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Glass House – ABC

The next sensation in game shows is coming to televisions everywhere with an amazing grand prize of $250,000 and you could be the first champion and line your pockets with tons of cash.  Glass House is coming soon to the ABC Network and producers are currently on the lookout for fun and charismatic talent of all ages to compete in the exciting first season. This could be your big shot at fame, glory and riches!

Glass House is sure to be America’s most wild and crazy reality competition show ever!  Casting directors are on the lookout for “type-A” personalities to compete against each other in this exciting new program. Glass House is looking for those special people with magnetic personalities that everyone wants to be around. Are you constantly entertaining people? Are you the life of every party that you are invited to (which is every party)? Does the room fill with energy and electricity when you walk in? If so, you are the perfect contestant for the epic first season of Glass House! Casting directors will be meeting with potentials stars both in person and by email submissions so go here for more information GlassHouseCasting@gmail.com and leave a comment below to let us know that you’re ready to be the Glass House champ.

This is your chance to stake your claim to fame and reality TV glory on the county’s newest game show smash hit! Apply today and you could be holding a whopping $250,000 and the title of Glass House champion.

94 thoughts on “Glass House – ABC

  1. My name is Laura. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE people!!! I love to laugh, joke, talk. Love to be in the center of a party. I don't try to but I naturally love everything about talking and KNOWING people, not just surface. I'm always the last to leave a party as I have an incredibly outgoing personality. I would LOVE to be on your show!!!

  2. Hi my name is Kateland.
    Skin tone: Tan
    Ethnicity: Mixed
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Hazel

    I am currently a Cosmo model. I have a very unique personalty, I am very energetic and always happy. I get along with everyone no matter who they are. My friends always tell me they would not know what to do with their life if I wasn't there to make things fun and entertaining. I am 19 years old about to turn 20 in just 10 days. Thank you

  3. hello,
    My name is donna and I have always wanted to be on a show like this and iam 50 years old and have a great out going personality and have fun at what ever I do so I will have just as much fun watching your show as I would being on the show cuz that's just how I am..thank you for you time and good luck to you all.

  4. hi i'm kalontae i'm openly gay and i'm 16 years old i love fun things and i'm super compeditive so i know i would do anything to win that money even though i'm young i can pack a punch and i'm not scared to play the game CHOOSE ME

  5. I am the perfect mixture of angry Christian, Happy Husband (right), King Know-It-All, Perfect Man (sort of), and everyone's favorite Uncle. If you have a show without me, kiss the ratings good-bye. By the way, I am the best loved villain in everything I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Did you MISS ME?? How could you if you've never met me, but don't worry I'm hopeful that you'll have that opportunity. Well, my name is Crysta Blue, I'm 26 years old and I am ready for you to have my beautiful face and extremely outgoing and outspoken personality make an appearance on this show. I am intelligent and physically capable to handle most things thrown my way. So in short I am awesome, but by no means think I am better than anyone else but if they see it that way,then oh well.

  7. Hey,
    Get me out of here. I want to be on Glass House.I am tough as nails,too nice to be believed, & am ready to shed my "sweet Ole mom" routiine. Hey you need somebody to vote off first but never under estimate my people apeal.
    Great Show

  8. Do you dare put someone over 50 in the Glass House? I am 51 but look in my 30s. Give me an opportunity and you will NOT be disappointed. Have been DYING for a Reality Show experience for over 10 years!

  9. My wife thinks that I would do great on the show. I'm an EMT and part owner of a body shop. I'm into weight lifting and training. I'm very outgoing, laugh at everything and extremely loyal. She thinks that people would love me. Hope to hear from you.

  10. Remarkable things here. I'm very happy to see your post. Thanks a lot and I am taking a look ahead to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

  11. Former big brother loyal fan. Watched 8 years. Now divorced, 33, single and attractive. Ready for adventure and new chapter!!! Ready to step outside the box and rock it! Love mental and physical challenges!

  12. My name is Caitlin Noelle Beard. I would love to be on this show! I am in school to be a police officer, but I want to have a little fun before I become a police officer. I am 21 almost 22 I will be 22 in December.

    The Glass House is the best reality show I watch, well the only one I watch that I enjoy!

  13. Thanks for every other informative site. The place else may just I get that type of info written in such a perfect manner? I have a venture that I'm just now running on, and I have been on the glance out for such info.

  14. Hi my name is Brandi and I would love to be on the glass house. I am married and a mother of 2 kids. I think the audience would love me and the challenge would be a great experience. Hope to hear from you soon. Brandi

    Eyes green
    hair brown
    height 5'5
    weight 115-120
    I live in a town of less than 100 people in Nebraska.

  15. Hey! I'm Lance, and I'm ready to turn this show out and show America what they have beem missing! I'm a 23 year old energetic athlete. I'm a proud father as well, and very family oriented. Give me a shot at this and i will prove that you didn't make the wrong choice. Thanks a lot for the time and consideration!!

