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Grimm - NBC

The latest NBC phenomenon Grimm is currently looking for talented performers of all ages to be a part of their upcoming second season. This is a fantastic opportunity for up and coming acting talents to perform in one of televisions top series and learn more about the exciting process of network television production. Casting calls for this highly rated fantasy program are going on now and throughout the season for roles of all sizes.

Grimm tells the story of Portland homicide detective Nick Burkhardt who learns that his chosen occupation as a keeper of justice and safety is no fluke. He is a descendant of a long line of guardians who are tasked with the duty of maintaining a balance between humans and the Wesen, a frightening and bloodthirsty group of assorted mythological creatures described in the infamous Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Detective Burkhardt, his partner Hank Griffin and their creature friend Eddie Monroe team up each week against these fantastic enemies to defend Portland and the world form destruction. Grimm stars a who’s who of the biggest on the rise stars of television today including David Giuntoli, Bitsie Tulloch and Silas Weir Mitchell. Will you be the next on this list? This is absolutely one of the most original, creative and spine-tingling shows on TV today and it possesses one of the most fervent fan bases in television. There may be no better project for actors of all ages and experience to make thier mark and be a part of the magic of primetime network television production. If you are interested in being invited to a casting call as an extra or day player for season 2 of this hit program be sure to stay tuned for all of the exciting casting updates for Grimm.

NBC has a new hit drama/thriller on their hands and now you have a chance for an amazing casting opportunity. Your big break could be on it’s way as the newest cast member of NBC’s Grimm.

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  1. hello i am a 14 year old boy from the netherlands and i have a idea for the serie grimm that i always watch and its my favorite serie i really would like to get in contact with the autors jim kouf and david greenwalt cause i really want too participate in the serie of grimm as zauberbiest or something else i want too be a special zauberbiest and grandson from the royal king of vienna or something else and i already got my accent because i live in europe in the netherlands my skin color is brown and my mother already gives me permision to come to america for what time it takes too make a season of grimm i really really really hope to get a anwser from you and maybe an invitaion

  2. Grimm fan from day one! I'm a typical pacific northwestern 30 year old. Love SciFi, fantasy and would LOVE the opportunity to be anywhere on the set of Grimm! Keep Portland weird! 🙂

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