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The Great Escape – TNT

The Great Escape
The Great Escape – TNT

What’s the perfect recipe for making the most exciting reality game show on television? TNT may just have figured it out. They took the producers of the one of the longest running and most watched game shows in history The Amazing Race, added the supreme talents of director/producer extraordinaire Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13) and let them cook  up  the years most anticipated program, The Great Escape. Submissions for upcoming casting calls are being accepted now for the game show that will be talked about for years to come.

The Great Escape will pit three two person teams against each other each week in an epic series of challenges that culminate with the winning team walking away with $50,000! Each team will have to successfully conquer other pursuers of the prize through epic obstacle courses all leading to a Great Escape from such elaborate venues as sinking ships and castles with the first escapees winning the grand prize. This fantastic new show will be hosted by the uber talented Rich Eisen of The NFL Network and ESPN fame and will surly be a reality challenge the likes of which we have never seen. If you would like to be a part of this unbelievable new game show you can send the following information: The names of you and your partner, your relationship to your partner, your ages, phone numbers and email addresses, recent photos of you and your partner (together or separate), reasons why you two would be great for the show and why you two need the $$$ to greatescapecasting@gmail.com. submissions are being accepted now so don’t delay and be sure to check back for all of our great The Great Escape updates.

If you have always watched shows like Wipeout, The Amazing Race and Fear Factor at home and known that you could do all of the things that you saw – and do them better, now is your chance. Be a part of America’s next reality game show challenge senstation. Sumbmit yourself today for TNT’s The Great Escape.

83 thoughts on “The Great Escape – TNT

  1. Hi im Tim. me and my friend would do this. His name is tim also! so we would be T-n-T!!!! we are very competitive and would be great at a show like this!! Thanks

  2. My husband and I would be great candidates for The Great Escape. We communicate and support well with each other. We would be great at competing with others.We have watch every epesode. we are big fans.

  3. I looovveee any game show. My husband and I are very competitive! We compete against each other on everything but i also think we would work well as a team. I would love this opportunity.

  4. Hello, my name is Mike. My sister and I watched every episode and love it so much. Our father was a marine so we were brought up in a military environment. She had a 4.0 in college where she played varsity softball all 4 years. Me, I've been wrestling since i was 6 years old and many other sports like track, football, and soccer. We both are amazing at puzzles. But what makes us an amazing team, what ever field one of us are weak in, the other is amazing at. I truly believe we could win this show.

  5. My son and i watch the show and love it we .Know that we can win this.I just got laid off from work it's been three month can looking for work but nothing yet this money would get me back on track till i find a job.

  6. I am dedicated fan and have watched every show from the first. My girlfriend and I are often considered a comedy team by those that meet us. I am retired Marine who has multiple combat tours, and think her and I would not only spice up your show but win while doing it!

  7. My husband and I watched the last season on TV and said, "we want to be on the Great Escape…and we want to win!" My husband is a Marine and he's very strategic- we've already discussed our strategy! I am a nurse, so our perspectives are very different- we have an amusing dynamic, but working together we would do well.

    For fun, he enjoys anything challenging and competitive. His birthday, Christmas, and our anniversary are right around the corner- I think it would be such an awesome gift to be able to say, "surprise! We get to be on the Great Escape!"

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