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Figure It Out – Nickelodeon

Figure It Out - Nickelodeon
Figure It Out

Figure It Out, the classic Nickelodeon game show is coming back to the airwaves and casting directors are looking for all new contestants! Are you a super funny and outgoing kid? Do you have a wacky talent or special skill? If so you could be picked to star in front of a studio audience, millions of viewers and a panel of awesome celebrities on the all new season.

Figure it Out takes kids with special talents or achievements and gives them the chance to win fabulous prizes in front of millions of viewers at home. A panel of four celebrity panelists (usually the stars of your favorite Nickelodeon shows) have three rounds to guess the talent or achievement of the contestant, after each round if no correct guesses are given a prize is given, if you make it to the end you win an awesome trip. Did I forget to mention that in one of the rounds if the celebrity guesses wrong they get slimed! This is one of the most fun, wacky and hilarious game shows of all time and now it’s back and you can be a contestant. Casting calls will be happening soon so don’t delay! For more information on how to enter you can go here nick.com/FigureItOut and leave a comment below and stay up to date with all of the exciting Figure It Out details.

This is the game show that has it all – amazing celebrities, fun and jokes, slime and awesome prizes! You simply have to take a shot at this show. Submit yourself today to be a part of the world’s wackiest game show – Figure It Out.

275 thoughts on “Figure It Out – Nickelodeon

  1. Hi My name is Xi Fei I am 9 years old and I would love to be on figure it out my talents are sketching in under a minute and singing in a very high pitch please choose me! I have amazing talents! And I am confident

  2. Hi! My name is Xi Fei I am 9 years old and I would love to get a role in figure it out! As you know I love game shows! I have always wanted to be in a game show 🙂
    I have experienced In Drama, acting,singing and dancing ! My interesting hobbies are writing 5 paged stories, I can dance and I started dancing when I was 3,I am also very smart in class:) and one of my dreams is to get a role in a TV show I am active and confident, thank you for your time,
    Xi Fei

  3. We all know that this is one of the greatest game show.
    I'm here for the auditions.
    Why would I join?
    Because I have my own talent and I have the confidence To win.
    I know that we all have dream, Some are wanted to be a star but me my own dream is to see the people looking at me like they have fun with me 🙂 I don't know when or where and how.
    Hi I'm Raby Remedio Please help me 🙂

  4. Hi my name is diamond i am going to get right to the point the first time i even wated this was when i wanred to be in it.

  5. No part to big or small! Acting is my life and I am willing to take any part. I love the idea of imagery and imitation. Acting is beautiful and I would be honored to be a part of your show =)

  6. Hi my name is nakyia and i will love to be a part of the show im very smart intelligent to. So please pick me it will be great finally to meet your favorite celebrity. I live in chicago and im 13 years old. Transportation needed.

  7. Please choose me to be one of them that guess the word becuase i would like to get slime it my dream to get slime. Im melissa bravo im 14 years old and i go to woodburn high school

  8. Name:Peyton Age:10 Talent: aerial Spanish web. I'd love to be on Figure it Out and you would be amazed at my talent and the show would get lots of positive reviews

  9. Hello, my name is Dara Mack and I am 13 years old. I honestly have a lot of talents… I love to sing and I am very athletic. Over the past year I have been in about 7 sports (I would fain join more) I also have exceled in my academics… Over the years I have managed to skip 2 grades and I will be in my sophomore year of High school (2014-15) I also was #1 in my freshman class with a rounded 4.0 average…I just want to able to have fun, honestly just being in the studio audience would delightful and thrilling!!!

  10. Hey! I am Alexis and I am 13 years old. Ever since I first saw figure it out, it has been a dream of mine to become a contestant on the show! It is so funny and I would love to meet everybody who stars in the show. For my talent, I would probably play my flute. Thank your for your time and please reply when you can.

  11. my name is Katie Foster an I'm 10. my talent is hula hoop. I can hula endlessly. Plus I feel like it's a really good way to make my mommy an daddy proud

  12. Hi my name is nathalia Mercado and I have a marvelous talent and its singing and I really love your show and I PRAY that everyone will be blessed by my singing I really badly hope that you let me share my talent with everyone ilove you and the celebritiesyou and your show ihope to see you on figure it out thank you and have a great day by the way I am 13and I hope to see you there thank you and have a great day by

  13. Hi I am Blessing,I really love figure it out, especially and I am not just saying this to get on the t.v, I have got on t.v once for singing with my best friend. My talent is rapping and I have been rapping for 6 YEARS. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pLEASE pick us.

