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Cooking Show Starring Anthony Bourdain
The Taste Starring Anthony Bourdain

Are you a master in the kitchen? Is food your passion? Would you like to be trained by two of the best food experts in the business as you compete against other talented chefs? If you’ve answered yes to all all of these  superstar celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain has the competition for you. ABC’s brand new cooking show The Taste is looking for cooks from all walks of life to compete in their brand new reality show and you can apply today.

The Taste is looking for America’s most skilled cooks to compete against each other for a shot at fame, fortune and glory. The show will be hosted by none other than the world’s most notorious bad boy of food Anthony Bourdain and the lovely and talented British cooking personality and author Nigella Lawson. Bourdain is a best selling author of such titles as Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly and A Cook’s Tour and has been the host of the hit Travel Channel series No Reservations since 2005 while Miss Lawson has sold over 3 million copies of her food centric books as well as hosting her own show on the British Channel 4 entitled Nigella Bites and they both will be mentoring you in your journey to the ABC Cooking Show title. Producers and casting directors of The Taste will be searching the country for foodies of all backgrounds to be a part of this exciting new series. Whether you are a professional chef or just like to bang around your home kitchen for fun, if you’ve got the skills you could be cast. Competitors chosen will be trained each week by Bourdain and Lawson and compete head to head until finally one The Taste champion is crowned. This is an absolute life changing opportunity for a group of lucky food aficionados out there. Casting calls will be held soon. If you would like more information on this amazing new program or to fill out an online application you can go right here abccookingshow.com/home and don’t forget to leave a comment below and keep checking in for every casting update.

You chance to demonstrate your culinary talents in front of millions of viewers is almoist here. Apply today to be mentored by food legends Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson and compete for the fabulus prizes and fantastic title on the all new ABC Cooking Show The Taste.

35 thoughts on “The Taste Starring Anthony Bourdain – ABC

  1. I spent my childhood sitting on a countertop with the top half of my body buried in a spice cabinet. I'd sit up there all afternoon while my mother tinkered in the kitchen, whipping up something wonderful that I often couldn't pronounce. I remember vividly taking each jar out of the cabinet one by one, assaulting my mom with questions and imagining the dishes she described. Early on, I'd immediately taste them, eager to know, eager for the mystery of the contents to be revealed. As I got a bit older, around 7, the goal changed somehow.I realized there was more to discover. I'd open the bottle and smell it first. Those luxurious aromas lighting fires in my brain. The exotic and encompassing scent of cardamom was my favorite, but the sharp edges of cayenne and warm rapture of curry took frequent turns on the rotating palette of my imagination. Sometimes my mother would let me talk her into featuring my favorite of the day in our dinner, giving life to the incomplete creations in my head. Until recently I never gave much thought to those wondrous Saturday afternoons. I've never really been impressed with my own cooking, it always seems rushed and uninspired. Today, however, a new relationship with food and the creation of fantastic fare had developed rather quickly. Maybe a reawakening is a better descriptor as I again feel those flutters of excitement when I see the cardamom pods waiting to be ground. As it turns out, I didn't grow up to become a chef, however, I was born one. And that does not go away.
    I'm not a professional, I may not be very good, I really don't know. All I know for sure is that I truly love the journey from cardamom pod to a citrus cardamom breakfast bread.

  2. I love to cook and eat.I am comfortable cooking anything with any cuisine.presently i have a Indian Restaurant.I love be part of this show.

  3. Rodnia and Rosaria are women entrepreneurs from Acapulco were shocked to find out believe that most Mexican Restaurants are afraid that Americans will not eat traditional Mexican food they eaten at home. So they began to prepared food at home to serve to customers in front of a convent store , then open El Borrego Restaurant 11 years ago with the confidence that if you make Mexican food the right way Americans will eat it. By confidently preparing regional indigenous, pre-hispanic food and belief that if you make it the right way American consumer will eat it. Beginning with Cochinita Peril a slow roasted pork and Lamb Barbacoa marinated in guajillo chile for 5-6 hours, as well as chocolate mole chicken enchiladas, and a breakfast featuring chilaquiles we believe that we are the perfect candidate for food Network, We also serve Birrier, sheep intestines preparedon weekends, as well as vegetarian posole.
    Our disadvantages are not having a them to compete with trendy pop up food shacks,
    Perception that all Mexican food is the same.
    Lack of parking.


  4. Hello, I would love to learn from the best chefs in the world. I don't twirl knives or any of that. But I am a descent cook for my budget. I love to smoke meats grill veggies. I enjoy hot breads and soups. thank you for your time.

