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Tyler Perry’s The Marriage Counselor – Movie

The Marriage Counselor
Tyler Perry’s The Marriage Counselor

America’s favorite actor writer and director Tyler Perry is set to bring his 13th crowd pleasing movie before cameras and his team of casting directors and producers are searching for talented actors of all ages to fill various roles in his hugely anticipated new project The Marriage Counselor. Auditions will be held soon for a number of extras roles and select featured and supporting parts. This could be your chance to work alongside one of the most distinct voices in entertainment today.

The Marriage Counselor is yet another critically acclaimed stage play from Mr. Perry that will get his expert film adaptation. The story follows Judith, an Ivy League educated marriage counselor who uses her expertise to solve her patients problems but whose own marriage is falling apart. Judith finds herself torn between trying to save her failing relationship with her husband and pursuing an affair with one of her clients. She then begins a journey filled with laughs heartache and personal enlightenment. Mr. Perry has as always enlisted a top notch cast for this emotional and entertaining production including Jurnee Smollett (Friday Night Lights, The Great Debaters), Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty, Soul Food), reality star Kim Kardashian, and singing and acting superstar Brandy Norwood – all that is missing now is you. Your big Hollywood break could be coming courtesy of the amazing Tyler Perry. For more information on this productions casting call notices you can go here tylerperry.com/auditions/keep-me-posted/ and make sure to leave a comment for us below and keep checking back for every update.

Another Tyler Perry masterpiece is on the way and so is your opportunity to be a part of it. There is absolutely no finer place for an up and coming actor to get their start than by being cast in one of Mr. Perry’s skilled productions. Your chance to work with and learn from one of America’s true auteurs is here as a performer in the all new Tyler Perry work The Marriage Counselor.

205 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s The Marriage Counselor – Movie

  1. Hello Mr. Perry, what an opportunity this would be if I could play a part in any of your films. I want to be able to learn something new and challenge myself under your direction. I can say how funny, witty or even how serious I can be but those are only words without action. I haven't acted professionally however, I think I have my own personal story that may come through with acting and we as humans act/play a part in our daily lives so why not on the big screen. I can do this, even if I'm just an extra walking out of a bathroom stall. It would be my pleasure for the opportunity in any situation. Thank you for taking the time out to read my message and for giving us all the opportunity to express our desires to be a part of your film.

  2. Mr. Perry…….I would love to have the opportunity to be a part of any of your productions. I am an Active Duty Army Officer currently stationed in the Washington, DC area. Although I do not have any professional acting experience, I am full of life, very outspoken and energetic. In my 28 years of military service, I have had to "act" on occasion just to make it through the day. Please consider me for an audition.

  3. I have been in the nursing field since finishing college,however;I feel that God has placed so much talent within me that needs to be displayed. I think I could be an inspiration to people with my testimony and why I never gave up on myself.

  4. Hiiii! I'm a 30yr. old mother and I would loooove to play a part in this movie! I'm really outgoing and goofy! I've always wanted to play in one of your movies because they are hilarious and always relatable. I would be prefect because I love a challenge and trying new things! Hope to hear from you soon!

  5. Hello Mr. Perry pls let my son get a role in this Tyler Perry's The Counselor he does look like one .This guy really does act like a counselor he is always trying to council his friends and even me his mama and worst or best my grand son is following his uncle's foot step so much that we have named him the little prosecutor can u imagine. I am from liberia when I came here, i didn't have any kids they [kids] followed me here I told them they need to go home with me to Liberia where I came from but i am gonna need a lawyer since i do have a counselor and a presecutor lol

  6. Mr. Perry…your heart felt and humorous stories are so well prepared in order to give life lessons and meaning. I would love the opportunity to be a part of your artistic visions and Mr Tyler Perry's production family. I am 6'4 and could pass for your distant cousin or a sister you didn't know you had…see you soon Madea!

