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ABC’s Scandal

From Shonda Rhimes, the creator of the long running TV mainstays ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Private Practice’ comes ABC’s next surefire hit and numerous auditions to go along with it. Scandal is one of the most well written and critically adored productions on the air today and the producers and casting directors are looking at actors of all ages for parts of all sizes for upcoming episodes and you could be their next discovery.

Starring Kerry Washington (Ray, Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Django Unchained) and  Tony Goldwyn (The Last Samurai, Ghost, The Last House on the Left) Scandal tells  the tantalizing story of Olivia Pope (Washington) and her team of “fixers” whose job is to take care of the problems of the world’s most powerful figures and save them from any potential ‘Scandals’. There is nothing that this crack team cannot cover up or make go away – except maybe the scandals in their own lives.  Scandal will follow the formula of edge of your seat intrigue and addicting personal dramas that creator Rhimes has come to perfect. These are parts that any up and coming actor could ever dream to play. Auditions will be starting very soon and you can submit yourself today for available roles throughout the season. If you are interested in being cast in the scorching thriller Scandal you can send an email here backgroundservices@centralcasting.com. Stay tuned for all of the latest audition details and leave us a comment in the space below and tell us why you should be cast in the hit ABC drama Scandal.

What an exciting opportunity to be a part of TV’s hottest water cooler drama.  What a fantastic opportunity to be a part of the Scandal. Apply today for your chance to be cast in the drama that has critics and millions of fans alike clamoring for more, ABC’s Scandal.

567 thoughts on “Scandal – ABC

  1. Hey my name it tebogo Senyatsi
    I’m 21
    I’m from Pretoria
    I would like to get auditioned for scandal auditions
    I would like to be part of the family
    & hope to see my dream of become an actor coming true
    Because I’m very passionate about it .

  2. Hi There
    I'm Obakeng Rapelego, 20 years of age I'm currently in tertiary right now. Acting has been in my heart since ever, all my role models are actors that's why I seeking this opportunity of acting. For more information

  3. Hi my name is Sihle Matikinca I am 33 years I would love to be part of Scandal, I watch Scandal everyday and I love acting.

  4. Im kgomotso Ngakane an 18 year old young proud black woman who has a great passion in acting and confident in her own body and skin. Very bubbly and doesn't mind playing any role.

  5. Hi I'm ASHANTI MATLHOKWENG i have always loved to be on spotlights , acting is my passion ,is always what i wanted to achieve,a dream to become reality,i would appreciate to be given an opportunity to act in scanda and showcase my talent.

  6. Hi my name is vesentio stenevlt 14 years old I am a lover of scandal I would like to do auditions I admire romeo I would love to come in

  7. hello! I'm Thabang Moroka. I'm 19 years old. I am from Lephalale at Limpopo. I wanted to become an actor since I was in primary school. Due to family background I didn't make it to acting at that time. I always engaged in dramas at school and in the organisation of acting at my home. I love South African Sopies so it will be a great achievement of my life if i can get an opportunity to be in one of them. I think this is my time.

  8. Your Comment Here …my name is Collen I would really like to be part of Scandal episode please just give me an opportunity to show case my talent. I vow to you that am the person you might be looking for

  9. Hi. My name is Reuben Thomas, I am a male, 24 years of age. I am based in Carletonville. I'm very passionate about acting and feeling the necessity to make use of my given talent. It my dream to find myself working in the production of such high quality.

  10. good morning good people.
    I just love scandal.I just wish to be part of the family.I'm so eager to be part of it.
    top production

  11. I`d love to become an actor as soon as the opportunity comes.. i hope scandal will assist.. I just wish to become one of those acting people.
    I once appear on TV while we were performing on emizwilini by school.

  12. Hi there!

    My name is Lebohang Mosia,22 year old.I'm a humble and quite person,but I can show emotions when acting and I promise am good at it.Because Lot of people be like "I thought you got hurt when you showed that emotions,you better go and act,really."
    I've loved acting since day one.It's in my veins.I'd really appreciate it when (not if) you consider my comment.
    It's not about appearing on a TV but to show my talent to the world as a whole and show the young generation that if I can do it they can to.

  13. Hi im Zizipho Tom im 20 years old im staying in khayelisha in cape town im intrested to be a scandal actress.

  14. Hi im Xolani Mabaleka
    Im 21
    Nothing much but what i know is that i can act im flexible when it come to acting ..
    Any part i can play

  15. Hello everybody! I'm Tshegofatso Tawana, 19yrs old Tswana girl from Sandringham. I matriculated two years back. I love acting with my all and I believe I'm good at it. I don't think I need to go to school for that cause it's already in my veins. Please let me know if you need a teenage girl, any character!

  16. Hi my name is Gugu Mthethwa I heard that you are looking for someone I'm from Heidelberg 18 years I have an experience about acting I'm a student in market theatre in Johannesburg

  17. Your Comment Here …I am hip,fresh and have a hungry brain.Scandal listen you are looking for new venture creation I know I've got what it take's to be part of you good people…Am 28yrs old female,hu forgot the look's,fine body fluently speaking.I really love to hear from you…THANK YOU

  18. Greetings. I am Pamela Hlongwa. I am 18 years of age. I've passion and love for acting and have always wanted and dreamed of my big break. I would love nothing more than to be a cast member of the Scandal team. In my opinion I think that it is the most trilling soapie to watch on E.TV there's always three sides to every story indeed. And the characters are quite fascinating and some of which I can relate to. I know that you can consider me as a cast member because of not only my acting passion but for my good mentality and I'm always keen on learning new things on a daily basis and I get along with people easily because I'm a bubble person and I'm realistic and optimistic as well. I currently have an active profile on online castings.org and I'm crossing my fingers for my big break. Please get back to me if something pops up. Thank u.