  16. my name is monica im 5'3 and 130 pounds, i have brown hair and blue eyes and very nice teeth. im very outgoing, energetic and love people. just talking and being around others. i am the farthest thing from shy and always love some competition in my life. throw anything my way and ill give it my best shot, with some style. im very interested in this upcoming show!

  17. Hey, what's up? My name is Bobby and I'm a 20 year old full-time college student. I also work a few days a week and enjoy many things during my free time. I surf, work on cars, play baseball for a traveling team, and do many other things also. I am ALWAYS the life of the party and all of my friends never stop laughing whenever I'm around. I was just recently on a new MTV show called "Totally Clueless" which will be airing in September sometime. I set my best friend up to prank him in New York and it was ridiculously funny. I can find something to talk about with anyone and always leave a good impression. This show would be perfect for me without a doubt!

  18. My name is Christopher Guedes Andrade you have to get in contact with me to actually pronounce the name right lol. I am 27 years old Cape Verdean from Brockton MA. Also if you want to know more about Cape Verde your going to have to conact me for that too lol I was raised in what some people call a "hood" so that made me very opinionated on how i view a lot of things. I try not to be influenced on what people do around me otherwise i would be as boring as 97% of the people i meet in my lifetime. I have a mixed diverse of friends ranging from one legged man named chuck to the dog that walks around the neighborhood. Very random but that what makes me ME and what keeps people ready to tune in. Get in contact with me or i dont know ill continue to look for money i guess lol

  19. Hi. I'm Percy and would love to prove that I can be the first Glass House champion. As a college student, single parent, and proactive with different clubs and organizations, I have excelled with time-management. Although I am caring and sensitive, I feel a need to always tell the truth, and hate people who are indecisive. Other than that, I am a fun-filled person, who tries to enjoy life as everyone else around me. As for partying, there need to be more of me around because I cannot be at every location at one time. Furthermore, I get tired of others saying, I wish Percy was here. Well, I'm not, I'm too busy being the life of 'this' party lol. I am going to stop now, because I can talk about myself all day.

  20. Hi my name is Katherine (Katie) Ryan and I sing, model, write, play music (piano and guitar) and dance, and would love to be on this game show! I would love to gain exposure by being on the show and hopefully walk away with the grand prize.

    Some background: I have been in many performances including starring in singing solos on stage, dancing in front of large audiences and performing in a choir for two years. I love it. In addition I have been modeling for the past year, and have done Promo work at the Mazda Raceway here in CA for major companies. This sounds like an amazing opportunity; I would be so honored to be considered.

    I am 18 years old and live in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.

    Further information (if needed):
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Hair: Light brown
    Eyes: Blue-green

    Thank you so much for your time and consideration! -Katie Ryan

  21. My name is August Schroeder. I am eleven years old. I have black hair and tan skin. I'm a bit chubby. I am energetic. When I make mistakes, I don't make a big deal of them. Instead I make fun of my mistakes. People say I am really funny. And I entertain them with my funniness. Please consider me. If you don't, I'm fine with that. I've been turned down a lot. Bad luck I guess. Thanks anyway, August.


    I can sit here and list my facts and why you should pick me but the truth is that im just an average girl with a typical dream. But none the less this is my DREAM. Im willing to work my butt off to prove to you that im what your looking for. And unlike everyone else. I know I can make this cut, I WANT THIS. Im 19 years old, Half-Japanese and Half-German. I learn fast, Give me this chance. you WILL NOT be disapointed.

    Thank you! Please, consider me. I can do this.

  23. Hi I'm kionna from the greater part of southwest Houston im 21 looking to soon become the next biggest star of my city 🙂 I'm 5'3 130pounds FUN SIZE !! I'm VERY ENERGTIC .. Always alway FULL of liffffffe I have a great sense of humor I could turn peoples frowns into smiles! My sister (mehgan) was recently selected to be on BGC9 Mexico sooooo I believe we were born to be SUPERSTARS….. YeeeeeeeeeAaaaah :p

  24. Hi guys, I'm kionna I'm from the greater part of southwest Houston ! I'm fun sized 5'3 130 pounds with lots of ENERGGGGGGGY I have a lot a sense of humor voted class clown two years in a row an I feel I'm the life' of everyone's party where I am.

  25. i my name is carlos mercado from new york city.(bronx)im 46 but look much younger.people person.enjoy making people laugh.on occassion i do standup comedy.it be cool to get on the show and win ALL THE MONEY!!!-IM IN CALL ME

  26. My names Guilia, I am 18 years old. I'm super outgoing and always having a good time! I'm an athletic girl who loves a good competition. Please contact me! Thank you.