  7. Hi Mr.Perry my name is Tijuanika Taylor I am 19 years old and I live in Dallas,Tx. I love to sing and act. I know I have what it takes to be apart of your movie. I have gifts and talents that the lord blessed me with. I've always tried signing up for your calling auditions but never really had the money to pay for it. But that's not an excuse for me Im going to keep trying until someone notices me. Im not trying to make excuses about anything. Im just trying to make a way for me in the future by using my talents that I was blessed with. If I don't use them for the right thing they will be taken away. So why not use them and be and inspiration to others like you are to me please give me an opportunity I would really appreciate it Thanks.

  8. Hello, my name is Danekkie Stewart and I am a 35 year old African American female and I have been in one play (in 2012) called "Prayer Still Works", produced by Angela Naylor. Ever since than I have been wanting to get into the industry! I would love the opportunity to be a part of your team! I'll be looking forward to hearing from you!!!!

  9. Hi,

    My name is Carl Ackers, II and I am an actor living in New Orleans, LA. I am submitting my resume and headshot for consideration for a role in one of your shows.

    I am currently a Sophomore at Lusher Charter School, which is an arts based high school. I have acted in several school productions and several productions with a local theatre company. At this point, I have a callback coming up for local productions of Shrek and A Christmas Carol and I will be performing Shakespeare at Tulane University this summer.

    My intention is to become a theatre major in college and I would love the opportunity to audition for you.

    Please feel free to contact my mother, Elizabeth Ackers, via this email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Carl Ackers, II

  10. Hello, I'm 10 years old. The reason why I would like to act in your movie is because my mother doesn't have the money to provide and pay most of the bills. So I would like to help provide for my family. Thank you for having me write to you Mr.Perry .

  11. I am 15 i have black hair, i am Hispanic African American boy, who has a passion for acting, I dance, DJ, make music. I play soccer, basketball, rugby, football, baseball, and starting to play lacrosse. I don;t want to become an actor for fame, i just want to entertain people. I have a lot of stage acting experience. Thank you and I hope you choose me. And i would love to do my own stunts.

  12. Greetings..my name is Charles Clark and i'm an upcoming actor from VA. Through my passion and faith I'm working hard to strive to become that next A-List actors. Shows and movies on BET is a sure way to that goal because BET represents star power and promotes the inspiration to achieve. Below is my link to my acting background on IMDb Pro. I'm a very dedicated man and is willing to take the smallest part or role. Just give me a chance and I will give you some new fresh and unique talent. Tyler I've submitted to every casting you had available because I know my time is coming just like when yours came when your faith claim victory. May God bless you !

    Charles Clark


  13. MR.Perry.
    hello,I don't have any acting experience,however everyone I have ever talked to tell's me that I have a great voice,that includes voice instructors.I am 6' 3"handsome and have a distinguished air about me.people tell me all the time that I look like you.I believe it is my destiny to one day be a star.I think its great that you offer average people like myself an opportunity of a lifetime.I am a hard worker,and with proper grooming,I can be the man you are looking for.I am 62 yrs old,however most people think i'am late forty's.I worked twenty plus years as a salesman,so I am use to being in the spotlite,and giving presentations.I truly believe that all I need is a chance.give me that opportunity and I will put big $$ in your already deep pockets.


    MR.Billy M.Dalton

  14. hi.i am zukiswa in South Africa.i am a talented person who can sing and act at the very same time.i would like to be given an opportunity to act in any movie that will be done by you.thank you

  15. Dear Mr. Tyler Perry,
    Congratulations on your next feature film! I know it will be a hit, especially in my borough of Brooklyn, NY. Wooo!!
    I enjoy your Films, as they make me laugh and have gotten me through excruciatingly tough times.
    I am an aspiring actress with a bundle of experience in acting. I would be delighted for the opportunity to audition for a role on your upcoming feature film.

  16. Hello and happy 2014. I'm Shandia and I would love to be apart of this movie. My degree is in Psychology and with that said I love people just as much as I do acting; Both are a passion of mine. I have also worked on stage in various plays by a renowned Bahamian writer and presently taking acting classes. Given an opportunity is all I'm seeking. I have been at this for awhile now something's going to break real soon, I can feel it. Hope to meet you and the team soon Mr. Perry.

