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My Bro Dad – MTV

My Bro Dad - MTV
My Bro Dad – MTV

For over 20 years MTV has created and then broken the molds of reality television. From the ground breaking The Real World, the thought provoking True Life series, the pop culture sensation Jersey Shore all the way to their latest hit Buckwild, MTV has given millions of fans around the world thousands of hours of entertainment and now their next ahead of the curve production is on the horizon. My Bro Dad is set to begin production soon and now the producers and casting directors for this intriguing new project are on the lookout for participants. This could be your chance to be the next MTV reality TV sensation.

MY Bro Dad is looking for super hip dads. Is your father the coolest dude you know? Does he dress in all of the latest fashion? Is he up on all of the latest technology? Does he throw the sickest parties? Is he hip on all things pop culture? Is he totally down to hang with you and your friends? If so, MTV wants to hear from you. My Bro Dad wants to highlight the dads that are doing it right. Not all fathers are out of touch and stuck in the past and now MTV wants to show the world how rad dads can be. The search is now on for the coolest poppas around and auditions will be held soon. If you think you have a dad that’s a total bro and want to be the star of MTV’s next reality sensation you can submit yourself for casting consideration today  To apply for you and your dad’s chance at stardom you can send an email with your name and the name of your father, the city you live in, contact info, pics of you and your dad and a brief description of why your dad is a total bro here mybrodad@gmail.com. We will post every audition update as soon as they are released so keep checking back and be sure to l;eave a message below and tell us what makes your dad so cool and why you would like to be featured in the show.

Show the world how happening your poppa is. Apply today to be a part of the all new MTV reality series MY Bro Dad.

7 thoughts on “My Bro Dad – MTV

  1. Name: Ivy Lester,
    Hair: Black
    Weight:38 pounds
    MY Dad: Isiah Lester
    Hair: Black Very Neat Dreads
    Eye Color: Black
    Weight: 180 pounds
    Height: 6'2
    State: Atlanta/NC
    State: Atlanta
    Ethnicity: Black

    We would like for my DAD to be the next reality star, and me to I'm Ivyanna Lester but you can call me Sweet Pea I'm the princes in north Carolina down to Atlanta, I steals hearts and I'm always hyper and turnt up my dad keeps me that way. He's always up yelling out the window TURN DOWN FOR WHAT, Turn down for what!! He's in and out all the hottest and major strip clubs in Atlanta, Ga and clubs. Most people treats him like Future and two Chainz because his style, he's a hot dresser latest fashion $200.00 Jeans and shoes, you name it he has it. All his friends always comes to visit by the bus load from NC just to party with him. He's also the best dad ever he up and fixing us frosty flakes and giving me chocolate milk, ice pop and junk food. Of course at the sometime telling me to never TURN DOWN until mommy gets home, don't tell her..lol The streetz loves him, strip clubs & promoters loves him they call him Don Julio he gets drunk and dancing all night yelling he gets the party rocking! We love him and if you want your ratings to go up to the roof this is your guy I promise you that. This will be the next best thing to Duck Dynasty views..lol By the way we can send you pictures to you right now…I cant wait for this moment for life!! TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!

  2. HEY,I m nothing but i m the person who can won heart of our world generation….thats it
    HEIGHT 6,
    AGE 25


  3. I Have 3 Girls And 3 Guys And It's Coed And Where Down To Do Silent Library Contact Me We Are Really Interested

  4. my dad is a stone cold drunk. he has 13 children all by my mother whom he is still married to. although he has his although he has his flaws he is the coolest dad there is. my mother made him sleep in the car because he cant stop drinking and cursing her out. So he jumps from house to house chilin with each of his adult children. from time to time we take him out with us(that's only if he didn't hit stage 5) everyone from family and friends no what stage 5 is for my dad. that's his 5th personality that comes out. He named him Nathon. I would love to discuss more but hes pissing me off right now because he wants me to record him singing and dancing and acting like a fool.Like I said he's

  5. My dad is the coolest dad ever he loves technology PC's cellphones and cameras he's fun to be around played with us kids no matter how tired he was took us fishing camping and even has my 32year old brother at home still they have great fun together I was jelous when they went on canoe trip last year but happy my sister and are part of his life I would take him anywhere with me and so would my sister and brother

  6. Name: Alayna Renay Myers
    Age: 16
    Eye color: light brown
    Weight: 195 lbs.
    Height: 5’5”
    State: California
    Ethnicity: Black

    I am a teenager awaiting my BIG BREAK in the industry. Now is a better time than any to show-off my GOD given gifts. My favorite subject is Math, and I enjoy various types of electronics. I am a vibrant GOD-fearing young lady that has many hobbies such as: hip-hop dancing, skating, singing, acting, voice-overs, writing poems and drawing. One of my favorite actors is Raven Simon; who I imitate rather well; along with Nicki Minage. I have no experience, but very eager to learn. I look great on camera with a great personality. Given the chance; you won't regret it.

    *Pictures submitted upon request*

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