Movie Extras Castings & Auditions for 2016

Some of the world’s biggest stars have started their careers in some of movies smallest roles. Being a movie extra is a fun and exciting experience for any actor and this category is your source a number of movie extra casting calls and auditions.
Everybody dreams about being in the movies, so how do you go about living your dream of being on the silver screen? There are TV commercials, programs, and movies. Actors are either discovered, studied, been an extra, or acted in small roles before becoming famous. If you want to be an extra, you’ve come to the right category. Sometimes it’s just being in the right place, at the right time. Sometimes they will be looking for specific characteristics in the characters, so just show up. Extras are generally people standing in the background or next to the star. Now if you’re looking for career this is a start to get your foot in the door.
From independent gems to huge budget Hollywood giants, we have the movie extra audition notice that you’re looking for. Click here to land your role as a movie extra alongside your favorite Hollywood stars.

Wolverine 3 Looking for Military Soldiers

Wolverine 3 Looking for Military Soldiers

Details about the next and final Wolverine film have been kept tightly under wraps. It has been announced the film will change its rating to an R and the movie will take place in the future. The movie is filming in New Orleans and Central Casting is looking for men to play Military Soldiers. This (Get Details…)

Emilia Clarke Movie “Above Suspicion” Needs Extras

Emilia Clarke Movie Above Suspicion Needs Extras

If you love Game of Thrones, there is a new casting call that that you will be really excited about. Emilia Clarke, who plays Daeneryns Targaryen, is filming a new movie called “Above Suspicion”. Casting directors are looking for men and women for extras roles in the movie. The film is shooting in Paris, Kentucky (Get Details…)

Paul Rudd’s Movie “Ideal Home” Seeking Extras

Paul Rudd’s Movie Ideal Home Seeking Extras

Actor Paul Rudd (Ant-Man, Anchorman) has over 100 credits, and is adding another to his belt. He has teamed up with Steve Coogan (Happyish, Philomena) for the upcoming drama/comedy movie “Ideal Home”. The two play a bickering couple leading an extravagant life. Coogan is a popular and demanding celebrity name Erasmus while Rudd is a (Get Details…)

Wolverine 3 Looking for Casino Patrons

Wolverine 3 Looking for Casino Patrons

If you missed out on the last casting call for the upcoming and final Wolverine movie, you have another chance! The next Wolverine movie will be the last. Hugh Jackman will reprise the role one last time before putting his claws away for good. We don’t know a whole lot about the plot of the (Get Details…)

Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Reagan Secret Service Agents

Bill O'Reilly's Killing Reagan Secret Service Agents

Fox News star Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard’s book “Killing Reagan” is being turned into a TV movie and casting directors are looking for new faces to appear in it! Rose Lock Casting is looking for men with longer well groomed hair who are fit and clean cut males to play secret service agents. The (Get Details…)

Marvel’s Spider-Man Homecoming Teens & Adults

Marvel’s Spider-Man Homecoming Teens & Adults

Our favorite webbed superhero Spider-Man is getting ready to film his next movie Spider-Man: Homecoming and casting directors need you! The upcoming film will be shooting in Atlanta, Georgia. Casting directors are looking for teens and young adults to play high school students. The new movie will star Tom Holland, Marisa Tomei and Zendaya. Holland (Get Details…)

“The Clapper” Starring Ed Helms Extras

The Clapper Starring Ed Helms Extras

There are two new films that are preparing to begin filming and casting directors are holding an open call in Los Angeles for extras for both of the movies. Funnymen Ed Helms and Tracy Morgan are teaming up for the new film “The Clapper”. The Clapper centers on a man who works on infomercials and (Get Details…)

Marvel’s “Wolverine 3” Looking for Kids and Adults

Marvel’s Wolverine 3 Looking for Kids and Adults

Oscar nominated actor Hugh Jackman will reprise his role of Wolverine one last time for the third and final movie! The untitled Wolverine film has begun filming and casting directors are looking for children for a scene as well as men and women for a funeral scene in the upcoming film. The story line has (Get Details…)

“Felt” Starring Liam Neeson Looking for Joggers

Felt Starring Liam Neeson Looking for Joggers

Here is your chance to get on set with Taken star Liam Neeson in his upcoming movie “Felt”. Casting directors are looking for a male and a female experienced jogger as well as a male experienced cyclist to appear in the film. You must have hair that can past for early 70’s since the movie (Get Details…)

Liam Neeson’s Movie “Felt” Extras

Liam Neeson's Movie Felt Extras

The star of the “Taken” films (along with countless others) Liam Neeson is gearing up to play Deep Throat, the nickname of the whistleblower of the Watergate scandal in the political thriller Felt. It is being reported the film will be told from the vantage point of the top FBI official. The film is also (Get Details…)