  17. Hi I am an AA actress and a Licensed Marriage Family and Child Therapist. I would like to either be in the movie or provide consulting. it gets very touchy when portraying therapist as unethical when trying to save a life. Thanks! Also, I live in LA, Ca and registered with the State Board

  18.         My name is Michelle Thomas and I am an very talented actress, and dedicated to advance my acting career. I think I would be perfect for the tv and film role actress or extra. I am interested in film, TV, and stage. I recently graduated from John Casablanca/MTM Agency in Carrollton, TX.    I have experience in scene study, stage/theater performances.I just need someone to give me a chance to showcase my talent and fulfill my life dream.Attached is my acting resume and headshots for any upcoming auditions that fit my look. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you
    Michelle Thomas

  19. I worked 32 yrs for the USPS and was a single mother of one. I thought after 37 yrs God sent me Mr Soul Mate, that's the lie he told me. We married 12/29/12 and after 10 months he now says I am to strong of a Black Woman for him. Oh yea! I am wife number 4 so who really has the problem here. Our life has been real, juicy and crazy. I moved out but want women to know God is still in control, cause the Joy I have the World or him didn't give it to me and I refuse to let himTake It Away. I have a testimony for the young at heart women( god it's Always with us) even at age 60

  20. Hello, Im JoshMaCc the greatest individual the world has yet to see(PERIOD). I can go on and on all day about what I feel I have to offer, but I'd rather show you. I've submitted head shots to a previous casting call, and I didn't hear anything back. If given the chance to express my God given gift you WILL NOT regret sharing your time with me.

  21. I am still very interested in working for acting and I am also DEAF. I have not had much to see any DEAF African American full-figured sisters in some decades. I am wondered if there's role available especially Switched At Birth and Tyler Perry movies or shows? Because its uneasy to get. I did performing at church for Black History and my home local tv for NiteLine (gospel channel) program. I'm an unique person, however, I'd love to involve for acting and extra jobs. Ill send you my headshot, if you reach me! #Praying #Pursuingmydream

  22. My name is Abie Kamara. I am Dark&Lovely. I have Short hair. I'm NOT FAT, NOT SKINNY OR SLIM I have the perfect body for my height. I am 22 years old. I was born in West Africa, Sierra Leone. I have taken acting class from Middle School thru my High School I have been in the United States for 11 year. I should be part of this movie because I am different from others because I take instructions very well. I am original. I am unique. I am from another country. I have a LOT TO BRING TO BRING IN TO THIS PROJECT/MOVIE. I am hard working woman. I know what I want and I make sure I get what I want too. THE MOST IMPORTANT I AM MADE OUT OF MONEY ANY ONE WHO INVENTED IN ME WILL NEVER LIVE TO REGRET IT BECAUSE I LIVE TO MAKE AND I HAVE EQUALITIES OF MONEY MAKING WOMAN.

  23. Name: Lyndsey Diggs
    1.19 year-old female
    2.college student
    3.aspiring film actress
    4.previous acting exprience
    5.previous play experience
    6.SUPERB!acting skills
    7.athletic build(165 lbs)…6'0''
    8.light-skinned/ multi-racial ("ethnically ambiguous"-or so I've been told) which could be a great complement to Jurnee Smolett's character!
    9.black hair
    10.hazel eyes
    12.from Dayton, OH
    enthusiastic, dynamic, and capturing presence

    I am currently a sophomore at the University of Dayton in Dayton, OH double majoring in communication and sport management while minoring in Spanish and entrpreneuership. With those degrees I plan on heading to law school to become a sports attorney and a sports agent. But my true dream and my heart's passion is acting and therefore my true aspiration is acting and I am hoping that this is my moment to shine and my golden opportunity to make that dream become a reality! Thank you for your time!

  24. Mr. Tyler Perry, I really want to act with you. I’m in a small town IL where it's hard for me to get discovered or make it to your upcoming casting calls. I’ve wanted to act with you since you first came out with your first play. I would love to get this blessing for you to follow my dream with being an actress and working with you. please give me a chance I have sent in my photos and acting resume to your studio. I’m a beginner but I’ve done plays and took drama courses. Mr. Perry if you give me this opportunity to work with you I promise I won’t let you down. I really want to act I hope you get a chance to read this.

