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Oh Sit ! – The CW

Oh Sit! Casting Calls
Oh Sit!

The CW is bringing one of the world’s oldest and most popular games to Americas living rooms and you can the next contestant. Oh Sit! is a elaborate new take on an old fashioned game of musical chairs – but unlike when  you play with friends or family, this time you could win a fantastic cash prize. Casting calls for this wholly unique game show series will be held soon and you can apply today to be a part of the fun.

This definitely isn’t your ordinary game of musical chairs that you used to play in your classroom, this version is going to knock you socks off and put money in your pockets. 20 contestants will be chosen each week for Oh Sit! and compete in a series of 5 elimination rounds, each one with more and more difficult obstacle courses.  As with the original game, each round will see more and more chairs removed until one final contestant remains with their big cash winnings in hand.  Combining quick wits, quicker reflexes and live music, Oh Sit! has “Americas favorite game show” written all over it.Auditions for the shows all new episodes will be starting soon and you can apply now. To submit yourself for consideration or for more information you can head here ohsitcasting.com/howtoapply. Leave a comment below telling us why you want to be the ultimate musical chairs champion on Oh Sit! and be sure to check back for all of the exciting casting updates.

This a game that everyone the world over can and has played at some time in their lives – and that’s exactly what makes the challenge all the more exciting! So why not take a chance and see if you can be the last one sitting on the fantastically fun CW game show series Oh Sit!

52 thoughts on “Oh Sit ! – The CW

  1. My name is frank and I am a 45 year old business owner and a BMX racer. I feel that the shape I am in at my age I can give stiff competition and character.

  2. I am a 21 year old and I am the most talkative, energetic, and outgoing person you will ever meet! I love having fun and trying new things, but have fun doing those things! I am a student studying biology, so I need new exciting things to spice up my life!

  3. Hello there my name is Jasmine, I'm 21y bears old. My friends and colleagues call me Doomp-Doomp .! I'm quite a humorous person , have a great personality, very laid back as well as outgoing , YET make the wrong move on me and I can be a total b****, LOL but I'm a pretty cool cute Oreo (. For many years I've been told that because of my attitude I have that being in the spotlight is where I need to be. Well I want to take a shot and give it a try , I think that I could bring a whole new set of viewers and ratings to your station for the reasons being (1) I have the personality of a star (2) my smile , beauty and brains would be too irresistible

  4. The most coolest game of all times!!! I play this at every birthday party I give my children. & I have alot of em! 7 in fact! My children get a big kick outta seeing me "take over" the game!…. All I need is another reason to play!!!! LOL
    LOVE IT!

  5. hi my name is mya and i am 13 years old i love competing against people especially in games its definitly fun so i would love to be auditition 😀

  6. I'm your girl! I'm a 21 year old female from Tulsa, OK. I'm very outgoing and competitive!! I would cut someone just to win! Okay, maybe not CUT them, but you get how intense I can be. I'm very entertaining and I think american would love to watch me!! I look forward to hearing from you!! 🙂

  7. I am a 40ish years old that looks in my mid 30ish. But of course, it will depend on which angle you have the camera pointed…just my sense of humor..smile. I would love to be on the show to shine and bring high ratings for us all. I have no experience in acting, but I do following instructions well. Not to mention I have a positive sense of humor and enjoying/Love to winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. I would love to be on the show and play one of my favorite games. I look forward to being apart of the Funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!! You know you want me ,like I want you…Reach out and call me!!

  8. I am an aspiring actress. Im very interested! Im 23, black american, full of life, bubbly personality, and naturally happy individual! please feel free to contact me for more info about myself!

  9. In this game I would not be chivalrous like I am in real life! This time, I would not pull out the chair for the ladies. I want to vie for the "oh-sit" chair! Whatever it takes it to win!
    24 yr old athletic male.

  10. My name is Kathy and I am a wife and stay at home mother of 4 kids ages 4-15. I am very competitive and love watching games shows with my kids. I think it would be a very fun experience. Plus my kids would get a kick out of it.

  11. Im a real competitive person and it will take alot for me to lose a competition like this!!! I guarantee i would make this show worth watching, you cant catch the ginger bread man!!! Hahal lets do this!