  5. Longing for a chance to prove myself and my worth to the people who downs me, I think that this food fight at The Taste would give me that. I am a home cook that thinks, acts, and critics like a chef from the Philippines. Cooking is my passion and my life, and so is food itself. Cooking and food has helped me even through my worst days. Depression and pressure from the people around me has eaten my soul and my happiness, but my love for food has brought me back up to my feet, standing strong. At only 16, I've handled challenges that even grown-ups couldn't face to understand. I have the looks of a child and the brains of an adult. I've always wanted to expose myself through challenges and food fights to prove and convince myself that I can handle those. And if I proved that I can handle those, then I can have my dream of building my own bakeshop and pizzeria. I also want to join because I wanted to help my parents, for our schooling, especially now that I've entered senior high school and my sister at junior high, and also for the pride of my country. And also, to prove that I have the guts to face and even beat the pros.

  6. I love to cook and to me, food is an expression of love! I love to cook savory as much as sweet, and there is no challenge to big (or small).

  7. My mother used to say the way to a mans heart is good food. When I first got married 25 years ago at the rehearsal dinner when it came time for the parents to say something about the bride and groom when my father stood up the first thing he said was my daughter is the best cook my son in law is a lucky man.I look back now laughing thinking about my moms expression on her face saying to myself sorry Mom Dad said it not me. I have been in the kitchen when I could first hold a spoon with mom watching the british chef Graham Kerr,"the Galloping Gormet",french cooking at home with Jacques Pepin and Julia child,and my all time favorite ??(I-Gar-Un-Tee) story tellin back to my roots cajun chef Justin Wilson.cooking is not just a way to a mans heart as mom would say its a passion. When I cook I tend to be in my own world creating new dishes. From something simple to the "Creme de la creme" of dishes a smile on a persons face eating what I cook makes my day.I would love the opportunity to audition and be apart of this journey to learn and grow from todays master chefs.

  8. I know recipes and technique. I write my own culinary creations and can taste them in my head as I write them. I am told that I am the best cook that a lot of people have ever met. As a chef instructor, I am 50 % entertainment and 50% technique. People love attending my classes and recognize me from my articles in the local paper all about cooking at home. Anthony Bourdain, I want you to taste what I got!

  9. Hello, my name is Andrew. I'm from New Milford, NJ and I've been cooking professionally for 3 years.

    All my life I have been cooking, but only as a hobby. One day, I finally realized that this was my passion and I ended up in the Institute of Culinary Education. After I graduated, I interned at Kin Shop and was immediately hired after my internship. I worked for over a year but eventually I left because the commute from home was too much. I am now working at an upscale casual restaurant in Saddle River, NJ known as the Saddle River Inn.

    I love Asian cuisine, ranging from Chinese to Thai and everything in between. I am of Filipino descent and would love to transcend our cuisine to a higher level. I love to express myself through food. My dream is to create something from my favorite childhood dishes, memorable food experiences, and translate it to my customers. I want the customers to get to know me through my food. In a way, I see my food as art, and I would love to present it to the whole world.

    In order for me to follow my dream, a long trip to Asia would help me develop into a chef that will be a force to be reckoned with. I would love to experience anything that will further my development in this field and it would be an honor to participate in such a show. My hunger for competition is as strong as my hunger for Laab and Tsukemen.

  10. I was a career changer. At 48 I went to The Le Cordon Bleu and had the time of my life. Since graduating I have worked at becoming the best chef I can be. Problem is my location is in a culinary dead spot in the country. There is very little to learn here because of the lack of seasoned chefs. I've learned all I can learn on my own. I am ready to take that next step in the process. Food is all I think about. I'm writing this to show that I feel I can cook with anyone I just need some expert advice to take the next step. I want to be the chef that gets noticed for his take on home cooking. I just love cooking food people love to eat. P.S I love the judges for this show and would be like a kid in a candy shop.

  11. I may be a BBQ competitor on the weekends, but I can cook about anything. It isn't everyone that can say they put together a Chinese Bat Mitzvah, I can. I have done some other food competitions, I love the pressure!!! Would love the opportunity to really show what I can do. Anthony Bourdain Rocks,

  12. Culinary artistry is all about exactly what The Taste means. One taste should tell you what the whole meal will be like. The depth of flavors, the build of the recipe, the execution of the final product. I have taught myself everything I know about culinary artistry. From baking to cuisine to toying with molecular gastronomy. I like to create new flavors for the palate to enjoy like a symphonic dance of characteristics for your taste buds. Choose me to be on The Taste and I will show you what a single mother raised son can produce in the kitchen simply by using my imagination to blend flavors you never thought possible.

