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The Face – Oxygen

The world of fashion modeling competition shows was forever changed with the creation of America’s Next Top Model and now the producers of such reality TV mega hits as The Biggest Loser and Masterchef are set to raise the bar even higher. Oxygen’s The Face is ready to scout for up and coming models around the world for this all new series with the final winner of the competition becoming ‘The Face’ of a major national brand. Applications are being accepted now for this amazing chance of a lifetime.

The Face will feature one of the world’s original supermodels Naomi Campbell and two as yet to be cast modeling experts as they each coach teams of three models in the most exciting and intense modeling competition in history. Each week young aspiring models will be put to the test as they are taught the in’s and out’s of photo shoots, commercials and runway walks for some of the best known brands in America. The models picked to participate will learn every aspect of professional modeling from the most successful names in the industry and will get a chance to work with the world’s top photographers, stylists and designers. This will truly be an experience that will make the career for a lucky group of talented women with the last model standing earning a contract to be the brand ambassador of a national company representing them in all aspects of their marketing. The Face is currently accepting submissions for interested ladies from all over the world. If you would like to apply or would like more information you can go here thefacecasting.com/home and as always feel free to leave a comment below and check back for all of the casting call updates for The Face.

This could be the most fantastic casting call for models ever posted. If you have always wanted to travel the world as a professional model and are just wishing, hoping and waiting to be discovered your time is now. Submit yourself today to be a part of the most exciting modeling series on television, Oxygen’s The Face.

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  1. Hi, My name is Tendo Agnes from Uganda. Am 20 years old and still studying. Am a great lover of the fashion industry and am extremely interested in impacting and inspiring on the world by becoming the next FACE. I believe that my outstanding and confident personality and beautiful face will enable you get what you are looking for! Thanks allot! I'll gladly be waiting for your affirmation.

  2. Hello, my name is Asaia (Asia). Im 25 years old but my oldest age guessed is 21,22 which is a good thing. Im 5'5" with long legs and i weigh 129 lbs. I have an athletic body i work out At least 3 times a week. I don't have any kids. Im Black, Irish, and Indian. Ive been interested in modeling since i was a little girl, i just didnt know how or where to start. Hopefully this can be my dream start. This would be an amazing opportunity for me. Thank you.

  3. Hi,

    My name is Kat,

    I'm a freelance semi professional model from in Staffordshire, UK.
    Very experienced in photo shoots, fittings, video extra work, catwalk shows and pageants.
    I'm also, am make up artist and fashion stylist.

    I travel around the UK for work, I recently travelled to Switzerland for a photo shoot and I'm very keen to travel aboard.

    I'm the type of person who is easy to get along with, down to earth, reliable, love coming up with ideas, travelling, team player and meeting new people.

    My stats are:
    Height: 5'8
    Bust: 32C/D
    Waist: 26 Inches
    Hips: 34 Inches
    weight: 9 stone
    Dress size: 8 UK
    Shoe: 6.5 or 7UK
    Hair: Black/ Very Long
    Skin Tone: Olive
    Features: Oriental
    Piercings: Ears
    Tattoos: None

    I would love to be part of The Face TV series, it would be a dream come true as I've always enjoyed working in the modelling creative industry and I want to challenge myself into something different to what I do everyday.
    I want world to know a model is more then just an image what you see everyday in magazines, a model is also an role model that will inspire people to work for their dreams and I want to be that person.

  4. Hi, my name is Alexandrea Rivera.
    I'm 5"3 125 pounds, hazel green eyes, very long dark brown hair, beautiful straight teeth, deep dimples. When I was younger I was a model for a near by company in my town. I've been wanting to get back to doing what I love most!

  5. My name is Crystal Mason, I am 20 years old and 5 feet 11. Being a part of The Face would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for a girl like me. People think being tall and attractive means you'll definitely be a successful model but I discovered quite a while ago that it takes so much more than that. I have recognized that it is a job, and as someone who is passionate about this type of job and all it involves-I believe that I would make a wonderful addition to the show and competition. With such an opportunity, I would give it my everything while making sure to listen to the directions and advice given to me by the three judges. More than anything, I want to learn, grow, and constantly improve and this to me is the best way to do it. Thank you for considering me!

