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Step Up 4 – Movie

Step Up 4
Summit Entertainment will be in production on the Step Up 4. This successful dance movie franchise started in 2006 with “Step Up”. Music director Scott Speer has been contracted to be the director of Step Up 4. Jenny Mayer is the author of the screen play and it has been released that the next Step Up film will be in 3D just like the last.

“Step Up 4″ is on schedule to coming out next year. The Filmmakers and directors are currently casting dancers along with 2 new actors/dancers for the lead roles.

Casting Director of the film is seeking:

Male (21) : handsome and from the streets of urban Miami. Raised by his big sister whom he loves and respects dearly. He was raised in a poor environment, has a class war mentality. Smart beyond his years and appearance, amazing dancer, choreographer, creative thinker and slight genius.

Female (21) : Gorgeous, upper class, her mom passed away at a young age. It’s a tough reality with lots of success, ‘father knows best’ type dad. Trained in classical dancing. Going through a life crisis with what she wants to do the rest of her life. Strong, smart and sassy.

Dancers: Looking for all types of urban dancers. Solo dancers and team dancers are welcome as well.

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  1. Hi, my name is kylon and i am looking for a dancing role to play. I have know experience but i am a very good dancer

  2. My name is Steven Vilsaint and i am a 26 year old Haitian man. Dance is my passion. Since i lost my parents in the earthquake in haiti in 2010 dance has been my therapy. I let out all my depression and sadness on the dance floor. I let my moves do the talking. I would like to get an opportunity to audition. Feel free in contacting me at your convenience. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Have a blessed day!

  3. I am 18 years old. Ecuadorian and Native American. Live in the United States. Have dark brown/ black hair and brown/ yellow eyes. I wear a size 0-1 depending on the fabric of the clothing. I was raised mostly in Ohio and Indiana but I have been here and there also. My bd is 11/27/1997. Born in Dayton, Ohio. Soon to be Mrs. Nadeau! The reason I want to break into this industry is because my passion is makeup, hair, and fashion. Ever since I was a little girl I would walk like I was a model on a Catwalk. And lately people have been complimenting my "glowing aura" and "model-shaped body" etc. After getting asked if I was a model then being repeatedly told to become one, I almost want to do it.

  4. Hi.my name is sogoly .I am from Iran and I am 17 year old.that movie is great .when I sew it i love dance .this summer I went to the dance lesson .I love Ryan Guzman .Good by

  5. Hi, my name is Ronisha Murray. I am a 15 year old female from the small town of Hazlehurst Mississippi, you probably have never heard of it before but anyway dancing means the world to me. I'm not really able to do it here in Hazlehurst because we have know dance studios here but I dance every day in my living room. However i'm a average teen trying to make my parents proud. Really I have know experience i have never been out of hazlehurst. I've seen step up 1,2,and 3 and i really loved them. For me to actually be in a movie I would really debunk alot people. I am a very amorous,benevolent and open person. I would really like to dance or help out around the set thank you.

  6. My name is Lauren Rader, I'm 18 years old. I have experience with both technique and hip hop. I was on the West Springfield Dance Team for four years and competed on NBC's reality TV show, Americas Got Talent. We competed up through to the Top 10 finals and performed on The View in 2010.

  7. Im 13 Yrs old I love dancing. Theirs litterlly a day I don't dance but I don't take classes but if I do I have a lot of talent because I have been in school dancing. I love all the step up movies it motivates me to dance a lot because their dancing is awesome and sometimes I put my self in their shoes and it would feel great to be a dancer one day

  8. Hi. I'm Zahra. I'm a 12 year old Arab/African girl. I watched my 1st step up movie when I was 6 years old and ever since then I feel in love with dancing and singing.whenever I combine dancing/singing togeather I can feel the music going going through my body and I can can feel my heart opening…I feel free. Step up really inspired me to never give up. I want to be apart of the next step up movie because I've always wanted to become a dancer/ singer but some people say I can't becaue of my religion, or I don't have what it takes etc. and I want to change their mind. I wanna become someone. Dancing and singing is ME! and i want to show the world who I am. I wanna change peoples minds and I wanna make a change. Step up is probably the only chance I have to "step up" and become someone that I've always wanted to be. 🙂

  9. Hey! My name is Alexis, I'm super outgoing and I LOVE to dance! When people ask me what I want to be in life, my answer is always a dancer, and I always get the scrunched up faces from others because many know that it is hard to progress in this career field starting from scratch, but I will not give up on it. I'm African American, 22 years old, stationed in South Carolina. If I am committed to anything more than the USAF it is God and Dancing. Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. Hello, I am Der and i'm 18 years old. I am asian, with dark brown hair and eyes, and I am 4'9. I would love to be on Step Up 4 movie because I love dancing. Whenever I have free time, I would dance around my house. I've been dancing for almost 7 years and have performed in front of audiences many times as well. It will be my dream to be on this movie because i have practice dancing so hard all these years, and i'm trying my best to follow my number one career that i've always wanted. Even if it's just a background dancer, I would give it my all. I've never been to any dance class but i do have experience in hip-hop dancing, I learn a lot by myself and it would be a pleasure if I was a part of this new movie. Thank You. ((:

