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Sunday Best Season 5 – BET

Sunday Best - BET
Sunday Best – BET

It’s back! The amazingly popular Sunday Best is heading back to televisions everywhere for it’s 5th season of praise and glory. This is your chance to become the brand new face of gospel singing. Open auditions both in person and online are starting soon for the most fantastic and relevant singing show on television today.

Sunday Best is reality TV competition hosted by gospel legend Kirk Franklin that aims to find the next great American gospel superstar. Contestants that are chosen compete against each other each week until one special voice is left standing with the grand prize of a recording contract, a new car, a fabulous cash prize and the chance to have their talents of faith reach people then they could have ever imagined! The contestants are judged each week by a celebrity panel that featuring Grammy Award winner Donnie McClurkin, and Mary Mary members Tina and Erica Campbell and are mentored by award winning gospel star Kim Burrell. This amazing group guides each contestant each week to their very best performance possible. This could be the experience of a lifetime for any aspiring gospel singer. For more information you can head here bet.com/shows/sunday-best/news/sunday-best-5-auditions.htmlCasting. Casting calls are starting soon so leave a comment below and stay tuned for more details on season 5 of Sunday Best.

Sunday Best is on a mission to find the next great voice to praise his name and entertain millions. Could you be the next Amber Bullock, Crystal Aikin or Y’anna Crawley? Are you ready to show America your talent and score a major record deal? You’ll never know until you raise your voice and compete to be the next Sunday Best.

Audition Info – Sunday Best Season 5: (Click for Season 6 Audition Info)

Atlanta, GA
Saturday, April 14
Greater Traveler’s Rest Baptist Church
4650 Flat Shoals Parkway
Decatur, GA 30034

St. Louis, MO
Saturday, April 21
Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church
5525 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive
Saint Louis, MO 63112

1,419 thoughts on “Sunday Best Season 5 – BET

  1. Praise the lord! My name is Marketa Otis, and I am from Indianapolis, Indiana. I have been singing for Jesus ever since I was a little girl. To Jesus I give all the praise, for he is my savior. To him I owe my very life. I would be honored to have the chance of lifting up gods name, on Sunday's Best. Singing praises unto our God, who sits high and looks low. Who is the author and finisher of my faith, and has brought me a mighty long way. His name is Jesus, and to him I owe the praise. My ministry helps heal and inspire people.

  2. I've been singing for Christ since the age of 8 and I've been thru some tumultous times!!! My testimony is phenomenal !! Especially because god has brought me thru it all!!! My desire is 2 share my gift of songs with the world and only for the cause of christ!!# I have been waiting for this opportunity and now its my time to give god the highest praise with his anointing thru the best of vocals ad a result of the victories and failures in my life!!!! It's my time!!! And I stand before my god and ask for his most miraculous anointing to sing his praises!!!

  3. Hello BET
    I believe that I should have been auditioned for "Sunday's Best", every since the show first begin. Everytime I wanted to, the devil had me thinking I wasn't good enough, that I would nerve up and forget the words to the songs. It's 5 years later and I'm still nervous, but I plead the blood of Jesus over my life and am stepping out on faith believing in God that he will not let go of me. He said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you" and with those words I will make a step and watch him make two. Please choose me to be on "Sunday's Best"!

  4. Hi my Name is Alphonso Rolling and I have been running for Jesus a long time and I am not tiered yet ! I have been threw somethings in my life and I know that it was nothing but Gods grace and mercy that kept me from all harm and danger. And I would like to thank him in songs which he has gifted me with a voice. to do so .


  6. Constance Seymore Jan 2 2017.
    I have been singing since I was 8 !!! Singing is definitely the talent god gave me!!! This is my year and I know my voice has received an anointing!!! This is why I know I have a testimony to to give to the world!!!! If like to say god is good I'm gonna try to glorify god in the highest!!!! Thru sounds fro these vocal chords?