  12. Give me shot to compete with my friends in this show cause they think they are better than me and i just want to prove to them i can beat them. even if i tripped them at the starting line and won. i dont care!

  13. I have been resarching first time acting carrears for some time now, this might be for me. I would love to do it I can act, but I have muscular dystrophy, I can walk just fine but I cant run,please just keep me in mind for this or something, thank you.

  14. Hii im 19 and soo remember playing musical chairs I was usually always the winner and bet I can still beat everyone and be the last one standing I hope to get an opportunity to prove I I was the best match.

  15. Hey, I'm 21 African American male with a baby due out very soon. I could be great for this show oh sit! Musical chairs easy, i'll run laps around everyone, have them lookin queezy lol
    plz give me a chance for this opportunity

  16. I am an outgoing person! I love to have fun and I love to see other people let loose enjoy themselves and have fun. I would love to go on this show because I feel like it is my time to show my smiling face. My energy will bounce off others and it will definitely make the show really fun.

  17. I'm a stay home mom with five kids. We play music chairs sometimes. The money prize would be wonderful, but the experience alone would be awesome! I love to have a good time and would not be just a lump on your show. I would make it fun for viewers to watch. PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!

  18. I am 61 year young and have always thought it would to so exciting and fun to be on a game show. After seeing the movie Bucket List I decided to make my own list and game show contestant is right there at the top along with sky diving and zip lining. I have now zip lined in Hawaii and plan to sky dive on my next birthday. Game show is next ! !

  19. I am a full time college student that is looking for an honest way to make it. Any opportunity that will allow me to do so and represent this country proudly I would be honored to partake in. Thank you.

  20. Hello, my name is Kymeda Cathey. I am African-American, 26y/o and can play roles 20-28, medium size and 5'4. I am an inspiring actress/model who is open to trying new things and gaining as much experience as possible. The opportunity present is very interesting and I have drive and passion. I have a funny, creative, optimistic personality. Two of my best features are my eyes and smile. I am very determined to accomplish my goals. I strive for continued excellence. Thank you!

  21. My whole life I have wanted to be apart of a game show. This is the perfect opportunity for me. I am currently 18 years olds and enrolled at the University of Delaware. This is the perfect opportunity and timing in my life for me.

  22. I would love to be on a game show and I loved to play musical chairs when I was younger and other little games as well I just love to play and have fun either to play by myself or with other people. I want to be on the show Ill probably have a great time on the show and I always wanted to be on T.V. Acting is something I want to do as a career and I want it to come true.
    Kennisha Pearson
    eyes- hazel
    great personality
    fast learner and love to have fun
    passionate about acting
    grateful if my dream can come true

  23. I will love to be apart of this show. I'm 20 yrs old and I love my old chidhood games from musical chairs to board or card games. I just love it. To be apart of this show will be a very fun enjoyable experience.

  24. hello I am 31 yrs old and looking for an opportunity to get this game show. I have tested for Who Wants to be a Millionaire syndication in the past and have past the test however it was far too late in their season. I am perfect for this because this is my kind of game. I would definitely win this game and hope for a shot at it. Thank you in advance

  25. I would be so honnored if you choose me to be apart of this film. Becoming an actor/model has always been my dream and I would love it if you can help me make it come true.

  26. Hello, Im very talented. I can sing, dance, and act. I choregraph many dance teams and also have starred in many plays. The plays I've did goes on tour every year. I love performing in front of a big crowd! I have a magnesium talent and just want a opportunity to show the world the gifts god gave me! Please contact me!

  27. I should be a contestant because Im very competitive I play musical chairs with my students I love the game I would love to see the twist they put in and be put to the challenge!!! PICK ME!!!

  28. i am 18, 5 ft, have long copper colored hair, dark brown eyes. i look much younger than my age(15)but with the right amount of make-up i can look my age, just shorter. my acting experience would have to be past auditions and school activities when i was younger. i am a hard worker but also outgoing and fun loving. i know i can do this. being a part of something like this would be amazing.