  6. I found modeling absolutely interesting and see my self in the future walking the runway My most confidence part of me is my walk when my anxiety raise I think about me as a model walking the runway which is absolutely amazing
    Im 5'5 weigh about 103.5 and have dark brown eyes and natural full hair.There's more to me then my beauty and tho is why I look into it.

  7. My Name Is Ajee
    I'm 21 Outgoing Have A Look That Nobody Seen Before
    I'm 5'6
    Weigh 125
    I'm A Red Bone With A Short Black Hair Style
    Race: Black White Asian Dominican
    Eye Color : Light Brown
    I Would Love To Be On This Show I've Always Wanted To Be A Model .. I Love Taking Pictures This Is Just Something I've Always Wanted To Do. YU Should Just Pick Me

  8. My name is Carolina Broady I'm 5'6 my weight is 103 I'm very slim petite woman I'm a aspiring model I feel like I will bring you boldness and plain Jane together. Also I'm a very determined person I know you would be satisfied with me hopefully you're give me a opportunity.

  9. Hi my name is Kateland and I am a Cosmo Model. I want to get my foot in the door having an agent to help along my journey is the best thing ever. For me to cast in a tv show is the most amazing thing ever. I have take acting and modeling lesson when I was younger about 15, I am 19 about to be 20.

  10. I am 5'7 130 lbs with a beautiful face and amazing spirit. I am from a small town in East Texas. As a child I had low self-esteem. It was until recently people just startded telling me how beautiful I am and I hear it everyday, I think America should get to know my face and I will not stop until they do.

  11. HELLO MY name is Rachel. I would be great on the show because I am a new and fresh motivational model aspiring to be an Extraordinary Model. I am inspiring and beautiful on the inside. I want to show the world that transforming constantly on the outside is more than just a task its a passion, its a gift, its ART.

    Modeling is a Platform for me to show Girls all around the world that with differences come beauty.

  12. Hola chicas 🙂 im bree,

    im 15, i gorgeous and i wanna be a model

    im light brown skin, got chesnut brown eyes

    recently cut my hair, its brown, short and curly

    im mixed with indian, black and im part rican

    im very curvy, fat thighs lmao and fat but

    i think im a plus size model cuz im not tryna lose my pear shape

  13. My name is Alyssa Dallape and I have been interested in modeling for a while now. I'd love to take part in this.
    Weight: 150
    Height: 6'0"
    Race: Caucasian
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown
    Hair Type: Straight, medium length

  14. Hello my name is Hannah. I am 24 years old 5'7 light skin brown eyes. I've been modeling around the Nebraska area for the last three year. I've always been told that girls like me could never make it and I'm here to show them they're wrong. I've got lots of energy and love meeting new people. Your time will not be wasted here. All I am and all I have.. is and will be dedicated into making women feel confident and beautiful in there own skin. I would love an opportunity to show you what I can do and I promise it will be worth it. Thank you

  15. I really hope I can have a chance to be on the face. I have determination and skill which I think would help me in this competition.

  16. I am beautiful inside and out. I would like the opportunity to show the world that no matter what size color shape or age, you can do anything you put your mind and heart too. I might not make the casting call,..but I will most definitely give it a try. Good luck!!

  17. Hey there it's Kariema here!! I always wanted to try modeling ever since I was younger. I am 19 years young. I am very photogenic and always dreamed of walking on catwalks. I may be short only being 4'8 and weighing 75 pounds, but I can do whatever it takes to become The Face.

  18. I'm a 18 year old country girl from Memphis TN. I've always had thoughts of being a model but I didn't want to do it unless I was benefiting from it. Let's be honest Memphis is not the #1 city for modeling so I would just like a shot at it to show what I've got. So please give me a chance and I'll promise to give you my all!

