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Identity Crisis – CBS

Identity Crisis - CBS
Casting Call For the new CBS Trivia Game Show called “Identity Crisis”

The Exec Producers David Arquette, Courtney Cox along with Scott St. John (from Deal or No Deal) are currently holding castings with MysticArt Pictures for a brand new CBS game show.

They will be searching for dynamic teams that will be teamed up with Hollywood’s most sought after celebrities.

This super fast-paced game show will have teams of 2 identify the names of: actors, singers, athletes, politicians, and even cartoon characters…every famous name you’ve heard of is on the table in this game that’s all about fame.

They are searching for teams that:

• Are Real. Must be down-to-earth, high energy and quick-witted
• Good w/ party games like Taboo and Catchphrase
• Teams will be in twos (best friends, siblings, coworkers, husband/wife, aunt/uncle, etc.)

Apply Now!!

Contact email: cbsgameshowcasting@gmail.com

61 thoughts on “Identity Crisis – CBS

  1. Hi, I'm Jasmine. I'm 5'3" and have dark brown hair. I'm Mexican. I'm also 13. Im plus size c:
    my sis joboha is 15 and is 5'5"

    Making Videos
    Play basketball
    and I get along great

    Im weird, funny, silly, laughable, confident, independent, social, comfortable with myself, love the color blue and I am a tomboi 🙂
    I get along with all kinds of people and I'm really nice if your nice to me. To audition will be amazing. I study the Asian culture and know how to speak Japanese. I also have layered hair that can be straitened and brown eyes. I also live in San Antonio, TX
    If your interested then please email back 😀

  2. Fun loving, intelligent, witty couple seeks like minded game show to exhibit their talents. No experience necessary. For further information you know what to do. 😉

  3. I am a 17 year old High school senior. I am energetic, spirited and quick-witted and I would more than love the opportunity to be a contestant on this show. I play games like Taboo with my older brother and his friends and despite that they about ten year older than me, I smoke them all :). I know quite a lot about pop culture from many decades and I think I would beat the competition. Please give me the chance to be on your show, it would really help if I won so I can put the money towards my upcoming college expenses. Thank You for your time. 🙂

  4. I would love to do this with my girl friend or mom, we are all singers, and actors so we would bring alot of energy, and good drama to the show. I can also so impersonations so I could change it up a bit.

  5. We would love the opportunity to be on your show! We're regular folks & love to have fun. This could be a life changing event for us. We appreciate your consideration in advance…Have a great day

  6. I and my teammate would love to be part of of this! We are very outgoing, and personable…We are regular folks that love life & a great opportunity. We thank you in advance for your consideration. This could be life changing for us. Thanks again!

  7. WHO BETTER THAN A PREMENOPAUSAL WHITE 48 YR OLD WOMAN, TO PLAY ON YOUR GAME SHOW "IDENTITY CRISIS"? I have a different personality every other day!! Let me have a chance to Make your life CRAZY!LIKE MINE. LOL.

  8. You won't be sorry if you pick us. Plus with my winning personality you can't loose. Enough said… haha pick mee! pick mee!

  9. My niece and I would love to compete on this show. We are young, sassy, educated and always ready for an adventure. We love entertainment and to entertain.

  10. I am Generation X male and know a lot about music and movies, especially from the 60's through the 90's. I am a pop culture junkie that aspires to be an actor. This game show sounds like a great time and I would love to be a part of it! Please contact me! Danny Zu

  11. Hey, I'm 16 years old. I've ALWAYS wanted to be on a game show. My family constantly watches them in our home, everyday. I would absolutely be perfect, I'm outgoing, funny, and I keep it real. I'm sure I would remember it for a lifetime. Keep me posted please 🙂 by email Thank you so much !

  12. My husband and I are the perfect candidates…We are a ton of fun and he knows everything about anything!! Would love to play this game!!