  29. Hello! my name is Stefanie Matza and i am 13 years old! I love to be in front of the crowd, and love to be the center of attention! I am very familiar with being on camera because i was starred in Nick News television series with famous host star Linda Ellerbee. I have long brown hair and brown eyes! i love modeling, dancing, playing sports, and participating in clubs and after school events! I am the kind of teenage girl that would never miss a practice or rehearsal, and would memorize a script i would be given in under a week. I live in Long- Island New york and i am very interested to take part in this movie, "The Host." I am an Honor roll student that get high A's in every class that i attend and i have great memorization! I love to act whether it's in or out of school! If you are looking for a young teenage girl that is entertaining, funny, and smart i am just the right girl! I want to start my acting career early as a young adult, so i can fulfill my dream as being an actress and be the best that i can be! I have 2 sisters and i am the youngest! I love to watch television and listen to music, but my school work always comes before. I would appreciate it if you contact me as soon as possible with the email listed above if you have any questions about me that i would be delighted to answer! Thank you for sharing this opportunity with me!
    – Stefanie Matza


  31. I think that I would be great on this cast because I am very good at acting and I will be very proffesional. Please seriously consider me.

  32. Hi My Name is Wilson And i'm an aspiring actor, i love acting its one thing i know im good at! i been in church plays i took acting classes at John Robert Power's i have been on stage infront of people plenty of time's im in a sign language choir i do sign laungage to gospel music! so i have no stage fright ! i live my life every day as if i'm on set and i'm acting i like to show out ! i like to have fun when i'm acting i can be funny and goofy but then when it's time i can be serious to ! i think this is a great shot for me ! i really hope you guys give me a shot ! please give me one chance and thats all it will take ! WILSON HILL ! i did sign's to trey songz, frank ocean,jonas brother's and Drake ! THANKS AND I HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU GUYS !

  33. its always been my dream to be on t.v and i would love the chance to be one of the 20 contestants on the show and have a chance to win the cash prize which i would use to help my family's finanacial problems. if i got picked even to audition, it would be amazing

  34. Hello, My name is Brittany Glenn i am a 16 years old girl turning 17 June 12th and i have been acting and singing my whole entire life without even getting a chance for somebody to see my talent . I have once went to "America's Got Talent" auditon from god and i am so thankful , if you take the time our and listen and watch me im sure you wont be waisting your time . -Thank You & God Bless

  35. I want to sign my mother up cause she love game shows. She sit in her living room every day and watch game shows for hours and dont want no one to make any noise.

  36. I am a veteran, wife, mother of three beautiful baby girls and I am made for TV. I pay close attention to detail. I am very attractive, funny, stong, and I can do a split. LOL

  37. Hi my name is Chrishonde', I'm 18 years old and I'm looking for a modeling agency. I am a very friendly person, animal lover, I love meeting new people, and I'm fun to be around. I am a senior at Andy DeKaney high school, I graduate in four months, but I can still come in whenever needed. I don't have a resume right now, but if you give me a chance I'll prove to you that I'm the right person to represent. Please Contact by e-mail. Thanks

  38. My name is Hope, I am an 18 years old South African girl who recently moved to The Netherlands. I think you should pick me because i am a natural born actor and Cult sounds like the right place for me to begin my acting career, I can act any character that is given to me. I am very passionate about acting as it is who i am. I have always wanted to be an actor but no opportunity comes my way. I ahce brown African hair, i weigh 70kg and i am 1.6m tall.

  39. I'm Ariel Marie Whittaker, Age:18,Residence: Los Angeles,CA,Height:5'6, Ethnicity: African American, Weight:175,Skin Color: Medium Mocha. A Mini Bio:I would the chance to win money, I am really need of cash right now. I'm sweet, funny, energetic,I take direction well,my passion is acting,I love to dance,my dance experience include: hip-hop, african, ballroom,ploy dance praise dance,step, I've been in many small dance productions, dance competitions,and dance teams. However even though I love dancing, I love acting even more, I have very little acting experience but great talent,when I was younger I didn't have the confidence to go audition for any plays, however now I know that I have the ability to blow peoples mind with my talent, I'm currently in college majoring in biology to become an obgyn, but I rather do something that I truly care about which is acting, it would be great if you were to give me the chance to audition for you. I'm praying to here from you soon

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