  19. hey my name s kayla lee. i am 18 years old i am only 5'4 and i weigh 100 pounds.i have always wanted to become a model but i have never really had the oppurtunity to make it happen. i am a hard worker and im willing to do whatever it taks to be the next big thing

  20. I'm kind of short but I come to kick tail. I might get some turn downs but my agenda will stay the same.
    MyCa Bee on Facebook


  21. My name is Alyssa and I love taking pictures. People tell me all the time i should try out to be a model. I did for Top Model but I wasn't chosen. I refuse to stop at that.
    I am 5'8 African American, Brown eyes, black hair, and white teeth.

  22. Hello I'm Christina, 22 years old. I have been modeling for almost a year now and I would love to do more with modeling, dancing and acting. I believe this would be a great opportunity to move forward and get my foot through the door. This would be a dream come true for me. Thank you so much!

    Love always,

  23. My name is Shaquille Burnett I am 18 years old.I am of dark comlexion,slim built ,I have dark brown eyes and black hair.I am 5'10 an I weight 115 lbs. I have a passion for fashion an I have the look,walk, body an personality of a model .I'm fun to be around, I love modeling an from an early age I always knew that I wanted to become a model.

  24. Hi my name is savannah, I am 18, 5"10 115Ib, i have dirty blonde hair, brown eyes and I have a great personality and i'm very outgoing! I am also Ready to pursue a career in modeling! I am with an agency and have been doing work but I'm ready to take the next step. I'm fierce and ready to bring the face all I have to offer! Please contact me! Thanks!

  25. just saw some nice pjctures on naomis facebook account.That is how i got to know about the show,i am kenyan and i live in Austria.I really do hope i can get on the face catwalk and take part in international campaigns, this is my mission and it will come to pass! how can i apply for this?


  27. Hello, my Name is Mia. I currently reside in Md, I am 5"9 125 pounds nothing but legs with black shoulder length hair and very full lips. I've been modeling since the age of ten and have competited in various runway shows with Bonner Brothers. Ive had the opportunity to work with very well-knowned hairstylist designers and Makeup artist in DC, NY ATL. IIts been very difficult to find and agency and the support to back it up. My personality is loveable, my walk is fierce and my Passion is fashion. I would love the opportunity to meet Miss Naomi Campbell, she's a true image of a Beautiful black queen. I would love to meet with the casting directors to show you a walk that is mean and a FACE you won't forget.

  28. Hi!!! I would love to audition for next season !! When are u coming to Miami?????..I didn't even know about the past auditions ;( always next year ;( modeling and fashion health and nutrition is my life and passion . I'm outgoing,professional,creative,risk taker, great energy, happy, always smiling, loves to travel and looking for my big break!! Great personality and ready to meet u guys
    Danielle (Dannii)
    Athletic type
    Hair: Brown/Long
    Eyes: Hazel
    34-25-36 😉

  29. My name is Alegra, I'm twenty three and I'm a single parent of two. I believe I should be on the face because I have the face. I always wanted to travel and be a model since the age of two, I have tons of energy and this will be a great chance for my dreams to become a reality.

  30. my name is jasmine im 20 I will be turning 21 in april i work go to school and i just wanna live my dream in becoming what ive always wanted to be a modeling..!!

  31. I just found out about this modeling show! I would really like to try out. I know I have everything it takes to be THe FACE! When and where are the next tryouts for the show 2013?

  32. I have absolutely THE MOST charming and appealing FACE! I've been in magazines as celeb-look-a-like for Tyra Banks. I'm young, and beautiful. 115lbs, 5'6, tanned and slender. It's my eloquence that makes me so admirable, more so than my beauty. Oxygen, I will take your breath away! You will have to give me a call!

  33. Hi my name is chazzmine , modeling has always been a big passion in my life for me , over the years its become something i've enjoyed , i started to start doing photography because i wanted to be able to become faster at posing on the spot … modeling to me is a way of expressing art, its like an art , because you come out on this runway or on magazines and your all made up in make up and the interesting clothings and its a fun experience to be able to show people basically how good you are at something you love to do ..