  13. I am Peruvian/ American and Peruvian food is my passion, I love to cook it and eat it! I am not professionally trained, I am a home cook. What gives me joy is to cook a yummy home cooked meal and make people happy. I am not one to self-promote, it others that rave about my food,"that I should open a restaurant" , I'm not sure of myself, always doubt my abilities, I think this would be a great opportunity to find out if I have what it takes.

  14. I have always been obsessed with cooking as long as I can remember. My husband (also a chef) and I had an Italian Restaurant for nine years and published a cookbook. I am currently awaiting the filming date for Cutthroat Kitchen. I am supposed to compete in December.
    I am entirely self-taught and willing to go up against any CIA trained chef in competition. I am not a snob about food, so I can work with anything and make it taste great. I would love to be part of this show and I am always eager to learn more tricks in the kitchen. Look me up on Twitter @LeslieLauretta or on Facebook.

  15. I grew up in Copenhagen/Arhus and at a young age the food my grandmother and father would make sparked my passion for farm to table cooking. I feel as if I can express myself through cooking just like someone would when they dye their hair. I'm an 18 year old who already knows what I want and I will fight to end until I've eaten every type of cultural food that I can. I'm young and would love the chance to learn from the best to help guide me into the right path!

  16. Growing up, I learned that food was a way to experience a culture without the air fare. Food is my passion and as a mother of 5 I'm lucky my art coincides with my job. I have spent the last 18 years perfecting my craft and now NEED to prove to myself and my kids that it's never too late to GO FOR IT!!

  17. I think I have great cooking skills. I have no experience cooking in a restaurant or any types of cooking establishments. In the military I didn't make much money so, cooking for myself and for my bunk mates was an absolute joy. Coming up with different concoctions and adding different ingredients together was awesome. I still cook like this today and I really think I could do well on this show if given the chance. Thanks!

  18. I absolutely Love cooking and making food. I went to Culinary school for 2 years and I've read 2 of Bourdain's Books.

  19. Hi – Hope it's not too late to apply. I have been cooking all my life, and professionally as a caterer in Los Angeles for the last 26 years – my cuisine is Caribbean-Creole, I have also worked my food booths at several local Farmers Markets including the Hollywood FM for 18 years, I have a following and quite a reputation for dishing up awesome foods. like anyone else, I would like to make some real money, and I am convinced that this can happen on your show, above all I would relish the opportunity to learn from masters like yourself – food is my passion, and I would like to share that with the world. I hope you will consider my application – and I look forward to your response.

  20. I should be a part of this show because I have a passion for food and cooking a great dish. I am a good cook that wants to be a great chef! I have been on a reality cooking show before and That d-bag bobby flay screwed me. Im ready for this …if you want a tatted up lively gut that's ready to learn and work his ass off. Ya just found him. Cheers!

  21. I am a fairly accomplished at Italian cuisine having won 1st place in National and International Pizza competion (World Championship in Salsimiogore, Italy)and love to make Homemade Pastas and Sauces. But this is where my cooking skills end. I owned a small succesful italian restaurant until it was destroyed by fire a couple years ago,but would love to learn from the BEST and broaden my horizons because other than the every day burger,steaks,and chops on the grille i'm lost if it's not Italian. I am so passionate about food and love pleasing people with my cooking but I need HELP!!

  22. Love to cook. Have been cooking for greater Houston for about the last 10/15 years. I'm Houston greatest secret.( really it's moms recipes. )

  23. I would be great for your show. Everything that Anthony wrote about in kitchen confidential could have been about me. minus the Heroin. I have a taco stand that I travel with vending at music festivals, raves, hippie fests, blues festivals, and anywhere that likes tacos. You would be stupid to not have me on your show!

  24. Who am I? An easy answer to a simple question for some, but an Encyclopedia Britannica description for others. Those "others" includes me. I am one of those rare individuals that occasionally ponders whether the stork dropped them off at the right family, “in the beginning”. Of course, my folks and siblings look like me, but that’s as far as the commonality goes. I still haven’t figured out if I’m the one from a different planet, or if it’s them. Honestly, I think it’s me.

