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Grown Ups 2 – Movie

Grown Ups 2 Auditions
Grown Ups 2

Adam Sandler and his merry band of pranksters have just signed an exciting new deal to bring a highly anticipated sequel to their huge 2010 hit buddy comedy Grown Ups to screens on and that means auditions for a large number of exciting supporting roles for actors of all ages will be coming soon. Apply today to be a part of what is sure to be the funniest movie of the new year.

This sequel will bring back all of the heavyweights from the first hilarious film including Sandler (Happy Gilmore, The Waterboy), Chris Rock (Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, Lethal Weapon 4), Kevin James (Hitch, Paul Blart: Mall Cop), David Spade (Tommy Boy, Rules Of Engagement) and Academy Award Nominee Salma Hayek (Frida, Once Upon a Time in Mexico). The original found the fabulous funnymen as they and their families gathered together for a holiday weekend following the death of their high school basketball coach. Wacky adventures ensued as the friends reconnected and dealt with the years of changes and challenges that they have seen over their separation. Grown Ups is the biggest hit of Sandlers brilliant career grossing a whopping $271 million dollars worldwide and this sequel is sure to follow suit. Casting for roles of all sizes will begin soon for a summer/early fall shoot and you can submit yourself today via email at sSandeAlessiCastingBoston@gmail.com.  Be sure to stay tuned for your chance to be a part of this all-star cast and leave a message for us below and tell us why you want a role in Grown Ups 2.

This could be the opportunity of a career for any aspiring performer. The chance to go toe to toe and laugh for laugh with the Mount Rushmore of film comedy is one that should make anyone over the moon with anticipation. So keep checking back for more details and you may just become apart of the biggest comedy of the new year, Grown Ups 2.

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  1. My name is Lauren and I'm 14 years old. My ethnicity is half African American and half Caucasian. I am 5'3 and 110 pounds. I have green eyes and long brown hair. My skin tone is tan. I would love this opportunity because I want to be an actress and being put in such a well known film would rocket start my career. I'm very funny and I love to act. Also, I am an all honors straight A student. I've been in a play and I am great at sports. If anyone has an interest in me then I would love to be apart of this fil production. Thank you!

  2. Hi my name is Coco. I would love to audition for grown ups 3. I am 11 year of age born 30/04/04 I am 5 ft 5 I have greenish blue eye's. I weight 53 kg i have long light brown hair and I love walking in heels. i love putting on shows for my family with my friends we mostly do fashion shows. im the quiet one in the family but when I sing or do fashion shows it's like i'm in a different world with no one but me. I am also very daring I've fallen off my horse cantering he pig rooted me. I am a animal love I've always said if you love your world it will love you back. I love both movies and it would be an honor being in one.
    Thank you Coco.P

  3. Hey My Name Is Eduardo But People Call Me Dustin
    My Eye Color Is Brown I'm 15 Years old My Birthday Is On
    July 13'1999 My Height Is 5'8 And I'm Still Growing I Play Sports And Instruments I'm Mixed Hispanic American And Canadian My Skin Tone Is White And Ima Freshmen In High School If There's A New Grown Ups Coming Out Then Contact Me In My Email Above I Really Love Your Movies And I Would Give Anything To Be A Lead Role In The Next Grown Ups Movie

  4. I'm Amanda and I'm 14. I'm blonde with blue eyes and I'm 5'2'. I've never really done anything like this before but I would love to start out with one of these things. I think it would be so much fun!!! Please email me back

  5. I want to audition for grown ups 3 I am 11 years old I have dark brown hair my hight is 4'10 I weight is 112 I love to sing and I want to act and sing I really want to audition for grown ups 3 please give me a chance email me please I live in Florida my birthday is on February 1st I hope I get a audition for grown ups 3 It would mean teen world to mean I love to work with people trust Me you won't regret

  6. Hi there my age is 15 and my height is 6 1 I like acting so much and I live in victorville CA please give me a chance

  7. I am going to audition for grown ups 3 I am 17 years old I am a songwriter I now I want to get in to acting so I can get famous now I will love to be in this movie I would be great so email me thank you

  8. Hello, my name is Abbie. I am 25 years old but look to be in the 20-24 age range. I live in the Boston/Cape Ann area. During the filming of Grown Ups, a crew member came into my place of work and asked me to come appear as an extra, but at the time it was just not possible for me. I have minimal acting experience but it comes very naturally to me.

    Height- 5ft 3in
    Weight- 130 lbs
    Hair- Long dirty blonde (willing to change it)
    Eyes- Blue/Gray

    about my vibes- I can do cute very very well. I also can do a "ditzy blonde" easily.

    Please consider contacting me about a role (big or small) if you are hosting auditions in the area.

  9. Troyaire Aigner Moore

    Age: 18
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 105
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown

    Musicals and Plays (2008-2013):

    The Tempest Hairspray Anton in Show Business
    The Elephant Man
    You Can’t Take It with You
    Picasso at the Lapin Agile.