  34. I'm jainyss. I'm 58 Filipina and weight 129lbs. I have dark brown wavy hair .the reason I want to be in your show ,is because I want to experience how it is to be on a real camera . I love to pose and act like a model on my camera phone ,lol thanks

  35. How can i fand out about upcoming casting call to be on the show the Face be i have the Application and i have some Pic to can you have me out for the upcoming Casting calls …..

    Thank you !!
    Elizabeth R

  36. i want to be a model.i am young,fresh nd vibrand.i always wnt'd to be a model nd i won't giv up.i knw i got wat it takes to become the best.i am beautiful nd hardworking.pls consider me nd u won't regret

  37. Hello how are you? I'm interested in applying for the next season of the face can you please inform me of the next open call thanks a lot.

  38. Hello my names Latasha Scott I'm 21 years old. I weigh 118LBS I have dark brown hair, brown eyes and a natural skin tone I'm from boston ma I have some modeling expirence. I would I LOVE LOVE LOVE more than anything to be apart of this, I can show off my potential that I held back before. Thank you for your time

  39. My name is Brittani Wilkinson. I have the spunk, work ethic and commitment your looking for in a model. I'm 5"8 and 125 lbs. please give me the opportunity to be on the oxygen and broaden my knowledge of being a model.

  40. My name is Rose C I am 19 from New Jersey. I am 5'8 at 160 lbs. I have brown eyes and blonde and light brown hair. I have been looking into modeling amd I believe this would be a great opportunity. My reason for wanting to be a model is to let thick females know that we are beautiful as well. I would love to hear from you.

    R C.

  41. My name is Stephanie i am 16 i currently attend to International Performing Arts academy , Modeling has always been a pation of mine i am 5'7 110 lb. brown long hair . ive always wanted to be a model since the age of 7 i am really hard working , and willing to do whatever it takes to make my dreams come true , hope on hearing on you guys soon thanks .

  42. hi iam 5"10
    iam 25
    slim face and figure
    i am an aspiring model
    iam 25
    gemini is my star sign
    i believe i could be a good FACE MODEL because i have "THE FACE" for it..

  43. Hiya! Im Erin and I Think i have THE FACE! Heres a little bit about me!

    Age:11 (almost 12)'
    Weight: 107lbz
    Height : 5'3''
    Hair color: Brunette and straight
    Eye color: Hazel green

    I have really good potential and this is all i want in my life! Is to be a model!

  44. i would love to be apart of this .. im 18 from chicago ,5'3 i am modeling in chicago now doing photo shoots i really love modeling its a work of heart in my book …hope you guys pick me : )
    thank you

  45. Female
    18 yrs old
    I need to be a part of this movie because ACTING IS MY LIFE!
    Ive been in 3 productions at my school and I performed at the Freddy Awards that aired on WFMZ 69news. Also I was selected as a State Finalist to become Miss Pennsylvania. Im in love with the arts… Im a very diverse actress.. I DARE you to throw anything (emotions/scenario) at me and I GUARANTEE you that I will NAIL it!! Ive had some acting training with Desales University (Shakespearean Festival) ,The Freddy Awards, My high school drama club directors, and former Pageant Queens. Ive been dancing my entire life:Hip hop; STEP;Cheerleading;modern; a little lyrical. I AM 18 AND IM READY!! please Email me.

  46. Hello !!!
    I'm Tiana. Something about me:
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 119 lbs
    Hair: Dark brown (long curly)
    Eyes: Blue-green
    Age: 25
    Vocal range: Soprano
    Im from Russia and I'm experienced in performing on the stage, acting and photo shooting…. i would love to be a part of your great team!!! just give me a chance to express myself!!! Thankkkkss)

  47. Hello !!!
    I'm Tiana. Something about me:
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 119 lbs
    Hair: Dark brown (long curly)
    Eyes: Blue-green
    Age: 25
    Im from Russia and I'm experienced in photo shooting…. i would love to be a part of your great team at "The face"!!! just give me a chance to express myself!!! Thankkkkss)

