight since her break-up and needs to find well-fitting professional clothes. Her adoring son and I would love to see her life brightened by a much needed and well deserved makeover. Thank you so much for your consideration. Sincerely, Her loving momma.

  34. I nominate my room mate, a 25 year old who wears shorts that disappear when she sits down. It's horrifying! She has a low self esteem and we are desperate to get her some fashion sense! Like a paper bag would be better than what she is currently wearing in public! She needs to find a husband and move on!! I don't think you have seen anything like this before 😱

  35. My mom is awesome. She's gained a lot of weight and always says bad things about herself. I think she's beautiful but she won't go shopping because see looks at things that don't fit and she gets mad. She wears old clothes and t shirts that don't fit. She is a school counselor and helps everyone except herself. Help her please! -ariana

  36. Hi Stacey and Clinton!
    I watch your show every day and I try to learn and use it for myself. I think I'm really trying to look more sophisticated and more my age but for reason I haven't fully accomplished the goal. I'm 5'0 feet and I'm 54 kilos. I take care of three 2 year old toddlers (one is my son) and it's harder to find a more fancy style since I'm always on the go and I can't really wear high heels.
    It would be a great experience to have the experience of being on the show and finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

  37. My name is Megan. I am a 29 yr old mom of two and wife. I live in the hot desert of Arizona. I am going to be turning 30 next year and you wouldn't ever know it by looking at my style. I am still in the clothes from high school over ten years ago. I have been watching your show for years and years and I try to take the rules that you give on the show to my advantage. I have taken Clothes and just thrown them away because I know that I shouldn't be in them . I then will be inspired and take myself shopping and when I get back I realize the new clothes hanging in my closet are basically the same type that I just throw away.it is a never ending cycle. I dress like I am 18 or it will go the way other way( because I'm trying to buy "grown up clothes) and I look like an old lady. I can never find the right place in the middle. I have been a mom and wife from 20 years old and I guess never had to make my outfits "grow up" I am frustrated that no matter how much I try I am not the women I want to be and I am always self conscious of what I am wearing .I am a stay at home mom and bend over backwards for my kids and husband and always put myself on the back burner. I'm tired of having this on the back of my mind all the time and trying to take your rules and having nothing to show for it.I dont ask for much for myself ,but this is something I need to ask for .My girlfriends have there outfits together and always have the modern looks and styles while I am in my junior department clothes without any style at all. I couldn't even tell you what style I am even going for because I simple have tried so many and I never seem to get it right and just don't know. I don't have the excuses that I just want to be comfortable or that I'm trying to hide in my clothes , I want to take the world by strom and have people see me and be fashion forward. I try and it's heartbreaking to know that because of what I am wearing it looks like I am hiding or that I just want to be comfortable or that I don't care and that's just not what I want to be. I have already been your students willing to take your knowlage through the tv , but I think it's time for me to enroll in your hands on coarse and help me show the world what I have been trying to for years.I do not want to take on my 30s and go another decade running around like crazy just spinning my wheels and feeling the same way I have throughout my 20s. Please help me become as awesome on the outside as I am on the inside. This is the one thing that would make me feel complete. Please . Thanks for your time and I am desperately praying that you will take a week of my life and transform the rest of my life.

  38. I am 75 years young and weigh 125 at 5 ft 4 in. With age appropriate rolls etc. I work out and am in remission for NH Lymphoma being active and happy. Every once in a while I purchase a piece of clothing that is a "wow"! But do not have tbe basics down. Please consider me. Thank you and have a good day.

  39. I'm a 64 year old woman working in an office. I don't know how to dress myself so I don't look "dowdy" next to the young women in my office. I have no talent for putting together an outfit! My office is on the casual side so if you can teach me what to wear, most outfits can be worn to work and on the weekends, and carry me into retirement in 2 -4 years!

    I watch your show every morning on TLC while I exercise. I never see older women on the show. We need help, too!