    I suppose in a perfect world, I would have been a chef. However, after investigating that the cost of completing Culinary School was around $100,000, it didn’t bother me that my world wasn’t so perfect! Ironically though, I can't venture to imagine myself couped up in the back of some gourmet kitchen for hours upon hours per day, creating the latest delectable "gastronomies" for the most sophisticated of palates. I went to college to study Architecture, started, owned, and failed at a few businesses, drove a delivery truck for FedEx for awhile, and have probably had over 50 jobs over the last 30 years of my "career". I finally settled down and found a niche in sales, which has allowed me to support my wife and 2 lovely children for nearly a decade now.

    Ultimately though, my passion is food.

    Bottom line. I love food. I love the taste of it, the look of it, the smell of it, and the ambience that it creates in any situation. The best way to describe me is probably a Bobby Flay, an Anthony Bourdain, and an Andrew Zimmern, all rolled up into one complex individual. When my son wants a grilled cheese sandwich, I don’t consider it too much work to cut a fresh baked Kaiser Roll in half, butter the outside ends and place Provolone, Mild Cheddar and shredded Parmesan cheese in the middle and then put it in a Panini press to melt the cheese and toast the bread to a delectable crunch. My wife thinks I’m nuts, because my son is only 6! Doesn’t everyone make a grilled cheese sandwich like that?!? (By the way, my sons favorite cheese is Smoked Gouda – I turned him on to it). ;0)

    Don’t get me wrong though; I’m not a glutton. Some of my other passions including training to be a tri-athlete (to ultimately compete in the mother of all triathlons: Ironman!), traveling, getting my kids involved in modeling, and going on dates with my wife. Never-the-less though, when all is said and done, food defines who I am. I am the chef at my house. I love to cook and experiment with new recipes and techniques. FoodNetwork, the Cooking Channel and the Travel Channel are my go to channels and primarily the only 3 of the 250 channels that I watch (including over 20,000 on-demand choices) from my cable provider. Because of this, William Sonoma by default is my favorite store. On the other hand, since my philosophy is “Champagne taste, Kool-Aid budget”, I’ve resorted to standing in the kitchen utensils aisle at Target, and perusing over the gadgets on their shelves, for hours at a time.

    So that’s me; in a nutshell. I hope you’ll enjoy me sharing my passion with you.

  25. Wow this is my chance to shine. I have been cooking every since I got my first set of play dishes and easy bake oven. My mother was always catching me in the kitchen making something. I have been told that I need to have my own cooking show. My friends are always asking me to make food for there parties. I love making peoples tummies happy.I hope you will give me a chance to try out for this new awesome show. I was a VJ for a while so I am not camera shy.

  26. Hi– wondering what the goal at the end of the show is? will relocating be necessary for winner? what might be the outcome. Very interested.


  27. Name: Vernon Jr
    Gender: male
    Age: 14
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: brown
    Height: 5"10
    Skin color: black
    Performance acting, rapping, hard working
    Location: Williamson,Ga
    I would love to be in your new movie . It would be a fun experience for me and my family. Please call and let me now if made the show or not. This is a big opportunity for this new movie or show and I want to be apart of it. Please keep me updated with the casting calls.

  28. Im a single father an i cook all the time an i take some to work an everybody seem to like what i cook,so if you cast me i want let you down cause i can cook my ass off,plus i want do something to make enough mony to put my daughter in collage,she all i got

  29. I believe being part of your show would be, a great experience for me, I've cooked Mexican Food most of my life, and have recently learned some American recipes from my Boyfriend, I love cooking , Yes!, Yes, Yes!! I tell my boyfriend, I am the master of the kitchen, and yes! Would you like to be trained by two of the best food experts in the business as I compete against other talented chefs?

  30. I grew up in a cooking family. My grandmother owned a catering company in Chicago for 45 years. My mother was raised in the business and was also an amazing chef until she died last March from Multiple Myeloma. My first love is cooking for my family. I loved to bake and to open my refrigerator and create dishes from what's in the house.

  31. I'm a united states airforce vet with two combat tour in Iraq. Now I'm a line cook, I've been cooking all of my life. I have memories of being a kid cooking with my uncle with asking me to hand him ingredient. I'm just looking for way to show my skills and passion for food.

  32. Hello, my name is Elaf and I have a passion for food. I love all kinds of food and I love Mr. Anthony! I am Pakistani and usually cook Pakistani style foods but I can cook anything from japanese to Italian to European. Whatever is in front of me I am capable of making something delicious out of it. I would love to compete.

  33. Although I know nothing about culinary skills like these guys do, I've loved to cook all my life. I guess you could say I'm a "bang around my kitchen" kinda gal. Would love the chance to learn from the best.

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