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Opening Act - E!
Opening Act

Singers of all ages, are you ready to be excited? If you are an up and coming solo or group singing act and you have uploaded videos of your performances on the Internet you are already entered into the most amazing singing competition show in television history. The all new E! music series Opening Act is scouring the Internet as we speak for talented amateur musical acts to be chosen to open for some of the biggest names in music today including LMFAO, Nicki Minaj and Brad Paisley!

Opening Act is being produced by three of the absolute heavyweights of the music industry Nigel Lythgoe, the executive producer of American Idol along with R&B superstar Mary J. Blige and Rock Mafia producer Antonia Armato. The three musical visionaries will search throughout the Internet to find the most amazing undiscovered musical acts in the world. Once they have chosen their performers host Olivia Lee of The Tonight Show With Jay Leno fame will travel personally to meet the acts to give them the news of a lifetime – that they will be the opening act for an A-List musical star! Those who are chosen will be flown immediately to Hollywood where they will be put through intense performance training and helped to mold their show. They will also find out who they will be opening for. Those currently on the list include LMAFO, Nicki Minaj, Gym Class Heroes, Jason Aldean, Rod Stewart, Jason Mraz and Brad Paisley! This groundbreaking show is truly like nothing that has ever been done before. Some lucky acts will go from their basement to some of the biggest stages in the world performing for thousands. If you are interested in this fantastic musical opportunity stay tuned for all of our exciting updates and be sure to leave a comment below and let us know what you think about Opening Act.

If you have a dream to be a world famous singer and have thought about putting your talents up on the web now is the time. If you already put your music on various sites on the internet it’s time to put more up. Your next music video could be the one that lands you the biggest show of your life. The time is now to submit your music and see if the experts think you have what it takes to be the next great Opening Act.

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  1. Hello my name is, Quintetta Thompson, but I go by the name Queen. I'm 26 years old and have been doing music all my life. I've done shows, moved, tried out for America's Got Talent, The Voice and done so much more just to get this dream Career as being a singer, song writer, and more…the music business industry is my life! I want to change the world…I have so much to give, although I been told no many of times and have had bad life situations, I NEVER GAVE UP AND I NEVER WILL! I'm so thankful for this opportunity and I'm thankful for music, music feeds my soul and give me peace…without music, sometimes I just don't know how i would have made it, but every time i pick up that pen or open my mouth, I began to heal. I think I would be great for this competition because I want to sing to spread happiness, peace, love and soooo much more. I want to represent for our women and stand up for our men, I want to keep it real so people can trust me and feel me. I been abused, a mother of an non verbal autistic child, I been broke, and I've been down so I know i can help someone because through it all I never let those situations get me down and I want someone else to know I'm here with them. I'm also hard working, dedicated and humble. I write all type of music from christian music, RNB, pop, country and even rap. I also write scripts, TV ideas and so much more. down below I'm going to share an original music video and song all written by me and I hope you guys enjoy…Thank you E so much for this, just typing this comment really blessed me today.. you all just don't even know and to all the contestants good luck! Lets work E, let's have fun, work hard and live this moment…I'm ready!
    Thank you E,

  2. I am a singer songwriter I have been singing for 15 years I started when I was 8 years old performing on stage before a huge crowd I love what I do and I'm serious about it my goal is to eventually get sign and perform at Madison Square Gardens this is my dream. if I am blessed to be on this show I will bring something that will not be forgotten I'm just asking for a chance.thank you Mercedes

  3. IM A SINGER. Applied to many audition the voice americas got talent. And agents had asked for me but they also ask for money which i cannot afford. It would be a dream come true.

  4. I would like to bless the world with my music and sing my gospel in order to help those that may be going through. It's all for Jesus and I will let his light shine through me.

  5. Hi I am 24 years old , from Miami, Florida I am a singer and a rapper looking for an opportunity to showcase my undiscovered talent. I have allowed my misfortunes in the past year to hinder me from chasing my dreams but I am now ready to show that I am, what this industry needs and that I am the best undiscovered talent not only in Miami but period without question . I look forward to a response . trust me when I say I don't disappoint. I'm willing to do what it takes

  6. I love music. I've been playing the guitar for 5 years. I write my own music. I constantly practice a lot, and music is my passion. I always listened to my mom sign and play the piano and the guitar. I am currently teaching myself how to play the piano. Music is the best thing it has happened to me. I will be pleased to be considered.