  40. My wife is a mother of 5 shes always taking care of everybody but herself. She never spends money on herself and she has a good job where i would like her to stand out and be the stong person she was when i met her 22 yrs ago when we had our first child at 15 years old together . I love her and she really nneds to feel good about herself again . And i know you guys are the right people for the job . I dont even know if this is the corret way to get on the show but i tried and it took a long time to type this lol im in construction not good at typing . thanks for listening. Jason valletto

  41. I would like to nominate my mother in law! She needs a MAJOR MAKEOVER shes in her 60s stubborn and needs a serious update on clothes and hairstyle. Please the mullet and baggy oversized ripped clothes have GOT TO GO. HELP!!!!! she won't listen to us so if anyone can do it stacy and clinton can!!!!! She needs a confidence boost

  42. I'm a 15 year old walking fashion disaster.I wear oversized t-shirts because I'm tall and jeans.I don't think I'm pretty.I wake up in the morning,throw on the first shirt and jeans I grab,brush my hair,brush my teeth and head to school.My go to shoes are a pair of Walmart tennis shoes.It's hard to find any shoes my size.When I leave the house I think I look good enough but still unattractive.I need all the help I can get.

  43. I am 15 and I live in New York City. There is so much fashion surrounding me I get so lost and don't know where to start. I have never seen an episode on what teens should wear, and I really need help! I want to learn to look professional as I will be entering the buisiness world, but still dress for my age. All my friends say I need this so it would be my dream if I got to be on the show!

  44. I would like to recommend my mom Christy, Shes 41 years old and like to wear sweats and t-shirts 24/7. She don't ever wanna fix her hair up or put makeup on. She needs some fashion help on what to wear and what NOT to wear. I would love to help my mom look stylish and young. Thanks sadie

  45. My wife is 24 years old and we have three children. After long abusive past relationships, she beats herself up and hates the way she looks. So to hide her body, she wears guys clothes to prevent people from seeing how beautiful I truly think she is. She's insecure, has no confidence, and is very uncomfortable with shopping or even letting me see her change. She's constantly putting herself down and cries when she realizes her clothes aren't fitting her anymore. And her medical issues are also a part of all her problems. Can you please help my wife!

  46. I would like to nominate myself. I really need help to find things that's going to make me feel special n beautiful. Cause right now I don't feel it at all. I dress like a tomboy sometimes my cloths don't fit me right. I can't find anything that would look good on me. I work at a group home for special needs n I do direct care. I have been doing this for a year. I love my job I just don't love my look. I don't wear make up. I'm just tried of feel like I don't matter cause I have 5 kids. One of my children is not originally mine she is my step daughter. I just wanna feel beautiful n want to get a new style for myself. I always put myself last. No matter what it is I will always put my children first. I would like to have the confidence that I can concor anything n feel good about who I am. Its really hard to buy cloths to fit my big butt. I just don't feel that I have that extra push to show I can concor anything. So plz plz plz come help me…

  47. My mom needs your help!!! She wears pajama pants and tshirts ALL the time;school events, scouting events, grocery shopping…She loves me and my brother and pays no attention to herself. I'd love for her to know how loved she is.

  48. I have a neice she is 25 and dresses like she is still 16. She is always talking about she lonely. She attracts the wrong guys, always young immature ones. I would love to see her date and have confidence in herself. Please help my neice.

  49. I work in a factory with mostly men making pads. My wardrobe consists of jeans, cotton shirts and workboots. I am also a pole fitness instructor so I need to be girly as well. Help! From Ontario Canada 😘

  50. I'm want my mom on here because she wears leggings and a old t-shirt around the house all the time and she doesn't really wear cloths that make up the new styles and I think you all may be able to help her out.

  51. I am nominating my sister. She is 33 years old. She has no children, no significant other, and no life. All she does is work. She owns nothing appealing. Everything she owns are t-shirts jeans tennis and poor bras. Oh and did I mention everything is black! Please help.