  13. I know as an Aunt/Nephew gig, we would be awesome for this show. We are energetic and confident at this stuff! Wow! I am excited. I sent you an email and look forward to hearing from you…please contact me soon~

  14. Hey its me and my bff Eboni and we'd love to participate. We have MEGA personality and we're cute 🙂 We'd love to be on your show. its something we've never done!

  15. My wife and I are so old we can't remember are own names but we do know quite a number of famous people since we watch television 23 hours a day. Give us a try but not during our naps!

  16. Quiz games are my favorite! My husband and I are all about movies and tv. We've learned everything we know from watching tv. From McGuivering (attaching metal clips to the end of a spliced wire and hooking it to my daughter's PowerWheels battery) a portable dvd player so we'd have something to watch when our power was out for 8 days to the economic crisis and the protesters ready to peacefully make a difference. We'd love to be on your show to see if our couch potato ways pay off!

  17. My wife and I are very competitive and very good at memory games. She is well read and very knowledgeable about movies and stars. We love to play Taboo and trivial pursuit. We are also so real that we can be summed up by our 2 1/2 hour debate that took place at a friends last Christmas. We couldn't agree what peas were darker, frozen or canned. We polled the group we were with, it was a split decision. We then started calling friends and relatives to find out what they thought. We never did come to a consensus but all our friends said that summed us up, that we are entertaining and quirky with no give up in our our personality.

    Pat Kane

  18. I would love a chance to be on the show. I love games especially games such as taboo, etc. I am very competitive,hate to loose although it can happen, and love to entertain. I have a knack for movies, acting, etc and would love a chance at the opportunity. I also have 2 others that would love to join as a team.

  19. I'm an upbeat, attractive girl who enjoys trivia games. I'll send an email shortly with a picture attached. I'd love to go on the show.

  20. Hi there my name is Ardelia and I think my best friend and I would be great for this show. I am into all types of celebrity related shows, blogs, magazines lol. I we also love games like Taboo which is usually at one of our game nights. We also very competitive people especially me. We would be like a fresh look on contestants.

    Thanks for the consideration

  21. I know my daughter and good friend would be awesome at this game. Not just because they are pretty, witty, and smart, but they have big personalities.

  22. HEYYYYY im morgan and im 19 and of course my partner would have to be my mom. we deserve to be on the show because we're very outgoing and fun to be around…we dont agree on much but thats when things really get fun! Im very up to date on the younger celebrities while she is the same with the older ones….give us a shot!

  23. a bad girl is a lifestyle. If you want the most ratings youve ever had choose me. as the show says" live my life as if no one is wat me. as the show says "i live out loud, i live my life as if no one is watching even though they prob. are. if you wanna see more of my bad girl ways ive been a bad girl since infinity

    xoxo the #1 bad b***h

  24. My husband and I would be amazing at this game!!! I know celebrities, movies, tv and he is very quick witted!! We would do great and the audience will love us!! We are a great duo for the show!
    please contact me and give us a chance.

  25. My husband and I would LOVE to participate in this show! I am 29 and he is 32. We are both very good at trivia. I keep myself up-to-date on modern pop-culture and he knows the older stuff! So combined we are unstoppable! This show sounds like a perfect fit for us!

  26. My husband and I are fun-loving NEWLYWEDS from the Midwest, and between the 2 of us (but mostly him) we've got so much useless information in our heads we can ace any trivia challenge!!
    We always have fun together and love to laugh! We're VERY down-to-earth, witty & funny (not bad on the eyes either :). We met 7 years ago in college at the University of Missouri, been together since, and just got married this summer! We would LOVE to win a down-payment to buy our 1st home!!!
    We're REALLY hoping to take advantage of our upcoming trip to LA to fulfill a high priority "bucket-list" item…to be a contestant in a game show

  27. My wife and I would be great for your show. We are both full of energy and have great knowledge on celebrities. My wife, more so than i. Would be a phenomenal opportunity.