    My love of theatre has allowed me to perform and work back stage. I have been in acting classes for seven years. My theatre class allows me to be a different person. It makes feel like I'm free to try new things even if it may fail. I have recently been cast as Suzanne in Picasso – present.


    I'm currently majoring in Fashion Design with a minor in Spanish.

    2012 graduate.


    Equestrian Award
    Superior Squad Award
    All American Cheerleader Award
    Four Varsity Letter Awards for cheerleading
    Two Varsity Letter Awards for step team
    Third place in a step competition
    Athlete of the Week

    Volunteer Experiences:

    Cast member of a non-profit community theatre group that raises money for charities. The money raised from the production of Hairspray was donated to a charity that is gives children with mental disabilities opportunities to play sports and participate in everyday activities. This was a well deserving charity that helps give children opportunities for healthy active lives.

  10. Age: 14
    Height: 5'2
    Weight: 105
    Race: Mexican/Canadian
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Gender: Female
    I'd like to be a part of Grown Ups 2 since I happen to be in love with the first movie. I've never had any professional acting lessons nor acted in anything really big, but I have been in school plays and it was fun! I've done it since I was 5 years old. I really liked it. I am a singer, I've sang in talent shows with good sized audiences. I loved being in front of everyone and showing them what I got. I felt good up there. And if you have any further questions please contact me and my mom! Thank you!

  11. Hi my name is oscar
    Height: 4'7
    weight: 140
    Please give me a chance to be in the movie I always wanted to act sing etc.This could be my chance,well not sing but to be in a movie,its my dream.

  12. I would be ideal for this part because I have experienced loss and I understand the importance of laughter. I have life experience to to reflect upon when preparing for this part. I am passionate, flexible and reliable. Entertaining has been my dream.

  13. Hi
    My name is Jessica I am a 2 grader I
    Always wanted my big break I always
    Wanted to be a actress and singer
    All my life I just want this part please

  14. Hello I'm sakiya Evans and I mite have a chance to act in a small sherp in this movie so it can get me out their so I'm just going to pray for a mirical pls help tht come true my family is rooting and soportive about this um the u

  15. Hello, My Name is Olivia Borden, i Am 17 Years old and am always mistaken to be older. My height is 5'8 and a half. i am writing you on the behalf of my interest in auditioning to land a role in the new Movie, "Grown Ups 2". It has always been a dream of mine to become and actress even if i have to start out as an extra. Iv grown up doing sports and living off of the things my mom wants me to do. Now its time for me to follow my dreams. Iv played in many different plays throughout the years, i have preformed dancing multiple times in front of my school. i have gone through acting class and cant wait to use the skills i have learned in something real. I am hoping This audition can be a start of a new beginning for me. and would love for a chance to come out and audition for a part. if you have any interest in me i would be absolutely stoked to get an Email from you so we can talk more about who i am as a person and as a future actress.


  16. hi im tishawn and i am 10 and i would like to apply for grown ups 2 so i can be apart of kurts family with china anne macclain thank you you would make me happy bo i am black i have a mohawlk i dont live in america but u can send me a plane ticket to america thank u and i live in nottingham in uk bestwood park ng5 5jq 29 l road

  17. Hhey im Katherine and I would love to be apart of grown ups 2 ilove the first one. Also im a really good actor I love acting in my mirror anyways if I dont get to be in the movie thats ohkay also hopefully I can at least be an extra:) im really tall and I have curly hair. Thank you and please let me be apart of this movie:)

  18. Hi!
    I'm a 15 year old from Iowa
    Hair Color: Auburn
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 120 lbs
    I have wanted to be on a tv show since I was a child! I really think you wouldn't be disappointed in having me in this movie. I have stared in many plays like A Christmas Story to Grease. I know what it takes to be on top and I'm really willing to work for it. I prefer to play a person that is very comical, but I have been placed in a lot of other roles as well and have done great in them. I also think something that sets me apart from someone else is in fact my look. I'm Russian, African-american, Hawaiian, and Caucasian. You will not find another person that even looks similar to me. I appreciate your time for reading this. I have a lot of background with dance also, and I think I could bring something to this production. I have also read all of these book when I was growing up! I love them and know exactly how I would need to be to present one of my characters in that day in age. If I were to receive the part. I hope that you will be willing to email me soon. Thanks so much!

  19. hi, i am a 14 year old american Italian girl who loves preforming in front of large audiences; after all i have been doing this since i was 3 years old. i have a burning passion to entertain any audience that will watch.so please contact me with any further information.

  20. i am a 14 year old american Italian girl who loves preforming in front of large audiences; after all i have been doing this since i was 3 years old. i have a burning passion to entertain any audience that will watch.so please contact me with any further information.