  52. Hello,
    My name is Kathryn Keegan and I'm 16 years old. My mom's name is Laura and she's 38 years old. My mom pretty much only wears jeans and Mossimo brand t-shirts everyday. She always talks about how uncomfortable she would be wearing anything else, and how uncomfortable she is with her body! I'm not sure if that's the reason she only wears jeans and tshirts or if it's because we can't afford much, but my mom is beautiful, I know she's very insecure and I know just tries to blend in. I feel like she could really work a stylish outfit but she never listens to me! I think she'd be great to go on this show and get a full makeover! I think other people helping me help her would be amazing!

  53. Hi my name is Sabrina I am 31 years old. I live in Georgia with my husband and our 2 boys. Since I can remember I have always been a Tom boy to the core even had a rat tale at 8 years old. Growing up I guess you could say I was basically a boy lol. Now being a mom and trying to look like a female i have a lot of problems picking out anything "no fashion since" most of the time I still find myself hanging out with the guys. I guess it's hard when you don't fit in with the girls. I would love to learn how to use makeup and what not to wear. Thanks

  54. i would like to nominate my mom. She is 36 years old and she wears ripped jeans and simply southern shirts and shower showes. I am her 14 year old daughter and she borrows my clothes every day. When it is hot outside she will wear bootie shorts . Please help her get a more grown up look .

  55. Stacy and Clinton
    I need your help!!!!! I have lost close to 100 lbs and my wardrobe is hideous. Tee-shirts, tee-shirts, and more tee-shirts, and jeans. I try and hide my bustiness and the rest of my belly by wearing my bigger clothes, but my new boyfriend is trying to build my confidence by reminding me that I'm not the person I use to be.
    Please consider helping me feel beautiful on the outside to match the person on the inside.

  56. I am a 53 year old mother of two. I got married at 17 and have always put my family first. My husband went missing almost 5 years ago and I have just now starting dating. I feel very insecure about how I look and this has held me back. I am 5 feet tall, 105 pounds and athletic. I wear t-shirts and jeans all the time. Please help me to be noticed and be attractive.

  57. I would like to nominate myself I would probably be a big challenge. I am 40 years old 2 kids 16 boy and 10 year old girl. I have been in a 11 year relationship I am a full figured woman. I do not own a dress I do not own a pair of blue jeans. I have not felt attractive for over a decade 🙁 . I do not wear makeup and my hair is always pulled back. I own sweat pants and lounge pants. Not only would you be helping me on the outside but the inside. I would be open to all changes anything to help me on the out side as well as the inside. I would love to show my 10 year old daughter the confident side of me.

  58. I am a woman over the road truck driver I drive team w my husband I have I guess gotten into a rut big time where I pretty much west yoga pants n t shirts or shirts to me I don't think I have the time to really do anything else but I do know I NEED HELP DESPERATELY

  59. I would like to nominate myself. I been terrible to myself. While turning 21 in September this year, I am guilty of having the same style since 6th grade. I'm unemployed, only worked one job, constantly destroy my own self-esteem, and have worked hard to lose a ton of weight since graduating high school last year. But I still can't even look at myself in the mirror and actually feel confident for even one minute. I would be grateful and immensely appreciative if you guys could open my eyes to know what it's like to be a young woman in her early 20's with confidence in herself.

  60. We are trying to nominate a female we work with, she doesn't wear clothes that fit they have stains on them in undisclosed places. All her clothes are old and raggedy she has a professional job but dresses as if she is a traveling carny. Please Help

  61. My mother has been thru alot. She's a mother to a 21,20 and 4 year old children. She's a grandmother to two grandchildren. She's been married twice and having such a hard time with everything. She deserves a make over. She always does everything for every one else but never anything for herself. She doesn't really have a style sense and most of what she has is out of style and don't fit right. She deserves this so much.

  62. Look no further,because I know that my sister would be perfect for your show.She dresses like a tomgirl if that's what you want to call it.She doesn't wear clothes that compliment her figure never.I don't even think she has any girl clothes.I'm going to keep this simple but really she needs to be on your show!!!

