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Crash And Bernstein – Disney XD

Disney XD's Crash And Bernstein
XD’s Crash And Bernstein

Performers of all ages get ready because the world’s most watched and beloved studio is bringing their newest television creation to the airwaves and the search is on for talented cast members for this exciting sitcom. Disney Studios will soon be holding casting calls for their all new series Crash And Bernstein.

In the tradition of such favorites as Good Luck Charlie and Jessie, XD’s Crash And Bernstein is a family centric sitcom but with a twist, Crash is a puppet. The series begins with 14 year old Wyatt Bernstein living with his parents and 3 sisters and wishing everyday for a loud mouthed, fun loving brother to hang out with in his female led household. His dream becomes a reality when one day the puppet brother that he created at a toy store, Crash magically comes to life. Now Wyatt has a hilarious partner in crime in the battle against his meddling sisters. Disney XD is putting a whimsical twist on the traditional TV sitcom and millions of loyal viewers are sure to tune in each week to watch the zany adventures that Crash and Bernstein experience. This is your chance to be cast in the next great Disney hit that will be seen in countries across the globe. Auditions for all of these amazing roles will be held soon so keep checking in for all of the exciting updates and leave a comment below and let us know what you think about Crash and Bernstein.

The opportunity to star in a Disney production does not come along everyday, especially one with the breakout potential of this one. Producers and casting directors are looking for fresh new faces to become the next Disney sitcom star so stay tuned for every casting development on the show that will have everyone talking, Disney XD’s Crash And Bernstein.

550 thoughts on “Crash And Bernstein – Disney XD

  1. I would love to audition for and and every role that's suitable for me. I would love to be a member of Disney channel because of the great impact and wonderful role models. I am 14, 5.6", brown hair, brown eyes, I can handle reptiles, play the drums and piano, and talk in an Australian and British accent, and I am a funny guy.

  2. My name is Brooklyn I am 12 years old I have always wanted to be a actor I have a very happy personally I have been told be many people that I am realy funny and I would love to be on crash and Bernstein

    Age: 12
    Height :5"5
    Hair color : brown
    Eyes : green
    Living in : Canada

  3. Age:11

    Name:Andrew Flores


    Hobbies:Love Acting, Telling Jokes, Having Fun.

    I Would Love to Audition in my Favorite show on Disney XD, Im going to get my own talent agent and again I would love to Audition.

  4. I forgot to say that I'm male and that I have always wanted to act but I never tried out because I thought it would be wired but I'm trying it now

  5. Hi I'm Koumini and the reasone i want you to pick me is that I've done drama , danceing such as ballet , jazz and Hip hop and I love to be on tv and be an a tree and sing it's my dream please.
    Hight : 4.4
    Hair : Blak
    Eye : brown
    Nationality :Australia

  6. Hi my name is Misael I go by Justin I'm 11 years old and I would like to be on set because I do it for my family and friends I just want to show people that I belong and that I'm a very cool kid If they give me a chance I will do my best.

  7. Age 16
    Gender male
    Hair dark brown
    Height 5"4
    I live in attleboro Massachusetts
    This opportunity would be amazing just get my foot in the door of the acting world this would be life changing experience thanks hope to hear back soon

  8. well I love watch Crash and Bernstein and Kickin it so I said I will take classes for 2 years and go to audition for some shows

  9. Gender: male
    DOB: 10/16/01
    Age: 12
    eye: Brown
    State: Indiana, Indianapolis
    I really hope you pick me for this part because this would be the best thing in the world. if you pick me you would have pick the right thing

  10. Hi,

    I am a huge fan of crash and bernstein. I love to sing and dance and I have a great sense of humor. You should pick me because I am funny, love being the center of attention and I am cute.

  11. Hello my name is Ocean. I am 14 years old.i love to act and have fun. I am a very joyful person most of the time. I want to pursue my career while I’m younger so i could have a chance. I want to make my mother proud. I want to be a person that my baby brothers can look up to so they know its more than being out on the streets and they have a chance in life .I am determined to be an actress. So please email me back .

    Gender : female
    Height : 5’0
    Weight : 115
    Eyes : brown
    Hair : short and black
    Skin : lightskin

  12. Hello my name is Cheryl,im 14 tears old,im female,i have blond hair, my eye colour is brown, i think i would be brilliant for this part as i am a jolly character i love to ne fun and i am one of those that like to pit my self in to a character body i love to play parts ive never done it before but i would like to try it out and be in this i want to see what its like to be in the public eye and on the tv. I were glasses and i love to style peoples hair and mess about bit i also like to be serious and pretend to be visiouse i think i could be perfect for this role. Ive always wanted to be on the Disney channel i would love to be on this pleas make my dreams come true please email me and make my dreams come alive please. Thankyou hope you get back to me and male my dreams come true.

  13. hello my name is darrian i am 12 years old and i think i will be perfect for this part i am funny and AWESOME! i love to draw and dance and make people laugh and i want to make my dream come true! its been my dream ever since i was little to be in a tv show! so i would love to audition for this part i live in sasakwa and i go to school there too i practice acting a lot and lots of things so give me a chance please but if you decline i understand thank you very much for listening!

  14. My nine year old daughter has recently been bit by the acting bug. She wants to be involved with the Disney family which means work hard but have fun doing it. She's always acting out different roles she sees on the Disney channel in her room which I think is great. It shows she's serious about it. I always thought she was just playing around. I never asked her if she wanted to take up acting because I don't ever want to be the annoying stage mom, but when she came up to me and asked me to help her find gigs I knew she was serious. So here I am commenting on behalf for my daughter to help her realize her dream.

  15. Hey disney i am 15, and i would love to be in a show like crash and bernstein because many people tell me i am funny and full with energy. I have lots of charisma, and i know how to beat box, act, and sing. I just need more information? Thank you for listening to me.

  16. This seems like the perfect part for me i have been in several highschool productions,I am 15 years old and i have always wanted to be on disney channel ever since i was little kid i have plenty of experience and i have great sense of humor I just love making people laugh Im a male and im african american and i love to act, and sing and dance which is why im involved in my schools show choir. I would do absolutely anything and everything to get this part thank you very much for this oppurtunity.

  17. I think this show suits me very well .Im a complete character lol , i love to have fun & just put smiles on peoples faces . GENDER:Male
    ETHNITICY:Mixed(black and white)
    EYE COLOR-Hazel
    HAIR COLOR-Dark brown

  18. My goal in life was to be known as a somebody, instead of a nobody. I would love a video audition for the show.
    Name: Veronica
    Hair: long strawberry blonde hair
    eyes: brown
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Height: 4'8
    I am very pretty and perky. I am a hard worker, also.

  19. I am writing this for my son Benjamin (5) who loves the show! He's quite the character himself – strong, handsome and full of life. He calls himself B-man and loves to breakdance in his own style. He'll do anything for a laugh or to get a pretty girls attention! We'd love to hear more about working on the show!

  20. Name:yuritzi

    Hair:dark brown
    Eye color:dark brown

    I'm a really good actor and I really enjoy doing it

  21. Malachi Thomas

    eye color:black
    hair style:waves
    I really want to be on show because i watched it and i think a kid comedy is perfect for me i am african american i have not been in tv but i think i know what im doing so please consider emailing me asap and we can make a compremize

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