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Duets Featuring Kelly Clarkson
Duets Featuring Kelly Clarkson

ABC is bringing together 4 of the biggest names in the music industry to take the reality singing competition show format to an amazing new level. Have you ever dreamt of performing with Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Robin Thicke or Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles? Your dream could soon become a reality. Duets is coming to a town near you to find the most talented undiscovered singers in the country so that they may perform duets in front of live studio audiences for a chance at the grand prize of a recording contract with Hollywood Records. Audition submissions are being accepted now for this unbelievable new singing sensation.

Unlike current competition shows like The Voice, The X-Factor and American Idol, the celebrity judges of Duets won’t just critique from afar – they will be singing right onstage with you! This is your chance to compete weekly against other up and coming singers in a duet throw down. Imagine performing in front of a live audience of thousands with millions more at home watching alongside the superstar talents of Kelly Clarkson (American Idol Champion and 2 time Grammy winner with over 30 million albums sold), John Legend (9 time Grammy winner and multi-platinum recording artist), Jennifer Nettles (3 time Grammy winner from the multi-platinum group Sugarland) and Robin Thicke (singer-songwriter who has written and produced over 20 platinum and gold albums). There has simply never been this much talent on one singing competition stage – and now you may be singing with them! Submissions from singers of all ages for season 1 of this sure to be smash hit show are being accepted now. For more information you can go here ABC.com/Casting and be sure to check back for every up to the minute update on Duets.

Now is your chance to live out your musical fantasies by competeing for a huge record contract and singing with the most talented voices in the industry. Your time to shine is here. Submit yourself today for the all new singing competition series Duets.

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  2. Hi!! My names Jr. I'm a 24 year old Theatre Operations Manager who has always had a passion from music. I actually played clarinet for 13 years and then started to dabble in my vocal abilities. I love singing all genres of
    music and am always down for a collaboration with other singers. I'm loud, friendly and very competitive but am always open to constructive criticism. I would consider myself a baritone power house if you would. Is that a thing? I have a really good ear and love harmonizing, when two musicians voices blend beautifully there is nothing greater! Lol in the end I want to do what I was born to do and share my voice with the world and I'm willing to put in all the work and then some!

  3. Hello! My name is Brooklynn, I'm 16 & I am from Indiana. I love to sing. So does my best friend. We actually get together just to make our own songs. We also o acapella covers of other artists songs as well.Her Name is Dallas Anderson. It would be awesome if we had a chance on this Show. It would be an honor to meet, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Robin Thicke & Jennifer Nettles.

  4. Hello! I am in a music duo called This New Day. It is made up of myself, Dana Rae Hembling (18) and Mike Cappelluti (17). We are best friends who share a deep passion and love for music, especially writing our own. We feel as a duo we would be a great candidate for this show. We can't see ourselves doing anything else but singing. Here is our website thisnewdaymusic.com/ and our youtube page! youtube.com/user/thisnewdayvideos

    We really hope to be able to get this opportunity to share our music and passion with the world and be taught by the best names in the business!

  5. Hello ! I'm Lori
    I have been singing all of my life.
    I love to sing. To me,it
    is not just a hobby, it's my passion.It relaxes me and have always wanted to get discovered and make people happy by listening to my voice.I would love to a part of this show.

  6. Hey. Our Name is Mon'a & Keeiona. We are 16 years old. We're in the 11th grade. Let's go Juniors.! we've been wanting to sing or get discovered for years. we love to sing. if you just give us a chance then we will show you what "Boss Capetan" is all about

  7. Hi. I am Stephanie Perkins. I am from NC and have been singing my whole life. I am a preachers daughter, a loving wife and mother, a grandmother of 2 and have been a hairdresser for 25 years. I am 42 years old and singing is my passion. I have been singing in a church or a church related function since I was 3 years old. I was always involved in chorus, show choir/biz, and every performance my teachers could have us in. As an adult, the opportunities have been amazing. I sang with Shirley Caesar’s choir for the first annual Gospel Fest in 1999. The following year I was singing with World Harvest Church and attended World Harvest Bible College. After moving back to NC of course I became involved in my local assembly and continued to sing. A few years ago, I started singing country/pop music and I love it. I can sing just about anything. I’m not saying I’m perfect but I know the gift I’ve been given. I would love the opportunity to compete on this show. Please, consider me. Thank you in advance.

  8. My name is Tim Sparrow, I love playing music Its the only thing that keeps me moving,I play guitar and sing I write all my own songs,Have some music on YouTube other than that just playing shows n San Diego.

    Love an audition.

  9. Hello my name is Jailen King and my hobby is singing I love singing it's me life recently I have been singing with my karaoke machine I am 12 yrs old but I can bring it on I watched the first season and decided to try to audition next one.

  10. Hello, my name is Tierr. My stage name is Syren and I am contacting you today to have you and everyone that you know check out my music here www.soundcloud.com/syren1st

  11. My name is Karen and I am from a small town in canfield, Ohio. I just recently got married and my husband and I have decided to put our lives on hold to focus on our dreams. My dream is singing.

    I was part of a touring choir in high school which was a competitive choir. This is where I really found my voice. . I find singing to be an outlet for any problems I go through and it has yet to fail me. I have a pretty wide range and sing to many different musical genres. I love to sing to Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Alanis Morissette and any country music. I'm told I'm a phenomenal singer and I may not have the 20+ years of experience but I do have the self discipline, knowledge, and voice as if I have been singing for years. I want to become a singer just to show the world that I can achieve my dreams. I want to become the role model to my 8 siblings and show them that if you try hard enough your dreams will happen no matter how long it takes.

    I have people who are begging me to try and audition for something and truth is, if I audition anywhere I want it here. Getting an audition would be one huge step for me. Singing is what I love to do. I don't want to do it for fame. I want to do it for the sheer love of singing and music. It's time for me to start to reach harder for my dreams and not let them fall from my sight again. So if I happen to be one of the lucky people to get an audition, thank you! If not, I will keep trying, it only means its not my time yet 🙂

  12. My name is Bianca and I'm a 19 year old singer-songwriter of Cuban/Jamaican decent. Singing is what I absolutely love to do and I want to share my voice with the world! I would love to have a part in this amazing opportunity!!

    Thank you.

  13. I would love an opportunity to sing along the side of some of the industry's best artist! If selcted and given a chance to compete, I would appreciate the time and consideration…because like everyone who wants to do this, it is a great chance to be recognized for the talent we have been blessed with!

  14. I am a songwriter and singer and I am very interested in this opportunity. trying to take my career to the next level.

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