  21. Hi I'm Rachelle

    Age: 14

    Height: 5'5

    Weight: 110

    Race: African-Philipino

    Gender: Female

    I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, I am a great fun person and I have always dreamed of becoming an actor and I am a big fan of the movie Grown Ups and it would mean the world to me if I was put into the movie with an acting role ot even an extra, but I do prefer an acting role if there are any available. I have been to atleast 2 acting auditions and I hope this one will get me into a movie 🙂

  22. Hey guys!
    I'm Abby Martin. I'm 21 years old, but I look about 17 or 18. I'm 5'7" weighing in at 135lbs. I have red hair (somewhat strawberry blonde). Many people have told me I look like Emma Stone. I take it as a huge compliment because she's extremely talented. I was in one act play (best actress my freshman year at area) and majored in theater for my first semester of college. I would LOVE the opportunity to be in a film, especially with all of the wonderful names from this one. I saw the first Grown Ups, and I laughed the entire way through, which is why I'd like this chance. I consider myself to be more comedic than dramatic, so if you give me an audition, I'll give you all I've got. I won't let you down!

  23. Age:13
    Eyes:dark brown
    i reall hope you put me in your movie as a role not a extra because i really need this if you dont choose me i understand but i an really act i stopped my dad of smoking.

  24. Hello,
    My name is Kaitlyn Blackmore, I am a 8th grader, I absolutely loved the first movie!!! 😀 I would love to be in the second one!! 🙂 let me tell you about my self! I am 5'5 I play and love sports! I am super athletic! I am pretty funny, I'm always making my friends laugh, I love to make people laugh! I am really energetic! It would be an honor to be in this movie!

  25. hi guys my names brianna 🙂
    im 14 outgoing ppl say im pretty ive nvr acted officially but im not so camera shy . i like to sing and hve fun wit my friends . im female irish polish and korean ( but i dont look it ) ive had call backs before and would enjoy a part in this movie even if its a small one 🙂 biieee bieeee !

  26. hi my name is zack belfiore and i am an experienced actor and i would love any part of this film i`am 14 years old maybe if your looking for a young boy part here are some things you should know about me
    age 14
    race italian german
    i would like any role in this film

  27. Name: Chris Bigpapa Blevins
    Age: 20
    Date Of Birth: 07/24/1992
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 400
    Shirt Size: 6xl
    Pants Size: 60
    Shoes Size: 17
    I am a huge fan of Grown Ups its amazing. I am looking forward to hearing more about this amazing opportunity to work on the set of this new movie. I am also an outgoing, determined at everything i do, and always open and looking forward to new opportunities and experiences. Please give me a chance. Thank You,

  28. Hi, Im Jason, I LOVED the first Grown Ups movie, I watched it about 10 times. Its so funny. I also cannot believe that I might get the chance to act in this.

    Name: Jason Oakes
    Age: 13 (mistaken for 12 and 14)
    Location: Ashburn, Virginia (40 minutes from D.C.)
    Height: 5'2-5'3
    Weight: 109lbs
    Build: Average
    Eye color: Blue-Green
    Hair: Long, Dark Brown

    I will take this job seriously and I will joke around at times (: I hope you consider my application!


  29. hi my name is valentina and i am 11 years old i love grown ups i am a very good actress and acting is a big passion i have black hair and brown eyes and i can also sing i really loved the first movie and i would love to be a part of the second movie i love Adam Slander i am a huge fan i love every movie he has made specially jack and Jill and grown ups.i also love Cameron Boyce and i would love to work with him and get a chance to meet him i can get any role i can memorize the parts and be funny too i live in the USA and i really would love if you email me for more info and please give me a chance to participate in this movie i really want to start acting and i would love to act in this amazing movie please email me if you have any questions thank you very much.

  30. hi i am a huge fan of every star in this movie it would be an honor being in this movie i live in miami i am a male my eye color is brown and my hair is long and brown with blond streeks and i am 10. thanks sincerly max carrera

  31. Hello,my name is Kimberly or Kim.I myself would like to take a gander at this acting thing.As Adam Sandlers childhood fling.I am married with four kids.But hey gotta live the dream somehow.Well ok hope to talk to you soon or act.Thank you!!!!

  32. i'm 11 and i love grown ups i would love to be in grown ups 2 really badly i love comedy movies i would love to be a part of grown ups 2.

  33. Hi my name is Quentin Clark. heres some information about me.

    Age: 12

    Height: 4'2

    Wieght: 114

    Race: African-American

    Gender: Male

    Info: If you give me a chance, i will get this movie right. I would like to be noticed by my friends and family and others. I was encouraged by my friends to be famous, so thats what im trying to do here. And also i clicked the application and i just called them. so yeah, thank you for your time.

  34. HI I'm a 16 year old, 6 ft 2 in,170-175 ibs somewhere in there, athletic built, brown eyes, and black hair and good looking this would just be the perfect opportunity because im a great actor, funny, and a nice out going guy who will always have apositive attitude because i believe it rubs off on others. Also I wont cause any trouble or drama. email me for more information.

  35. im 16 years old , 4ft'11, latin love doing comedy it makes me happy always have a smile on my face, sweet ,shy (sometimes), easy going from Mn

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