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Tyler Perry’s For Better Or Worse – TBS

For Better Or Worse
For Better Or Worse – TBS

Season 2 of Tyler Perry’s latest hit television show For Better Or Worse is coming soon and casting for both day players and recurring roles are going on now. This is your chance to be a part of the Tyler Perry family and be seen by millions of rabid fans every week!

For Better Or Worse is a spin-off program featuring the characters of Marcus and Angela from the multi-million dollar grossing films Why Did I Get Married? And Why Did I Get Married Too? These films are loved the world over for their hilarious and poignant depictions of marriage and fidelity in today’s fast paced world and For Better Or Worse has picked up right where they left off both in rich characters and fantastic entertainment. Starring Michael Jai White and Tasha Smith reprising their film characters, For Better Or Worse follows Marcus and Angela and a cast of friends as they travel the journey of modern marriage together. This is Tyler Perry’s biggest and most entertaining television project to date and your perfect opportunity for stardom ! Casting calls are going on now so leave a comment below and we will keep you updated on all of the exciting details.

There is no bigger name in entertainment today than Mr. Tyler Perry. Everything this visionary has touched thus far has turned to gold and this show is no exception. This could be your one shot to be a part of one of the amazing Tyler Perry Productions. Take a chance on stardom and you could be the next cast member of Tyler Perry’s mega hit For Better Or Worse.

462 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s For Better Or Worse – TBS

  1. Hi my name is destiny crump i am 21 years old and i have been a fan of yours for years and i would love a chancw to work with you i am a mother of 2 i have been acting since i could walk i am 5'8 134 pounds dark brown hair

  2. I should be apart of Tyler Perry's for Better or for Worse because I love all of his shows. He is an awesome writer and I used to be in plays at school when I was younger. I am just a soon to be 23 year old trying to take care of her daughter so why not try my hand at acting. I'm pretty awesome and I love being myself.

  3. Mr. Perry. I have been a fan of yours since the first Madea show. I can remember seeing your show in Nashville and I yelled out, "I want an audition!" And you yelled back, "Girl, you done had too much Hennessy!" I still smile and sometimes laugh about it when I watch your shows and movies. I was very excited to be on your email distribution list. Now on the serious tip…at the time I saw my first TP production…I was seriously pursuing an acting career. I am also SAG-eligible….so you know I got to have some skills…LOL! It is my dream to work for you…and on my wall…everyday…I read this quote…"Dream…until your dreams come true…" All I ask is for…a chance…to pursue my dream…one more time. Thank you for taking the time to read this message. Love you like a fat kid loves cake!

  4. Good evening Tyler, I Love all of your Shows, and find them very Inspirational. I am very much so interested in being a part of your Cast for whichever 1, you may find fitting. I would be greatly Appreciative to have the opportunity to @ least meet with you, re: being cast for a role in @ least 1of your future productions! Thank You!!!

  5. May Kattaria
    Age: 28
    D.O.B: 7/7/87
    Gender: Female
    Weight: 175lbs
    Hair Color: oak brown
    Eye Color: light Brown
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Skin: Tan..Egyptian
    It started when my brother and I acted to get into places, pretended to be writers for a food blog to get into food and wine festivals, acted like we were volunteers to get into award shows, and simply acted that we were out of towners to the people next to us at the bar. I did it for fun, and that I know how to act.

  6. Every day i get up and go to a job I hate simply because, I have missed my calling. I have ALWAYS been the laughter of my family since I could talk. People always tell me I should be an actress, I dont know why my aunttie Pat Houston never introduced me to you Mr. Perry but I would do your show for free. Acting is supposed to be my life and fir those reasons I zhould be on the show.God bless!

  7. Hello my name is Earricka Farmer and I would love to be in for better or worst, and house of Payne. Email me if you need information!!

  8. Mr.Perry
    I would love to be apart of th is awesome show because I love what the show is about. I'm Married so a lot of it is relatively familiar but just in a more hilarious way. I have always been interested in trying the entertainment industry, but it wasn't really until you came onto the scene bringing things that were relatable to to true reality. I would be honored to be apart of your amazing brand and movement of positive entertainment. If you would give me the opportunity to be transferred into the actress I have potential to be I would truly make you proud with my efforts and hard work I have 3children to do this for.
    I know with craft training you can help me be great for them.

  9. Hello My name is Lourdy I'm Haitian and 15 years old I would love to be apart of For better Or worse so I can be able to purse my acting careers

  10. Hello Mr Perry,

    Why should I be your next best Actress on this production? Experience, Wits, Beauty, Brains, Comedic Timing, Stage Presence, Laser Beam focus, Spirit-Led, and Raw Talent. I also Write!

    @MizzJ_Jae on IG


    Jo Anne

  11. Hey my name is deneshia sutton but my nick name is miracle in I'm 21 years old in I'm from fort pierce fl I'm a African American female in it would be a blessing if you guys give me chance I won't wast your time I'm very tatentive acting is my passion it's my dream job it's what's make me happy in a smile on my face And it makes my day in I can be dramtic at times I'm very funny I like to make others laugh In my hair is black in my eyes are dark brown in I'm a average height in average size my hair color is black

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