  19. Hi my name is Siyasanga qinga , female 25years ,1.5 height , I would be blessed to be part of scandal soapie it is just the best soapie ever , a bit of Xhosa vibe would also spice things up that's why I strongly feel I could be the best candidate for this as I love acting. 0733847526

  20. i am a 19 year old female located at Soweto. i am passionate about acting. i think i have all it takes to be an actress

  21. Your Comment Here … Hi my name is Segopotso Morolong from kuruman. I'm 28 year old. I'm a deaf woman. I really want to be an actress I love watching scandal.

  22. I would love to get a role in Scandal, I'm a very friendly, energetic and helpful person. I love acting ever since I can remember. I know that I was born to do this!!! I have participated in many school and community concerts and I appeared on the Local Talent show called Showville hosted by Rob Van Vuuren and Bontle Modiselle. It really is My Biggest Dream to become an actress I would really appreciate it if you would consider me to come for an audition for any role, I would make the best of any role that will be given to me. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  23. hey
    I am divine martyns
    I'd love to be onset in the show "scandal" because I always wanted to be onset ever since I was little and I feel this is an opportunity never to be missed
    I will be greatly delighted if my request is taking into consideration.
    thank you.

  24. Hi my name is Anovuyo… I'm in Durban currently from Eastern Cape.. I would appreciate to be auditioned to scandal, I'm a huge fan. I'm 20 this year.. Please reply

  25. by my side i dont have any comment about scandal. i'm just looking for a space on scandal. i'm an actor and i would like to be part of scandal i'm 20 years old i'm living in katlehong, spruit next to the old natal spruit hosipital. i was acting on UMONA THE BLACK WIDOW so now i see that i'm not going anywhere about my career there. my contact details

  26. Am a marketing student at mangosuthu university of technology in KZN. My whole life I've always seen my self telling stories that people are afraid to let them be heard. I believe that am the voice to tell the untold stories.

  27. My name is Catherine Morris. I am a major Scandal fan and would love to have the opportunity to work on the show! I have always been interested in the TV and film business and would be honored to work on such a thriving show with a great cast and crew.

    I am 18 years old and from Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. I am 5'6" and caucasian. I have mid-length brown hair and hazel eyes.

    Please let me know any information on how I could be an extra on the show.

    Thank you!!

  28. Hi I am Ncumisa Mahashi,I am 27 years old.I would really love to become part of the family scandal.I have natural talent and promise when given a chance to express my talent the will be no regrets.Thank you in advance

  29. Hi I am Ncumisa Mahashi from Eastern Cape l,currently in Witbank.I am 27 years old.I would really love to become a member of the family Scandal I do not have experience but have natural talent.Acting is my every day dream,If I would be given a chance to express my talent,I promise the will be no regrets

  30. Hi my name is makhosi mathibela im 19 years so I fell in love with acting since I was doing dramatic art from school I really loved it so since scandal is one of my best soapies it would be an honour for me being part of it thanks

  31. Hi, my name is Mashia Phiri am 24 years old. I love acting with all of my heart i have also performed a drama at National Art Festival in Grahamstown and that makes me an artist. I would like to go further with acting and gain more experience and knowledge of what keeps me going in life.

  32. Hey guys my name is Melton Molepo, I was on fanbase last week Friday ( 02 February)…. As I heard that u are looking for someone in acting, I think u got the right person as I have done few dramas from secondary level and I can speak 11 languages of South Africa fluently. Am 23 years of age based in krugersdorp, Gauteng…I would appreciate if I can be selected for your auditions and prove u a point if I am a good actor or not. Scandals is one of my favourite episodes so I would like to give it more spice so that it can have more actors than the way it has now

  33. Your Comment Here …Hi everyone I am Andile dlamini from Newcastle. I am dark girl 20 years old since I was a little girl I wanted to be a actor my problem is that I don't know where to start. what I have learn is being a actor do not goes with being famous. I really need to be an actor please help me

  34. Well Greetings.
    Acting is my passion. I've started living in this industry when I was 19 being featured as a background actor on Uzalo on SABC 1 and also Fuzebox production "Love Like Here Movie".
    Being Casted on "Mad Woman" movie as a young boy. I'm now 20 years old, skinny, tall good looking young guy who still pushing and looking forward to grow his profile. I Love industry.
    it'll be an honour and privilege to work with you

  35. Your Comment Here …hi my name is Lebogang Boshielo I am 18 years old good in acting I'm being trained by BEYD agency and have performed many shows in South African State Theatre really looking forward to hear from you

  36. Hi.
    My name is Evelyn Moore Mashala. I love watching Scandal n I never let not even one episode to pass by without watching. What I mostly love about it is that some people at home who watch it can relate to what they experience in their lives or have seen someone experience it. It gives guides or advices on how to sometimes find a solution,something that maybe you've never thought of.
    It has been my favourite soapie and I would be honored to be one of the actress n show all my emotions n how things are done.

  37. Your Comment Here …my name
    is Catherine Lukas,I really like scandal eve the way they do their rehearsal infront of us before they get onset,they are very inspired us,I wish oneday I must be full axstras and lean more

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