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Jeopardy! – Game Show

Jeopardy! Casting
Jeopardy! – Game Show

Answer: For 28 years this game show has delighted millions of fans young and old and is now accepting submissions from contestants of all ages for all new episodes. And the question is… Jeopardy! This is your opportunity to be a part of this all time classic game show and contend for huge cash prizes!

Have you ever watched Jeopardy! and thought, “hey I can do better than that!” Well now is your chance to prove it. Hosted by the amazing Alex Trebek, this is the classic game show that gives you the answers and asks for the questions and casting directors are looking for the best and brightest to compete for fame and cash riches. Those chosen will compete in against two other contestants for three rounds answering questions of knowledge each with a money value awarded for a correct answer, the person with the most money at the end of the game wins and walks away with the cash. Jeopardy! is accepting submissions from people from around the country ages 10 to 110! Contestants can apply for all of their exciting games including the theme shows College Edition, The Jeopardy!Teen Tournament and the Kids Edition! America has grown up watching this fun and entertaining test of wits and now Jeopardy! is looking for you to compete. Casting calls are going on now. If you would like more information about submitting yourself as a contestant you can go here jeopardy.com/beacontestant/contestantsearches/ and be sure to leave a comment below and keep checking back for all of the exciting Jeopardy! updates.

Imagine being chosen to compete on Jeopardy! and being able to show a worldwide audience of millions all of your charm and intelligence. Apply today and you could become the next Jeopardy! champion.

23 thoughts on “Jeopardy! – Game Show

  1. I am a 45 year old lawyer in Atlanta. I watch Jeopardy every time it comes on with my 3 children. It allows me to relive my youth, when I was a one-man Quiz Bowl wrecking ball. My kids have begged me to try out for Jeopardy for years! I think this is my year. Thanks for considering me!

  2. Enjoy the Teen, Teacher, Celebrity, etc. tournaments. One nagging complaint is, why not a Seniors Tournament? The infinite number of stories, humor, experiences,etc. I would think would be extremely entertaining.
    Isn't this group a large slice of your viewing pie? Just a suggestion.

  3. Hi my name is Monasia Baker. I am 14 years old and I have watched jeopardy ever since I could remember. I would be a perfect contestant or the teen jeopardy. I am African-American, 5'5" and I am a team player. Thank you very much.

  4. I just graduated Law School and have huge student loans to pay off. I'm a big Jeopardy fan. Give me a shot!

  5. Hi, I'm Saffron. I am a friendly, quiet, smartie from Portland, Oregon. I have exceeded all my OAKS testing, EDUSOFT, testing, and i read at a college level. I'm always winning in the classroom jeopardy and I think that i can do better than most ADULTS that you put on your show.
    Here's more about ME!
    Age: Eleven
    Location: Salem, Oregon
    Facts: I watch jeopardy EVERY night
    Please get back to me!

    Saffron C.

  6. I am a good listener and smart in class
    Very Quite,don't like talking when it's not needed but very intelligent I am black with brown eyesand I am 13.

  7. My name is Donna Documet I have always wanted to be in a game show. I I'm smart. I exel at science, math, and geography. I would love to be on jeoperydy!
    I am 14 and live in Miami,FL

  8. Hey… my name is Demetriana and i am 13 years old, but i am looking 14-15 years old

    HIEGHT: 1, 64
    WEIGHT: 50
    HAIR: light brown
    EYES: Green

    I am singing and dancing very well…
    I am very good actress and i was playing the first actress many times.
    I am consequent in my obligation…

  9. Hi! As you can see my Name is Ni'Yeria Barr
    Eye color:red just kidding my contacts are red my eye color is dark brown
    Hair color:dark brown in bright light it looks like sandy brown
    My Ethnicity:African-American/white/Native american
    DOB: September 16,1996
    color of skin: light skin
    city:kingstree, South Carolina 29556
    I am a virgo and a rat. My hair is shoulder length.I love asian things special asian people. i'm bright, strongwilled, funloving, caring, smart, sensitive,analyzing, love to take pictures, a little harsh, special when it comes to my work.I love gothic/emo things, eventhough I'm girly, I love boyish soft. I love dancing,sing,and having fun. I plan on getting married most likely an asin man and have kids. I plan on going to college for music and for premed. If I can't pay I will go in to Nationlal Guard.
    Talent: i CAN PLAY THE VIOLA, LEARNING how to play the violin,paino and lead gutiar.
    I've been playing the viola seen 5th grade. I love animals, bright colors and advantures.
    favorite colors: neon blue, and green
    I am a female, i Can speak english, learning how to speak korean, french, and spanish