    Thank you

  7. Hello I am definitely interested in obtaining more information about this audition for PoP/Rock Artist PrinceAlonzo


  8. I defo interested one problem in from ireland if you could send me an email we could work something out but please first have a look at my music vid hallelujah I sing country and pop x

  9. Hi my name is Margaret I am a country singer and very proud of it. I take a lot of people aback because they don't expect me to sing country because I'm African American but it's not about color to me it's about the music and how it touches you. Looking forward to this please shoot me an e-mail on more
    Thanks and God Bless

  10. I know you probably see alot of comments saying the same thing and I will say probably the same but here is the thing. I don't only think about singing as a talent for my self I think of it as a way to relate with people and connect through with them. Send a message of happiness sadness anger or even just FUN!

    But I am absolutely serious about this I don't think age matters in this situation as long as you are serious about it and it is what your heart desires to do. I will try my best to learn and be mentored by the best if it not only benefits me but people who will support my through the process that is my only wish as well as singing of course that's why I am writing this. I will tell you I am no Beyonce or Whitney but I am me and I will take any thing to learn my best capabilities SO this is why I would love this opportunity and not only would I love it but you would love to have me on the show as well I would be quite the the personality to have on the show so I hope you give me a chance to show the world what I can do and be because I am serious about this and so is my voice (:

  11. Hi my name is issac issaih and im a rap artist: check out my videos on you tube title(to be where you are) and on sound cloud.com under issaih21 and you ll have the rap artish you looking for. I compose,record and audio effect my song. Post me at the email I ll be waiting for my opportunity with yall I wont let you fans down (stay True) cd not yet exposed. peace issac isaih sanchez

  12. Hello my sisters and I have always tried to make it to let ppl see our talent. We are a group of three sisters we are known as laydi jai. We are willing to change our name to fit our talents. We r from Chattanooga, tn. This has always been our dream to show our talent. We act, sing, dance, and write songs. We have been in many competition but for some reason we never see positive results. It almost make u want to give up. My mother andfafatherless tell us don't give up. They still take of us and our 5 other siblings. I sometime see my mom cry because she is living check by check. We would like to pay them back by showing them we reached our dreams because God blessed us with talents. I can also do solo if we quieted. Find music by typing laydi jai or jesselinna hemphill.

  13. reverbnation.com/syrn
    Stage name: The Goddess S.Y.R.N

    All feedback is appreciated : )

  14. Hi, I'm Katrina! I am 15 years old . Since I was. younger, I've. always wanted to be discovered. A lot of people say that I have the potential but I was never really serious about it until recently. I sing on Vine and my account is vine.co/v/MnAuuQU1xFM

  15. Hi my name ia tasha im 30 i grew up sining in church . This will be a wonderful opportunity for me to lift voice;-)

  16. Thank you for the opportunity ,

    We are Mixtronice3 Musician/Band , We are Half Filipino Chinese , and currently staying with our dad here in singapore , We recently entered and got signed on a YouTube called The You Generation Network by MR Simon Cowell , So I really have the confidence to enter this competition we sings 7 languages including of course english and we are willing to learn , Music is the only thing we do for now
    since were younger our mom and dad has been separated , since then we siblings always got each other backs , My Dad had been married once and then he married my mom , for his first marriage he had 2 son's , Since we came to here to stay with our dad our life has been very complicated , So Music is the only thing we learn we drop out of school since younger . so that he can let his first son to study college , But it's life everyone has a story to tell , As long as we keep on moving with our life fight for the dream we want.

    NG Samuel George Geolingo AKA ( Don Wilton ) – 1995 -Sep 5 (18 years Old)
    Vocalist – Piano -Guitar-Drum-Dancer-SongComposer

    NG Sherry Grace Geolingo AKA ( Amiliya Romain ) – 1997 Feb 28 ( 17 Years Old )
    Vocalist – Rapper – Piano – Guitar – Drum – Dancer – Song Composer – Music Arranger – Band Leader

    NG Sharich Geolingo AKA ( General Vod ) -1998 April 9 (15 Years Old)
    Rapper – Music Arranger – Dancer – Song Composer

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