  14. I've always wanted to be on your show and I've got all of them on record. .P.S. your show is the best show in the world xx

  15. Hi.My name is Ross McCobb and I would love to be on Figure It Out!I always watch the show and I believe that I have what it takes to be on this show.
    Talent-Magnetic Marble Control
    I have been training for months nonstop and I would REALLY appreciate it if you gave me the chance to pursue my dream to be on Figure It Out!

  16. My name is Bethany.i am 9 years old.my talent is talking/singing with my mouth closed.And arm pit farting.i think you should pick me because i have been watching the show for a LONG time and i know how the show works

  17. Hello I'm Shylynn, Ibuild awesome lego creations and I would love to present my cool talent on Figure It Out. Email if possible. Bye!

  18. hi i am chelsie austin i am 11 ever since i was little i wanted to be a singer and i auditioned for the talent show at school once and didnt get it right but i didnt give up and i kept trying and i made the talent show and won 3rd place out of 20 kids and it will be a dream come true if u picked me to spread my secret that i won 3rd place in my school talent show thanks for reading my comment

  19. Hey my name is Asa clark and my sister name is Ayyah clark.i am 11 and she is 12. i can draw, sing in a high voice with air in my mouth, and play piano and my sister is very flexable she can put her leg over her head and walk.i think you should pick is because we are very talented.please pick us.

  20. Hi my name is asa clark and my sister name is ayyah clark.I am 11 years old and my sister is 12.I play piano, sing in a high voice with air in my mouth,and draw. my sister is very flexable she can put her leg over her head and walk.I think you should pick us because we are very talented and wise. please pick us.

  21. hey my name is Abby and I am 10 years old and have three Talents Singing cheerleading and dancing
    hope you pick me

  22. i will like to be on the show because i have a talent that i can do with my bone and i will like to meet superstars and so i reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy like to be on it ;0

  23. hi i.m kady please pick me i watch all of your shows if you picked me i would never forget that day i make purses out of paper if you picked me i would love my life p.s i am 7 years old and i love playing in my pool and i love animals i hope you will pick me.smiley face i love figure it out.

  24. hi my name is iann wise my talent is singing i would really love if i could be on figure it out im sweet im 12 years old my little sister would like to love be on figure it out with me she is 9 years old we would really really love to be on figure it out that would be the best time of our lifes to be one your famous show thank you :-):-):-):-)

  25. Hi my name is Olivia and I am 10 years old and I can hoola-hoop with a heavy hoola-hoop for a long period of time while also doing some simple tasks including:walking,running,turning in circles,and on my knees! I can also hoola-hoop on different parts on my body like my arm,neck,legs. I can also sing and draw well. I would be very blessed if I was picked! ✌ Thanks! B)

  26. Hi my name is haley i hula hoop for 10 mins or more so i hope you pick me i have never been on a tv show so please pick me

  27. Hi, my name is autumn perez, and i am 14 yrs old, and i was hoping that i could be on your show(figure it out).
    i am very talented, i can draw cartoon/disney/real characters like: Wile E. Coyote, Daffy Duck, Taz, Bambi, Tarzan(kid), and i can sort of draw raptors, butterflys, and wolves.

  28. Heeyy, my name is Lindsay Forbes I'm 15 years old. My talent is acting and learning a dance routine pretty dang fast… just one thing, I am not your average girl. Wanna know why? You got to pick me to find out. 😉

  29. I'm 10 years old, I sing and I'm even good enough I'm going to audition for America's got talent.I hope you pick me plz,:)

  30. Hi my name is Aniya hoggan I am 10 years old I am good at anything u want me to do and I am ready to be on figure it out because I like the show I hope you email me thank you

  31. hi my name is brianna please pick me please please please it is my dream to be on the show This is the best show ever !!!!!!!!!

    my talent is doing your gonna miss me when i am gone with a cup and i can do it very good

    so please pick me i have been doing the song cence i was 4 and now i am 12

  32. i saved a wild baby bird i nursed it to heath it i still alive i founed it in the grass it had no mother with it he was the only one on the growned he is to used to humans so we cant let him him go in the wild


  33. I can sing becase im in a band I am 9 years old if I don't look like I'm 9 I'm still 9 but I'm a short person

  34. I can mimic my sisters opera singing and it is funny, also I know how to use reverse psycology and that way I can trick my sisters to do what I want, Lastly I know how to have fun! Please pick me because I want to have this flabbergasting experience!

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