  25. i am sixteen from a small town in north georgia i have allways dreamed and prayed to oneday to be in one of your movies.please give me a chance to show my familey i can do something good with my life and to show my freinds to never give up on there dreams.

  26. Hey there! I am a white girl who can sang! I would love to audition for the role that Stephanie played in the stage production! I am located in Los Angeles, and can also act my socks off! I have a resume, a bio and photos that I can send in addition to video reels of me singing! Please contact me! Thank you!

  27. Hi my name is Jasmine Wilson . I would love to bring my flavor to this movie. I would give everything to work with a genius . Mr Tyler is amazing. I enjoy making people laugh…I can act almost anything. I'm a very passionate person and down to earth. Yes I can sing ..can't really dance …but ill try. Please give me a chance. I'm from NJ a single mother. I just want to prove to my girls that they can do and become anything n life. Chase there dreams. I'm always acting and my family laugh so why not share my skills with the world. Thanks

  28. I'm a very energetic, charismatic,happy-go-lucky, and talented individual. I love to act be it a big or small role, and play different characters, it is a fun- evolutionary non ending job.

  29. well first i could put my life in a book it just might be a best seller. iam the proud mother of three beautiful children and i also have two wondeful grandchildren and everday is a struggle for all of us but whats most important they we are family and we stick together no matter what we endeavor throughout life we have it hard, real hard but God made a promise that as long as i hold on to my faith even if its the size of a mustard seed then he will take care of the rest. and if Tyler survived off eating a cookie a day then i wont complain. my day will come i will be able to smile again and my kids will be so proud to say that my mom made it thanks to Tyler Perry.

  30. My name is Nadia…I'm a 29 year old Latina, 5'8, brown hair and eyes..I do speak Spanish. I have a great personality and I would love to be in your movie….I'm from Chicago,,,,,

  31. Hello Mr. Perry, My name is Christopher Baldwin and I am 23 years old. I am currently serving in the military and I will be done with my tour in Afghanistan in a month. I have always dreamed of being in a film sir. Your work has expired me so much Mr. Perry, with the opportunity i won't let you down. I am a Chaplains assistant out here and i feel that i can bring alot to the table sir. Thank you and god bless you.

  32. hyi tyler perry my name is matthew richardson i am 13 yrs old i would love to star in your movie i am a good actor i would love a chance to work with you

  33. I only need one chance and I wont let you down Tyler just one. I am a University of Memphis stufent and I am 21 years old. One chance is all I need.

  34. I've always dreamed of being a Tyler Perry film! Age 21, black and white, 139 lbs. I have a bright personality and smile! With a hint of sassy. Make my dreams come true! You won't be sorry 🙂 ps can't wait for this movie!

  35. Name:Lauren
    race:biracial; African-American and Caucasian
    hair:light brown

  36. Name:Dylan Wittah
    Skills:Acting Rapping
    Location:Chicago Il

    My Name Is Dylan,I Wanted To Become An Actor Ever Since I Was In 3rd Grade.Most People Say That I'm Funny And I Just Want To Express it Through a Movie So Please Give Me A Chance to Show You My Skills

  37. Name: Arie Nichols
    Age: 14
    Birthday: March 4
    Gender: Female
    Race: Biracial ~ I am a Beautiful ~ Brown
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown
    Height: 5'3 ½
    Home Town: Panama City Beach, FL.
    location: Chicago, IL.
    Talent : Acting, Modeling ~ Singing

    I would love to be in one of your productions. It would be fun and a great experience for me.

    I would love a chance to shine! I know I just need the opportunity. I am extremely talented on several levels. Growing up my mom told me I could do and be anything I wanted to. I have traveled a lot and said to be very well rounded. I am fun, did I mention personality and energetic. A brown belt in Karate at age 12.

    Yes, from long dresses to pig tails and motor cross, rodeo ~ I want to do it all.
    …I won’t know if I don’t try.

