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Two Scoops – Movie

Two Scoops - Movie
Two Scoops – Movie Auditions

Robert Rodriguez, the brilliant director of such timeless hits as Sin City, the Spy Kids franchise and Once Upon a Time in Mexico, the man who has worked with some of the finest actors of our generation including George Clooney, Johnny Depp and Salma Hayek is embarking on a new film project and it may just change the game forever. The action adventure film Two Scoops is set to begin production soon and Mr. Rodriguez in partnership with Blackberry is looking for help in creating all aspects of the movie – from people just like you! Submissions for a several acting roles and even story ideas are being accepted now. This could be your chance to work with one of Hollywood’s most talented artists on his most exciting project yet.

Two Scoops is an interactive short film project that will combine the filmmaking skills of award winning director Rodriguez with the creative abilities of his fans and aspiring actors and movie enthusiasts. The story will follow two female friends who work as mild mannered ice cream scoopers by day and devil may care thrill seekers by night. That is all we know right now – because the story is going to be written and acted by you! Nothing like this has ever happened in the world of film before, this is your chance to truly be a part of the making of a real film project with a mega talented director. Imagine working alongside the man who brought Desperado to the big screen, or coming up with a story idea and then having millions of viewers see it. If you are intertesed in auditioning for available roles, submitting story ideas or for more information you can go here keepmoving.blackberry.com/desktop/en/us/ambassador/robert-rodriguez.html. We will post casting updates as soon as they have been released so stay tuned here and be sure to leave a comment for us and tell us what you think of this opportunity and why you want to work on this incredible project.

Hollywood’s most incredible interactive project ever is here and you could be chosen to be a part of it. Apply today for your shot at being part of the magic of Robert Rodriguez’s Two Scoops.


8 thoughts on “Two Scoops – Movie

  1. A dream come true to work with Mr. Rodriquez, he is a brilliant and talented Director, and I have followed his movies, since El Mariachi. I love to write poetry, and original scripts, but have only printed
    some poetry. Have always done theatre since
    a child, singing, dancing, some directing. I
    would humbly like to offer some original scripts for viewing, and critique. I don't have a blackberry, do you have an alternate
    way that I could get them to you, or to Mr. Rodriquez, a mailing address, or e-mail?
    Have a Blessed day!
    Mary Alice

  2. hi i'm amanda having a role would be a pleasure.i live in kenya and i really love acting.i will be glad to take part in the movie.thank you

  3. Hi I'm Angie! I'm 24 years old and I'm originally from Peru but I have lived in the states for about 22yrs. I would love to be part of this movie. I study acting, dancing, and singing so I'm definitely all about this industry. I would love the opportunity to be part of such a great project and I can assure you that I will be the best at it. Some stats about myself: 5' 3" weight: 130 age: 24 Hispanic. If I've been compared to any known movie star, it's Roselyn Sanchez. I actually audition a couple of times before and I was told that I could be her daughter or younger version of her. I would love a chance to make it big. Please please please, pick me! Thank you.

  4. Hi,my name is Valentina and i am 12 years old and maybe if there is a role for me that would be awesome.

    eye color:dark rown
    weight:99 pounds

  5. I'm huge Robert Rodriquez fan, love his style, 33 years old, I'm 5-11, 165 pounds brown eyes and hair, Mediterranean, love movies always wanted to be in them since I was a kid..

  6. I want to be a big star and make lots of money-I want to be molded into an Oscar winning performer and hone my acting skills to perfection–so I could use any help I could get or advise.

  7. Hello my name is angelica collazo I am a 10 year old girl.
    I have brown hair past my hips,
    With green sparkling eyes,
    I weigh 85 pounds and
    I am 4"9.
    I would love to have a roll because u are my favorite director. I am involved with my community. I work with kid that have Down syndrome . My little cousin has down syndrome and he is the most beautiful little boy I have ever seen. I also am involved with Red Cross because where I live there is a lot of homeless kids.i am in a few local theaters and I think I'm pretty good. I am confident that I have the talent and drive to be successful on the movie. I am looking forward to meeting u in person thank u so much!!!

  8. Hello
    my name is Nathalie Margerin
    I am a french girl and I came in the united states to try to become an actress so this is the reason why I am applying in your agency
    thanks in advance for your answer.

    Your sincerely

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