  27. Hi my name is Reina Lee. I have always wanted to be on TV. So hopefully this is my chance.When I was small and I saw people on TV I would always tell myself " I could do that" and I still say the same thing now. So please if you can give me the oppurtunity to be on this Tv Show , it would be an honor. Thank you so Much , Please contact me and hopefully we keep in touch Thank You Bye. God Bless You 🙂
    Name: Reina Lee
    Age: 13
    Hair: Long And Brown
    Height 4' 11"
    Weight: About 85 Lbs
    Race: White
    I Can play Any Character And I Have Always Wanted To be On Tv For Along Time Now So Please Contact me Soon Thank You Bye 🙂 God Bless 🙂 Love Reina

  28. My Name is Emely Morillo! I am extremely outgoing and fun. Actually, Charismatic is my Middle Name! Okay, it's not but it should be! I love making people smile and laugh. I am a very happy person and feel like I can make others the same way. I am also competitive and have great sportsmanship! I am sure you are looking for someone like me!

  29. OMG, Look at all these people lying about themselves. I am not afraid to throw rocks at Glass Houses. 49 yr old blond with big boobs and can throw down anyway and anywhere. Let me show you before I throw you. HAHAHAHAHAA.

  30. My name is Laurie. I don’t think before I speak. Meaningless words just drop out of my mouth. I don’t remember information I can write down or find in books or the internet. No need to clutter my thoughts. I love saying off the wall stuff just to see what type of reaction I’ll get from people. I curse like a drunken sailor. I still hang out with most of my x-boyfriends. I enjoy spying on my neighbors and riding the beach bus, with the drunks, at 2:00 in the morning. I believe in treating people well even if I don’t like them at first. Most of my best friends I didn’t like when I first met them and now we party like rock stars. I’m a big girl and enjoy food. People don’t realize how hard it is trying to keep a full figured body. I have to eat three meals a day and snack in between. On a different note- I’m a work-a-holic, devoted mother of three kids, financially responsible and have an open door policy. Last but not least DOUBLE DOG DARES are my weakness. GAME ON!!!

  31. Hi my name is Marie Davis

    I'm 29 years old I'm 5"4 and I weight about 160lbs, I live in Cape Coral FL.

    I'm just going out on a limb here by submitting myself because clearly face to face meeting is more effective in casting calls. However, here it goes I'm a fun down to earth SHOW STOPPER when I enter a place I own it !! I have that attractive personality that people can't resist being around. I'm a full time Tax Auditor working for the local government for the past 6 years. I'm in grad school finishing my Masters in MPA. I'm a mother of 3 and recently widowed my husband passed away in a horrible car accident in December 2011. I'm a strong, courageous, challenging person. If given this opportunity you won't regret it !! MUAH.




  33. Hello (:
    I would like to be in glass house
    My name is Emanie Cruz and im 13 years of age i would really really like to be apart of this show…. hopefully i can follow my dream of acting (: Please Contact Me If Anything I hope i Could Be Next….. (:

  34. Hi! I'm Desiya Smith and I am a 12 year old African American, German, Italian and Puerto Rican. I was born on May 24, 1999 in Alberqurque, New Mexico but I currently live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I have a great personality and I am not afraid to show it. Give me a chance. I won't let you down. Thanks for reading my comment.
    Desiya Smith

  35. If you are looking to advance the show and dominate in the ratings, I AM the RIGHT FIT for the show. I am truly a people person, and can get along with anyone.

  36. I dont try to be the center of attention, everyone gravitates to me, If you have to work at it then your not the real deal. I'm in outside sales and very successful for a reason. Everyone either loves me or hates me. No grey area. But whatever regardless you will know me


  38. I just emailed my info to the email. My name is Brandon and I am 18 years old and am a performer. I have a gigantic personality and love talking, making people laugh, being in the spotlight, and being the trendsetter for my friends. I've always been a social butterfly and the person everyone wants to be around or say theyre close with. It was so well known in my community that I was the entertaining person to be around that I was offered to host my own web-talk show on a prominent California website. Im an open book and one of my greatest skills is I have an electric, loud, and charismatic personality that I can reel people in with and I am a proffesional at getting someones attention and making them feel like they are my best friend, right after they have met me. Thank you so much for the oppurtunity!

  39. I AM the GO TO GUY if you want the status of your party level to go up that much more. whether its just a cameo appearance to make the party seem like its a hit or the "Game Changer" to get the party going, you want me there. people are drawn to me whether they want to or not, i am attractive i have the energy to carry a room to the best nite of your life in any boring situation, if you dont believe me, watch me in action, i can turn the worst bar out. how?? you may ask… the power of persuasion. Just george

  40. Hi I'm Kristen Holcombe and I'm 14 years old turning 15 this May. The discription above explains my personality so well and I think this would be a great show to be a part of. It would be a great experience as well and so much fun.

  41. Hi my name is Nicole i am a sibgle mother of a ten year old little girl i would love the opportunity to be a contestant on your show, i am outgoing i am he life of the party because i am the party i am loud outspoken and really could care what anyone thinks i never shy from a situation and i always speak my mind, i would love a reply so i can see what the next step would be,

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