    Please keep me in mind and updated with the casting calls. Thank You ~

  38. Hi there! My name is Taylor Harmano and I am no professional , but my family and friends say I should act, if you show me what you like I can play your character down to the bone, give me a chance to show you ! I love all of your movies and it would be an honor to be in one! I promise I will work hard and won't disappoint !

  39. Name:Elisha Ensley
    Birthday:March 12,1996
    Ethnicity:African American

    My name is Elisha Ensley. It would be like the greatest thing to happen to me to be in a Tyler perry movie. I love all your movies and plays. Im a loving and fun person that loves to act and sing. I have a passion for this like is the last thing i will ever do. I would love to work a great person like you.

  40. Hi my name is Aquanette Stafford. I would love to be an actress. I've always wanted to be an actress and I think this would be the perfect opportunity to show my talent. I am 17 years old, I am very open minded to try new things, I am nice, understanding, polite, and I am very friendly. If I get this opportunity I promise I won't disappoint you.

  41. HEY! My names Danielle and im 16 years old. Not only am i a fan of all things Tyler Perry but his characters inspire me. I am funny and i know i would be great for a role in the upcoming Tyler Perry movie. If i were to be given a role, I would not only exceed in mastering but i would go to great lengths to make sure i give my character uniquness and flavor. I am the hardest worker and memorizing lines is no challenge. I would be a great asset to the cast of the new hilarious Tyler Perry movie. YOU NEED ME!!

  42. Hello, I'm nick, Im an inspiring actor . Im 18 years old, black male, 5"10. 185 lbs, and I'm from Chicago,il. I'd fit in with the casting and culture of this movie, the humor, the mentality would be identical to me. I would be homered to act under the supervision from Mr. Perry. Thanks so much, Nick.

  43. I Love Tyler Perry , it is my dream to work with him ' he inspires me to become an actress
    i think i would be best for this movie , because i am a hard worker ' i love some of the cast he works with i think they are amazing ' i am a wonderful actress just recently signed to an agent. please check me out im 16 years old ' wonderful personality funny , smart , pretty .

  44. IM IT.

    Charnae Chriss
    slim/athletic built
    African American & Creole
    Black hair
    Brown eyes
    Classy,down to earth, and loving, natural born entertainer.

  45. An enthusiastic, creative, outgoing dynamic young college student who is currently in the looks for any kind of production theatre/acting work. Capable and able to handle criticism and any use of pressure. I have taken acting classes since the 7th grade and is now currently attending college to become a actor. Something such as acting has become a really fetish for me and now I am looking to take it to the next step. Believe in working my way up to the top.

  46. Hello, My name is LaTrina Joshua. I am a 39 year old African American woman, fair skinned, 139lbs. I am a nurse, and I reside in Chicago,IL. I have always wanted to pursue an acting career, but I became a mother at a young age, so I had to put my dreams on hold, to raise my son. I have been told by many that I am very talented, and that I have what it takes. I pray that I am chosen for this film. Thanks for your initial consideration.

  47. Age:16
    height:6ft 2
    eye color:brown
    hair color:black
    Race:african american

    Im a good actor, kid, student, and anything else im involved in because I believe in giving nothing but my best everyday and at everything I do.

    Please consider me Ithink I would be a great fit for your movie and great to work with. email me for more info!!!

  48. Date of Birth: 12/27/1998
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Height: 5’3”-5’4”
    Race: African-American
    Location: Tampa, Florida
    Speaking French(currently learning)
    My name is Novel Burns and I'm 13 years old. I'm very interested in becoming an actor and being in a Tyler Perry movie would be AWESOME. I have the skill to learn things very quickly and i'm very responsible. Please consider me a part in this movie, thank you.

  49. Name: Elizabeth Perez
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Brown (long/straight)
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 115-120lbs.
    Ethinicity: Hispanic

    I love to sing and dance. I would love to be a part of the Tyler Perry Production because I love his real life scenarios that touch my families hearts. I've had the following training:

    Audition Techniques
    Character Study
    TV and Sitcom
    Stage Combat
    Scen study
    Cold Reading

    Thank you for your time.


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