  7. I am a worrior for God's glory. He gave a voice that needs to be heard. I've had a big mouth since I was born. They say they knew I was a singer then lol. My voice carries a sound so sweet and aggressive you know it's as gift from God. He is my creator and created me to sing his praise. I'll worship with my touge until he says time is up. Amen

  8. Hi my name is Wilbert Tilson @ I'm a man of faith and I love the Lord with all my heart mind and soul and I just believe that if God has gave you a gift why not use it to worship and praise him! Don't sleep on your talent!We are the temple with Christ in our lives!he's blessed me to present scripture menistry though song!

  9. #BETSundayBest Please come to #NYC to audition my lovely sister Maria Faulk. We can try 2 go 2 st Louis mo, but I think she will be great!

  10. I would be honored to stand before God's people and usher them into his presence.I have been given an anointed voice.I pray I'm given the chance

  11. Hi my name is Ories and I have a friend that I believe that is Sunday's Best.She has a testimony about how GOD saved her and her son from a car accident.I believe that GOD has given her a voice too sing.I would love for to get a chance to sing for Sunday's Best.

  12. Praise the LORD! My name is Sherian. I am a singer. I would like to try to be on Sundays Best because it is a unfulfilled dream! Thank you!

  13. I W OULD LIKE TO SIGN UP FOR THE NEXT AUDITION 2015 I live in ELLICOTT CITY MD I ave been singing since iam 6 iam 59 looking 25 same voice range Jennifer Hudson I have the energy of 18 year old. THANK YOU

  14. I grew up in church and like any other child you venture out into different things in your life.No matter what I been through I always knew that the lord was on my side.When I sing to the lord I feel him with me that makes me break down into tears.The feeling I get when I sing Gospel is a feeling that I can not explain. It gets me through what ever is making down.I guess you can say I fight the devil off by using the voice that God gave me.I would like to audition to share the word of God because I feel that this is my calling I have been through evictions disconnections and even without a job but no matter what he never let me lose faith and I want to just thank him for getting me through it all..

  15. Hello, my Name is Chayla Brown, I am 21 years old, live in Toledo Ohio, I have been singing for the Lord since I was 12 years old. I have traveled through out the U.S with my family ministering in song every since i could remember. God has been elevating me concerning ministry and singing and I believe that being a part of Sunday's Best will be a door opener for greater opportunities in him. I have a personal relationship with Jesus and he is the head of my life and I believe all things are possible with him. He has the Power and gives us that same power, I believe I am the next Sunday's Best winner but its all for the Glory of God. I've been praying about this and he says to go so I'm ready for all he has for me. God bless you!!!!!! Hope to see you soon!!!
    Love Always…

  16. I feel and believe that this is a calling from God. I was blessed with a talent that God gave me and I want to use and share this talent working for the lord. I'M a firm believer in the lord. I'M so grateful that he seen fit to give me such a graceful talent. It isn't about the money or the big prizes it's about lifting God up in praise and blessing individuals with the talent that he has blessed me with. I often find myself singing and lifting his name and giving him praise wherever I go and it's a joy to see people Really stopping and listening and joining in to give him praise. I think I would be a great contestant, I am a God fearing woman that has been threw a lot but I know but God's grace and mercy he has kept me. I was put out on the streets with my 3 kids but my God kept me, I was in an abusive marriage but my God kept me, I didn't know where I lost my car and my job but my God kept me, I Didn't know how I would clothe and feed my kids but my God kept me…. I am a living testimony and I will testify and tell my story anywhere Because my God has been good to me and brought me from a mighty long way… Be Blessed

  17. I love to sing I've been through tuff time in life and I want to sing my heart to God im tried of hiding my pain

  18. I feel that God has called me as true worshipper. I was saved 20 years ago from a life of not knowing the truth of Jesus and lived a life of addiction,promescuity and just whatever I wanted to do. While my story is probably like many others it is all I have as evidence that Jesus is Lord. I have sang all my life and for the last 20 years for the Lord. I would love to share the love that God has showed towards someone like me and through song is how I can. I want someone else in the world to know if He did it for me He can do it for anybody. It would be an honor to share this trurh on Sunday Best.

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