  48. have a new face of oxgen is going to be good for me becouse i been looking at models none of them have the face like me. in i think i will be good as the new face of oxgen in im 13 years old in im tall,,

  49. i think i would do great on this show my name is brooklyn nd im 13 i know it sounds young but ive always dreamed of becoming a model as has every other little girl but i think as a model i am confident that rite now i can make it out in the modeling business but with a little help and guidance i can truelly be the best im in it to win it but itz also my lifelong passion and i understand that even if im not the winner its a great expererience that will help in the future

  50. I think that I would be a great candidate for this show. I am often compared to Naomi Campbell and would like nothing more than the opportunity to be given a chance at modeling by such a legend! I will send pictures, videos, etc. I am confident about my looks and know that I would not disappoint if considered! I only hope to be given the chance. I look forward to hearing from you!

  51. Name: Yolanda L
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'1
    Weight: 110 lbs.
    Hair color: Red and black
    Hair length: Medium/ Long
    Eye color: Brown
    Skin color: Brown
    Languages: English and Spanish
    Birthday: December 16th, 1993

    I've dreamed about being a model since I was a child. My mom used to be a model before I was born and I always wanted to be just like her.

  52. Age 22 height 5'6" weight 135

    I am an ambitious aspiring model. Not only do I have skill in the academic field with my dreams of going to medical school almost a reality, but I am an artist in all respects. Modeling to me is an art form and the goal with adding modeling to my art repertoire is to achieve the goal of a well rounded artist. I am a true example of ambition, determination, and the notion that one can do anything they put their minds to. I was built to overcome obstacles and succeed in not matter what and this opportunity is no different. I know that I would be a perfect fit for this opportunity and when given the chance I WILL NOT disappoint.

  53. How old do u have to be. Because i am only 13 and I've been waiting a modeling audition for along time and this may be my opportunity to achieve my dream please reply to my email thank you 🙂 (IM unique )


  55. My name is Donnette R im very interested and becoming and joining the new face competition I am the new face I have what it takes to make I been to so many agencies and they turn me down I grew up poor and Im still poor I work very hard to keep myslef updated.I come from a poor country in South America Im from Guyana i just want this so bad im 21 5'81/2.I really do derserve this chance I will keep trying and I am the new face i got the looks the smile the height the walk i have it all in me just give me a chance let me show you and the world what I can do Ms.campbell Niguel Barker pick me and even if i dnt get pick thanks for reading my comment.

    thank,Donnette R

  56. I consider myself to be very beautiful. I always wanted a chance to model and i will be very appreciative if "The Face" will give it to me. I look forward to working and putting a lot on time into this.

    Thank, Chelsea

  57. Hi!

    My name is AJ V, and I'm a 16 yr. old aspiring model. I weigh 96 lb. and am 5'7" tall. I'm very interested in being on The Face-Oxygen. I've had a passion & love for modeling for years now, but I've never been given a chance to model. This is not an overnight dream of mine. This has been my life's passion ever since the age of 10. So if you are looking for a Colorful, Passionate, and Lively model please look no further! Thank You so much for the opportunity & I do hope to hear from you soon!!!

    AJ V

  58. I would love to be a part of this show. I feel like this will be a great opportunity for me and open so many doors for me.

  59. I'm from Tunisia. I'm funny and intelligent. I wanna be an actor and I feel I’m the right person for this show.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Height: 6"0
    Weight: 140 kg
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: dark brown
    Skin: Caramel
    Languages known: English.
    Extremely Fast Learner and Great Listener and Great Sense Of Humor

  60. Are the auditions still going to be In LA July 28? I am from Houston Tx and want to know of auditions will be in Texas at all????

  61. Hi once again my name is Destiny and i have been literally dreaming about becoming a model ever since i have been little,It's always been a passion of mine to become a Model.The opportunity to even see you guys would be wonderful I just really hope you guys choose me it would be great to see Niaomi she's so beautiful and a very great model.I hope to see you guys soon Thank You☺♥

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