  11. Hi. I am only 16 but I absolutely love the Step Up movies. The dancing fascinates me. I am a competitive cheerleader so I adapt to routines to music very well. I love to dance. I know how to count to the beat and listen to the music. I get really involved in everything I do and am very reliable and I would also be very dedicated. Ever since I saw the movies I wanted to be a dancer. I have past dance lessons with ballet, tap, and jazz. I would absolutely love to be a dancer in Step Up 4.

  12. Vanessa has been dancing since she was a little girl! She is an amazing dancer whom thought herself everything she is! She had been giving that to middle school girls every year , taking them to championships! Vanessa is living her dream by giving it to these girls , since she was not giving the opportunity to grow in what defines her! Vanessa is a beatiful gorgeous girl that is just waiting for that door to open and finally be her!!! I'm responsible for not giving her the tools but can Not pass this opportunity to let it past one more time!

  13. Hey, names dylan. Ive been dancing for about 10 years, im currently 15. I know this movie already came out but if you guys come out with another movie, i was hoping you guys could give me a call or email me. For more details about me email me. I dont wanna put it up here cause some people are creepers haha

  14. Hi, my name is Kennedi. I've been dancing since age 3. I'm currently a hip hop dancer. I've done jazz, tap, and ballet.

  15. I'm a 16 year old male with short black hair, and dark brown eyes and I've been dancing ever since I could walk. I love dancing. I love popping mostly and i can also break dance. My friends always say that i should be in this movie because I'm really good for my age. This would be an amazing opportunity for me to help my dancing career take off. I am a hard worker and I never back down from a challenge.

  16. Im 15, female. And im probably not what your seeking for but i have everything your looking for but my age. I did loose my mother at a young a age and my dad is the "knows whats best" kind of dad. I know what im looking forward to in life and what my career is going to be. It would be an amazing opportunity, I have been dancing since i could walk and since my mom passed away when i was 11 that's all i really had of her because she taught me everything. and i really want to be a choreographer later in life and this would be an amazing opportunity to start that.

  17. Im 15 and i've been dancing since i could walk. I love dancing. I love hip hop mostly and i can somewhat break dance and pop locking. My friends always say that i should be in this movie because im crazy good for how old i am. This would be an amazing opportunity for me to help my dancing career take off. I wouldn't ever let you down.

  18. hi my name is david i love to dance i can dance hip hop,do it like a robot,freestyle so if you choose me i would work hard for this movie

  19. Hello My Name is Maya A Wright and I'm 18 years old I'm a dancer and really would like to go to the next level in my dancing. I'm asked all over in my local city to dance and also payed for it. I would like to dance in the next step up movie somthing i've been wanting to do for a long time!I just need help trying to find out how to get started!

  20. Hello, my name is Hope & I'm from Wisconsin. I've been dancing since I was around the age of 8 and 9. I watched my sister dance and started following, afterwards I started following my own path. Now I am a free styler, But i still have a lot more to learn.

    Age: 13
    Eyes:Dark Brown

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  22. I am a dancer. I do many genres. I am 18 with a burning passion to dance. I would love to be apart of this movie. I hope that I may have the opportunity to fulfill the standards that you have for the dancers. Thanks

  23. Name:Victoria
    Ethnicity:African American
    Skin:Brown Skinned
    Strength:Acting and Dancing
    Eyes:Dark Brown
    Comment:Hi my name is Victoria and Acting and Dancing has always been my dream and just to be in Step Up 4 is an all time dream of mine.

  24. I'M Mercedes Gordon Miles, and I'm 27 years old, but I can pass for younger. I'm 5'4 slender(slim)african american male, and I like to dance, act, and draw. I've been wanting to be on tv, for years since I was 13. But ever thing I find is just something to get people money. I really would like a part in your movie, as a main charcter or extra. thank -you.

  25. Hello, my name is Stewart. I am a 21 year old male from the U.S. Virgin Islands. I've danced pretty much all my life. I'm very diverse, outgoing, and optimistic to learning new things and meeting new people. I'd love to be a part of this project…God Bless

  26. hi my name is emily i am from australia but i love step up 1,2,3 and cant wait for 4 and i also love honey and all the other movies u have made i have been dancing scince i was 4 and i used to teach other kids hip hop for about a 2 year and have now stoped and i also have been doing drama for 5 years and would love to be in this movie or have any part in it i know this is american but even if i had a chance i would love to help out thankyou <3

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