  28. Me and my best friend(also co-workers) make a great team! we are hilarious together and very spunky, we both would enjoy this oppertunity as well as we think you would enjoy us!

  29. My husband Chad & I would love to give our memory a shot… My husband knows Movies , tv shows , actors , movie lines & the two of us are a ton of fun together , we have tons of positive energy, & love to make people laugh…. Contact us : shepherdj718@yahoo.com
    Or 970-314-4932.

  30. I would love to be apart of your show. I am a 27 year old wife and mother of two in the DC area. Please email me with details!

  31. I would truly love the opportunity to be on your game show Identity Crisis! The reason why is as follows: In 1991 I created the Game "Identity Crisis" while living on Vancouver Island in the town of Sooke BC. I obtained a Canadian Copy Right, Industrial Design & Registered Trade Mark protection. I went on to spend the next two and a half years of my life developing, prototyping, manufacturing and struggling to launch the game (with little success). I was able to get the game into (2) Eatons stores in Victoria BC in 1993, and numerous independent stores in BC, Alberta and Ontario. In Victoria at the same time (pre Christmas) 1993, I was fortunate to have the support of a local Radio station which co-produced and ran the "Identity Crisis Radio Game Show" which ran for (9) weeks prior to Christmas of that same year. I also ran radio advertising and co-produced a Television commercial with BCTV in Vancouver starring (5) of the six winners of the Canadian 649 lottery. They had just recently won 15 Million Dollars! I know this sounds like a pretty crazy story but it's true. The TV commercial aired in very select small markets, Victoria, Prince George, Terrace and Smithers BC, (home town of the Lotto winners). Ultimetly I failed at my endeavour due to my lack of business knowledge, experience and connections. My former business and product then sat in limbo while I dealt with my own Identity Crisis over the next (16) years until my Trade Mark expired in 2007 and was obtained by Ms Laura Robson' company. Ms Robson has altered the play within the game (for the better, I beleive) and clearly is the right person with the knowledge and connections to launch and have success with it. I sincerely wish CBS and Ms Robson and her company all the best success with the new Identity Crisis Game Show and although I find it unlikely, I would truly love to be on your show! All the very best wishes of success.

  32. Im 13 and so is my sister. We would love to be on Identity Crisis and I think we would have a good shot at winning. Please keep in touch.

  33. I'm an aspiring actor from Boston, MA. I'm a young, funny, athletic college student. I am Hispanic, light skinned, in shape, and I have a lot of personality. And I can play the violin!

  34. I am super interested to be on this show! My mom's husband and I are insane when it comes to naming anyone famous! We are not allowed to be partnered up on the game Scene It during family game night! Please email me!!

  35. I think my sister and I fit the Bill we are both a little nuts and have High energy. I am 22 years old my Sister is 25 we love trivia and game shows. I think we would be great at this. No I know we would. We look forward to hearing from you.

  36. I'm so excited about this new game show. I hope you will consider my sister and me for your game show because we are quick witted and knowledgeable about trhe entertainment and political worlds. Please and thank you!

  37. My boyfriend and I are smart, witty, and have huge personalities. We often play board games and trivia games with friends very often, and are the envy of the group. Together, we know everything! Cast us and you won't be disappointed!

  38. I am very interested I dont have a team as of yet but i know if i asked anyone would love to join in the fun with me because im such a down to earth loving and FUNNY person.. you may contact me by email or phone

  39. Hi there! My husband, Lawrence, and I would love to do a game show! We have a 20 year age difference (I'm 26 and he's 46), so we would have many decades of trivia covered between us. Let me know if you're interested!

  40. My fiance and I are willing to give it a try. We love games,and have family game night once a week. Bring it.

  41. I'm an 13 year old African American girl from Houston,Tx I act ,sing, dance and model I can also appear older or younger.

  42. This sounds like something my Fiancé and I should definitely try! Please contact me with details on how to try out. We live on the central coast, not far from Hollywood.

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