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Bachelor Pad
Bachelor Pad Casting call

Season 3 of the hit ABC reality dating series Bachelor Pad has been announced and for the first time ever the show will be choosing a very lucky fan to be a part of the cast. This is an amazing chance for one determined romantic out there to compete against former cast members for a chance at love and $250,00 dollars in front of millions of viewers across the country!

Bachelor Pad is the offshoot of the mega popular hit dating series The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.  Former contestants on both shows who did not find their true connection now get a second chance at love and riches. The Bachelor Pad combines the dating aspect from the original series with all of the inherent sparks and chemistry between the attractive and charismatic contestants with a Survivor-esque challenge and elimination angle. Each week another member is voted to be eliminated by their fellow competitors all while trying to win the heart of a special someone. Bachelor Pad takes the dating reality show game to the next level. This is your chance to participate in one of televisions most watched dating programs and compete for the huge cash grand prize! For more information you can head here thebachelor.warnerbros.com/bachelor-pad-3-casting/. Leave a comment below and stay updated on all of the exciting casting details!

Are you looking for love and romance? Are you looking for a possible $250,00 payday? Do you have that unique appeal that could make you a reality TV star? Apply today for the all new third season of The Bachelor Pad.

14 thoughts on “Bachelor Pad – ABC

  1. Hey! I'm Dee Dee and I have absolutely nothing to lose so I thought I'd give this a shot. My dating life has been a roller-coaster of emotions as of lately but I just don't want to give up on finding love. My girlfriends told me to look into dating shows so here I am…

    A bit of my info:

    Single white female
    brown hair and eyes
    5'2 1/2"
    olive skin tone
    117 lbs

    I'd be happy to send more info upon request 🙂

    Thank you!

  2. Hi my name is Nicole.
    I am from South Philly about to turn 40. I recently became so engrossed with the bachelor pad and saw that fans could possibly get picked to go on show. I do not know if there is age limit surely there should not be. Age is a number…I can run circles around all those young bucks…I have an awesome bubbly personality, ready for the fun…ready to try anything once…I can assure you if I am called and have the opportunity it will be pure entertainment….I tried to upload a photo however, not to great with that computer crap…I have a facebook account under my name Nicole Furia hopefully this helps….
    Not only am I free spirited person, ready to dive into whatever…Have Fun and live each moment to the fullest my profession makes me an even better candidate as an ideal fan pick.
    I am a social worker built to listen, built to evaluate, built to assess as this quality is definitely something dually needed to survive the show…I am a competitor at heart…..Let the games begin… so I can show all how to throw down PHILLY STYLE:)

  3. Well my name is Herbert and im 26 years old. Black african American. Im 6'5 and weighing 165 pounds and from Richmond Va

  4. Born In Staten Island, NY moved to D.C to live with cousin, lost parents, gained money, out-going, confident with women, six foot one, 20 years old, handsome, tan, can talk to anyone, great talker and listener, learn fast, Never gives up, confident I will shine

  5. Hi my name is Katherine (Katie) Ryan and I sing, model, write, play music-guitar and piano, and dance, and would love to begin a career path with acting or being on Reality TV. I have taken a couple acting classes in the past and want to broaden my horizons by continuing acting. I have been in many performances including starring in singing solos on stage, dancing in front of large audiences and performing in a choir for two years. I love it. In addition I have been modeling for the past year, and have done Promo work at the Mazda Raceway here in CA for major companies. Also I take direction and handle criticism very well! I would be so honored to be considered.

    I am 18 years old and live in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. I would love to star in a reality series. I really think I'd be an interesting member of the show and am definitely searching for love! This sounds like it could be the perfect opportunity…the opportunity of a lifetime!

    Thank you so much for your time and consideration! -Katie Ryan

  6. my name is Ashley Seleny Martinez
    height: 5’3
    weight: 115 lbs
    hair: black
    eyes: brown
    DOB: 6-11-91
    nationality: Hispanic

    My name is Ashley Martinez. I have always been passionate about helping people, so i took up nursing and i received my CNA certificate. It wasn't till I graduated high school that my dream for acting came up. i want to pursue my dreams even though I know it is a hard career to take up, i haven't given up and I won't. I'm currently taking class in the New York Film Academy and I know I have to talent and the persistence to be a good addition to this cast. Please consider making my dreams a reality. I'm willing to do whatever it takes

  7. I was on CMTs Sweet Home Alabama season 2. It was 11 city girls agniast 11 country girls. I was for sure the country of the country. I am from the sticks in Texas. It was definitely a fun experience especially since I'm a single mom. Everyone's fav quote of mine from show I'll jump on it like a spider monkey all jacked up on mountain dew and I don't need any sushi or caviar is that how u say it I love mayo.Jessica from Texas!

  8. Name: Erica Hector
    Height: 5'3
    Age: 25
    Body:Athletic Tone
    Background: African-American
    Talents: Acting
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Location: Louisville, Ky

    My name is Erica Hector and I am college graduate from St. Catharine College with a BA in Liberal Arts/Humanities. I am very energetic, a lot of fun and can be a diva at times. I love to make people laugh by doing imitating everyone I see. The good thing about me is I DON'T AGE! I look like I could play a high school character or freshman in college. I am very much willing to do whatever it takes for the world to see what I have to offer! Please consider taking a chance with me and I will work hard for you!!! Thanks and be blessed.

    Erica "The Queen" Hector

  9. My name is liz. I am a nursing student and currently work at a retirement home. I can not seem to find "the one" anywhere. I am very outgoing and enjoy meeting new people. I can get along with anyone. I don't get many chances to meet people either because I work and go to school. I would do anything for an opportunity to meet that special someone! Thank you for your consideration! Email me;)

  10. Good Afternoon,
    My name is Ashley Pebworth. I'm 21 years old attending Ssc studying to be an Elementary teacher and I work full time as a Teacher in a daycare. I always wanted true love that is everlasting but I've always had the wrong guys to come in my life. I want to find my prince. I absolutely love the Bachelor and the bachelor pad. I've always wanted to be on the show.

  11. I'm from Tunisia. I'm funny and intelligent. I wanna be an actor and I feel I’m the right person for this show.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Height: 172 cm
    Weight: 67 kg
    Hair: black
    Eyes: dark brown
    Skin: tan
    Languages known: French, English.
    Extremely Fast Learner and Great Listener

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