Acting Castings & Auditions for 2016

This is the place for you to find up to the minute casting notices for acting roles of all kinds. In addition to a bevy of incredible casting call listings, we present you with some useful tips that might come in handy for your upcoming Acting Auditions. Even professionals that have been previously cast can easily benefit from this valuable advice.

First of all, stay calm and don’t become intimidated – it may be easier said than done, but believe in yourself and your talents. When intimidated, most people make mistakes that they can’t recover from. The most important thing to remember about making a mistake is to recover from it and keep going as if nothing has happened, this is how true professionals do things. If you can read fast, then things will often play to your advantage during a cold audition read. If you have a chance to get familiar with the material before your casting call then by all means do so. During the read you want to be able to process what you are taking in quickly enough to deliver it in a fashion that is both natural and appealing.

There really is no such thing as too over the top. Often what the performer feels as border-lining on over the top is quite mundane and monotone to the audience. Over three quarters of the expression that you will be delivering is lost when you are viewed by the casting agent (or by any audience for that matter.)
Always be polite and thank the casting team. Even if you are relatively certain that you did not get any part at all, this can be a great way to get invited back for other reads. Courtesy goes further than people think in the entertainment industry. Whether your dream is to be a star of the big screen in a feature film, the small screen on a hit TV series or a lead in a classic stage play – if your goal is to be an actor, this is the category for you. Click here to find exciting acting audition postings of all kinds.

Fox’s Empire Seeking Several Speaking Roles

Fox’s Empire Seeking Several Speaking Roles

This season of Fox’s Empire is bringing in a lot of wonderful opportunities for actors. Several speaking role casting calls have been released and another one is here! Casting directors are looking to fill three speaking roles on the series. They will be holding auditions for Fox’s Empire for speaking roles for a Tech Girl, (Get Details…)

Walker Stalker Con Looking for Actors

Walker Stalker Con Looking for Actors

Walker Stalker Con is coming to New Jersey and you have a chance to get in on the fun! From free panels with celebrity guests to professional photo ops, costume contests, and immersive experiences, Walker Stalker Con let’s fans become part of the shows and movies they love! Walker Stalker Conventions produces events across North (Get Details…)

American Girl Dolls Looking for Teens

American Girl Dolls Looking for Teens

The American Girl Doll Company is seeking new hosts to join their American Girl Life team! The company which is an own subsidiary of Mattel, has been around since 1986.  American Girl’s wide range of dolls from different skin tones, facial features, eye colors, hair styles and textures, plus hundreds of accessories and stories—helps girls (Get Details…)

Denzel Washington “Fences” Featured Roles

Denzel Washington Fences Featured Roles

What an amazing experience it would be to be to have the chance to be on set with one of the greatest actors of our time, Denzel Washington. Your chance to work with the Academy Award winner on his next film is here! Casting directors are looking for men, women and kids to take part (Get Details…)

Zach Galifianakis Movie Speaking Roles

Zach Galifianakis Movie Speaking Roles

The upcoming Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover 1, 2 & 3 and Due Date) and Jon Hamm (Mad Men) film “Keeping Up With The Joneses” is now looking for Asian actors for speaking roles in the film! The film follows a suburban couple who becomes embroiled in an international espionage plot when they discover that their (Get Details…)

NCAA Final Four Commercial Now Casting

NCAA Final Four Commercial Now Casting

It’s March, and that means one thing to sports fans, March Madness! Now you can get in on the action with a new commercial. There is a new casting call for Turner Sports upcoming commercial for The Final Four. The Final Four is where the last four remaining teams in college basketball’s playoff tournament compete (Get Details…)

FX Series “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll” Casting Call

FX Series Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll Casting Call

Dennis Leary’s FX TV show “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll” is now casting background actors and featured roles for the new season. The FX television show “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll” centers on the lead singer of a legendary early 90’s New York band called The Heathens. The band partied, hard and on the brink of making it big before their first album (Get Details…)

NBC’s “Chicago Fire” Casting Teens & Adults for Season 4

NBC's Chicago Fire Casting Teens & Adults for Season 4

Get ready to feel the heat!  Casting directors have put out a casting call for the new season of NBC‘s hit TV series, “Chicago Fire”.  “Chicago Fire” follows the lives of Chicago’s Firehouse 51’s firefighters, rescue squad and paramedics.  The show give a face paced look into the lives of the courageous men and women who dive (Get Details…)

CW’s “The Originals” Casting Call for Featured Roles

Fox's The Originals Casting Call for Featured Roles

Have you ever wanted to play a witch or a warlock?  If so, this is the role for you!  A new casting call has been released for the CW TV show “The Originals” for an upcoming featured roles.  They are looking for men and women to play witches and warlocks!  They are looking people who (Get Details…)

Netflix Series “Mindhunter” Casting Call

Netflix Series Mindhunter Casting Call

There is a new Netflix series called “Mindhunter” that is being executive produced by David Fincher and Academy Award winner Charlize Theron.  The show centers around two FBI agents who pioneered behavior profiling.  Mosser Casting is handling the non-union stand-ins, photo doubles and background actors.  They have just released a casting call for actors in (Get Details…)