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Biggest Loser New Season 13 – NBC

The Biggest Loser - NBC

“The Biggest Loser” will be holding new auditions. IF you have 8 lbs. to lose, come and tryout for the new show a chance to lose weight, get in shape and score a bunch of cash! The prize to win the Biggest Loser is $250,000! The trainers Bob and Jillian will be searching for new contestants to get into shape. This NBC show is will be casting for the new season 13 of the hit realty tv show. Season 13 of “The Biggest Loser” will premiere on NBC in January 2012.

One of the casting calls are planned to held at Prince George’s Sports and Learning Complex
on Saturday, August 6 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
8001 Sheriff Road,
Landover, MD 20785,

Producers are looking for individuals and couples that are outgoing and charismatic. Seeking contestants who like to compete, have at least 85 pounds to lose and the desire to do so. Contestants can apply as a team or individually. All attendees must bring a photo of themselves. Producers state that no one will be able to camp out at the venue or line up earlier than 3 hours prior to the casting call which would be 7AM.

Candidates must be at least 18 years old and a legal resident of the United States.

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  1. Hi!
    My name is Lenetta, I am from Allentown PA,nobody have been selected from my town so I would be the first.I am 41 yeras old with 4 kids,2 grandkids,and I am engaged I wouild love to loose weight before I get married.What happen to me is that I have gotton a tubal surgery 21 yeras ago every since then hard to loose weight bascially belly fat. I am determine for my kids and grandkids to loose weight, I hope I am one of the selective candiate.Thank you and have a wonderful day! I look forward in hearing from you for the next sesaon.

  2. Hello, my name is joshlynn Gabel.. I'm 18 years old.and 360 pounds.. My whole life I have been the big kid… My parents just decided to get a divorce and its graduation year.my family is falling apart i want to b there for my little brother and sister.i am a people pleaser and for once I would like to do something for me.i don't want to take my first steps into this world uncomfortably .. I am willing.i know you can help…

  3. Hello my name is April and I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. I am a mother of an 11 year old and I have been wanting to go on the biggest loser for years. I have finally reached almost 400 lbs and enough is enough. I need Jillian in my life to teach me how to change. It started with my mother when I was a kid we would never eat at home always out to eat and I have found myself doing the same thing. My mom has diabities and kidney failure. I dont want to end up being sick like my mom. I need this so I have a chance for a future. PLEASE HELP ME :]

  4. Hi my name is Wendy, I am writing in for my son Ryan, who is 26 years old, and weights over 600 pounds. He now has High blood pressure, and sleep apnea which has caused 2 car accidents from falling asleep while driving. He had to stop college years ago, which ended his football career, he stopped working his job in October because the weight was so bad, he could stay on his feet long enough to work. He also cant sit for a long time, nor can he sit in on average chair, now he can barley fit into some cars but side ways in the back seat. He is going to die if he doesn't get any help. We have exhausted all of our resources and he got up today early to be in line for the audition for the Los Angeles casting…please help befor he does

  5. Hi,my name is Penni and I am 36 and in desperate need of help!!! I need to be on the next Biggest Loser to control my weight and my diabetes and hopefully to become a mommy since I suffer from PCOS my weight has caused infertility….most of all I am not happy with the image I see looking back at me in the mirror,I weigh 282 pounds and I cant take it any longer..I want to LIVE!!!

  6. Hi, I'm Kimberly, 16 years old feel like I am over weight and prom is coming up and I feel uncomfortable that I can't fit into a dress and look good. I've been struggling with weight my whole life and mean over weight. I just want my dream to come true so that I won't have to be self conscious anymore and I can go to my prom. I told myself that I will not go to prom if I can't fit into a small size dress. I have been watching this show and I feel like it is very influential and I want to be able to lose 50 pounds without gaining it back by learning new health skills.

  7. Hi I have been chubby all of my life and have allways been the one to make everyone else happy. I am now 49, 5'8 and got weighed today at the doctor (with tears streaming down my face) and I weigh 270 lbs. I cannot do this anymore, I have had my thyroid removed and been told that my problem stems from eating only once a day. I have tried so many weight loss programs, doctors, and pills and I need some help. I lost my mom October 26th, 2012 and have yet to mourn because I know that it would affect my brother, father and children so I stay the strong one. I have always been the giver and given everyone 100%, now I want to give you that. I desperately want to be healthy, smaller and happy. I have to live for myself, my children and my family. I do not want to die. Please help me.

  8. My name is Courtney I am writing this in hopes that you will help me save not only my best friend but my heart. My sister Michele has struggled with her weight all of her life. Now she is having multiple health issues and I am afraid that if she doesn't get this under control I will lose her. We were taken away from our mom when we were very young. We were placed in many different foster homes but not together. It hurt us so badly and I just can't face losing her again.

  9. I AM WILLING TO WORK HARD, IF GIVING A CHANCE I NEED HELP. I just need someone to answer to, I have never finished what I have started, for not lack of motivation but frustration. I will be 40 next year and would love my forties to be my new 20"s. I am very competitive and love a challenge. I had an attack called a typical attack and can't get my groove back. I NEED THIS.