  63. I don't know if you do men on the show, but my boyfriend and father of my son has expressed being interested in being on the show! We are both 23 years old and new parents to a 4 month old son, he is so so handsome and has great hair, yet doesn't dress to suit his age, weight, or own personal style even! He wears PJs out of the house and has only one pair of jeans! and all of his shirts are dirty/too small! He has no idea where to start with his style, but he deserves to feel like himself after his horrible upbringing and neglectful parents! Help!

  64. I nominate my mom for your show.She is a marine corps veteran and nurse and a mother of two young children. She wears scrubs a lot, no make up, and a pony tail. She never wears dresses or heels. I hope you nominate her for your show. She is pretty but she needs some makeup and fashion tips. Please reply to this e mail. Thank you 😊

  65. Hello I'm a 49 yr old wife, mother, and grandmother I am in need of a makeover. I don't like to shop because of my weight and size. My children say I need help my husband says the way I dress makes me look pregnant.please help me. This year is our 20 th anniversary and I would love to look like the beautiful wife I know my husband deserves.
    Rhonda Foster

  66. I am nominating my fiancé who has confidence anxiety because of her size. She doesn't like going out because she thinks people will think she's ugly. I tell her she's beautiful the way she is but she doesn't believe it. We have gone clothes shopping before at some major retailers but everything she puts on she doesn't like seeing herself in.

  67. My friend Allison needs help! She is 53 and has a baclafin pump in her belly. So she says she can not wear regular pants. So she wears mens pajamas most of the time, were ever she goes. She has lost all care of how she looks because of this. Please help!

  68. Hello Stacey and Clinton, I've been a faithful viewer of your show for years and after a lot of reflection I'd like to nominate myself for your help and expertise. I'm 46 years old and am completely lost all the way around. I used to be up-to-date and stylish, was working and doing my thing…I've lost over 150 pounds and was keeping up with myself well, but five years ago my Mother, who was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, took a turn and developed Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, and I decided to move home to help my Dad care for her. My wardrobe became jeans or shorts and a t-shirt. Two years ago her disease progressed to full blown Leukemia, and my days were all about caring for her. Any and all concerns about myself and how I looked became very unimportant, and all of my focus was on caring for and loving my Mother. My Mom passed away this past February, and I am just LOST. I miss my best friend terribly, but I know she would want me to stop hiding in my depression and start living my life again…get a job, start dating (I didn't work or date the time I was caring for my Mom), but I know that I look absolutely horrible. My closet us full of clothes I can't wear because they're too big and/or out of style, so I'm stuck wearing too big jeans and t-shirts. Everyone tells me to go out and shop, but I go to the clothing store and freeze, because I don't know what size I am, what is appropriate for my age,what is in style, etc. My hair has also been neglected and is now down to my waist and has no style or shape at all. I'm so far gone I just don't know where to start, but I DO know that this is NOT ME. I'm BEGGING FOR YOUR HELP. PLEASE, help me get my life started again? Thank you.

  69. Hi i would really like to nominate myself im a wife and a mother of a 6 year old boy i was bulimic in high school lost allot of weight then years after i gain weight again i have been working out and have been trying to get my weight back under control i went from being a puck rocker to a wearing work out clothes because it looks somewhat good and it helps slim me down a little plus i can move around really easy i really hate going shopping because my husband pulls out all these dresses and wants to see me in them i try multiple dresses on but i look like a fat cow in all of them its so sad it makes me cry i like to wear my hoodies even on hot days because it hides my body but i believe i have never change my hair much just highlights always wear it in a ponny tail rarely down and makeup a little help may be good i really think i need help getting shown how to put together outfits im graduated as a CNA and im supose to start school soon to get my associate in nursing but my look i know needs some polishin im seriously like an F- lol who cant find a job i think im messing up my interviews by not dressing good enough im open to critisism please choose me i need Help!!!

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