  10. I am a very smart 10 year old boy in Mobile,Alabama. Do not judge mt age please because my birthday is in December.

  11. Name: Annalee
    Age: 12
    Race: Asian
    Talents: Acting, Dancing, Voice-Over
    In 12 years I have been in over 34 plays/performances/shows/dance recitals

  12. i think i could be part of this program because i know spanish and english im a puertorrican…And because the program needs something different i guess,and it would be a great opportunity for me to demostrate myself to the world to get know,my dream has always been to be an actor…this is my chance….thats all….I am 17, 5'10,150 pounds…brown light-skin,dark hair and dark brown eyes….thank you

  13. I'm from Tunisia. I'm funny and intelligent. I wanna be an actor and I feel I’m the right person for this show.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Height: 172 cm
    Weight: 67 kg
    Hair: black
    Eyes: dark brown
    Skin: tan
    Languages known: French, English.
    Extremely Fast Learner and Great Listener

  14. I am a good listener and smart in class
    Very Quite,don't like talking when it not needed but very intelligent I am black with brown hazel eyes and Yellow boned love people a lot

  15. I am pretty smart in many things and can logically answer questions speedily. I believe I would be a great contestant on Jeopardy

  16. I am a 10 year-old girl with high intelligence and imagination. I'm in the fifth grade. It would be an honor for me to be on a show like Jeopardy! Please consider me and reply.

  17. My names is Selma and I am 13 years old I turning 14 on April 17 2012. Since I was 10 years I wanted to act pro. But I never really get a chance to be on a movie or tv-serie because I live so far away from a big city. But if I get a role I can travel every where I like. I am willing to do a acting video with my self so you guys can se me and how I act and so on. I love acting and I will do anything to do a good job even I am just a exstra. I think this will be a amazing step into my acting carrer. I am willing to learn new things and get a adwise. I am also quick to learn new things.

    I live in Denmark but I can talk enligsh very well! I have blond hair an grey/blue eyes.

    I can promise you guys not will be dispointed if you will considered me. :-)!

  18. Broderick O'Neal Balsley
    Age: 14
    Hair: Brown
    Height: 5’10”
    Weight: 135 lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Shoe Size: 10
    Looks: Cross between Justin Bieber and Louis Tomlinson


    The Nutcracker………… Mouse / Party Boy Southhold Dance Company
    High School Musical 2… Ryan Evans Performing Arts for Children
    Seussical the Musical…Mayor of Whooville South Bend Civic Theatre
    Jungle Book…… Wickersham Brother
    South Bend Civic Theatre
    Night of the Pterodactyls…Neighborhood Boy
    South Bend Civic Theatre
    Adventures of Nate the Great………… Neighborhood Boy/ Sludge
    South Bend Civic Theatre
    Scrooge and Marley.. Young Jacob Marley / Choir Boy
    South Bend Civic Theatre
    Adventures of Flat Stanley..Flat Stanley
    South Bend Civic Theatre
    Peter Pan…………………………………………… John Darling Musical Mission Tour

    Honor Choir -Alto
    State of Indiana School System
    Honor Choir -Soprano
    State of Indiana School System
    Circle the State with Song -Alto
    State of Indiana School System
    Circle the State with Song -Soprano
    State of Indiana School System

    -Southhold Dance Company
    South Bend, IN hip-hop /2 semesters
    -Civic Youth Company
    South Bend, IN theatre / ongoing
    -Gymnastics Michiana Mishawaka, IN gymnastics / 2 semesters

    Special Skills:
    Singing, dance (hip-hop and some ballet), gymnastics, performing in school plays and musicals, directing school perfor-mances, choreographing school performances, school mascot. Involved with National Junior Honor Society and elected Student Body President.

  19. I am , 24 y.o., 5'7", 119 lbs, white, brunette with hazel eyes.
    I am a FUN, but not your typical pretty girl! I have an MBA in International Business, which I earned when I was 22 (youngest in the history of my university). I work in private aviation company and have a huge passion for acting.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Anastasiya Val.

  20. I've been a Jeopardy fan for many years and watched Ken Jennings set a new standard to become the greatest trivia gladiator of all time. It would be an honor to try to do the same.

    All the best,

    Michael F. Long Island, NY

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