  11. hi my name is Mary.my life has been a rollercoaster of losing weight i lost my mom this yr and it has taken a toll on me i dont want to die from the unhealthy life style im leading i need the help i dont care about the money i want to live life again and be happy,ty for your time

  12. I am always doing for others never thinking oh ME!Growing up as a kid I really never knew how to eat,we at any and everything in LG amounts.Now I know I have gone over board,waking up to night sweats and feeling lite headed through out the day.I have a huband and three kids,My huband says he love me as I am but I dont feel beautiful on the inside. I would like to learn to eat right and feel better. Please contact me!

  13. Hello, I am 32 years old 5'4 weighing in at 360!!! I never imagined living life this way. I have 2 kids and over the years from depression I have gotten bigger and bigger… As though it happened over night… There is lots of things I have the desire to do, goals, and dreams but my weight is my own failure. I get put of breath easily, my feet hurts so bad, I don't feel beautiful at all anymore. Weighing 360 pounds have really been rough on me at such a young age. I love watching biggest loser and seeing how people life change emotionally and physically. I cry as I watch this show hoping and praying that someday God would bless my to become a contestant.. I have the desire and ambition to lose the weight I just need the motivation you all have on the show. I pray that you all would consider me I desperately need the help…

  14. I'm a 41 single parent of an 8 year daughter. I feel I'm really ready to become healthy and more active person physically. I once was a college basketball player which sometime makes me very ashamed that I have allowed myself to become this overweight and out of shape. My goal is to lose at least 100, and become more active with my daughter. Currently my daughter is very active and she’s at a healthy weight in which I want her to remain. I want her to know how important it is to live a healthy life style, but because I’m overweight at this time I do not feel I'm a very good example. I like to work out and but I know I must learn healthy eat habit, I need reprogramming. I believe if I was given the opportunity to participate in the Biggest Lose, it would be a life change experience for me.

  15. i am a mother of 4 boys that needs to tryes to keep up with the boys but since i gained so much weight with the boys when i was prego i was 125 with 4 boys i am now 253 i tried evrything and cant do it. i have bad knees and back from it i will love for u to help me with this.. i just wanna get fit for my boys so i can play with thm for more then 15 min with out gettin out of breath and in pain so i am desperate to loose this weight so will u help me?

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  17. I have a daughter and Son who have struggled with weight problems. Lacey is my daughter is is 24 shelby is my son he is 22. They both have health problems due to weight. They both have eating disorders, they eat to make themselfs feel better!! It never makes them feel better. I think they would be good for this program and I believe the program would benefit with them on it.

  18. My name is Hollie from Kingston NH~ I have been married for 19 years and a mother of two beautiful children. I am 5' 2" and weight 210 pounds. I have constantly battled the weight gain and weight loss all my life. I love life and miss doing the things I use to be able to do without struggling physically. I work in an orthopedic office full time I want to compete to the biggest loser!!! I would love the opportunity to participate on your show and fight my last fight to eat healthy for ME and prove my Dad wrong. I would love to be on the ranch and show America the funny loving competitive Hollie!!!

  19. My name is Damien Little i am 41 years old, i'm a husband, father of 2 wonderful kids 13 & 11. I've never been this big, i try to be a good example to my kids. My son is very athletic and i try to train him and be an encouragement both my children. I did lose 50 pounds at one time and before i new i gained it all back. I want to be around to see my kids get old and be able to enjoy there kids. i dont want my weight to be the cause of shortning my life.

  20. Hi,
    My name is Megan, I am 29, 5'2" and weigh 290 lbs. My weight problem started when I hit puberty. I grew out more than up. I have been teased my entire life because of my weight, and more recently run into health problems. More recently, my lower back has been giving out on me when I try to go on a mild walk. I can barely walk a quarter of a mile before my back hurts too much to move. I miss being able to go on walks and hikes, in addition to riding a bike. One of my favorite things to do is to go to a theme park for the rides, but as of late I have had issues fitting into the rides. The thought of not being able to take my nephew on rides when he gets older worries me and makes me really sad. I've tried gyms and changing my eating habits, but have had a hard time sticking with something on my own. I want a program that I know will kick my butt, and make me change my ways for life, and give me the self confidence I truly need. Please help me become a healthier person. I am ready to make a change.

  21. Hello My name is Elizabeth Shannon. I have been struggling with my weight for a long time now. I weight 239 pounds and my height is 5"2. I became over weight through depression from losing 2 little girls at birth and not having my husband love me as I thought he should. I am now separate from my husband and raising our 3 little miracles on my own. I'm dying inside! I have no confident, i don't feel beautiful. I need that inspiration that I get from watching the show. Watching the transformations. The confident that comes with it is overwhelming.
    I don't want to cry anymore unless it tears
    of joy. Please help me in everyway possilbe.

  22. Hi, My name is Nancy and watch your show all of the time. Instead of sitting back and being bitter about how heavy and unhappy I am I thought it was about time to take my happiness in my own hands. I do not believe that losing weight will make me happy but it will give me the energy to do and acheive the things that will.Simple things like walking my dogs, bowling and spending more time with my kids and husband in social settings. When you are the only one who is always stopping to go to the bathroom or can only walk a short ways, have a hard time going up stairs or has everyone always making plans to accomodate your health it is embarassing. I would love to be on the show to learn first hand tools and the correct way to use gym equipment. Please consider me for your next group of success stories. If I did not mention earlier, I am very competitive , so I would truly love the competition and companionship of other team members. Again, Thank you for your consideration.

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